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Contents:  Virtual Tour of Alligator Adventures



North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

(Adjacent to Barefoot Landing)

APRIL 11, 2008

We were pleasantly surprised at the number of alligator & crocodile species represented here, truly an educational walk, self-guided. Also many other animals including snakes, frogs, bears, birds, wild cats.  Glenn's first photo was of Heidi

g96.jpg (120274 bytes)



A small museum just inside the gate offered some fascinating specimens to view - here is the cast of a huge PURUSSAURUS PRASILIENSIS, what may be the largest crocodile that ever lived, 36-40 feet long or more, this skull is a foot longer than the T-Rex

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A gator skeleton

g5.jpg (158740 bytes)  g7.jpg (144061 bytes)

A huge boa constrictor or python snake skin

g6.jpg (143984 bytes)



King of the Crocs

g119.jpg (126461 bytes)

Born in 1964 near Bangkok, Thailand, and brought to Alligator Adventure in 2002.

Utan is the LARGEST crocodile ever to be exhibited in the United States.  Twenty feet long, weighing more than a ton.

He is a hybrid of a Siamese and Salt-water crocodile.

g91.jpg (144545 bytes)  g92.jpg (156585 bytes)  g93.jpg (158227 bytes)

Neither one of us expected to be able to sit SO close to this prehistoric behemoth, as long as we wanted, and to feel so privileged to see such a magnificent creature.  It felt like we had stepped back millions of years, to view this veritable dinosaur literally a few inches away through the sturdy fence.

He moved little during our visit, but we were told it was close to the time he goes back in the water for the evening.  There is a plexiglass viewing area to see him underwater as well.  The staff were unobtrusive but available for questions, the perfect environment to learn and enjoy at our own pace.

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g139.jpg (117726 bytes)  g140.jpg (129093 bytes)

g86.jpg (155116 bytes)

Here is a link to more information about Utan:




American Alligators

The main area is all American alligators, as far as the eye can see.  There are numerous ponds to view, starting with the young in their own area,

g8.jpg (153834 bytes)  g9.jpg (179694 bytes)  g10.jpg (157523 bytes) 

  g11.jpg (162086 bytes)

 to the adults in bigger ponds

g17.jpg (148305 bytes)  g18.jpg (151861 bytes)  g98.jpg (122510 bytes)

g99.jpg (127116 bytes)  g100.jpg (110380 bytes)  g101.jpg (123775 bytes)

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g21.jpg (144603 bytes)  g22.jpg (164520 bytes)  g23.jpg (174121 bytes)



At various stations along the river, feeders would drop chickens to the waiting mouths of the American alligators.  Fascinating to see these huge creatures launch themselves so far in the air to get one

g73.jpg (148495 bytes)  g74.jpg (136620 bytes)  g75.jpg (131354 bytes) 

 g76.jpg (150682 bytes)  g77.jpg (146921 bytes)  g78.jpg (145278 bytes)

g79.jpg (145676 bytes)  g80.jpg (146913 bytes)  g81.jpg (144185 bytes)


Albino Alligators

Amazing creatures.  Read the story of "Casper", Ghost of the Swamp

g37.jpg (136627 bytes)

g35.jpg (152115 bytes)  g36.jpg (154486 bytes)  g97.jpg (128250 bytes)

  g38.jpg (140713 bytes)  g39.jpg (165417 bytes)  g104.jpg (128123 bytes)

g106.jpg (120067 bytes)  g42.jpg (162129 bytes)  g105.jpg (124991 bytes)

Note the difference with no flash, and flash.  The texture of the skin in the first photo is awesome, but the coloring & details are equally impressive in the 2nd photo with the flash

g40.jpg (146459 bytes)  g41.jpg (150937 bytes)

Chinese Alligators

g43.jpg (133145 bytes) g44.jpg (163595 bytes)  g107.jpg (126686 bytes)

