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Contents of this page: Gator skulls, Baby and Preemie Gator skulls, Gator taxidermy heads; Nile crocodile heads

Who says gators can't smile?  

(Photo credit to Laura in Bucksport SC)

gator-smile.jpg (78512 bytes)


THESE AMERICAN ALLIGATOR SKELETON HEADS ARE REAL, from a gator farm in LOUISIANA.  THESE ARE ALL CONSIDERED "JUMBO" SIZE!  Here's an example so you can appreciate just how big they are and how many we have, here's our stash under just one of our tables!

MVC-826S.JPG (38908 bytes)

The AMERICAN ALLIGATOR (Alligator Mississippiensis) is the largest reptile in North America.  The first reptiles appeared 300 million years ago; the ancestors of the American alligator appeared 160 million years ago and it has not changed since then, indeed a modern dinosaur.  Gators are found only in the Southeastern United States and China.


MVC-823S.JPG (36715 bytes)

Remember, prices include insured Fedex ground shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.; other states please inquire.  The skulls you see in the photographs are exactly what you would receive.

WE ONLY SHIP GATOR SKULLS WITHIN THE 50 U.S. States & Puerto Rico due to CITES restrictions, no out-of-country shipments, no exceptions.

glenn-gatorskull.JPG (157468 bytes)

Here is Glenn restoring a typical gator skull.  It is a picky, physical and time-consuming task.  




Exceptional, clean specimen (value of teeth alone = $1800)

23-3/4" long x 11-3/4" wide at the back x 5-3/4" wide at the snout

Weights 13 pounds 8 ounces





Upper skull only
Measures 3-1/2 long x 2-1/8 wide x 1-1/4 tall



Measures 4-1/4 long x 2 wide x 1-3/8 tall



Preemie (pre-birth)
Measures 2-3/4 long x 1-1/8 wide x 7/8 tall

$125  SOLD


Preemie (pre-birth)
Measures 2-1/4 long x 7/8 wide x 5/8 tall

$115  SOLD


Preemie (pre-birth)
Measures 2-1/4 long x 7/8 wide x 5/8 tall



Guess what this is...is this a shoe insole?  No. A fly catcher?  Nope.   Give up?
gatortongue.JPG (37639 bytes)

It's an alligator tongue!  It's real leather.  Remember, when the gators are legally hunted and processed, 100% of it is used.  Nothing is wasted!  These are usually made into WALLETS or BELT BUCKLES.


How can you tell the difference between a CROCODILE head and an ALLIGATOR head?

1.  When the mouth is closed, a croc's teeth STILL SHOW, and a gator's does not.

2.  Gators have BLUNT heads and horny backs; crocs have less bumpy skin and longer, narrower heads.

Other facts:

3.  Crocs are found in Africa, Asia, Australia & the Americas.  Gators are found only in China and the Americas

4.  Most if not all crocodiles are considered endangered species.  Most gators are not.


 to figure LENGTH OF GATOR:  Measure length of skull x 7.5 = length of gator


TAXIDERMY (Skin on) 

American Alligator heads

(Heat dried, coated in polyurethane, the cut end is painted black, unless otherwise specified; marbles replace eyes)

From a gator farm in Louisiana, these are AMERICAN ALLIGATORS (alligator mississipiensis).  They were endangered but have now achieved protected status.  As such, numerous regulations exist to safeguard this great animal and provide for its future survival.  Every farmed gator is assigned a unique number by the Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries to ensure that only legally harvested gators are used for the products that put them in such high demand worldwide.  This number is written in felt marker in the side of each gator's jaw.  The gators are raised for the hides.  By law, the whole animal must be recycled.  Soooo.....the guts go to the cat and dog food companies (animal byproducts!!),  the meat is eaten locally, and the feet, heads and teeth go into the tourist industry, as you see here.  Are you sure you really wanted to know?


