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Travel vicariously with us !  Here's our photo album of recent travels!

Airplane travel is nature's way of making you look like your passport photo

(Al Gore)



Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C. (April 2010)

Franklin Gem Show (May 2010) 

Rhode Island and Vermont, East Coast trip (June 2010)

Tucson AZ and San Antonio TX (Feb 2011)

3400 mile trip from South Carolina to Chicago to pick up two WOOLLY MAMMOTH TUSKS, down to St. Louis, southern Illinois, Tennessee, then 5 days of volunteer teaching at the Wehle Nature Center in Alabama, over to Florida to buy shark jaws, then home.  Here's Glenn and Heidi with the biggest tusk, 8' 9" long, 16.5" circumference, 59.5 pounds (Sept-Oct 2011)

woolly mammoth tusk.jpg (164626 bytes)

Bought out an estate of an old friend with a similar business in Florida, it took a 26' moving truck to bring it all home.  We are sorting through thousands of items:  Teak animal wall & desk display pieces, Bronze statues and desk displays, 4700 more shark jaws, pre-ban elephant ivory tusks and pieces for carving, hundreds of megalodon shark teeth, 100 pounds of small modern shark teeth and SO much more.  Stay tuned! (Oct. 27-Nov. 1)


“I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”

 ~ Anais Nin



What a surprise!  A visit from Santa Claus himself to the Culver's Custard Stand in Neenah, Wisconsin.  A small girl was entranced!  We caught a few photos of both of them

santa1-2012.jpg (169597 bytes) santa2-2012.jpg (180395 bytes) santa3-2012.jpg (163087 bytes) santa4-2012.jpg (193628 bytes)

It turns out he is a Santa Claus indeed, Theodore Mackey (theodoremackey@att.net)



JUNE 2011
This is how Glenn spent his 65th birthday, picking up this 10 foot Alligator from Florida (more detail on Gators page 4).

g402-4aa.jpg (156808 bytes)

Happy birthday Glenn!



TUCSON, Arizona

and SAN ANTONIO, Texas

Watch for great photos of the stuff we SAW and BOUGHT while at the Biggest Gem & Fossil Show in the World this year

amethyst-geode-pair.jpg (158269 bytes) 

(This is Glenn standing next to a huge Amethyst geode Cathedral pair, this went to a collector in Alaska)


MAY 2010
CHARLESTON Convention Center, Mayday festivities

May 1

We went down to go to a Gem Source that was set up at a Rock & Fossil show at the Convention Center.  To our delight, we found the entire Convention Center was alive with activities - from the Rock Show to Arts & Crafts to Ethnic Dances from around the world, to a Food Court of tents outside, to displays of Art from young students, and from professionals.  What a treat!

Then we entered the Theater, where there was African Tribal dancing on the stage.  The lively dancing, and colorful costumes, and the enthusiasm of the artists was very uplifting.  Neither of us realized how much we needed a dose of culture, and came away from the experience with our Sense of Wonder restored.

10chas1.jpg (165163 bytes) 10chas2.jpg (170135 bytes) 10chas3.jpg (157531 bytes) 10chas4.jpg (170193 bytes) 10chas5.jpg (162702 bytes)

10chas6.jpg (171730 bytes)


May 1 (May day)

McLellanville, SC

Halfway back from Charleston to Myrtle Beach that same day, the town of McLellanville had a sign on Hwy 17 for the "Blessing of the Fleet" for May Day.  In all the years Glenn has lived at the beach, he had never witnessed this event.  So, we turned in, parked and had yet another uplifting experience, along with GREAT seafood.  FROGMORE STEW (1st photo) made of corn, shrimp, potatoes, onions, smoked sausage)

Shish kebab (2nd photo), made of shrimp, sweet red peppers, squash, smoked sausage, onions

10blessing1.jpg (161774 bytes) 10blessing2.jpg (165306 bytes)

A bagpiper led the way to the pier for the Blessing, behind him is a male pastor, and a woman pastor

10blessing3.jpg (173329 bytes)

10blessing4.jpg (152541 bytes)

The pastors said a few words, then turned to the waterway awaiting the shrimping boats to begin the prayer/blessing

10blessing5.jpg (149416 bytes)

10blessing6.jpg (139805 bytes)

10blessing7.jpg (138759 bytes)

A view of the Marina where the shrimping boats were docked

10blessing15.jpg (98361 bytes)

Two of the festively flagged ships making their way to the pier, filled with crew and families and owners

10blessing9.jpg (106292 bytes)

Miss Henrietta shrimping boat approaching the pier

10blessing10.jpg (91153 bytes)

And receiving an individual blessing

10blessing11.jpg (158808 bytes)

The Miss Georgia

10blessing12.jpg (136703 bytes)

The Big Dog

10blessing16.jpg (92699 bytes)

10blessing13.jpg (136611 bytes)

The Mary Margaret

10blessing14.jpg (135626 bytes)

A seagull on a piling out in the waterway made for a postcard picture

10blessing8.jpg (125093 bytes)


APRIL 2010
Sunset at the Washington Memorial, April 2.  The flags around the base of the Memorial are beautifully silhouetted against the sunset.  More to come!

