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A TOURIST doesn't know where he's been.  A TRAVELER doesn't know where he's going

Paul Therou




We went to a gem show in Springfield, Mass, then headed NW towards Vermont.  These photos are still in Massachusetts
A great authentic German Restaurant - Hofbrauhaus -  in West Springfield, Mass.

 vt1.jpg (142897 bytes)

vt2.jpg (141692 bytes)

Stone churches, Holyoke, Mass.

vt3.jpg (148112 bytes)

Flowers and a rustic view of fence and stony field on a farm road off Hwy 112 on Shaw Road near Ashfield, Mass.

vt5.jpg (138734 bytes)

vt6.jpg (149096 bytes)

vt7.jpg (167006 bytes)

vt4.jpg (135574 bytes)

City Hall building, downtown Northampton (home of Smith College)



Far in the distance on this farm road were cows and this huge new building - turned out to be the Sanderson School Academy, "in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains".  Wow.

vt8.jpg (163443 bytes)

vt614.jpg (118646 bytes)

An  unlikely Indian souvenir store in Charlemont, MA, with a VERY LARGE Indian statue outside

vt9.jpg (152948 bytes)

vt615.jpg (114851 bytes)

Did we go south by mistake?  Here we are in FLORIDA - oh, Florida, Massachusetts!

vt10.jpg (152798 bytes)

A REAL hairpin turn, just south of North Adams MA, see the  GPS screen and the road sign?  It was just as sharp as it shows!

vt11.jpg (162053 bytes)

MOOSE FEST, Bennington, Vermont

We discovered quite by accident that Bennington had a Moosefest Sculpture painting contest & auction in 2005 and in 2009.  So we set out to find most of them with the help of a map, finding many of the 2005 moose as well.  What a treasure hunt!

vt23.jpg (129607 bytes)  vt51.jpg (139975 bytes)

Here are photos of the unpainted moose being delivered to Bennington for the artists to paint.  Photo credit to the Northside Diner where the Snow Drifter moose is found:

vt243.jpg (136615 bytes)  vt244.jpg (157613 bytes)  vt245.jpg (149721 bytes)

vt12.jpg (152890 bytes)

vt13.jpg (154877 bytes)

Beautiful farming fields and blue skies, called "Wind Weaver".  The first we found at the delicious Apple Barn Bakery south of Burlington near Pownal VT

vt15.jpg (150580 bytes)

vt16.jpg (158537 bytes)

vt17.jpg (157647 bytes)

A cornucopia of fruits & vegetables in front of the Chamber of Commerce named "Just your garden-variety Moose"

vt19.jpg (143029 bytes)

vt20.jpg (148106 bytes)

vt21.jpg (145056 bytes)

Flowers outside the cozy Chamber of  Commerce

Some moose were miniatures in store windows, some painted by children

vt22.jpg (144559 bytes)

"Jackson Splattermoose"

vt88.jpg (150970 bytes)

Sunflower field moose

vt90.jpg (149520 bytes)

vt24.jpg (141833 bytes)

vt26.jpg (144859 bytes)

A Santa Moose!

vt27.jpg (144345 bytes)  vt28.jpg (145487 bytes)  vt43.jpg (142212 bytes)

A beautiful bronze colored moose called "We Are One" because it is one of three moose in a cluster setting.  Below is the baby, and the Papa

vt30.jpg (140244 bytes)  vt32.jpg (142523 bytes)  vt33.jpg (140376 bytes)

vt35.jpg (148822 bytes)

vt36.jpg (145567 bytes)

Van  Gogh "Starry Night" themed moose called "Vincent" 

vt38.jpg (142828 bytes)

vt39.jpg (137036 bytes)

A dolphin & orca killer whale covered baby moose called "Shamoose"

vt41.jpg (145655 bytes)

vt42.jpg (143121 bytes)

A mother moose beside it with tilled fields and flowers

vt44.jpg (152549 bytes)

vt45.jpg (143602 bytes)

A mosaic moose of hundreds of photos called "Picture This"

vt48.jpg (134642 bytes)

vt49.jpg (139025 bytes)

A colorful race flag moose named "Morpheus"

School kids were included by making puzzle pieces with moose

vt52.jpg (130626 bytes)  vt53.jpg (134647 bytes)

and a mini moose painted by kids also as a Van Gogh

vt47.jpg (144946 bytes)

vt54.jpg (134451 bytes)

vt55.jpg (140515 bytes)

The Peace Make Love Not War Moose actually named "Ziggy the Hippy-Pot-O- Moose

vt57.jpg (123798 bytes)

"Save the Planet - it's the only one with CHOCOLATE" sign in a book store

vt58.jpg (144231 bytes)  vt59.jpg (145822 bytes)

vt60.jpg (153299 bytes)  vt62.jpg (129920 bytes)

A favorite - a Pirate Moose!  Note the treasure chest, skull, daggers, & parrot called "Captain Jack Mooso" of course

This church was for sale in Bennington.  A tempting thought

vt63.jpg (131583 bytes)

vt64.jpg (144630 bytes)  vt65.jpg (141227 bytes)

vt66.jpg (145548 bytes)  vt68.jpg (131189 bytes)

A "Circus Moose on the Loose" & baby team with acrobat & clown up top!

vt69.jpg (139298 bytes)  vt70.jpg (143641 bytes)

vt71.jpg (145205 bytes)  vt73.jpg (134092 bytes)

A sunset scene on the outside, a hole cut to the middle with a sleepy village scene inside, called "Moosarama"

vt76.jpg (144862 bytes)  vt81.jpg (149994 bytes)

vt74.jpg (148579 bytes)  vt79.jpg (139877 bytes)

vt75.jpg (149411 bytes)  vt78.jpg (136021 bytes)

A romantic Victorian scene, home, rose gardens, bridge, grandfather's clock painted on a Moose Mama and baby "called Mother Moose - Fairy Tales &  Bedtime Rhymes".  We met the talented artist Lindsey Woodie too!

vt82.jpg (150742 bytes)  vt84.jpg (151667 bytes)

vt83.jpg (154384 bytes)  vt86.jpg (150960 bytes)

A bucolic scene including a gazebo & weeping willow tree on another pair down the street, called "Vermont's Gift" and "Vermont's Legacy"

vt91.jpg (155280 bytes)  vt92.jpg (138939 bytes)

vt93.jpg (144212 bytes)  vt94.jpg (137282 bytes)

Another favorite - "Scoops", the ice cream moose in front of a convenience & ice cream shop

vt95.jpg (159385 bytes)  vt96.jpg (160132 bytes)

vt97.jpg (157005 bytes)  vt98.jpg (154984 bytes)

vt99.jpg (155921 bytes)  vt100.jpg (153718 bytes)

vt616.jpg (120346 bytes)

A gorgeous paint job on this psychedelic pair, can you tell it's another fave?  Named simply "Peace"

An old fashioned picnic gathering scene outside a stone restaurant

vt102.jpg (156721 bytes)  vt103.jpg (152964 bytes)

vt104.jpg (154240 bytes)

Named "Le Dejeuner sur l'elan" translated:  Lunch on the dash

vt106.jpg (153763 bytes)  vt107.jpg (154749 bytes)

vt108.jpg (159002 bytes)  vt109.jpg (145228 bytes)

vt110.jpg (146540 bytes)  vt111.jpg (148671 bytes)

vt112.jpg (160135 bytes)

A wonderful Camping Moose, outfitted with hiking boots, little buddies moose & lookout bear up top, a raccoon below.  Named "On the Trail Again".  Precious.

vt114.jpg (159028 bytes)

vt116.jpg (152854 bytes)

A Moose for all Seasons in pastel floral colors

vt117.jpg (149840 bytes)

vt118.jpg (148134 bytes)

vt120.jpg (126814 bytes)

Daisies & purple flowers in front of the Bennington Pottery shops

vt119.jpg (165250 bytes)

vt121.jpg (164074 bytes)

This Moose is half outside the glass foyer, half inside.  What a hoot.

vt139.jpg (166992 bytes)

vt140.jpg (161824 bytes)

vt142.jpg (131638 bytes)

3D Painted Tiffany Lamp style as a grape vineyard.  Lovely.  Named "Mr. L.C. Tiffany (Wisteria)"  Even a butterfly on its nose.