#G202-20 series are 18 to 19"  $420  each
g202-21a.JPG (166872 bytes) g202-21b.JPG (153270 bytes) g202-21c.JPG (159895 bytes)


g202-24a.JPG (165375 bytes) g202-24b.JPG (153137 bytes) g202-24c.JPG (165844 bytes)


g202-25a.JPG (164192 bytes) g202-25b.JPG (147955 bytes) g202-25c.JPG (163909 bytes)


g202-26a.JPG (167410 bytes) g202-26b.JPG (154260 bytes) g202-26c.JPG (163701 bytes)



g202-27a.JPG (170648 bytes)g202-27b.JPG (166015 bytes)g202-27c.JPG (164521 bytes)

g202-27e.JPG (179614 bytes)  g202-27d.JPG (168910 bytes)


18-1/2" long

9-3/4" across back of skull

6-3/4" across snout


#G202-40 series are 17 to 18"  $380  each
g202u-1.JPG (166509 bytes)  g202u-2.JPG (153542 bytes)  g202u-3.JPG (163175 bytes)


g202v-1.JPG (164050 bytes)  g202v-2.JPG (157856 bytes)  g202v-3.JPG (164567 bytes)


g202x-1.JPG (170039 bytes)  g202x-2.JPG (166833 bytes)  g202x-3.JPG (168801 bytes)



#G203-1 series are 16-17"  $310  each
g203-4a.JPG (158575 bytes)  g203-4b.JPG (140002 bytes)  g203-4c.JPG (166569 bytes)


g203-6a.JPG (163611 bytes)  g203-6b.JPG (144626 bytes)   g203-6c.JPG (163359 bytes)


g203-7a.JPG (167918 bytes)   g203-7b.JPG (148630 bytes)  g203-7c.JPG (164161 bytes)



#G203-20 series are 15 to 16"  $220 each
g203-27a.JPG (166738 bytes) g203-27b.JPG (151880 bytes) g203-27c.JPG (162350 bytes)


g203-28a.JPG (161236 bytes) g203-28b.JPG (144354 bytes) g203-28c.JPG (163177 bytes)





#G204-1 series are 14" to 15"  $160 each
g204-11.JPG (149332 bytes)

#G204-11 SOLD


#G205-500 series are 8" to 9" $50 each
g205-502.JPG (149485 bytes)


  g205-518.JPG (155585 bytes)




#G206-1 thru 112 series are 6" to 7" $33 each

129 more available


#G207-1 series are 5 to 6"  $25  each












48 more available


Rare African NILE CROCODILE taxidermy heads & skulls

Genus species: Crocodylus (crocodile) niloticus (belonging to the Nile River)

Average 16-20 feet long, 500 pounds, found; lifespan 45 years in the wild, 80 years in captivity.  70% of the adult diet is fish. Other prey items may include zebras, hippos, porcupines, pangolins, and migrating wildebeest.  

 individually photographed 

LOT N9.JPG (37333 bytes)

LOT N-9  Taxidermy head, marble eyes, coated in polyurethane, back of head painted black

6-1/2" LONG  SOLD


lot-n10-1.JPG (163973 bytes)  lot-n10-2.JPG (165075 bytes)  lot-n10-3.JPG (186449 bytes)  lot-n10-4.JPG (165939 bytes)

LOT N-10

EXCEPTIONALLY large and well done, measures 10" long x 4-3/8" widest, solid black plastic back of head

$189  SOLD


lot-n100-1.JPG (162434 bytes)  lot-n100-2.JPG (160250 bytes)  lot-n100-3.JPG (176750 bytes)

lot-n100-4.JPG (158438 bytes)  lot-n100-5.JPG (183186 bytes)

LOT N-100

Skull measures 9-1/2" long x 4" wide

$119  SOLD


lot-n101-1.JPG (190116 bytes)  lot-n101-2.JPG (162953 bytes)  lot-n101-3.JPG (182911 bytes)

lot-n101-4.JPG (184471 bytes)  lot-n101-5.JPG (180121 bytes)

LOT N-101

Skull measures 9-1/2" long x 4-3/8" wide

$119  SOLD


lot-n102-1.JPG (163027 bytes)  lot-n102-2.JPG (160206 bytes)  lot-n102-3.JPG (184332 bytes)

  lot-n102-6.JPG (168351 bytes)  lot-n102-4.JPG (178654 bytes)  lot-n102-5.JPG (177237 bytes)

