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Three outstanding paintings were my favorites.  I hope you enjoy them as well.


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Milwaukee's been having a ladybug problem.  Really!  Look reeeaaalll close at the infestation on this downtown Milwaukee building!  Ahhhh - it's the attack of the killer ladybugs!  On a lighter note, the fall colors were spectacular. As a travel note, folks, take Lake Shore Drive (turns into Lincoln Creek Drive) from the village of Fox Point south  to the Museum - the view of the stately mansions giving way to the lakefront (that might as well be ocean!) is one of the most pleasant 20 minute drives you will ever take.

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The Kohler Arts Center in downtown Sheboygan, Wisconsin has a CHAIR-ity auction that's to-die-for.  Artists donated 450 "altered" chairs of all materials for an auction Nov. 3rd, proceeds to benefit Sheboygan Community.  Photos were not allowed in most areas (sorry!) but the psychedelic outside chair (Art Center in background) and "hanger" chair give you an idea!  We were allowed pictures of the bathrooms, decorated by artistic volunteers - this is the MEN's room (yah, it was empty, at least it was after I went in there!).

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This is Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the baseball stadium that made the news in 1999 when the "Big Blue" Crane toppled, took down this entire wall, and killed three construction workers.  It is now safely finished, and recognized citywide as an important landmark.  We did not come for the ball game.

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(Outside view, then the scoreboard and infield).

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Here is the bronze memorial of the three construction workers who died in the accident. On the memorial wall behind the bronze are the names of all the participants in building and re-building the Park. 



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I visited my friends Judy and Dale Shumway in Janesville, Wisconsin in October.  Here is some of her work in her stained glass shop "The Glass Garden".  We took stained glass classes together, and she opened her business with structural stained glass pieces (awesome!) and I went the direction of jewelry.  They have an extensive selection of stained glass PATTERN BOOKS on their website, it's well worth a look!


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3 Window pieces, and a fireplace screen, made by Judy.  Wow!

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Work tables (she has regular workshops with many satisfied customers!), and pictures of a portion of her stained glass inventory and pattern books (whew!).  A growing, successful business that definitely fills a need for the Rock County area.  An honor to know you both!

MVC-009S.jpg (42801 bytes)

One last shot of her work area.  A busy beehive most of the time!


MVC-006S.jpg (39652 bytes)

A real custard stand in Wisconsin!  For some reason, the Southwest does not recognize Frozen Custard as a food group!  What a pity!

mvc-027s.jpg (32282 bytes)



September 2001


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Here we are at the UFO Conference in Laughlin, Nevada held every year (Sept, 2001).  Some pretty serious lectures by respected professionals!  But this was the fun side you'll all enjoy.  The "victory" sign was taken through the archway of the River Palms Casino portico.

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Here we are south of Laughlin NV in Oatman, AZ where the wild burros roam the streets!  It's a ghost town from the gold mining days (circa 1906) that's still a very colorful place!  We visited here Sept. 19th, 2001.  p.s. see the grin on Glenn's face as he takes a little nostalgia trip to when he raised burros himself.

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We just got back from visiting friends in Oregon City, Oregon (Sept. 6, 2001).  This is the spillway near their home.

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These are in  the dahlia fields in Canby, Oregon where our friend Linda took us.  It was hard to decide which pictures to show you!  AWESOME place.  Some of the dahlias were as big as dinner plates! We couldn't get enough of 'em! 

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Here's Glenn and Heidi and friend Bill (Linda's husband) in Dave Johnson's fishing boat on the Columbia River (Oregon).  We caught 11 Coho Silver Salmon, about 10-12 pounds each, and threw back 5 King Salmon because the river quota had been met.  Dave, the professional guide, is in the background (sorry Dave!)  GREAT GUIDE!  Check out his website at www.davidjohnsonfishing.citysearch.com.  We recommend it!  What a trip!  And LOTS of good eating to come!

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Here we are at Camp 18 Restaurant between Portland and Seaside, Oregon, an old logging camp.  Trees big enough for you?  See the log puller that is connected to a tall pole, with wires and equipment that literally dragged these huge trees towards it at this central location.  Charming restaurant with more than ample portions of food.  Finally, see the huge winch!  (Bill and Linda are behind).

mvc-546s.jpg (76582 bytes)

Finally, a wood carving/chain saw carving gallery with this incredible wood carving of coral and tropical fish!  This is near the spillway in Oregon City, Oregon.


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