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You Are On: Earrings Page 1 



Page 1 (You are on page 1)  Button earrings of porcelain roses, leather Western boots, round silver, gold & colored buttons, coffee & tea themes

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Page 2  Czech glass 1940's glass button earrings, pierce & clip

Page 3   Hematite dangle earrings, silver & gold

Page 4  Gemstone earrings of cinnabar, polar jade, carnelian, moonstone, black onyx, snowflake obsidian, Dalmatian stone, mother of pearl, amethyst, blue goldstone, goldstone, lapis lazuli, golden tiger-eye, red tiger-eye, rose quartz, garnet, agate, turquoise, red jasper, rhodonite, red bamboo coral, rare helmet shell

Page 5  Vintage Austrian Crystal, brass bead, and glass bead earrings

Page 6   Cloisonné earrings

Page 7   Ceramic, sterling silver, miniature coin, brass earrings, feather earrings, human faces- Celestial sun and moon earrings, other earrings- brass

 Page 8  Hoop earrings in amethyst, black onyx, carnelian, coral, cloisonné, Austrian crystal, pearl, goldstone, hematite, jade, red jasper, lapis lazuli, pink rhodonite, ruby zoisite, helmet shell, turquoise beads



Button Earrings of pigs, baskets, pearls, hearts, glass, filigree; reproduction Victorian; porcelain roses; coffee & tea earrings

These were originally new buttons that Glenn and Heidi have re-designed into earrings!  Excellent German metal buttons, porcelain, reproduction Victorian, etc.  Earrings are post unless otherwise listed, and are hypoallergenic surgical steel and always refundable if you react to them.  We haven't had a pair returned yet! 

MVC-606S.JPG (37503 bytes) #EE-7

Gold synthetic swirl button earrings are 1/2" across. 


(2 prs available)

MVC-607S.JPG (40604 bytes) #EE-8

Black and red enamel half-and-half on metal, contemporary style earrings are 1/2" across.  


(1 pr available)

ee8a.jpg (22279 bytes) #EE-8-A

Black and red enamel half-and half on metal, con temporary style earrings are 3/4" diameter


(1 pr available)


Miniature, Genuine LEATHER Cowboy BOOT earrings with Indian chief with headdress design on the sides, boots measure 1-1/4" tall x 1-1/4" long x 5/16" thick, with silver tone French wires
(2 pairs available)
ee15.JPG (38223 bytes) #EE-15

Iridescent taupe synthetic with gold tone filigree, 5/8" across.


(4 prs available)

MVC-874S.JPG (38515 bytes) #EE-18

Reproduction Victorian pearl/filigree, plastic, 1/2" across. 


(4 prs available)

MVC-575S.JPG (38023 bytes) #EE-19

Silver heart, synthetic, 1/2".


(6 prs available)

MVC-232S.JPG (38038 bytes) #EE-20

Gold heart, synthetic, 1/2". 


(1 pr available)

MVC-615S.JPG (40265 bytes) #EE-22

Contemporary silver synthetic spatter earrings are 5/8" across. 


(3 prs available)

EE24.JPG (36620 bytes) #EE-24  

Gold tone synthetic, antiqued, dome earrings are 1/2" across


(1 pr available)

MVC-238S.JPG (38527 bytes) #EE-25

Hammered metal, 2/3". 


(-0- pr available)  SOLD

pew-ear.JPG (38366 bytes) #EE-27

Pewter raised floral, 1/2".


(3 prs available)

MVC-617S.JPG (38898 bytes) #EE-28

Classy detail on this gold synthetic button earring that's 1/2" across. 


(1 pr available)

MVC-244S.JPG (37614 bytes) #EE-31

Purple flower repro Victorian synthetic (our BEST seller), 2/3", 


(2 pr available)

MVC-246S.JPG (38714 bytes) #EE-33

Metal Victorian swirl, 1/3".


(1 pr available)

MVC-248S.JPG (38290 bytes) #EE-35

Cut-to-shine synthetic, gold, 1/2".


(2 prs available)

MVC-249S.JPG (38160 bytes) #EE-36

Small pewter heart, 1/3". 


(4 prs available)

MVC-250S.JPG (37655 bytes) #EE-37

Concave dark denim blue with gold design, 1/2".


(6 prs available)

ee41.JPG (37809 bytes) #EE-41

Bone buttons of a rustic basket of flowers, 3/4" diameter


(3 prs available)

MVC-569S.JPG (37771 bytes) #EE-46

Pewter raised cherubs, 2/3". 


(1 pr available)

EE47.jpg (37437 bytes) #EE-47

Flashy black glass button with gold raised design and rhinestone center, button earrings are 1/2" diameter.

(2 prs available)

MVC-623S.JPG (38456 bytes) #EE-53

Synthetic coat of arms gold tone button earrings are 1/2" across.


(2 prs available)

MVC-625S.JPG (36805 bytes) #EE-55

Synthetic pearl with gold tone star design surrounding the pearl, nice earrings!  1/2" across.


(2 prs available)

MVC-626S.JPG (38571 bytes) #EE-56

Synthetic gold tone spatter design, small 1/4" across. 


(1 prs available)

ee56a.JPG (37741 bytes) #EE-56-A

Same as above, but  9/16" diameter

(3 prs available)

MVC-627S.JPG (38635 bytes) #EE-57

Two doves and heart, silver metal button earrings are 5/8" across, excellent choice! 


(1 pr available)

MVC-629S.JPG (37823 bytes) #EE-59

Contemporary geometric design of black glass button earrings with gold inset, they are 1/2" across. 


(4 prs available)

ee64.JPG (37629 bytes) #EE-64

5/8" diameter, synthetic gold daisy with rhinestone center


(2 prs available)


7/16" diameter, synthetic gold daisy with rhinestone center


(1 pr available)

ee66.JPG (38284 bytes) #EE-66

Synthetic 5/8" diameter, denim swirl & gold color filigree


(5 prs available)


Large - 5/8" across   

$15.00 each pair

  ee70-2.JPG (163177 bytes)

#EE-70-2  Yellow with purple centers  (4 pairs available)

ee70-3.JPG (157886 bytes)

#EE-70-3  Blue with white centers  SOLD

ee70-4.JPG (161878 bytes)

#EE-70-4  Light pink  SOLD  

ee70-5.JPG (162074 bytes)

#EE-70-5  Purple with white centers (3 pairs available)

ee70-6.JPG (161389 bytes)

#EE-70-6  Pink with white centers  (3 pairs available)  

ee70-7.JPG (160548 bytes)

#EE-70-7  Purple with pink centers  (3 pairs available)

ee70-8.JPG (158338 bytes)

#EE-70-8  Dark blue with white centers  (4 pairs available)

Small - 3/8" across   

$12.00 each pair

ee70-20.JPG (163819 bytes)

#EE-70-20  Dark blue with white centers  (1 pair available)

ee70-21.JPG (165239 bytes)

#EE-70-21  Pink with purple centers  SOLD

ee70-22.JPG (167792 bytes)

#EE-70-22  Purple with pink centers  (3 pairs available)

ee70-23.JPG (163652 bytes)

#EE-70-23  Pink with white centers  (1 pair available)

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