LOT N-102

Skull measures 9-1/4" long x 3-3/4" wide

$119  SOLD



MVC-762S.JPG (38111 bytes)


For the first time, offered individually for sale (350+ heads)


  monster gator 2.jpg (82990 bytes)  monster gator 1.jpg (79875 bytes)  monster gator 3.jpg (77184 bytes)

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Reed,

I found your site while trying to research information on wild alligators and was very impressed with your experience.  While I was unable to find the answers I was looking for, I wondered if you might be able to help provide some information about an alligator skull I found recently (submerged in 2' of water) in SW Florida.  I did not want to damage the skull, so I've done nothing but bleach and clean it (and the teeth) and paint a protective coating of white glue and water on it.  Nature had already reduced the tissue down to the bone by the time I found it. 

Here are some pictures for you so you can see it's massive size.  Here are the measurements I took: 

27" from longest point to longest point when measured with the top and bottom jaw fitted together

15" from mid eye to mid nostril

13" across the widest part of the head

8" across the nose

3.5" canine with a 3" circumference

7.75" from tip to tip of the upper canines

this must have been some gigantic creature, and I would love to know as much as possible about it. 



WOW !!!! What a monster you have there. This is a gator that would have been some 15 foot plus in length and at least 15 years old. The time line is standard due to the length . They grow about 12'' per year. The length for the center of the eyes to the center of the nostril will give you the length and age of the gator.
This was in the water less than a year as there isn't 100% coloration showing on the entire bone structure.
You have done a wonderful job of cleaning it and there really isn't anything else to coat it with that over time won't turn it yellow. As you handle it the oil from your body will cause it to yellow. So, about once a year, just soak it in household bleach for about three hours , then soak it for 6 hours in cold water. This will stop the bleach.
The holes and cracks that you have described are normal,as there are 9 different plates making up the top skull, and the holes are part of the nasal system. From what I can tell this is a very good skull and would retail for about $800.  and the wholesale price to a dealer would be half that.
I hope this helps you with filling in the blanks as to what you have there.

Glenn Reed


Mr. Reed,

Thank you so much for getting back to me, and so quickly!  Wow!  I guess I was right...this was a monster. It's great to know more about him!  Actually, from what I now read on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Web Site, this may be one of the largest alligators ever found in Florida!   Here's a quote from their site:


Female alligators rarely exceed 9 feet in length, but males can grow much larger. The Florida state record for length is a 14 foot 5/8 inch male from Lake Monroe in Seminole County. The Florida record for weight is a 1,043 pound (13 feet 10 1/2 inches long) male from Orange Lake in Alachua County.  FWC biologists have published an article on the maximum size of the alligator.

Roger (as we've named him) has become a part of our family and people are always impressed with him.  Now when people want to touch him to see if he's real (and they ALWAYS do!),

Thank you!



Cool customer RUSS in WISCONSIN 

sent this photo of the gator head he bought from us, mounted on his BOAT!   A real "Lake Placid" moment!

gatoronboat.JPG (87515 bytes)

(we advised him to make it removable, or keep it protected from the weather as often as possible).

Russ has added a comment: Heidi, thanks again.  Its getting lots of laughs on the water, but Spalding my potbellied pig is suspicious of him.  I think its the teeth.


Fossil Gharial crocodile skulls from Morocco, that we saw at the 2007 Tucson Gem & Fossil show.

az47.JPG (67375 bytes)  az47a.JPG (81871 bytes)  az47b.JPG (81574 bytes)  az50.JPG (89427 bytes)


Litter bugs in the gator enclosure - BEWARE!

animal gator retrieve what you throw.jpg (16222 bytes)



g200-7.JPG (74448 bytes) g200-1.JPG (102675 bytes) g200-2.JPG (89273 bytes) g200-3.JPG (89601 bytes)

g200-4.JPG (88877 bytes) g200-5.JPG (84507 bytes) g200-6.JPG (89308 bytes)  

#G-200  RARE RARE!!   OUR LARGEST YET - EXTRA LARGE American Alligator (Florida) head is 

27-1/2" long !!