10dc1.jpg (150277 bytes)


APRIL 2010, continued
Virtual tour


145 Broad Acres Road, Bennettsville, South Carolina (3 acres, Public Welcome)

"There's always gonna be obstacles.  The thing is, you don't let those obstacles determine where you go."  Pearl Fryar



Also, get & watch the DVD "A Man Named Pearl", it is a great way to see this unique artist in action.  The beauty of his work is that he does not put wire to shape the trees.  These are shaped just by his loving hands and tree cutting tools.  And his gardens are a Labor of Love, signs sprinkled throughout the gardens gently encourage positive spiritual thoughts.

Bishopville city limits sign

10fryar112.jpg (167005 bytes)

The tour starts at the Waffle House on the main road, which Pearl dressed up with his skills.

10fryar1.jpg (154617 bytes)

Then the entrance to his road is also decorated with topiaries

10fryar2.jpg (158222 bytes)


These are the Neighbors' houses.  They have asked Pearl's advice on shaping their own yards, with great effect.

 10fryar4.jpg (161970 bytes) 10fryar6.jpg (162765 bytes) 10fryar5.jpg (166343 bytes) 10fryar3.jpg (171322 bytes) 10fryar8a.jpg (162449 bytes)

10fryar8b.jpg (169883 bytes) 10fryar7.jpg (167648 bytes) 10fryar8.jpg (172776 bytes) 10fryar9.jpg (170758 bytes) 10fryar10.jpg (154956 bytes)


He did not come out while we were there.  Though we are so grateful that he allows the public to walk through his residential gardens any time of day.

 The right side of Pearl Fryar's yard, a hint of what is to come

 10fryar11.jpg (158352 bytes)

A wonderful grouping in the right front yard

10fryar12.jpg (166207 bytes)

Pearl's mailbox and fountain

10fryar13.jpg (146314 bytes)

Front of the house

10fryar14.jpg (157606 bytes)

Glenn entering the magical world of Pearl Fryar

10fryar15.jpg (165359 bytes)

Open weave bushes

10fryar16.jpg (165616 bytes)

Flowering tree

10fryar17.jpg (170116 bytes)

A work in progress

10fryar18.jpg (160231 bytes)

"Turtle" bushes

10fryar19.jpg (172364 bytes)

Donation box

10fryar20.jpg (156179 bytes)

Left side of house

10fryar21.jpg (161907 bytes)

The "bottle" tree

10fryar22.jpg (169365 bytes)


10fryar113.jpg (119645 bytes)

One of my favorite areas, the "triangle" on right side of house; perspective with Glenn next to it

10fryar23.jpg (156100 bytes) 10fryar24.jpg (156734 bytes) 10fryar25.jpg (168997 bytes)

10fryar82.jpg (161951 bytes) 10fryar101.jpg (160169 bytes)

North arrow tree, I believe it's a fountain beneath

10fryar26.jpg (156341 bytes)

10fryar51.jpg (158811 bytes)

10fryar52.jpg (170183 bytes)

10fryar55.jpg (172792 bytes)

Mad Hatter's Island

10fryar27.jpg (159457 bytes)

10fryar85.jpg (161046 bytes)

More wonderfully sculpted shrubs, and close ups

10fryar28.jpg (170015 bytes) 10fryar29.jpg (195374 bytes)

10fryar30.jpg (204561 bytes)

Tall sculpted tree

10fryar31.jpg (162044 bytes)

A spaceship, and a puffin.  Use your imagination!

10fryar32.jpg (158459 bytes)

Statue in the center

10fryar33.jpg (147338 bytes)

10fryar98.jpg (151144 bytes)

10fryar34.jpg (158939 bytes)

Another Oasis of Serenity

10fryar35.jpg (166824 bytes)

Birdhouse, and footsteps to it

10fryar36.jpg (153239 bytes)

10fryar95.jpg (149546 bytes)

The bucket fountain

10fryar37.jpg (157579 bytes)

10fryar93.jpg (163945 bytes)

The "Mushroom" Garden

10fryar38.jpg (173000 bytes)

10fryar88.jpg (162559 bytes)

A longer view of one of the "Courtyards"

10fryar39.jpg (170447 bytes)

"A man has made at least a start on discovering the meaning of human life when he plants shade trees under which he knows full well he will never sit."

