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Contents:  Alien seeds  (internal #A-302);  Virtual Tour Alien Fresh Jerky Store 


A300.jpg (38512 bytes) #A-302

"Grow your own alien" Seed packet! 


(9 available)


Hello Heidi, 

2/15/08  Back in the months before Christmas, I purchased some odds and ends from you folks both on eBay and direct. One of those items was the Alien Seeds for my 8 year old son Connor. He decided to share them with his 3rd grade class about 1.5 weeks ago, and everyone is participating in growing them :) The teacher decided they should keep a journal about it, which ironically is a (Project) "Blue Book"! What a hoot huh? The seeds are home with us for the next week due to school vacation, so I took some pics of the ones that are sprouting. 


seeds1.jpg (77594 bytes)  seeds2.jpg (47552 bytes)  seeds3.jpg (37449 bytes)

2/19/08  Bruce reports: "My son is keeping an (almost) daily log. One of his classmates did stop by today, and she was very excited about how much they had grown in such a short time (compared to when she last saw them last Friday). My son keeps wondering what they will turn in to, and if we can eat any alien fruit or veggies that may sprout".

The seeds indeed look alien! 

Bruce writes on 2/29/08:  The plants haven't changed much other than to get taller. They were brought back to school today to many "oohs" and "aahs" from the children. I warned the teachers I'd be popping in every once in a while to take follow up pics for you :)

seeds10.jpg (125252 bytes)  seeds11.jpg (166836 bytes)  seeds12.jpg (223923 bytes)  seeds13.jpg (131982 bytes)

3/7/08  Updated photos.  Bruce writes: Connor says that every morning he and his classmates check in on the plants to see how they are doing, and frequently add their observations to the Blue Book.  He says that students from other classrooms often stop in to look at them too, because they think it's pretty cool!
seeds4.jpg (59094 bytes)  seeds5.jpg (56847 bytes)  seeds6.jpg (64088 bytes)

They've posted updates on their own website too:




Right here in Conway SC, young customer Daniel planted his alien seeds on 9/23/09.  A week later (10/1/09) here are how big the plants are already!  I'd say there's got to be an alien fertilizer making them grow so fast!

alienseeds1.jpg (114082 bytes)  alienseeds2.jpg (81715 bytes)

10/6/09  Alien seed update.... WOW, don't know what we are growing, but it is growing!

alienseeds3.jpg (109680 bytes)



Destination: Rachel, Nevada!  (Little Ale'Inn of course).  Photo credits Roger Jackson:

Rachel02AA.jpg (96547 bytes)  Rachel03.jpg (229875 bytes)



72242 Baker Blvd., Baker, California

(between Barstow and Primm on the I-15)


09west89.jpg (164109 bytes)

A MUST-SEE for anyone interested in Area 51, Roswell and alien activities!  There are DOZENS of billboards leading up to the store, you can't miss it.

09west90.jpg (157392 bytes)  09west91.jpg (148388 bytes)  09west109.jpg (143929 bytes)

Even the trash cans are interesting (note: the owner did not put lids on these, so birds take trash out of them every night, requiring the employees to clean up a mess every morning.)  Playfully named "Yucca Mountain Trash", "Space Fuel", "Aliens Food", and "Area 51"

09west92.jpg (152027 bytes)  09west93.jpg (144094 bytes)  09west94.jpg (159340 bytes)  09west106.jpg (141610 bytes)

An alien greeter on top of the building, NO it's not real!

09west95.jpg (136220 bytes)  09west98.jpg (159339 bytes)  09west99.jpg (156387 bytes)  09west107.jpg (145877 bytes)

GREAT CAR - Space Trooper, Serving the Universe, Space Command.  Four aliens inside.  "Crop Circle Designers", "Alien Driver's License Mobile Unit, Arnold Approved.

09west96.jpg (154897 bytes)  09west97.jpg (154443 bytes)  09west100.jpg (151982 bytes)  09west101.jpg (134135 bytes)

09west102.jpg (148121 bytes)  09west103.jpg (149737 bytes)  09west104.jpg (150289 bytes)  09west105.jpg (149373 bytes)

09west138.jpg (154608 bytes)  09west139.jpg (164121 bytes)  09west140.jpg (162580 bytes)  09west141.jpg (137081 bytes)

Space ship

09west108.jpg (144723 bytes)

Information board - California has more UFO sightings than any other state in North America

09west110.jpg (143521 bytes)

Article displayed outside: Sci Fi goes CSI.  New declassified specials hosted by Bryant Gumbel seek the forensic truth behind UFO incidents

09west111.jpg (144581 bytes)


Alien courtesy seat - Japan is the only country that requests yo ugive up your seat for Greys!

09west112.jpg (129398 bytes)

UFO Sightings and Experiences.  Mystery Object over Norfolk?  by Sean McNeaney

09west113.jpg (147129 bytes)

Other "Alien" symbols found in art through the ages

09west114.jpg (160359 bytes)

Photographs of UFO's

09west115.jpg (137023 bytes)

09west116.jpg (142784 bytes)

Planets and alien symbols, with a UFO up top

09west117.jpg (146626 bytes)

09west118.jpg (154864 bytes)


(note:  all the dolls are display only, not for sale)

LOTS of great  Alien/UFO/Area 51 T-shirts & hats, etc. for sale, not shown

Alien Zoltar fortune teller

09west120.jpg (139278 bytes)

09west124.jpg (142193 bytes)

Alien space man (alien skull in background)

09west121.jpg (139137 bytes)

Patriotic Alien Space man

09west122.jpg (131447 bytes)

Alien Cowboy

09west123.jpg (136288 bytes)

Sample the Alien Energy Fresh Jerky

09west126.jpg (165989 bytes)

Plenty of jerky for sale, all flavors

09west127.jpg (169850 bytes)

Two different aliens embryo babies in jars

09west128.jpg (135110 bytes)

First Aliens' Arrival, October 12, 1492

09west129.jpg (150436 bytes)

Information board with plenty more photos & articles on UFO's and aliens

09west130.jpg (159353 bytes)

Mystery Object over Wolverhampton? and other photos & articles

09west131.jpg (141088 bytes)

Great poster of alien with universe stars reflected in its eyes

09west132.jpg (130509 bytes)

Alien peeking over hat display

09west133.jpg (151029 bytes)

09west134.jpg (147253 bytes)

"I Want to Believe", UFO poster

09west135.jpg (139777 bytes)

Chibolton Face, England, August 2001

09west136.jpg (148974 bytes)

Top Secret Majic, Eyes only paper

09west137.jpg (129083 bytes)


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