An elaborately created green  Sunflower Harley moose with side car, named Moosey  BB Goode & Green".  Note the head lamps, the flames on the sidecar, the LED lights in the sunflowers so it is LIT UP at night; the exhaust pipes. 

vt122.jpg (147191 bytes)  vt123.jpg (145997 bytes)  vt124.jpg (150441 bytes)  vt125.jpg (148483 bytes)

 "I Brake for Sunflowers" sign on the back, a license plate on its butt, more LED lights on his tail; the handlebars and footrest, rear view mirror.

vt126.jpg (151524 bytes)  vt127.jpg (139037 bytes)  vt128.jpg (146412 bytes)  vt129.jpg (147966 bytes)

One mean dude of a moose!  Notice the tire base and diamond patterned aluminum hooves and flames.  It is in front of the Tuscan Sunflower store

vt130.jpg (150458 bytes)  vt131.jpg (150046 bytes)  vt132.jpg (145348 bytes)  vt133.jpg (148178 bytes)

vt134.jpg (147661 bytes)  vt137.jpg (145694 bytes)

vt135.jpg (138650 bytes)  vt136.jpg (140480 bytes)

The Wizard in robe, hat, beard & spectacles, worthy of a Harry Potter movie.  Called "Mystical Moose"

vt162.jpg (154973 bytes)  vt163.jpg (143554 bytes)

vt164.jpg (145690 bytes)  vt165.jpg (139619 bytes)

vt166.jpg (134900 bytes)  vt246.jpg (151096 bytes)

Arctic moose of a snow scene, complete with "ice" on antlers and eyelashes, named "Snowdrifter"

A moose family of 3 north of town at the Chamber of Commerce.

vt143.jpg (160120 bytes)

Papa moose with a colorful sunset on his sides, and campfire on his head called "Chief Wandering Bull Moose"

vt144.jpg (153160 bytes)  vt145.jpg (154869 bytes) 

Mother "Inuit-Yupik-A Moose" wearing a deerskin painted coat and a flower garden flank on one side, Arctic Sea with ice & polar bears on the other flank, seals underneath (Eskimo theme).

vt148.jpg (156810 bytes)  vt152.jpg (155172 bytes)  vt149.jpg (153000 bytes)

vt150.jpg (146880 bytes) 

and calf is "C. Wobigo Megeso Moose" with an intricately beaded necklace and other beading on head and knees

vt155.jpg (160319 bytes)  vt156.jpg (133239 bytes)  vt157.jpg (155850 bytes)  vt158.jpg (142259 bytes)

A recycle moose calf in the Chamber

vt160.jpg (140041 bytes)

vt161.jpg (144872 bytes)

vt168.jpg (153977 bytes)  vt170.jpg (148588 bytes)

vt169.jpg (155007 bytes)  vt171.jpg (148181 bytes)

Moose at an ice cream stand with an outdoor scene (where everyone is eating - what else?  ICE CREAM) on its body, and waffle textured antlers.  Named "Lickety Split"

vt173.jpg (144408 bytes)

vt174.jpg (147185 bytes)

Covered in road signs, appropriately found at the Honda/Toyota car dealership named "Charlie"

vt176.jpg (160881 bytes)

vt177.jpg (157701 bytes)

Leaf decoupage moose named "Benn"

vt179.jpg (150573 bytes)

vt180.jpg (158566 bytes)

vt181.jpg (151086 bytes)

Chocolate wrappers from around the world (yum!).  Called "Chocolate Mousse"

vt183.jpg (151816 bytes)

vt184.jpg (155653 bytes)

An artfully painted & colorful moose called "Moose Ink", dedicated to the memory of Cory Hunter

A  picturesque train station in old town Bennington

vt186.jpg (132435 bytes)



This moose peered at us from atop a factory building

vt189.jpg (112867 bytes)  vt617.jpg (125267 bytes)  vt190.jpg (147511 bytes)vt295.jpg (158642 bytes)

An Attorney  Moose - what a fun one!  Holding a briefcase in his mouth, a hat on his head, wearing a white shirt & tie, the Wall Street Journal tucked into one pants pocket, a comb in the other.  Money & other financial newspapers at its feet.  Notice the watch around its ankle.  No detail is overlooked!  Named "A Day at the Office" in front of an attorney's office.

vt191.jpg (156924 bytes)  vt192.jpg (147995 bytes)  vt193.jpg (152066 bytes)  vt194.jpg (148246 bytes)

vt196.jpg (155438 bytes)  vt197.jpg (156815 bytes)  vt198.jpg (153600 bytes)

vt199.jpg (144575 bytes)  vt200.jpg (144137 bytes)

vt187.jpg (142493 bytes)

"Road Trip" at a Subaru dealership

A "Moostang Convertible" at an antique car dealership 

vt201.jpg (160342 bytes)  vt202.jpg (152452 bytes)  vt203.jpg (159103 bytes)

Note the beautifully restored car hauler truck & car here also:

vt205.jpg (147456 bytes)  vt206.jpg (143169 bytes)  vt207.jpg (142917 bytes)

vt208.jpg (145283 bytes)

This moose is at the Covered Bridge Museum.  It appropriately has a covered bridge on its back.  Also skis on its feet representing a Vermont favorite pastime (two feet are tree roots).  Named "Anonymoose".

vt209.jpg (148357 bytes)  vt210.jpg (154192 bytes)  vt211.jpg (161061 bytes)  vt212.jpg (159102 bytes)

vt214.jpg (152748 bytes)  vt215.jpg (153620 bytes)

vt216.jpg (158913 bytes)  vt217.jpg (152841 bytes)

vt218.jpg (151040 bytes)  vt219.jpg (152199 bytes)

vt220.jpg (147720 bytes)

A rich copper moose, complete with rivets and turquoise beads & buttons, named "Full Metal Moose" at a closed Ice Cream barn

Harley flames moose on the west side of town at a gas station.  Named "Mooscle Car" 

vt222.jpg (143046 bytes)  vt223.jpg (133446 bytes)

vt224.jpg (143685 bytes)  vt226.jpg (142297 bytes)

Lest we forget the age of the settling of this part of the country, note the date on this cemetery across the street:

vt227.jpg (146394 bytes)

Further west, the Big Moose Deli & Country Store looked like a great place to stop, but we were there too late and never got back.  Bummer.

vt228.jpg (149714 bytes)

vt229.jpg (146324 bytes)

vt230.jpg (144948 bytes)

vt231.jpg (160397 bytes)

vt232.jpg (147574 bytes)

An expensive looking gold & red moose across the New York state line at the Man of Kent Tavern & Cafe, the moose is named "Nothing Gold can Stay"

Back to downtown Bennington, one we missed, showing all 4 seasons.  What fall colors on the trees on this moose!  Named "A Time for All Seasons"

vt234.jpg (152470 bytes)

vt235.jpg (149352 bytes)

vt237.jpg (157965 bytes)


Inside the Covered Bridge Museum, a Native  American themed moose, named "The Abenaki Moose"

vt290.jpg (143831 bytes)

vt291.jpg (136343 bytes)

vt292.jpg (139996 bytes)

Moooose looks like a Guernsey cow, we found it heading north out of Bennington

vt296.jpg (162690 bytes)

vt297.jpg (141392 bytes)