-D. Elton Trueblood

Loving turtles archway

10fryar40.jpg (155939 bytes)

10fryar87.jpg (167698 bytes)

10fryar115.jpg (110003 bytes)

10fryar116.jpg (123073 bytes)

Another statuary and graceful ironwork

10fryar41.jpg (188379 bytes)

10fryar89.jpg (160458 bytes)

Nice stair-stepping of the bush sizes, with a real curlicue tree at the back

10fryar42.jpg (153853 bytes)

A security light never looked so good

10fryar43.jpg (144787 bytes)

10fryar45.jpg (155056 bytes)

Front yard, nice to see Pearl's always busy with more topiary creations.

10fryar44.jpg (170816 bytes)

10fryar81.jpg (171976 bytes)

Close by the left side of the house was simply amazing

10fryar46.jpg (161029 bytes)

Twirling up to the sky

10fryar47.jpg (158567 bytes)

A living sculpture

10fryar48.jpg (207906 bytes)

Back of the house, an archway to their patio

10fryar49.jpg (163490 bytes)

Long view of the left side of the house

10fryar50.jpg (152067 bytes)

10fryar65.jpg (176677 bytes)

10fryar118.jpg (127437 bytes)

An elephant shrub!

10fryar117.jpg (123742 bytes)

A very tall arched tree

10fryar56.jpg (161971 bytes)

Close up of the sculpted bushes on the left side of the house

10fryar54.jpg (167969 bytes) 10fryar59.jpg (175670 bytes)

10fryar61.jpg (169642 bytes) 10fryar80.jpg (171378 bytes)

10fryar83.jpg (221633 bytes) 10fryar84.jpg (188465 bytes)

10fryar96.jpg (168385 bytes) 10fryar100.jpg (165082 bytes)

A long view of the side gardens

10fryar57.jpg (155412 bytes)

A roller coaster of a tree

10fryar58.jpg (153939 bytes)

"Hate Hurts" metal sculpture

10fryar60.jpg (161086 bytes)

Formal, perfect spheres

10fryar62.jpg (172457 bytes)

10fryar114.jpg (127503 bytes)

More  Arrow trees

10fryar63.jpg (147674 bytes) 10fryar64.jpg (144415 bytes)

"Love, Peace & Goodwill", the words sculpted into the lawn are so large they are best seen from the air

10fryar66.jpg (163561 bytes)

"Faith" metal sculpture, with a John Deere sign in front

10fryar67.jpg (156852 bytes)

A giant Sailing Ship

10fryar68.jpg (141208 bytes)

Each tree looks different from every angle

10fryar69.jpg (155437 bytes)

A brontosaurus?

10fryar70.jpg (168594 bytes)

A basket looking shrub

10fryar71.jpg (177616 bytes)

More work in progress

10fryar72.jpg (166100 bytes)


10fryar73.jpg (169035 bytes)

In the back yard, you see one of his trailers, and a rolling ladder.  Both have been used many hours by Pearl, I would guess.

10fryar74.jpg (170741 bytes)

A cherry picker would get up in those trees for the kind of work he does.  Good choice

10fryar75.jpg (168545 bytes)

I can imagine an amusement park ride fashioned after this

10fryar76.jpg (157847 bytes)

A larger view of the back yard area

10fryar77.jpg (159673 bytes)

A wonderfully graceful line of trees in the back yard

10fryar78.jpg (154784 bytes)

Coming back up the left side of the house

10fryar79.jpg (176081 bytes)

Fantastical creature

10fryar86.jpg (157694 bytes)

Peace Sculpture

10fryar90.jpg (160386 bytes)

St. Francis and the birds sculpture

10fryar91.jpg (157071 bytes)

A mill, waterwheel fountain, birdbath

10fryar92.jpg (153929 bytes)

Scroll ironwork sculpture

10fryar94.jpg (157118 bytes)

Heading back down the driveway, we are still amazed at the precision of his work with nature

10fryar97.jpg (173126 bytes)

An alien cheerleader!

10fryar99.jpg (177167 bytes)

A teapot?

10fryar102.jpg (159207 bytes)

Pearl lovingly sculpted his address in his front yard, only to have the city change the numbering on the street, making his house number "145".  He has left the numbers in place anyway.

