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Contents:  LIZZADRO LAPIDARY MUSEUM of Art, Elmhurst Illinois Virtual Tour


Elmhurst, Illinois

liz156.jpg (152063 bytes)

Virtual Tour

October 29, 2008

As we have consistently seen photos and articles about this museum, we stopped in on our way to Wisconsin and were not disappointed.  Two floors, tastefully arranged, about all you would want to see in an afternoon.  The lower floor has displays but also a classroom for school groups to come to learn about rocks & minerals.  We recommend this as a destination if you are ever in the Chicago area.  It is in a suburb of Chicago, easy to locate off the main freeway.

Below is a memorial portrait of Joseph Lizzadro, Sr. made of 1300 pieces of gemstones without using grout, created by Bruno Lastrucci of Florence Italy.  The tecnique is called "commesso di pietra dura" (the joining together of hard stone).

liz142.jpg (143834 bytes)

Petrified wood trunk at the side entrance, 2300 pounds, from Arizona

liz1.jpg (163010 bytes)

liz4.jpg (158351 bytes)

liz159.jpg (115220 bytes)

Moss agate boulder, 1300 pounds, from India

liz2.jpg (166640 bytes)

liz3.jpg (165720 bytes)

Michigan copper/silver "Half breed", 1091 pounds

liz5.jpg (161253 bytes)

liz6.jpg (163018 bytes)

Nephrite jade from the Fraser River, British Columbia, Canada

liz7.jpg (164871 bytes)

liz8.jpg (172954 bytes)

Jadeite boulder, Burma

liz11.jpg (139418 bytes)

Petrified palm wood, Texas

liz12.jpg (139922 bytes)

Petrified oak, Washington State, a beautiful "butterfly"

liz14.jpg (144528 bytes)

liz15.jpg (143011 bytes)

Palm wood tree trunk, Texas

liz19.jpg (126480 bytes)

Angel wing Calcite, Mexico

liz29.jpg (147115 bytes)

Float jade, Wyoming

liz89.jpg (145090 bytes)


Ever hear of a rock that bends?  Flexible sandstone is called The Bending Rock.  Some of the cementing material between the grains has weakened, and mica particles between the grains allow for minute slippage

liz112.jpg (146649 bytes)

Copper, Michigan

liz197.jpg (126377 bytes)

Botryoidal Hematite, Brazil

liz199.jpg (128539 bytes)

liz200.jpg (129911 bytes)

Ruby in Zoisite slice, the color was unforgettable.  The close up photos are great screen savers

liz104.jpg (162888 bytes)  liz105.jpg (157862 bytes)  liz153.jpg (150805 bytes)  liz154.jpg (157644 bytes)  liz155.jpg (156488 bytes)


(Moscow born artist), uses ground gemstones to create these unique paintings

School of fish

liz107.jpg (160622 bytes)

liz152.jpg (161181 bytes)

liz109.jpg (155228 bytes)


liz140.jpg (169237 bytes)

liz141.jpg (155888 bytes)


liz150.jpg (167978 bytes)

liz151.jpg (141672 bytes)

Jade (Jadeite) bowl, China.  A delicate green/lavender, this is an exquisite carving

liz20.jpg (157022 bytes)

liz21.jpg (161588 bytes)

liz22.jpg (156683 bytes)

The Harvest, Amber from Italy

liz23.jpg (157358 bytes)

liz25.jpg (157589 bytes)

liz24.jpg (156088 bytes)

Madonna, Rutilated smoky quartz, Germany

liz26.jpg (138814 bytes)

liz27.jpg (151873 bytes)

Intarsia Boxes, 

Nicolai Medvedev

Memorial Box

liz44.jpg (156671 bytes)

liz162.jpg (121548 bytes)

Box of rhodochrosite, malachite, etc.

liz43.jpg (156608 bytes)

liz45.jpg (158736 bytes)

Rose quartz bowl, Germany

liz131.jpg (152296 bytes)

Amethyst bowl, Germany

liz31.jpg (151862 bytes)

liz32.jpg (159938 bytes)

Nephrite Jade bowl

liz33.jpg (149645 bytes)

liz34.jpg (160985 bytes)


bowl, Germany

liz203.jpg (114017 bytes)

liz36.jpg (153659 bytes)

Bowl in Ruby zoisite, Germany

liz37.jpg (151962 bytes)

liz38.jpg (151992 bytes)