"Appamoosa" at the Arlington Inn, Arlington VT showing a town scene of homes, right across its Appaloosa butt, in the beautiful setting of the Inn

vt299.jpg (156718 bytes)

vt298.jpg (151391 bytes)

vt300.jpg (157966 bytes)  vt302.jpg (152266 bytes)

vt303.jpg (153081 bytes)  vt304.jpg (139624 bytes)

This moose was right inside the Hanneford Grocery Store, named "Moose Eye View" with a little scenery from all over Vermont.  The moose is surrounded by bottled drinks.  A humorous sight.

vt238.jpg (138554 bytes) 

  vt239.jpg (139422 bytes) 

  vt240.jpg (145179 bytes) 

  vt242.jpg (147658 bytes)

BENNINGTON MUSEUM (United States Pottery Co) and


(the largest public collection of Grandma Moses paintings in the world; she lived in Bennington for two years during her long & productive life)

Bennington VT

No photographs were allowed of Grandma Moses' paintings, though we were able to get more up close and personal than we thought for such famous works.  An excellent choice.

vt247.jpg (139942 bytes)  vt618.jpg (124806 bytes)

vt619.jpg (122171 bytes)

vt620.jpg (129188 bytes)

A statue of Abe Lincoln and a downtrodden woman & child near the entryway of the museum, called "The American Spirit" -  Faith, Charity, Hope

vt248.jpg (138128 bytes)

vt249.jpg (150612 bytes)

Hibiscus just to the right of the museum entry.  Beautiful

vt250.jpg (131727 bytes)

A gold bronze eagle inside the main entrance

vt284.jpg (138896 bytes)

In the gift shop, a framed picture of a black bear and the header "As a matter of fact, I do go to the bathroom in the woods".  Hilarious.

vt283.jpg (152285 bytes)

A distinct glaze on this primitive dated pottery.  We have a bowl and pie plate that was made by the United States Pottery Company and fits right in with this beautiful collection.  Only made from: 1847-1858, parented by Christopher Webber Fenron.

Rockingham, named for the area in England where it was first produced, is yellow ware covered with a mottled brown glaze.  It was made throughout America and England.  To create the color, a brown derived from manganese and sometimes umber, is mixed in the glaze.  The glaze can be applied in numerous ways: by dipping a piece, using a brush or sponge, or a long flat piece of wood called a paddle.  White Ware is given a colorless glaze.

Standing Stag, 1852-1853

vt251.jpg (133413 bytes)

Book flask by Lyman, Fenton & Co.

vt252.jpg (151418 bytes)

Water cooler (without base), with images of the Apostles

vt253.jpg (127973 bytes)

vt254.jpg (149436 bytes)

Poodle figure, 1847-1858.  Rockingham glaze, United States Pottery Co.

vt257.jpg (150128 bytes)

vt259.jpg (137679 bytes)

Hound-handle pitchers, 1852-1858, U.S. Pottery Co.

vt261.jpg (138214 bytes)

Cow Creamer, 1866-1869, E. & L. P. Norton & Co.

vt262.jpg (160051 bytes)


vt274.jpg (141771 bytes)


vt277.jpg (143895 bytes)

A marble carving of sleeping children

vt280.jpg (143178 bytes)

Pie plates, tea pots, bowls, book flasks, covered dishes,  etc. in this case made by United States Pottery Co., made in Bennington between 1847-1858

vt265.jpg (146637 bytes)  vt266.jpg (147214 bytes)  vt267.jpg (147943 bytes)  vt268.jpg (163257 bytes)

vt269.jpg (141361 bytes)  vt272.jpg (145333 bytes)  vt271.jpg (134987 bytes)  vt273.jpg (136541 bytes)  vt270.jpg (143334 bytes)

vt276.jpg (144307 bytes)  vt278.jpg (136750 bytes)  vt279.jpg (138115 bytes)

Monument from the United States Pottery Co. display at the Crystal Palace Exhibition in New York City, 1853, with a Madonna figure on top

vt281.jpg (120118 bytes)  vt282.jpg (124812 bytes)



Vermont has more covered bridges per square mile than anywhere else in the world, with 107 authentic covered bridges located throughout the state.

vt621.jpg (127805 bytes)

Bennington VT

Daisies outside the Museum doorway

vt294.jpg (128743 bytes)

Purple glass bowl above the entrance

vt285.jpg (152690 bytes)

This display showed what herbs, leaves and berries were used to make all the dyes in the beautiful Native American blankets and textiles in this part of the museum.

vt288.jpg (135831 bytes)  vt287.jpg (129767 bytes)

 vt286.jpg (125678 bytes)  vt289.jpg (138758 bytes)

Glenn endured a photo wearing a bear cap

vt305.jpg (145806 bytes)

What a great bit of Roadside Americana - a gorilla holding up a Volkswagon (North of Leicester VT on Hwy 7) at Pioneer Sales (used cars)

vt306.jpg (133284 bytes)  vt307.jpg (126929 bytes)

In the town of Breadloaf, all the houses, B&B's and hotels were this butter color with green roofs.  Attractive!

vt308.jpg (154309 bytes)

vt309.jpg (157912 bytes)

Scottish Highlander cows, near Pittsfield, VT (Hwy 100), and a picturesque small waterfall

vt310.jpg (168158 bytes)  vt624.jpg (118445 bytes)

vt622.jpg (114816 bytes)  vt623.jpg (128278 bytes)

A typical view in Vermont, rolling green hills, picturesque barns, though most barns and many homes have cupolas.  We loved this.

vt311.jpg (150118 bytes)

Approaching the Marble Museum, we crossed a bridge made entirely of Vermont white marble

vt312.jpg (140513 bytes)

And a Fire Department entirely made of the white marble, what a monument to the marble quarried here

vt313.jpg (144711 bytes)


The largest marble museum in the WORLD!

Link to view the Virtual Tour on:

Rocks Page 10


 Proctor VT.  Known for 19 "proscenium arches", 84 stained glass windows, 13 fireplaces, Far Eastern and European furnishings, housed on 115 acres (including across the street, a 2nd building).  We did not take the tour but what an impressive architecture.

vt420.jpg (157349 bytes)  vt421.jpg (162273 bytes)

vt422.jpg (164984 bytes)  vt423.jpg (164823 bytes)


South of the Marble Museum, we found access to the river and Mead Falls and a Vermont Marble Power station made of marble overhanging the river.  An impressive marble block wall buttressed a parking lot above (Old Falls Road).

vt424.jpg (148937 bytes)  vt425.jpg (150792 bytes)

vt427.jpg (177208 bytes)
A picturesque white church and low marble building in downtown Middlebury VT

vt428.jpg (139691 bytes)

vt429.jpg (137906 bytes)


A restaurant called Starry Night Cafe near Ferrisburgh VT (unfortunately closed when we came by). Once a cider press, it features a hand carved wooden bar and twinkling starlights and unique artwork inside, and multi- colored hand blown glasses.  We will try to visit another time!  Great iron & wood statues of a man, a tree and deer outside.  And another covered bridge.

vt433.jpg (153664 bytes)  vt431.jpg (146826 bytes)

vt432.jpg (147375 bytes)

vt434.jpg (155947 bytes)  vt430.jpg (156070 bytes)

A great winged Clock on the wall of the Old Brick Store (Charlotte VT) near the ferry to New York

vt435.jpg (147331 bytes)

Terrific brick buildings all over downtown Burlington VT

vt436.jpg (143692 bytes)


Abenaki legend holds that Odzihozo, creator of the Champlain Valley, turned himself into a rock island which can be seen nearby.  One of 50 statues (1 in each state) by Peter Wolf Toth in honor of its Native-American citizens.

vt437.jpg (129115 bytes)  vt438.jpg (119541 bytes)

vt439.jpg (168367 bytes)

Heidi's HUGE half sandwich of sourdough bread & turkey, downtown Burlington.