10fryar103.jpg (163524 bytes)

A late afternoon view of the left side of the yard.  We are sad to go.

10fryar104.jpg (149731 bytes)

Wonderful twirly cone trees near the road

10fryar105.jpg (196305 bytes)

A path from the front to back of the house, on the left

10fryar106.jpg (158925 bytes)

Arches stretching over thin air

10fryar107.jpg (169790 bytes)

10fryar108.jpg (164795 bytes)

10fryar110.jpg (155428 bytes)


10fryar109.jpg (154095 bytes)


10fryar119.jpg (118698 bytes)

An ongoing sense of wonder we feel at this harmonious, peaceful place

10fryar111.jpg (172339 bytes)

Iron sculpture

10fryar120.jpg (112309 bytes)

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The next best time is now." 

Chinese Proverb

This is a constantly changing garden.  Pearl and Friends of Pearl add sculptures and continue to shape the trees and shrubs.  So a visit each year will be new every time.  We encourage everyone to walk these gardens and feel the Peace that knows no bounds, from the hands of Pearl Fryar and God's creations.


Tunica, Mississippi


10tunica28.jpg (151206 bytes) 10tunica29.jpg (141920 bytes) 10tunica30.jpg (149573 bytes)

"I do not know that much about gods, but I think that the river is a strong brown god - sullen, untamed and intractable" - T. S. Eliot


A real gem of a find, this exciting architectural design & complex, right on the banks of the Mississippi River, funded by the local casino industry, is a state of the art depiction of the history & life on the Mississippi River.  We were very impressed with the educational aspects of museum, and even the gift shop.  And the museum docents were very friendly and helpful.  We recommend this tour, if you are anywhere near northern Mississippi or the Memphis TN area.  There is also an eco-trail to walk through 2 miles of wetlands forest on walkways.

Following is a virtual tour of some of the areas of the museum we appreciated the most.

Outside of the museum, where you can appreciate the unusual architecture

10tunica20.jpg (121322 bytes) 10tunica47.jpg (142863 bytes)

Treasures of the Great River Road sign in the Museum lot

10tunica48.jpg (126308 bytes)

Channel Catfish (albino)

10tunica1.jpg (124953 bytes)

10tunica24.jpg (149924 bytes)

10tunica23.jpg (114000 bytes)

Alligator gar

10tunica2.jpg (118993 bytes)

10tunica3.jpg (115893 bytes)

Red eared Slider turtle

10tunica4.jpg (119085 bytes) 10tunica6.jpg (126504 bytes)

10tunica26.jpg (141772 bytes) 10tunica5.jpg (121818 bytes)

Alligator snapping turtle

10tunica21.jpg (143670 bytes)

10tunica22.jpg (146563 bytes)

10tunica12a.jpg (119781 bytes)

10tunica25.jpg (153052 bytes)

Petting the blackbear (okay so it's taxidermied, SAFE!)

10tunica8.jpg (117599 bytes)

Arrow Extractor replica - This tool was devised in Europe to remove metal arrows.  The grooved middle blade was inserted along the embedded shaft of the arrow.  The outer tongs were then opened to spread the flesh so that the arrow could be extracted without tearing the wound further.  Gruesome but effective.

10tunica13.jpg (125849 bytes)

10tunica14.jpg (116965 bytes)

"City" Class Ironclads

When the Civil War began, the South built a series of forts to defend the lower Mississippi.  The North responded by building ironclads to destroy these forts.  The government turned to James Eads to produce seven "city" class vessels.  The boats were 175 feet long.  More details below:

10tunica35.jpg (137690 bytes)

Eads protected the boilers of the Ironclads by putting them below the waterline and shielded the paddlewheel as well.  They had 2" thick iron plates laid over thick oak sides.  More details below!

10tunica36.jpg (133989 bytes)

Here's a piece of one of the Ironclads:

10tunica37.jpg (138388 bytes)

West of New Orleans, moss-draped cypresses rise from the Atchafalaya Basin swamp.  Photograph by Sam Abell

10tunica38.jpg (152963 bytes)

And a fog shrouded swamp, backlighting a crane

10tunica40.jpg (158736 bytes)

Dugout Canoe, Native American, made of Yellow Pine, 24' long x 18" wide; circa 1100 A.D., a discovery by Charles Greene.

10tunica11.jpg (117215 bytes)10tunica27.jpg (149818 bytes)

Link to read more about the discovery:


A gorgeous wildlife diorama of trees, deer, birds, etc. and lighting to highlight the area, 3 stories tall.