White Nephrite Jade, Ceremonial Vase, Moghul-style carving (descendants of Tamerlane and Genghis Khan, combined Persian and Hindu influences); the walls are 1/16" thick

liz39.jpg (140769 bytes)  liz132.jpg (134095 bytes)

liz40.jpg (163664 bytes)

Agate & Obsidian carving, Glenn Lehrer

liz41.jpg (142372 bytes)

liz42.jpg (156006 bytes)

Ornamental bottle, Rock Crystal, China

liz127.jpg (141584 bytes)

liz128.jpg (149575 bytes)



Polar jade, Polar Mine, British Columbia, Canada

liz126.jpg (150837 bytes)

Turquoise, from the collection of Cheng Kong Man Ying

liz57.jpg (144210 bytes)

liz58.jpg (155541 bytes)

Chloromelanite Jadeite, China

liz136.jpg (141536 bytes)

liz137.jpg (134351 bytes)

Guan Yin or Guanyin (Godess of Mercy and Compassion, and Protectress of Children), Coral, China's most popular deity.  Created from a single jadeite boulder in the 20th century

liz138.jpg (135383 bytes)

liz139.jpg (155018 bytes)

Rare Hanging Bottle, Nephrite Jade, China

liz143.jpg (140755 bytes)

liz144.jpg (159726 bytes)

Rare blue jadeite imperial pagoda, China, made during the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1736-1795), used t burn incense in the Imperial Palace in Beijing, China.  The blue jade was mined in Burma

liz145.jpg (138665 bytes)

liz146.jpg (152195 bytes)

Glacier's Edge; bears-dolomite, ice-quartz

liz193.jpg (116216 bytes)

liz192.jpg (113521 bytes)

Large Nephrite Bi

This large prayer disc is the oldest piece in the Museum, made to honor the birthday of Emperor Zhu Gong who lived about 600 B.C.  The bi symbolized the visible sun or moon disc, used in the worship of the heavens.  This large size indicates the high station of the owner.  The unusual color is due to the presence of iron oxide as the nephrite jade was forming.

liz201.jpg (113459 bytes)

Oregon jasper

liz116.jpg (158189 bytes)

Hematite, Brazil

liz117.jpg (155402 bytes)

Thomsonite, Michigan

liz118.jpg (134086 bytes)

Bruneau Jasper, Idaho

liz119.jpg (130127 bytes)

Snow Mountain Jasper, Colorado

liz120.jpg (140588 bytes)

Gingko wood, Washington State

liz121.jpg (155910 bytes)

Poppy Jasper, California

liz122.jpg (154057 bytes)

Laguna agate, Mexico

liz123.jpg (142424 bytes)

Marcasite agate, Michigan

liz124.jpg (159980 bytes)

Moctezuma agate, Mexico

liz125.jpg (155690 bytes)


This gemstone creation turns 360 degrees to music

liz110.jpg (146201 bytes)

Dedicated to the memory of Chris Lizzadro (grandson of the Museum's founer) and to other children whose lives ended with dreams unfulfilled.  Crated by William Tolliday of London England in 1984 on Brazilian agate, the 18k gold castle rises from specimens of amethyst, malachite, azurite and vanadium.  Faceted diamonds sparkle in the windows, giving the appearance of an occupied residence, ready to welcome weary travelers.

liz111.jpg (154792 bytes)  liz195.jpg (114466 bytes)  liz196.jpg (117714 bytes)

EIGHTEEN LOHAN, disciples of Buddha, Ivory

liz167.jpg (122255 bytes)  liz166.jpg (112573 bytes)

shown in exaggerated realism to emphasize their denial of earthly pleasures.

liz168.jpg (115630 bytes) liz169.jpg (120879 bytes) liz170.jpg (120204 bytes) liz171.jpg (108127 bytes)
liz172.jpg (111219 bytes) liz173.jpg (115139 bytes) liz174.jpg (113981 bytes) liz175.jpg (119565 bytes)

liz176.jpg (120570 bytes)


liz177.jpg (107887 bytes) liz178.jpg (117232 bytes) liz179.jpg (113304 bytes)
liz180.jpg (112225 bytes) liz181.jpg (121890 bytes) liz186.jpg (111423 bytes) liz183.jpg (109235 bytes)
liz184.jpg (114789 bytes) liz185.jpg (123003 bytes)    
liz30.jpg (130859 bytes) Last Supper, Italy, 19th century, based on Leonardo da Vinci's painting

liz28.jpg (162790 bytes)

liz49.jpg (148193 bytes)

liz187.jpg (129910 bytes)

liz50.jpg (150788 bytes)

liz188.jpg (129072 bytes)

liz51.jpg (149865 bytes)

liz189.jpg (120378 bytes)

liz52.jpg (148341 bytes)


liz53.jpg (145392 bytes)

liz190.jpg (120682 bytes)

liz54.jpg (143943 bytes)

liz191.jpg (113916 bytes)