Yacare Caiman

South America

g46.jpg (149550 bytes)  g45.jpg (147106 bytes)  g108.jpg (124701 bytes)

Siamese Crocodile

(crocodylus siamensis),

 the rarest crocodile in the wild

g47.jpg (138316 bytes)  g48.jpg (169670 bytes)  g109.jpg (138363 bytes)

False Gharial

Southeast Asia

(Heidi's favorite)

g49.jpg (139191 bytes)  g50.jpg (152916 bytes) g51.jpg (151757 bytes)

g68.jpg (158257 bytes) g69.jpg (152038 bytes)  g113.jpg (123713 bytes)

g114.jpg (128631 bytes)

Dwarf Crocodile

Western & Central Africa

g56.jpg (142167 bytes)

g52.jpg (159608 bytes) g53.jpg (152072 bytes)  g54.jpg (151432 bytes)

g55.jpg (151926 bytes)

Nile Crocodile

Africa, grows to 20 feet

g59.jpg (144013 bytes)  g57.jpg (152271 bytes)  g58.jpg (157486 bytes)

g60.jpg (134640 bytes)

American Crocodile 

(South Florida, Northern South America), Glenn's favorite, though this croc was camera shy

g61.jpg (147638 bytes)

g62.jpg (154505 bytes)  g110.jpg (119174 bytes)  g111.jpg (130301 bytes)


Amazon Basin

g64.jpg (146617 bytes)  g63.jpg (153886 bytes)


(Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka)

g67.jpg (145781 bytes)

g65.jpg (146475 bytes)  g66.jpg (163103 bytes)  g112.jpg (123440 bytes)


(Southern Mexico, Belize, Guatamala)

g70.jpg (159123 bytes)  g115.jpg (126740 bytes)

A fun bronze alligator with children riding it

g90.jpg (156743 bytes)


Serval, an African wild cat, and a Caracal


g94.jpg (121974 bytes)  g95.jpg (123069 bytes)

g120.jpg (126336 bytes)  g121.jpg (131029 bytes)  g122.jpg (130087 bytes)

g123.jpg (130365 bytes)



Kookaburra birds in their own cage, if you laugh, they will start their hilarious laughing sound that makes you laugh, that makes them laugh...you get the picture

g12.jpg (163172 bytes)

Chestnut Mandibled Toucan from South America, and

the Silvery Cheeked Hornbill from East Central and South Africa

g14.jpg (167824 bytes)  g13.jpg (160544 bytes) 

Double Wattled Cassowary (Northern Australia & New Guinea)

g15.jpg (142279 bytes)  g16.jpg (161061 bytes)

Sarus Crane, Northern Australia.  I could not get a photo of the bird with its head up, only tucked into its wing

g29.jpg (147798 bytes)  g30.jpg (156659 bytes)

Macaw Parrot

g32.jpg (147076 bytes)  g33.jpg (146707 bytes)

A Golden Duck, I did not get the specific name.  A beautiful duck, nonetheless

g34.jpg (164636 bytes)



Beautiful green & black frogs, I do not know the species

g116.jpg (113017 bytes) g117.jpg (119331 bytes)



g26.jpg (142144 bytes)

g24.jpg (161928 bytes)  g25.jpg (176714 bytes)  g103.jpg (125541 bytes)

Note how the bottom shell extends so far under their necks it is difficult for them to reach the fruit on the ground to eat

g27.jpg (174101 bytes)  g28.jpg (173521 bytes) 

One small tortoise was pushed on its back by other turtles, an attendant turned it over soon

 g31.jpg (160816 bytes)

A whimsical bronze of children and a huge tortoise within the park

g82.jpg (159747 bytes)  g83.jpg (132682 bytes)



(chelus fimbriatus) a strangely shaped turtle that is a perfect camouflage for catching fish.  The third photo is its head

g72.jpg (122826 bytes)  g71.jpg (150011 bytes)  g118.jpg (121158 bytes)

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