10tunica15.jpg (115741 bytes)10tunica31.jpg (132201 bytes) 10tunica32.jpg (125426 bytes)

Depth of deltas all over the country.  The Mississippi delta is SO deep, you can see it goes all the way to the 1st floor (last photo).

10tunica33.jpg (160455 bytes) 10tunica34.jpg (147226 bytes)   10tunica17.jpg (122104 bytes)

Top, Observation Deck overlooking the Mississippi River, and the Cruise boats

10tunica18.jpg (125721 bytes) 10tunica41.jpg (135505 bytes) 10tunica42.jpg (135057 bytes) 10tunica43.jpg (164130 bytes) 10tunica45.jpg (132783 bytes)

King of the World!

10tunica44.jpg (137738 bytes)

The park & cruise ship marina below looks so unreal, and beautiful.  But it is real, and well designed:

10tunica46.jpg (142618 bytes) 10tunica19.jpg (116395 bytes)

A progressive view of (1) Glenn in front of a standing black bear, (2) realization of what's behind him, and (3) horror, what do I do now (kidding)

10tunica10.jpg (114939 bytes)10tunica7.jpg (124472 bytes)10tunica9.jpg (124660 bytes) 10tunica59.jpg (133879 bytes)

Scary Lynx taxidermy.  Hilarious, actually.

10tunica60.jpg (162358 bytes)

Helmeted Glenn, what a fun goof.

10tunica61.jpg (138191 bytes)

Another hilarious bear, this time in the gift shop

10tunica66.jpg (130991 bytes)

Sugar Ditch story brings national attention to  Tunica.  Our chef advised us to read this article carefully.  In 1985, Jesse Jackson visited Tunica County's "Sugar Ditch", where residents lived in poverty, the "poorest county in the U.S."  The documentary startled the nation.  Many changes were made, cementing the ditch and building a 48 unit housing complex.  So their greatest shame turned into a work of pride.

10tunica62.jpg (126821 bytes) 10tunica63.jpg (121737 bytes) 10tunica64.jpg (120143 bytes) 10tunica65.jpg (130353 bytes)

Downtown Tunica, we were dismayed to see the American flag below the Confederate Flag.

10tunica49.jpg (139780 bytes)

CAFE MARIE, downtown Tunica

What a gem of a restaurant, serving Mississippi grown catfish from local farm ponds.  Historic brick building (1913), they hope to have a hotel restored on the 2nd floor.

10tunica55.jpg (149776 bytes)10tunica58.jpg (156243 bytes)



Beautiful lobby

10tunica50.jpg (135896 bytes)

Cozy cafe atmosphere

10tunica51.jpg (133047 bytes) 

10tunica52.jpg (141191 bytes)

10tunica53.jpg (138924 bytes) 

10tunica54.jpg (147478 bytes)

Friendly Chef Eddie MacGregor spoke with us about his ongoing plans for the restaurant and hotel

10tunica57.jpg (141361 bytes)

Glenn devouring his catfish lunch, it tasted more like LOBSTER

10tunica56.jpg (100532 bytes)

Farm catfish ponds, as seen from the airplane heading out of Mississippi, where Chef Eddie gets his great catfish.  None like it.

10mem105.jpg (159091 bytes)


January 2010 (continued)

MEMPHIS, Tennessee

National Ornamental Metal Museum

10mem46.jpg (177518 bytes) 10mem76.jpg (154265 bytes) 10mem78.jpg (159878 bytes)

Never let it be said that we ferret out the ordinary.  Instead of the Jazz & Rock N Roll Museums in the area, we searched out this quiet spot with a killer back view over the Mississippi River, and didn't regret a minute of our choice.  No photography allowed within the museum, but okay anywhere else.  It is the only institution in the U.S. devoted exclusively to the preservation and promotion of final metalwork.


There is also an "All Metal Library" containing many rare and first-edition books, some dating from the 17th century.  More than 2000 volumes and 10,000 slides.  Open by appointment to scholars, artists, students & architects.

SIDE & BACK YARD of Museum

Remember, everything you see is made of metal

Huge metal flower outside

10mem11.jpg (151714 bytes)

Owl on a fence

10mem20.jpg (167836 bytes)

Glenn is looking at a long display with a metal human skull

10mem21.jpg (173734 bytes)

10mem22.jpg (167241 bytes)

Dead (metal) Chicken in a cage

10mem23.jpg (159134 bytes)

Oxidized copper gate of a cornfield

10mem24.jpg (160702 bytes)

(real) Holly bush, just a pretty accent in the garden

10mem25.jpg (144592 bytes)

Fish weathervane above the Riverbluff Pavilion

10mem29.jpg (145157 bytes)

Riverbluff Pavilion

Made from salvaged iron from a historic Beale St. mid-1800's building.