Width at tip of nose is 8"; center of eye to tip of nose is 16-1/4; across back of head is 11-3/4"; mouth is open 8".  Awesome teeth.  Jaw skin outstanding condition.  

$995   SOLD to Jeff in Iowa

g201c-1.JPG (38274 bytes)  g201c-2.JPG (37216 bytes)  g201c-4.JPG (37238 bytes)  g201c-3.JPG (38383 bytes)

Below are two pictures showing the preparation of this head:

gatorheadprep3.JPG (244187 bytes)   gatorheadprep1.JPG (168026 bytes)  gatorheadprep2.JPG (119074 bytes)

27" long:  OUR 2nd LARGEST GATOR HEAD EVER in our possession, and we've handled a LOT.  This one has the natural gator skin that continues down the back of the neck including the skutes, the only one we have that was prepared like this.  Measures:  center of eye to tip of nose: 17"; back of skull to front of lower jaw:  27"; back of skull 13" wide; nose is 9"; mouth opening:  18"; 29" from back of skull to tip of nose.  $975  SOLD to Gary in Maryland 3/11/06


g200a-1.JPG (141936 bytes) g200a-4.JPG (146216 bytes) g200a-5.JPG (146344 bytes)  g200a-33.JPG (128896 bytes)

g200a-22.JPG (144079 bytes)

This exceptional gator head measures 

26" front to back; 

8" across the nose; 

16-5/8" from mid-eye to tip of nose

12-3/8" across the widest part of head

Mouth is open 8"

Note the skutes also down the back of the head, all original teeth, felt bottom.  Glenn is having a hard time holding it up!

Price:  $900    sold


#G200-1   27.5" long RARE

g200-1a.JPG (175544 bytes)  g200-1b.JPG (165913 bytes)  g200-1c.JPG (176780 bytes)

g200-1d.JPG (174181 bytes)  g200-1e.JPG (163643 bytes)  g200-1f.JPG (178359 bytes)

#G200-1  RARE size measures a full 27.5" long!  Exceptional taxidermy with the scutes being wrapped down the back of the head for a superb look.

Width at tip of nose: 7-1/2"; width over eyes side to side: 8-3/4"; width across back of skull 10-1/4"

Center of eye to tip of nose:  16-1/8"

Mouth opening: 5.5"

Primary tooth: 2" showing from gum line; height of head: 9"

Natural deformity in split right side lip near front.

$1165   SOLD


MONSTER gator heads SOLD

21" long to 25-1/4" long

NOTE: As of 2009, this huge size gator is no longer being caught & processed because their numbers have decreased

g200a--1.JPG (156057 bytes)  g200a--2.JPG (143651 bytes)  g200a--3.JPG (149262 bytes)  g200a--4.JPG (148575 bytes)


25-1/4" long; 12-3/4" across widest part of the head, 15-3/8" from center of eye to tip of nose; 8-3/8" across nose.  WOW   

$975  SOLD

g201a-1.JPG (149812 bytes)  g201a-2.JPG (148338 bytes)  g201a-3.JPG (147307 bytes)  g201a-4.JPG (156629 bytes)


25" long; 11-1/4" across the widest part of the head; 14-5/8" from center of eye to tip of nose, 7-3/8" across nose    

$950 SOLD to AJ in Florida

g201b-1.JPG (152745 bytes)  g201b-2.JPG (153372 bytes)  g201b-3.JPG (152971 bytes)  g201b-4.JPG (156152 bytes)


24-3/4" long;  11-3/8" across the widest part of the head; 15-1/8" from center of eye to tip of nose; 8" across nose     

$925 SOLD to Steve in Michigan

g201c--1.JPG (149256 bytes)  g201c--2.JPG (149183 bytes)  g201c--3.JPG (148225 bytes)  g201c--4.JPG (155169 bytes)


24-3/4" long; 10-3/4" across the widest part of the head, 14-1/4" from center of eye to tip of nose; 7-1/8" across nose    