vt440.jpg (137694 bytes)

A street musician (also downtown Burlington) played numerous instruments at once.  Stuffed animals and trolls dangled everywhere.  What fun!

vt441.jpg (129299 bytes)  vt442.jpg (140989 bytes)

vt443.jpg (140080 bytes)  vt444.jpg (139229 bytes)


Hartland, VT

We had actually gone hungry several times on our week in Vermont, We depended on finding good food in small towns (one of a kind restaurants rather than franchises), only to find some were closed until winter (Ski tourism areas) or closed/on vacation or signs with No Public Restrooms. So to find Stella's Restaurant with plenty of GOOD, WHOLESOME fresh foods and friendly smiles made this restaurant an oasis.  Strangely, it was not shown on the GPS but certainly deserves to be.  This restaurant earns our Best Breakfast in Vermont award.

vt458.jpg (124003 bytes)  vt459.jpg (135574 bytes)


(Outside of Windsor VT)

They specialize in HIGH QUALITY clear functional heavy glass items that are beautiful to use and display, intended for a lifetime of use.  You can watch them being hand blown and finished.  Glenn bought a beautiful bud flower vase that will be an heirloom piece we will enjoy for many years.

Founded in 1971, it originated as a small glass workshop in Kilkenny, Ireland.  They moved to Vermont, several locations here.


More information on their history:

vt480.jpg (135631 bytes)  vt481.jpg (142153 bytes)

Starting with a glass from granules as shown in the bottle, melted in the huge kiln (below)

vt473.jpg (130550 bytes)

vt474.jpg (138303 bytes)

A glob of glass is put on a dop stick to start cooling and shaping it using a wooden scoop with a handle.  View of the entire shop too.

vt460.jpg (146411 bytes)

vt476.jpg (141968 bytes)

vt461.jpg (146022 bytes)

Pinching the top with a special tool

vt462.jpg (151074 bytes)

Beginning to shape it in the mold into the four-sided bowl it will be

vt463.jpg (148927 bytes)

A wood block against the bottom helps finish that part

vt464.jpg (155906 bytes)

A partner now takes a small glob of glass, imprints a cross in it (their signature)

vt475.jpg (135554 bytes)

The partner now attaches the cross imprint glass to the glass bowl and takes it from the original glassblower

vt466.jpg (145761 bytes)

vt465.jpg (152717 bytes)

He continues shaping & re-heating the bowl using several tools

vt467.jpg (139417 bytes)

vt469.jpg (137721 bytes)

Then trims away the edge to make it smooth.  The trimming are re-kilned to use again

vt468.jpg (157631 bytes)

Another pressing into the mold for final shaping

vt470.jpg (145067 bytes)

vt471.jpg (140537 bytes)

These are the 2 designs they have been working on today, a glass and a bowl

vt472.jpg (150876 bytes)

A two level store displays different glass blowing tools on the stairwell

vt477.jpg (135752 bytes)

Some of the glassware on display

 vt478.jpg (139721 bytes)

and the surprise full 2nd floor store, amazingly displayed as a gallery

vt479.jpg (142903 bytes)


vt505.jpg (154282 bytes)  vt506.jpg (132376 bytes)

On the same property.  A 2nd floor catwalk overlooks the entire pottery operation.  Once again, a beautifully made building

vt494.jpg (146901 bytes)

Slip casting area; liquid clay is poured in a mold, left 45 minutes, excess clay drained.

vt486.jpg (121342 bytes)

vt485.jpg (131806 bytes)

Making chip & dip bowls, notice the barrels of slip

vt482.jpg (139303 bytes)

vt503.jpg (136185 bytes)

vt504.jpg (118041 bytes)

Coffee mugs

vt483.jpg (126761 bytes)

vt484.jpg (138112 bytes)

The Potter's steps

vt487.jpg (123180 bytes)

We did not see individual pots being made this day.

TRIMMING - Seams and other imperfections are smoothed. 

vt488.jpg (128666 bytes)

vt489.jpg (139129 bytes)

RAM PRESS - compressed with 1500 pounds per square inch (making plates)

vt490.jpg (122749 bytes)  vt492.jpg (146651 bytes)

vt491.jpg (129496 bytes)  vt493.jpg (124402 bytes)

Pug Mill.  Excess clay ground and re-mixed to re-use, making tubes of clay

vt495.jpg (127391 bytes)

vt496.jpg (145172 bytes)

vt497.jpg (144271 bytes)

Bowls, vases & plates ready for the glaze kiln

vt499.jpg (136845 bytes)  vt501.jpg (146431 bytes)

vt502.jpg (133455 bytes)

Glaze Kiln, to finish the pots with beautiful color.  This kiln takes 800 pots per firing, it takes 8 hours to reach 2350 degrees, then 12 hours to cool.

vt498.jpg (120125 bytes)  vt500.jpg (143037 bytes)


Called the "Birthplace of Vermont", the restored Old Constitution House looks as it did more than 200 years ago. 

Windsor, VT

The first constitution in America to prohibit slavery, allow men to vote without requiring property ownership, and authorize a public school system was adopted here in Windsor, Vermont in 1777.

vt507.jpg (166459 bytes)

Less than a year after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, another new Republic was taking shape. Delegates from the newly independent Republic of Vermont gathered at a tavern in Windsor to draft a constitution.  The constitution guided the Republic for 14 years until 1791, when Vermont was admitted to the Union as the 14th state.


vt513.jpg (148615 bytes)

Built in 1866, it is the longest wooden bridge in the U.S. (460 feet long) and the LONGEST TWO-SPAN covered bridge in the WORLD.  Originally a toll bridge.

We drove through it from both ends.  Note the sturdy struts & bolts holding it together.

vt517.jpg (141800 bytes)  vt514.jpg (136608 bytes)  vt515.jpg (152932 bytes)

vt508.jpg (145527 bytes)

vt509.jpg (142575 bytes)  vt510.jpg (141052 bytes)  vt511.jpg (152632 bytes)  vt512.jpg (155716 bytes)

Taking a moment to photograph a Queen Anne's Lace beside the road

vt516.jpg (141115 bytes)


A collection of machinery and tools that changed the world.

Housed in the building that was the birthplace of this country's modern system of industrial design & production - a large brick armory Robbins & Lawrence built in 1846 to manufacture guns & machinery.  The zoom on Glenn's camera picked up the eagle atop the cupola I could barely see.

vt518.jpg (153230 bytes)  vt531.jpg (149091 bytes)  vt628.jpg (125103 bytes)

For instance, a gunsmith used to take 8 days to make a gun by cutting the wood stock, forging the metal arts, shaping & trimming them to work correctly.  He would then fit all the parts together and adjust each so the gun would fire properly.

In the 1840's, Robbins, Kendall & Lawrence, gun makers from Windsor, VT, developed machines that could do the repetitive tasks required of the gun maker, and produce each part of the gun to identical measured specifications.  Gun parts could now be interchanged for quick repair in battle.  They could now make 8 guns in a single day.  This became known as the "American System" of precision manufacturing.  They took their ideas to London for the Great Exposition in 1851 and were instant celebrities.  The British Army ordered 25,000 rifles and 138 gun making machines to make guns at the Enfield Armory in England.  A quantum leap for the Industrial Revolution.

After the war, the "American System" was adapted to make typewriters, sewing machines, and our modern machinery as we know it!

On exhibit are wood & metal lathes, grinding machines and many other machines & hand tools dating from the 1830's to the mid 20th century.