10mem30.jpg (147469 bytes)

10mem31.jpg (143635 bytes)


10mem32.jpg (165160 bytes)

Iron pillar, gator below, with a copper head peeking from the top

10mem33.jpg (145614 bytes) 10mem34.jpg (146298 bytes) 10mem35.jpg (155463 bytes)

Comical chicken

10mem36.jpg (176693 bytes)

Beautiful heron

10mem37.jpg (168247 bytes)

A working bell

10mem38.jpg (154343 bytes)

Running bunny

10mem40.jpg (158619 bytes) 10mem41.jpg (158573 bytes)

Flying saucer

10mem42.jpg (166127 bytes)

Venus flytrap

10mem43.jpg (166391 bytes)

A tall pod plant

10mem45.jpg (166839 bytes)

Ornamental front to the Schering-Plough Smith (Blacksmith Workshop) in back yard of the main museum.  Here in the sound of metal on metal and the fever of the fiery forges, you can witness the violent origins of graceful works of art.  Working metalsmiths demonstrate how it's done and answer questions.

10mem44.jpg (162947 bytes) 10mem39.jpg (139993 bytes)

Above - gecko lizard on the brick wall.

Also on the grounds is a private state-of-the-art conservation and restoration laboratory named Chestnuts Inc. (no photos of this).  These metalsmiths were responsible for works such as restoring the gates for Elvis' Graceland, reproducing an Etruscan suit of armor (on view at the Vatican Museum in Rome), even devising a crown for a goat in Ireland.


Designed by Englishman Richard Quinnell, classic scroll pattern, studded with scores of rosettes crafted by more than 180 metalsmiths from 18 nations.  My personal opinion?  We spent more time photographing this gate than anything else on the property, it was so impressive.  No two rosettes are alike.

"NOMMA, 1958-2008"

10mem12.jpg (155561 bytes) 10mem14.jpg (149241 bytes)

Cowboy hat

10mem13.jpg (129517 bytes)

Dragon & donkey? in heart

10mem15.jpg (145868 bytes)

10mem48.jpg (137883 bytes)

Hammer & anvil

10mem16.jpg (142118 bytes)


10mem17.jpg (159523 bytes)

Wolf head

10mem57.jpg (139783 bytes)

Hand holding cup of tea, and Acorns

10mem19.jpg (138557 bytes)


10mem49.jpg (133843 bytes)


10mem50.jpg (141830 bytes)


10mem51.jpg (134367 bytes)

Globe of the earth

10mem52.jpg (138466 bytes)

Cactus & snake, star

10mem53.jpg (137905 bytes)


10mem54.jpg (141690 bytes)

Square flower

10mem55.jpg (133094 bytes)

Bear head

10mem56.jpg (138217 bytes)


10mem58.jpg (134671 bytes)

Hand holding saucer

10mem59.jpg (134178 bytes)

Face with hands

10mem60.jpg (144892 bytes)

Face, blowing with puffed cheeks

10mem61.jpg (144131 bytes)

Face, blowing with puffed cheeks, sideways

10mem62.jpg (147028 bytes)


10mem63.jpg (144011 bytes)

Monkey face, perhaps

10mem64.jpg (139929 bytes)


10mem65.jpg (139840 bytes)

Hammer & tongs, sorry it's not clearer

10mem66.jpg (149863 bytes)


10mem67.jpg (132005 bytes)

Snake on flower

10mem68.jpg (138957 bytes)


10mem69.jpg (153585 bytes)


10mem70.jpg (140051 bytes)

Viking ship

10mem71.jpg (143184 bytes)

Octopus arm flower

10mem72.jpg (144042 bytes)


10mem73.jpg (145051 bytes)

Fedex, plane propeller 

10mem74.jpg (145233 bytes)

Flower with glass doorknob center

10mem75.jpg (130995 bytes)

Here's the view from the Riverbluff Pavilion in the back yard of the Metal Museum, overlooking the Mississippi River.  What an awesome sight.
5 barges of coal being moved on the Mississippi River, near a major bridge.  Heidi is warm in her mink sweater coat (from Alaska), a perfect frame for the Polish amber lily necklace she is wearing.