$925 SOLD to Chad in Louisiana

g201d-1.JPG (38343 bytes)  g201d-2.JPG (38405 bytes)  g201d-3.JPG (37936 bytes) g201d4.jpg (157747 bytes) g201d5.jpg (146049 bytes) g201d6.jpg (138255 bytes) g201d7.jpg (157567 bytes) g201d8.jpg (145420 bytes)


   22-3/4" long, 11-1/4" tall, 11-1/4" at its widest part of the head; 14" from center of eye to tip of nose; 7-1/8" across nose.  Skin with skutes completes the back beautifully; complete set of EXCEPTIONAL BIG WHITE teeth all original   

$875  SOLD - David



These photos above show an INCOMPLETE gator skull, typical of what Glenn gets to start with. This one is a HUGE skull (note the bullet hole in the "beak") measuring close to 24" long.

glot80-1.JPG (173520 bytes) glot80-2.JPG (182087 bytes) glot80-3.JPG (171201 bytes)

glot80-4.JPG (174165 bytes) glot80-5.JPG (180596 bytes) glot80-6.JPG (159614 bytes)

Fully Restored

24+" long, WEIGHS 11 POUNDS 13 OZ (16 lb with box 28x16x12")

NOTE: Bullet hole below left eye

$1495   SOLD  plus actual Fedex ground to 48 continental U.S., or air to non-contiguous U.S.

(the teeth alone are worth $2000 sold individually)

g-lot90.JPG (148195 bytes) g-lot90b.JPG (148133 bytes) g-lot90c.JPG (136034 bytes) g-lot90a.JPG (146486 bytes)


Clean skull with nice teeth!

19-1/2" real alligator skull  $465  SOLD

lot100a.JPG (143762 bytes) lot100b.JPG (143216 bytes) lot100c.JPG (134748 bytes) lot100d.JPG (133210 bytes) lot100e.JPG (141106 bytes)


Clean skull, BIG teeth!  (Value of the teeth is worth more than the skull itself!), 4th photo show gunshot entry hole on right, 5th photo shows gunshot exit

19" real alligator skull  $435  SOLD

glo101a.JPG (143715 bytes) glot101b.JPG (143063 bytes) glot101c.JPG (137225 bytes) glot101d.JPG (136590 bytes)


Clean skull with nice teeth!   Gun shot hole above eye sockets, shown in 4th photo.

18" real alligator skull  $400  SOLD

glot102a.JPG (147163 bytes) glot102b.JPG (138114 bytes) glot102c.JPG (139216 bytes) glot102d.JPG (130515 bytes)


Clean skull with nice teeth!  Gun shot hole on top of right eye socket, shown in 4th photo.

16" real alligator skull  $350  SOLD

glot103a.JPG (139157 bytes) glot103b.JPG (137207 bytes) glot103c.JPG (141933 bytes) glot103d.JPG (132518 bytes)


Clean skull with nice teeth!  Gun shot hole in the center of the skull, above eye sockets, shown in 4th photo.

16-3/8" real alligator skull  $385  SOLD

lot104-1.JPG (139285 bytes) lot104-2.JPG (141654 bytes) lot104-3.JPG (143166 bytes) lot104-4.JPG (140474 bytes)

G-Lot 104  Gator Skull

14" long   $285  SOLD


lot105-a.JPG (162896 bytes)  lot105-b.JPG (159222 bytes)  lot105-c.JPG (181700 bytes)  lot105-d.JPG (146383 bytes)

lot105-e.JPG (180079 bytes)  lot-105-f.JPG (182988 bytes)

G-Lot-105  Gator skull, 2 bullet holes in top of skull

14" long x 6" wide

$285  SOLD


G-Lot-107  Gator skull

13" long

$265  SOLD

lot110-a.JPG (160820 bytes) lot-110-b.JPG (161253 bytes) lot-110-c.JPG (161540 bytes)

G-Lot-110  Gator skull, fixed in open position.

10-1/2" long x 5-1/4" wide

$195  SOLD


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