Our favorite part was the two MECHANIZED MINIATURE TOOLS DISPLAY 

made by John Aschauer, a German immigrant from Michigan.  He spent 40,000 hours making these working, moving mechanized miniatures.

vt519.jpg (129563 bytes)

Shown left to right, with the schematic showing what they are below it

vt520.jpg (142314 bytes)  vt521.jpg (146695 bytes)  vt522.jpg (145147 bytes)  vt523.jpg (154964 bytes)

vt524.jpg (130372 bytes)  vt525.jpg (149655 bytes)

The 2nd display, the machines at the top to bottom are the right-to-left schematic:

vt526.jpg (138447 bytes)  vt527.jpg (127144 bytes) 

 vt528.jpg (162484 bytes)  vt529.jpg (152287 bytes)

UPDATE 7/27/10  Hi, Heidi - Just want to say thanks for putting some pictures of John Aschauer's machines on your site.  He's my grandfather and I haven't seen those machines in awhile.  I grew up playing in his workshop while he worked on them so it's great to see people still enjoying them.  I Googled his name just out of the blue and it led me to your site.  I'm thinking I need to plan a trip to Vermont based on your travels!   Thanks much!


A postcard of a waterfall beside the American Precision Museum

 vt532.jpg (136119 bytes)  vt533.jpg (144881 bytes)  vt625.jpg (126903 bytes)  vt626.jpg (127181 bytes)

vt629.jpg (118533 bytes)

And we found white marble with grey veins right there beside the road and the waterfall.

vt627.jpg (114776 bytes)

A brick apartment complex in Windsor.  Renovating at a cost of $26 million including all new windows.  What a beautiful complex.

vt534.jpg (142072 bytes)

We've never heard of "Scarified" pavement before.  It means "making shallow cuts" so I guess it's appropriate.  But funny!

vt535.jpg (146217 bytes)

The Vermont Country Store in Weston Vermont.  We have ordered from their mail order catalog.  "Stocked to the rafters" with hard to find products and brands from your past.  True.

vt536.jpg (141843 bytes)  vt538.jpg (152258 bytes)

And lovely flowers cultivated there as part of their landscaping:

vt537.jpg (143948 bytes)


Putney, Vermont


We had an outlet in Myrtle Beach SC for many years, they have hundeds if not thousands of basket styles for sale.  Now this is their only (and original) retail outlet here in Vermont.  We'd always wanted to buy their basket SHARK which has never been for sale.  We never dreamed they  had SO MANY BASKET CRITTERS hanging in their large, impressive store!  (none of these are for sale).  We had a blast photographing all of them.  We also appreciated the happy daisies out front.

vt540.jpg (162046 bytes)  vt541.jpg (155998 bytes)

The inviting foyer, showcase and Tiger in showcase

vt593.jpg (133250 bytes)  vt594.jpg (144559 bytes)  vt539.jpg (152962 bytes)

Group of fish & sharks, and view of the 2nd floor

vt544.jpg (145737 bytes)

vt588.jpg (143770 bytes)

Swordfish, and diving Eagle

vt542.jpg (148935 bytes)

vt590.jpg (128817 bytes)

The coveted huge Shark

vt543.jpg (152734 bytes)  vt577.jpg (130049 bytes)

vt586.jpg (145522 bytes)  vt591.jpg (146149 bytes)

vt630.jpg (130492 bytes)

A mean, twisting shark!  Another of the swordfish

vt587.jpg (145490 bytes)  vt545.jpg (153936 bytes)

vt546.jpg (151119 bytes)

Mickey Mouse on the stairway to greet us!

vt548.jpg (130837 bytes)  vt589.jpg (132536 bytes)

Unicorn head

vt549.jpg (151210 bytes)

Bull head

vt560.jpg (152421 bytes)

Rocking horse

vt562.jpg (142948 bytes)  vt582.jpg (140552 bytes)


vt572.jpg (129052 bytes)

vt631.jpg (111991 bytes)

Okay, a Dragon Dinosaur Rooster Head?

vt573.jpg (156602 bytes)

Moose head

vt570.jpg (161805 bytes)  vt571.jpg (129329 bytes)

A caught King Salmon

vt585.jpg (131572 bytes)

Portion of a huge collection of tractor seats displayed on the 2nd floor ceiling

vt547.jpg (139932 bytes)

A third shark

vt592.jpg (151396 bytes)

A Roaring tiger in the rafters

vt584.jpg (163782 bytes)

A leopard skulking in the rafters

vt563.jpg (144305 bytes)

vt633.jpg (118678 bytes)

Roaring Lion

vt568.jpg (155029 bytes)


vt569.jpg (144283 bytes)

vt574.jpg (152828 bytes)

Elephant deep in the rafters

vt583.jpg (167926 bytes)

A fierce Dragon

vt566.jpg (146270 bytes)  vt579.jpg (147526 bytes)

vt632.jpg (115512 bytes)  vt634.jpg (114374 bytes)


vt581.jpg (135686 bytes)

vt564.jpg (140417 bytes)

Angel fish

vt567.jpg (153171 bytes)

Spotted giraffe

vt565.jpg (132462 bytes)  vt580.jpg (129547 bytes)

T-Rex dinosaur, Scary!

vt575.jpg (141130 bytes) 

 vt578.jpg (150697 bytes)  vt576.jpg (140427 bytes)


Historic Inn and Country Lodge, built in 1771


vt606.jpg (130312 bytes)

Recommended by our hotel (within walking distance of the Hampton Inn), we ate a lovely dinner and breakfast here before flying home.  Heidi's Mom used to refinish primitive antiques as a career.  Seeing all the primitives in this lovely restaurant & hotel was like a visit home for her.

View from the front, and from the back with the Bakery entrance:

vt605.jpg (136907 bytes)  vt601.jpg (157305 bytes)


The Publick House (on Sturbridge Commons) and the town of Sturbridge have a long history as a meeting place and crossroads and fording place for Pilgrims and even earlier, for the Native American people.  Benjamin Franklin placed a milestone for mail carriers as "67 Miles from Boston".  You can read more on the history at the link above.

A comfort food dinner of Thanksgiving Turkey for Heidi, and Shepherd's Pie for Glenn.  Unforgettable.

vt595.jpg (152300 bytes)  vt596.jpg (159448 bytes)  vt597.jpg (139276 bytes)

vt598.jpg (148637 bytes)  vt599.jpg (146849 bytes) vt600.jpg (147122 bytes)

Breakfast the next morning to top off a wonderful trip:

vt607.jpg (125781 bytes)  vt613.jpg (131419 bytes)

A view of the gigantic original fireplace in the main dining room

vt608.jpg (149511 bytes)

Flowers at the Publick House

vt602.jpg (132012 bytes)  vt603.jpg (137472 bytes)  vt604.jpg (127896 bytes)

vt609.jpg (154873 bytes)  vt610.jpg (145901 bytes)

Ending our trip with two more historic buildings...

Copper Stallion Restaurant, full of ivy.  We'll have to dine there next time!

vt611.jpg (151843 bytes)

Blackington Building, Sturbridge MA, circa 1880

vt612.jpg (146459 bytes)



ironclad2.jpg (144369 bytes)


"Wings over the Neuse" in honor of Ted Sampley

The only  Civil War ship rebuilt to actual size.  Help build the CSS Neuse II .

In Kinston, North Carolina


ironclad1.jpg (144347 bytes)  ironclad3.jpg (154684 bytes)  ironclad5.jpg (152792 bytes)

We enjoyed viewing the huge gunboat replica, though the food venue was not open.

ironclad9.jpg (118603 bytes)  ironclad4.jpg (151585 bytes)  ironclad6.jpg (146492 bytes)  ironclad7.jpg (155134 bytes)  ironclad8.jpg (140788 bytes)


JULY 2009

LINK to view the Virtual tour to the 

WHALING MUSEUM in New Bedford Mass. (July '09)Opals Page 6

Link to view the Private Museum of Sharks & Fossils 

of George Powell, NC:Sharks Pg 16


When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money.  Then take away HALF the clothes, and TWICE the money.

(Susan Heller, writer)


JULY 2009



Where else but at the edge of the Charles River to watch the fireworks!