10mem28.jpg (140788 bytes) 10mem1.jpg (128250 bytes)10mem26.jpg (144227 bytes)

10mem3.jpg (111615 bytes) 10mem2.jpg (127382 bytes) 10mem4.jpg (126190 bytes)10mem27.jpg (146707 bytes)


Next door to the Museum was a huge, empty Armory building that commanded our attention.

10mem5.jpg (115276 bytes) 10mem6.jpg (123363 bytes) 10mem7.jpg (119981 bytes) 10mem79.jpg (168153 bytes)
BURL on Tree

Across from the Museum and Armory is a huge park.  One large tree had burl formations on it that looked like animals.

A bear carrying something?  With a dog head on the bottom?  Use your imagination.

10mem81.jpg (157475 bytes)10mem8.jpg (120569 bytes)10mem80.jpg (155934 bytes) 10mem82.jpg (154124 bytes) 10mem83.jpg (154151 bytes)

Definitely the side of a pig's face

10mem9.jpg (130852 bytes)

BRIDGE to Memphis, Pyramid Arena

Can't explain it, we love the graceful aspects of bridges.  The Pyramid was a bonus.

10mem86.jpg (160233 bytes) 10mem87.jpg (151328 bytes) 10mem88.jpg (154111 bytes)
Beale Street

Downtown Memphis, famous worldwide.  Horse-drawn carriages, the famous B.B. King Jazz Bar, and all the barbecue you can eat.

Cinderella carriage!

10mem89.jpg (143316 bytes)

10mem90.jpg (153105 bytes)

Structural struts, Beale St.

10mem91.jpg (129130 bytes)

View of Beale St.

10mem92.jpg (145955 bytes)

B B King's Blues Club

10mem102.jpg (138444 bytes)

10mem101.jpg (128263 bytes)

Glenn wearing yet another goofy  hat, this one is a PIZZA PIE

10mem99.jpg (143903 bytes)

At the vintage Schwab Mercantile store

10mem100.jpg (152549 bytes)

PIG - Pork with an Attitude Restaurant

also known as "The Pig on Beale"

167 Beale St.

(Original) 1950's decor, checkerboard floor, formica tables, and vintage movie posters.  And a killer sweet barbecue sauce, on a tender pork sandwich to die for.


10mem10.jpg (107449 bytes) 10mem93.jpg (147728 bytes) 10mem97.jpg (140079 bytes) 10mem94.jpg (148161 bytes)

Some of their trophies for their barbecue, voted Top Ribs in Memphis.  We remember them from seeing the BBQ Pitmasters cookoff on TLC (NBBQA).

10mem95.jpg (144631 bytes)10mem96.jpg (127613 bytes) 10mem98.jpg (129106 bytes)

Other sights & sounds of Memphis
Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken

Though we had just eaten at the Pig on Beale, we couldn't resist this, and we weren't disappointed.  Chicken fried only when you order, hot and fresh, mmmmm! 

10mem103.jpg (157669 bytes)

Not sure I want to know where this sign leads!

10mem104.jpg (141078 bytes)




Heidi's 55th birthday, no less

atl82.jpg (106430 bytes)

A visit to the Aquarium wouldn't be complete without first visiting The Varsity restaurant.  First the parking lot on the roof with a view of the Flame part of the sign

atl1.jpg (130653 bytes)

then the restaurant itself

atl2.jpg (138365 bytes)


J. R. Crickets Restaurant has a cute Cricket Man atop its sign

atl3.jpg (140835 bytes)

atl4.jpg (150618 bytes)

Law offices of Peter Law has an Atlas statue of hammered aluminum, holding the sign. 

atl5.jpg (118757 bytes)

atl6.jpg (122993 bytes)

Looking like a postcard, the school of Jacks swimming past the viewing area

atl7.jpg (144549 bytes)

atl8.jpg (135027 bytes)

Spotted Groupers

atl9.jpg (136351 bytes)

atl11.jpg (139392 bytes)

Cownose ray (Rhinoptera bonasus), named for its distinctive head shape, this ray glides over the ocean bottom in search of shellfish.  It crushes the shells with its strong tooth plates to get at the soft meat inside.  Max size: 7 feet.  Near threatened

atl26.jpg (168029 bytes) atl27.jpg (193087 bytes)

atl29.jpg (152619 bytes)


atl28.jpg (191509 bytes)


Weedy Seadragons (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus), one of nature's most incredible creatures found in Australian waters.  My opinion!  They camoflage so perfectly into the seaweed.

atl35.jpg (175228 bytes)atl36.jpg (157923 bytes)

atl72.jpg (114308 bytes) atl73.jpg (124916 bytes)

atl74.jpg (117879 bytes) atl75.jpg (115695 bytes)

atl76.jpg (130814 bytes) atl77.jpg (119926 bytes)

atl37.jpg (137160 bytes)