Ivory, Japan

liz55.jpg (142006 bytes)

liz56.jpg (161802 bytes)

Ivory balls within balls

liz113.jpg (133878 bytes)

How ivory puzzle balls are made

liz114.jpg (152134 bytes)

liz115.jpg (157416 bytes)

Ivory balls within balls, 24 spheres, all move independently inside each other, carved in late 19th Century China.  Elegance, delicacy, and intricacy are the requisite characteristics (ya, hsi, and fan)

liz133.jpg (161211 bytes)  liz130.jpg (156724 bytes)

liz129.jpg (141775 bytes)  liz134.jpg (127495 bytes)  liz135.jpg (136498 bytes)


It is believed the first cameo was made in Alexandria in 332 B.C. and the art peaked in the Roman Empire 70 A.D.  Sardonyx stone from India & Arabia was later used due to the contrasting dark & light layers.

liz73.jpg (157928 bytes)


Full shell carving

liz74.jpg (135596 bytes)

Mother of Good Counsel (Council?)

liz59.jpg (146444 bytes)

Holy Child

liz60.jpg (151818 bytes)


liz61.jpg (146790 bytes)

Priest & holy child

liz62.jpg (152157 bytes)

Madonna & child

liz63.jpg (148659 bytes)

Praying child

liz64.jpg (149778 bytes)

Wise man with holy child

liz65.jpg (148388 bytes)

African portrait

liz66.jpg (148702 bytes)

Elizabethan style woman

liz67.jpg (151393 bytes)

Will Rogers

liz71.jpg (153805 bytes)

Richard Wagner

liz69.jpg (151511 bytes)

Giuseppe Verdi

liz70.jpg (145669 bytes)


Stages of carving cameos on agate, on a slab of natural slab of agate.

liz72.jpg (150038 bytes)

Cameos with 3 or more layers of color are rare.  These cameos are natural in color.

liz83.jpg (149841 bytes)

liz79.jpg (151841 bytes) liz80.jpg (156670 bytes) liz81.jpg (154811 bytes) liz82.jpg (148065 bytes)
liz84.jpg (142684 bytes) liz85.jpg (158000 bytes) liz86.jpg (155014 bytes) liz87.jpg (151077 bytes)
liz88.jpg (151244 bytes)      
Tiger eye

liz75.jpg (144170 bytes)


liz76.jpg (139169 bytes)


liz77.jpg (130531 bytes)


liz78.jpg (142150 bytes)


The dioramas were created in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, a lapidary center in Europe.

Woodpeckers in Jasper and tigereye, feet 14k gold

liz9.jpg (163334 bytes)

liz10.jpg (157832 bytes)

Bears, mahogany obsidian

liz13.jpg (156919 bytes)


"Ziggy", an Asian bull elephant in sheen obsidian, replica of him in Cage 1974, Brookfield Zoo; he lived till 1976.  The ivory tusks were carved from a piece of his own broken tusk

liz160.jpg (114285 bytes)

liz17.jpg (150703 bytes)


Aquarium of fish

liz18.jpg (156933 bytes)

Diorama, The Holdup, Mahogany Obsidian

liz46.jpg (151554 bytes)

liz163.jpg (125824 bytes)

liz164.jpg (128345 bytes)

liz165.jpg (121447 bytes)

Robins, jasper, obsidian, chalcedony

liz47.jpg (144376 bytes)

liz48.jpg (156723 bytes)

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Pteradactyl and others

liz90.jpg (145160 bytes)  liz91.jpg (135479 bytes)  liz92.jpg (149728 bytes)

liz93.jpg (145491 bytes)  liz94.jpg (148910 bytes)  liz95.jpg (149122 bytes)

liz96.jpg (149513 bytes)


liz97.jpg (155052 bytes)


Bear in Nephrite Polar jade, British Columbia, Canada

liz148.jpg (158478 bytes)

liz149.jpg (163047 bytes)


liz194.jpg (113216 bytes)

Black Opal

liz98.jpg (144267 bytes)

White opal

liz99.jpg (148168 bytes)

White opal

liz100.jpg (145762 bytes)


liz101.jpg (139641 bytes)


liz103.jpg (155333 bytes)



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