Even the plane had American flags painted on its wingtips

boston2.jpg (145556 bytes)  boston3.jpg (153114 bytes)

But first, some of the local sights in Boston and Cambridge, and N of  Cambridge
Maury's Deli, huge sandwiches, we felt pampered here

boston4.jpg (141789 bytes)  boston5.jpg (152115 bytes)

Unicycle juggler and comedian

boston19.jpg (158210 bytes)

Entertainment would not be complete without bucket music!

boston7.jpg (164267 bytes)

A silver cowgirl, live statue performance

boston6.jpg (160261 bytes)

Our love affair with bridges is unending...

boston27.jpg (148277 bytes)

 boston28.jpg (151695 bytes)

A flower market in the center square had the most marvelous arrangements & colors of flowers and orchids.  Real flower heaven

boston1.jpg (154659 bytes)  boston13.jpg (161323 bytes)  boston8.jpg (145868 bytes)  boston9.jpg (147675 bytes)  boston10.jpg (154281 bytes)

boston11.jpg (154766 bytes)  boston12.jpg (155106 bytes)

Parade and re-enactment to begin shortly, so the young men must have sustenance!  We are in the beautiful Quincy Market building which is ALL food.

boston14.jpg (150850 bytes)  boston15.jpg (153187 bytes)

boston20.jpg (161902 bytes)  boston18.jpg (143060 bytes)

Broiled sea scallops & bacon, yum!  Yes, it IS as good as it looks. 

boston16.jpg (156256 bytes)  boston17.jpg (163982 bytes)

The parade/Revolutionary War Re-enactment

boston21.jpg (168106 bytes)  boston22.jpg (152216 bytes) 

What a cool hat!

boston23.jpg (148108 bytes)  boston24.jpg (145450 bytes)

Boston Duck Tours, cute!

boston29.jpg (148493 bytes)

An interesting and colorful set of highway markers in a bird/peace design along the edge of the road, downtown Boston

boston26.jpg (159153 bytes)


One of the Harvard Law School buildings on the Cambridge side of the river

boston32.jpg (155510 bytes)

boston30.jpg (145194 bytes)

boston31.jpg (154323 bytes)

A typical New England church, in Cambridge.  Love the architecture of the stone buildings and churches.

boston33.jpg (154668 bytes)

boston38.jpg (142623 bytes)

Literally, a House boat

boston34.jpg (152885 bytes)

boston35.jpg (147882 bytes)

A lobster man waving to us to come to their restaurant, somewhere north of Cambridge

boston36.jpg (142752 bytes)

A HUGE pile of firewood, with an American flag waving proudly from on top

boston37.jpg (159889 bytes)

Walking to the Charles River, still on the Cambridge side, here's a great T-Rex in front of a museum

boston39.jpg (150966 bytes)

Across the street from the dinosaur, we saw another proud American flag flying above this industrial complex

boston40.jpg (147550 bytes)

FIREWORKS!  Woo hoo!


The first photo shows the reflection of the fireworks in two of the high rise buildings downtown.  Tres cool! And an awesome finale!  Here are choices of photos from Heidi's Camera

boston46.jpg (82561 bytes)  boston41.jpg (94139 bytes)  boston48.jpg (170164 bytes)  boston42.jpg (166981 bytes)  boston43.jpg (161889 bytes)

boston47.jpg (136793 bytes)  boston44.jpg (151837 bytes)  boston45.jpg (158920 bytes)  boston49.jpg (165073 bytes)  boston51.jpg (170163 bytes)  boston50.jpg (171914 bytes)

And from Glenn's camera, which creates a rainbow confetti look to some of the flashes.  The last photo clearly shows the fireworks shooting off a boat in the middle of the Charles River

boston52.jpg (119928 bytes)  boston53.jpg (130855 bytes)  boston54.jpg (116932 bytes)  boston55.jpg (118022 bytes)  boston56.jpg (117801 bytes)

boston57.jpg (115227 bytes)  boston58.jpg (117342 bytes)  boston59.jpg (123462 bytes)  boston60.jpg (136214 bytes)


Cherokee, North Carolina (May 2009)

cherokee39.jpg (150091 bytes) 

(Heidi, at the Big Boy's, Heidi's favorite hamburger from her childhood

Black bear with Native American masks, mountains, ocean and salmon, called "Trail of Tears & 7 Clans"

cherokee1.jpg (165961 bytes)

cherokee2.jpg (163056 bytes)

cherokee3.jpg (170408 bytes)

A picnic by the river, on a brown bear, "Harmony of Life".  Note the Head details too

cherokee4.jpg (162446 bytes)

cherokee6.jpg (161301 bytes)

cherokee5.jpg (164374 bytes)

cherokee7.jpg (157464 bytes)

White bear, brown/white designs, beautiful!  Called "Pottery Bear"

cherokee15.jpg (172525 bytes)

cherokee16.jpg (172907 bytes)

cherokee17.jpg (166697 bytes)

Brown bear showing Native people at a Fair with ferris wheel, called "Fair Bear"

cherokee12.jpg (162423 bytes)

cherokee13.jpg (171866 bytes)

cherokee14.jpg (156200 bytes)

Fierce Bald headed eagle face, and Native Warrior, called "Eagle Dancer Bear"

cherokee18.jpg (166008 bytes)

cherokee19.jpg (169895 bytes)

cherokee20.jpg (157236 bytes)

Black bear with beautiful red & blue design, called Cherokee Sunset

cherokee32.jpg (164746 bytes)

cherokee34.jpg (164286 bytes)

cherokee33.jpg (165982 bytes)

Triangle designs, called "Legendary Sunrise"

cherokee22.jpg (161830 bytes)

cherokee24.jpg (161990 bytes)

cherokee23.jpg (168115 bytes)

POW-MIA theme, with an American Flag, called "Patriot Bear"

cherokee25.jpg (162061 bytes)

cherokee26.jpg (166096 bytes)

cherokee27.jpg (166596 bytes)

Black bear showing many fish species

cherokee11.jpg (162935 bytes)

Alphabet letters, a floppy hat and pipe

cherokee21.jpg (166413 bytes)

A wizard wrapped in a snake, and a running wolf

cherokee28.jpg (164360 bytes)  cherokee29.jpg (163571 bytes)

cherokee30.jpg (150064 bytes)  cherokee31.jpg (159223 bytes)



Cherokee Youth Center theme, called Children's  Mixed Bear"

cherokee40.jpg (166029 bytes)

cherokee42.jpg (165186 bytes)

cherokee41.jpg (167151 bytes)

Bear with magnificent deer and hawk, and dancing warrior, titled "Forefathers"

cherokee36.jpg (162989 bytes)

cherokee38.jpg (158842 bytes)

cherokee37.jpg (162552 bytes)

Another green bear, called "Bear on the Little Tennessee"

cherokee47.jpg (157718 bytes)

cherokee49.jpg (161947 bytes)

cherokee48.jpg (169152 bytes)

Black bear with orange design on legs

cherokee43.jpg (166489 bytes)

cherokee44.jpg (160798 bytes)

Green forest bear

cherokee45.jpg (164972 bytes)

cherokee46.jpg (162160 bytes)

Bear with beautiful white/black design and striped legs

cherokee60.jpg (174066 bytes)  cherokee61.jpg (168697 bytes)

A man just caught a "Golden Trout" from the stream near the museum, what a beautiful fish!
cherokee8.jpg (152363 bytes)  cherokee9.jpg (148228 bytes)  cherokee10.jpg (154057 bytes)

cherokee35.jpg (139427 bytes)  cherokee50.jpg (183193 bytes)

Though no photos are allowed, we were approved to take a few pictures in the gift shop of the beautiful mask groups for sale

cherokee51.jpg (140504 bytes)  cherokee52.jpg (139824 bytes)  cherokee53.jpg (141135 bytes)  cherokee54.jpg (145101 bytes)

cherokee55.jpg (148053 bytes)  cherokee56.jpg (163702 bytes)  cherokee57.jpg (153878 bytes)  cherokee58.jpg (127443 bytes)

Two hornet's nests on display in another museum across the street.

cherokee59.jpg (150061 bytes)


MAY 2009

A sanity trip to our kind neighbor's rental 


09tn49.jpg (166038 bytes)

Mountain Cabin in the Smoky Mountains outside Sevierville / Pigeon Forge.