Spider crab, huge creatures that always draw a big crowd

atl40.jpg (146911 bytes)

atl41.jpg (175661 bytes)

Garden eels, they rarely leave their burrows.  They sway with the current, and may look straight at you.  How entertaining a critter is this!

atl42.jpg (171332 bytes)

atl43.jpg (170917 bytes)

atl44.jpg (145161 bytes)

atl45.jpg (141790 bytes)

atl46.jpg (140005 bytes)

I can never resist the jellyfish, they are mesmerizing, especially with the changing colors in the tank

atl47.jpg (186691 bytes) atl48.jpg (186060 bytes) atl49.jpg (159204 bytes) atl50.jpg (152297 bytes)

atl78.jpg (116299 bytes) atl79.jpg (121274 bytes)

atl51.jpg (198113 bytes) atl52.jpg (177466 bytes) atl53.jpg (182384 bytes) atl54.jpg (145593 bytes)

Even a daisy pattern in one, how beautiful is that?

atl80.jpg (129297 bytes) atl81.jpg (121737 bytes)


atl83.jpg (121509 bytes) atl84.jpg (123982 bytes)

Lionfish, truly living art

atl63.jpg (140697 bytes) atl64.jpg (128674 bytes)

atl65.jpg (140639 bytes) atl88.jpg (125344 bytes)

Sea anemone and Clownfish

atl55.jpg (139131 bytes)

Orange spotted fish (perhaps an angelfish)

atl58.jpg (150568 bytes)

Elephant nose fish

atl59.jpg (168313 bytes)

Bright orange fish is a Canary rockfish (Sebastes pinniger)

atl38.jpg (161090 bytes)

atl39.jpg (144360 bytes)

Asian small-clawed otters (Aonyx cinerea), they were so active and endlessly cuddling with each other in their appropriately Wow habitat.  They loved the green fabric strips to play with

atl60.jpg (131637 bytes)atl62.jpg (143987 bytes)

atl85.jpg (125912 bytes) atl86.jpg (120959 bytes)

atl87.jpg (130342 bytes)

atl61.jpg (154577 bytes)

A beautiful, big sand tiger shark

atl70.jpg (120973 bytes)

Shark costumed greeter was fun!

atl56.jpg (136627 bytes)

atl57.jpg (131609 bytes)

The main attraction is always the immense whale sharks.  First photo shows TWO.  What a beautiful pattern on the backs of the whale sharks.  We happened to luck out and be there at feeding time, which made for plenty of activity in the main aquarium.  Last photo shows one of the food buckets.

atl10.jpg (143288 bytes)atl23.jpg (156573 bytes) atl24.jpg (150997 bytes) atl25.jpg (150282 bytes)

atl30.jpg (154261 bytes) atl31.jpg (161819 bytes)atl33.jpg (162744 bytes)atl34.jpg (162147 bytes)

atl68.jpg (123330 bytes) atl69.jpg (123566 bytes)

Notice how large the whale shark's mouth opens to eat the food

atl66.jpg (113693 bytes) atl67.jpg (122918 bytes)

Example of the food for all the fish including the sharks

atl32.jpg (152406 bytes) atl71.jpg (114957 bytes)

A slide show explained the delivery of 4 of the whale sharks
To date, this is the heaviest animal payload that UPS has ever transported

atl12.jpg (141039 bytes)

 Here is the delivery truck, and acclimation slings

atl13.jpg (139683 bytes)

atl14.jpg (126381 bytes)

On two occasions UPS transported their whale sharks from Taiwan to Atlanta 

atl15.jpg (147004 bytes)

atl16.jpg (134106 bytes)

Each whale shark was transported in this specially designed UPS life support container

atl17.jpg (138737 bytes)

atl18.jpg (117481 bytes)

Great care was used i loading each 25,000 pound container onto the UPS 747

atl19.jpg (127297 bytes)


During takeoff and landing, the animals' gills could not be out of the water

atl20.jpg (149694 bytes)

Total transport time was over 30 hours covering 8000 miles

atl21.jpg (137712 bytes)

Thanks to UPS they  now have four whale sharks in the Ocean Voyager Exhibit. 

atl22.jpg (134349 bytes)


October 2009

WALKING with DINOSAURS - Live Animatronic event

Columbia, South Carolina

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A journey  is like marriage.  The certain way to be WRONG is to think you CONTROL IT.

(John Steinbeck)

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