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Page 1 (You are on page 1, just scroll down past the Table of Contents): Small pendants in sterling, #D-1 through D-98-T

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Page 3   Medium pendants in sterling, #D-218 through D-339-A

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Page 8  Large Gold brass backed PENDANTS; Brooches; Brass BRACELETS; WIRED pendants (DB-601 thru 803; DBB85-99, DBB304-306; DW900 thru 1008)

Page 9  Dichroic RINGS sizes 6 through 8

Page 10   Dichroic RINGS sizes 9 through 11

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Page 12  Dichroic SHAPES Pendant and Necklaces, ONE and TWO hole pendants, necklace, & chokers

Page 13  Wholesale cab lots for jewelry makers Lot 1 through 777; Article on Dichroic Glass

Contents: Small dichroic glass & sterling pendants from Poland

Dichroic Glass Collection

A fused glass process using layers of glass with precious metals & oxides including gold, silver, copper, chromium, titanium, aluminum.  The word "dichroic" means "two colors" due to the mercurial nature of the metals in glass. The artist cannot reproduce two pieces alike.  Incredible flash puts them into the gem family.  Please read "the fire hose version" about dichroic glass on Page 15 of this category.

This is "The Dichro Man" who is the source of this incredible glass.  Check out the six foot long kiln he uses!  He's working on a large plate made of solid dichroic in the last picture...we can't seem to stop buying all the new colors!  Help!  But we know our dichroic glass jewelry just keeps selling, so it's one of our biggest collections...enjoy!

And yes, we're happy to wholesale to businesses, just ask!

 mvc-082s.jpg (105406 bytes)

Below is a sample of our dichroic glass jewelry display, as well as a scallop shaped plate made ENTIRELY of dichroic - WOW - and a three-cornered plate, also made entirely of dichroic which would run about $300.

  Bravo!  You'll never see anything like it, folks!

mvc-639s.jpg (92868 bytes)

This group of dichroic pendants have been set in sterling by artisans in Poland with their traditional calla lily and leaf designs - lovely!



Mounted in .925 Sterling

 (jewelry work done in POLAND)

d6.jpg (38084 bytes)

#D-6  $59

d8.jpg (37538 bytes)

#D-8  $59

GG24.jpg (36518 bytes)

#D-24  $59

GG28.jpg (36832 bytes)

#D-28  $59

GG29.jpg (36878 bytes)

#D-29  $59

GG36.jpg (36972 bytes)

#D-36  $59

D37.jpg (36323 bytes)

#D-37  $59

GG38.jpg (37205 bytes)

#D-38  $59

D45.jpg (37237 bytes)

#D-45  $59

d49.jpg (37574 bytes)

#D-49  $59

d52.jpg (140681 bytes)

#D-52  $59

d55.jpg (37257 bytes)

#D-55  $59
d61.jpg (38227 bytes)

#D-61  $59

d62.jpg (38492 bytes)

#D-62  $59

d63.jpg (37882 bytes)

#D-63  $59

D64.jpg (37115 bytes)

#D-64  $59

D66.jpg (36944 bytes)

#D-66  $59

D68.jpg (37095 bytes)

#D-68  $59

D69.jpg (37070 bytes)

#D-69  $59

d76.jpg (37638 bytes)

#D-76  $59

D77.jpg (37655 bytes)

#D-77  $59

d83.jpg (38102 bytes)

#D-83  $59

d89.jpg (38525 bytes)

#D-89  $59

d90.jpg (38203 bytes)

#D-90  $59

D92.jpg (40115 bytes)

#D-92  $59

D93.jpg (39693 bytes)

#D-93  $59

D95.jpg (39112 bytes)

#D-95  $59

D97B.jpg (37179 bytes)

#D-97B  $59

D97D.jpg (39698 bytes)

#D-97D  $59

d97h.jpg (37293 bytes)

#D97-H  $59

d97q.jpg (37841 bytes)

#D-97Q  $59
d97t.jpg (37610 bytes)

#D-97T  $59
D98C.jpg (39031 bytes)

#D-98C  $59
d98d.jpg (37658 bytes)

#D-98D  $59
D98E.jpg (36421 bytes)

#D-98E  $59
D98H.jpg (37287 bytes)

#D-98H  $59

d98j.jpg (37696 bytes)

#D-98J  $59

  D98M.jpg (37441 bytes)

#D-98M  $59

d98n.jpg (38402 bytes)

#D-98N  $59

D98O.jpg (37652 bytes)

#D-98-0  $59

D98P.jpg (36847 bytes)

#D-98P  $59

D98Q.jpg (37817 bytes)

#D-98Q  $59

D98R.jpg (36847 bytes)

#D-98R  $59

D98S.jpg (37235 bytes)

#D-98S  $59

d98w.jpg (37710 bytes)

#D-98W  $59

d98x.jpg (39054 bytes)

#D-98X  $59

d98y.jpg (37433 bytes)

#D-98Y  $59

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