Yes!  You can rent it, we recommend it!  (3 level log cabin, 2 bed, 2 bath, jet tub, outdoor hot tub, pool table, foos ball, air hockey, spectacular views, Arts & Crafts community close by, oodles of good restaurants to choose from, as well as all the attractions of Sevierville and Pigeon Forge).  Need we say more?  How about "free weekend giveaways"?

We laughed out loud when we realized this huge log cabin community perched on the mountainside was OUR lodgings for the weekend.  Yes, the locals hate it, though it brings a lot to the economy of the area.

09tn1.jpg (157993 bytes)  09tn2.jpg (164901 bytes)  09tn3.jpg (156365 bytes)  09tn4.jpg (163174 bytes)

Yes, this is really the view from the windows and from the balcony of  the Smoky Mountains.  How Zen is that?  Notice how the fog begins to gather in the evening, then burn off as the morning wears on...

09tn8.jpg (177812 bytes)  09tn9.jpg (161269 bytes)  09tn56.jpg (122541 bytes)  09tn57.jpg (117737 bytes)

09tn58.jpg (128471 bytes)  09tn59.jpg (114560 bytes)

09tn60.jpg (117304 bytes)  09tn61.jpg (130871 bytes)  09tn62.jpg (119061 bytes)  09tn63.jpg (116392 bytes)

 09tn14.jpg (149206 bytes)  09tn15.jpg (137597 bytes)  09tn10.jpg (161333 bytes)  09tn11.jpg (157870 bytes) 

A real castle WAY in the distance on a mountainside

09tn55.jpg (123952 bytes)

Other views of the mountain cabin & neighbors

09tn50.jpg (151154 bytes)  09tn52.jpg (159674 bytes)  09tn53.jpg (166920 bytes) 09tn51.jpg (162418 bytes)

Outdoor hot tub & rocking chairs on the deck

09tn12.jpg (137377 bytes)

09tn18.jpg (156703 bytes)

Lower floor game room

09tn16.jpg (140689 bytes)  09tn17.jpg (136396 bytes)

09tn38.jpg (137131 bytes)  09tn37.jpg (147996 bytes)

Upper floor, pool table, TV, DVD etc. which overlooks the main floor

09tn39.jpg (138962 bytes)

09tn40.jpg (136590 bytes)

Overlooking the main floor from the pool room balcony

09tn41.jpg (154852 bytes)

09tn42.jpg (153488 bytes)

09tn43.jpg (153480 bytes)

Main floor - living room & dining room

09tn44.jpg (133499 bytes)

09tn45.jpg (143987 bytes)

Kitchen and view towards entry door, stairs up, and stairs down

09tn46.jpg (149698 bytes)

09tn47.jpg (138483 bytes)

Main floor bedroom

09tn48.jpg (151634 bytes)


Lower floor, Master bedroom

09tn36.jpg (152703 bytes)

Okay, so  Glenn put too much soap in the jet tub!  What a hoot!  This is the lower floor's Master Bathroom

09tn13.jpg (147664 bytes)  09tn35.jpg (139208 bytes)  09tn34.jpg (127720 bytes)

Beautiful myrtle bush at a local restaurant

09tn5.jpg (140818 bytes)  09tn6.jpg (142857 bytes)

A superb large meal at the Alamo Steak House restaurant in Sevierville

09tn54.jpg (126978 bytes)

09tn7.jpg (153312 bytes)

Sevier County Courthouse downtown, a beautiful gold capped (Seth Thomas) clock tower (1895)

09tn19.jpg (148708 bytes)

09tn24.jpg (161155 bytes)

Isaac Dockery (1832-1910), brick mason, responsible for the beautiful brick work around town including the courthouse

09tn20.jpg (161895 bytes)

The Army War Memorial, eagle statue atop

09tn25.jpg (159704 bytes)

09tn26.jpg (162222 bytes)

Bronze statue of Dolly Parton

09tn22.jpg (163899 bytes)  09tn21.jpg (152082 bytes)  09tn23.jpg (165484 bytes)

Wonderworks amazing Upside down building, Pigeon Forge TN

09tn33.jpg (157979 bytes)

09tn31.jpg (151782 bytes)  09tn32.jpg (156073 bytes)  09tn28.jpg (163305 bytes)

09tn27.jpg (148131 bytes)  09tn29.jpg (141023 bytes)  09tn30.jpg (145210 bytes)


APRIL 2009


Crystal River, FL

In Crystal River at the City Hall, we found a painted manatee out front and on the building

09fl57.jpg (156208 bytes)  09fl55.jpg (153080 bytes)  09fl56.jpg (170656 bytes)

Glenn and I decided to go "outside the box" and swim with the manatees.  I (Heidi) have never put on a wetsuit or used a snorkel.  Really.  We chose the American Pro Diving Center 

09fl1.jpg (156452 bytes)

They are a professional service with well trained divers and instructors.  We saw an instructional video, plenty of stern talk about being near an endangered animal and what is and is not acceptable behavior on our part.  We appreciated the honesty and it made us very careful and respectful.

We had waterproof cameras, but were juggling so much equipment (wet suit, prescription goggles, snorkel, flippers, laying on a life jacket) plus getting to where the manatees were and staying with them, that our photos were poor.  Fortunately, our guide took extensive video of us and the manatees which was sold as a DVD when we returned to the shop.  I therefore took photos of the DVD for the underwater shots below.

A fishing boat full of pelicans hitching a ride

 09fl33.jpg (130330 bytes)  09fl43.jpg (120277 bytes)  09fl44.jpg (125052 bytes)

An adult manatee visible in the shallow water of a cove

09fl32.jpg (131015 bytes) 

Our pontoon motored through the main canal and a few coves before the guide found a mother and young manatee feeding in about 3 feet of water that were docile and not moving fast.

09fl2.jpg (165122 bytes)  09fl3.jpg (144412 bytes)  09fl10.jpg (147698 bytes)

Here we are touching & photographing the manatee but not interfering with its feeding

09fl5.jpg (146385 bytes)  09fl6.jpg (154611 bytes)  09fl8.jpg (153002 bytes)  09fl11.jpg (152405 bytes)

09fl9.jpg (149967 bytes)  09fl12.jpg (166209 bytes)

Looking toward the pontoon

09fl4.jpg (140347 bytes)

Taking a breather above the surface

09fl13.jpg (168419 bytes)  09fl14.jpg (144644 bytes)

09fl15.jpg (155429 bytes)

Heidi's keeping an eye out for more manatees from the back of the boat

09fl34.jpg (119357 bytes)

We came quite close to a small island full of nesting cormorants (hooked beaks) and/or anhinga birds (straight beaks)

09fl71.jpg (168763 bytes)  09fl70.jpg (152027 bytes)

09fl35.jpg (119317 bytes)  09fl36.jpg (130741 bytes)  09fl37.jpg (130442 bytes)

09fl38.jpg (125634 bytes)  09fl68.jpg (158718 bytes)  09fl69.jpg (157950 bytes)

A female manatee with tracking device attached, sleeping but coming up every few minutes to breathe

09fl39.jpg (122185 bytes)

Heidi swimming out with the others to see this female manatee

09fl40.jpg (125193 bytes)

09fl41.jpg (125000 bytes)

09fl42.jpg (125468 bytes)

On board again, having hot chocolate on the way back, another nice touch, thanks to the dive service

09fl16.jpg (161525 bytes)  09fl72.jpg (128811 bytes)

09fl73.jpg (128114 bytes)

That's my Glenn!

09fl75.jpg (142129 bytes)

09fl74.jpg (138019 bytes)

The whole group except the guide who is taking the photo

09fl17.jpg (148159 bytes)

Idle speed in manatee zone

09fl18.jpg (157215 bytes)



APRIL 2009


In Crystal River, our sightseeing boat motored up a river to the mouth of the Gulf.

A crab fisherman with lots of pelicans following to get whatever they can

09fl20.jpg (115384 bytes)  09fl58.jpg (146617 bytes)

09fl22.jpg (117198 bytes)  09fl23.jpg (129253 bytes)

09fl59.jpg (151451 bytes)  09fl60.jpg (149711 bytes)

Heidi, enjoying the view

09fl24.jpg (123207 bytes)

09fl25.jpg (115469 bytes)

09fl31.jpg (120402 bytes)

A bald eagle and nest high in a tree

09fl27.jpg (128258 bytes)

09fl28.jpg (136592 bytes)

09fl29.jpg (105528 bytes)

Anhinga bird 09fl30.jpg (119037 bytes)



at the roadside, Hwy 19, exceptionally large pieces for sale

Three manatees, still in the crate

09fl61.jpg (142952 bytes)  09fl62.jpg (134459 bytes)

Large octopus

09fl63.jpg (141202 bytes)  09fl64.jpg (170613 bytes)

09fl65.jpg (154908 bytes)  09fl66.jpg (156445 bytes)

Manta ray

09fl67.jpg (147840 bytes)



(near Gulf Hammock or Otter Creek, FL)

Extensive number of shells, and hanging shark and other marine critters displays for sale

Manatee display

09fl76.jpg (142038 bytes)

Great white Shark

09fl77.jpg (137502 bytes)

Fish carved from driftwood

09fl78.jpg (144666 bytes)

Hammerhead shark

09fl79.jpg (156370 bytes)

Another hammerhead shark

09fl80.jpg (131837 bytes)

Another great white shark

09fl81.jpg (132593 bytes)

A cute rusty alligator

09fl87.jpg (172867 bytes)



Synthetic LARGE shells on display

09fl82.jpg (157068 bytes)  09fl83.jpg (139632 bytes)  09fl84.jpg (139306 bytes)  09fl85.jpg (160388 bytes)

09fl86.jpg (154471 bytes)


FEBRUARY 2-15, 2009


El Paso TX, Deming NM, Tucson & Phoenix AZ, California

TUCSON, Arizona gem shows

The "egg" is probably the most perfectly formed natural amethyst geode of its size ever found, formed in Uruguay and formed by a bubble of gas trapped in volcanic lava 130 million years ago.  Fine calcite crystals are also within the amethyst.  Weight:  4.3 tons.  Auctioned off that night.

09tuc1.jpg (116011 bytes)  09tuc2.jpg (163603 bytes)  09tuc3.jpg (165345 bytes)  09tuc4.jpg (160732 bytes)

Another  huge amethyst geode inside at the J.O.G.S. gem show

09tuc5.jpg (147039 bytes)  09tuc6.jpg (142181 bytes)

Other crystal and citrine geodes at the Day's Inn gem show:

09tuc7.jpg (155724 bytes)  09tuc8.jpg (163740 bytes)  09tuc9.jpg (162785 bytes)

A terrific bug suitcase at another show in Tucson:

09tuc10.jpg (157380 bytes)

Rooster Cogburn OSTRICH RANCH

Picacho Peak, Arizona


Though we did not go on the tour, we enjoyed the store, and stocked up on ostrich feather dusters and added a small one to use on computer keyboards.  Perfect!  Here is their contact info.  They also sell empty and full ostrich eggs and other products.  An ostrich feather duster is the only duster in the world that actually picks up dust.

09ostr1.jpg (156511 bytes)  09ostr2.jpg (145276 bytes)  09ostr3.jpg (144785 bytes)


Half a mile from the ostrich farm is a GREAT nut store

Out front is a blooming cactus, beautiful barrel cactus and a handkerchief decorated cactus Cowboy that reminds us of an antenna decoration we had that we called Jorge:

09nut1.jpg (169586 bytes)  09nut2.jpg (179816 bytes)  09nut3.jpg (154721 bytes)


GOURD FEST, February 6-8, 2009


Casa Grande, Arizona

BABY Sicilian Burro

At the Wuertz farm where the gourds are grown, we saw a baby burro and couldn't resist petting it before heading down to the show at the Fairgrounds, especially since Glenn used to raise this Sicilian breed and has a special place in his heart for them:

09bur1.jpg (161892 bytes)  09bur2.jpg (170858 bytes)  09bur3.jpg (165436 bytes) 

09bur4.jpg (153475 bytes) 09bur5.jpg (152836 bytes)


09west41.jpg (129078 bytes)

09west38.jpg (117367 bytes)

 (Heidi is famous for closing her eyes at the wrong time, this just shows a beautiful array of gourds at the show)

09west1.jpg (163934 bytes)


09west2.jpg (145441 bytes)


09west3.jpg (143269 bytes)


09west5.jpg (145160 bytes)

09west4.jpg (145788 bytes)

Tiger & cubs

09west6.jpg (145521 bytes)

Bald eagle

09west7.jpg (153171 bytes)

Zebra, in the distance you see a Lion

09west8.jpg (138388 bytes)

Rope design like a necklace over an open area

09west9.jpg (142707 bytes)

cut out pattern like dead cactus

09west10.jpg (155284 bytes)

09west12.jpg (130922 bytes)

Native American style IGUANA, dot pattern

09west11.jpg (157563 bytes)

09west13.jpg (151826 bytes)

Beautiful MASKS with feathers

09west17.jpg (158319 bytes)

09west33.jpg (113663 bytes)

Two shots of this MASK

09west19.jpg (153228 bytes)

Blue collar design with an edging of gemstone chips

09west20.jpg (156925 bytes)

Aboriginal SNAKE

09west22.jpg (140114 bytes)  09west37.jpg (118006 bytes)

An exceptional JELLYFISH, two views

09west14.jpg (134187 bytes)

A gourd race called The Running of the Gourds! You can guess how this is done

09west15.jpg (141981 bytes)

A crazy moving gourd man seems to pull this carriage, what a hoot

09west16.jpg (153792 bytes)

09west18.jpg (139259 bytes)

This one is pulled by a real gourd MAN, note the fringe of gourds too

09west21.jpg (158812 bytes)

Not a gourd but a beautiful burl wood bowl

09west23.jpg (159751 bytes)

OSTRICHES, made of gourds

09west24.jpg (147789 bytes)


09west26.jpg (156935 bytes)

Native American  colorful design, with long pine needle edging like a necklace

09west27.jpg (135329 bytes)

Gorgeous red gourd with the long pine needle edging

09west28.jpg (151810 bytes)

Gourd with long pine needles and a deer horn

09west34.jpg (118733 bytes)  09west35.jpg (118687 bytes)  09west36.jpg (121611 bytes)

A White buffalo gourd on a turntable, enjoy all the views

09west29.jpg (159006 bytes)

Colorful watercolor gourd

09west30.jpg (147194 bytes)

One of my favorites, a Picasso geometric designed gourd

09west39.jpg (125298 bytes)

09west31.jpg (146415 bytes)

A cowboy boot bird house, above the Jumbo Smoked Turkey Legs Booth

WYATT EARP, California Post Office/Cemetery

On the border of Arizona & California, in California

09west43.jpg (159120 bytes)

Wyatt Earp fled Arizona to avoid prosecution, and retired to the nearby Whipple Mountains.  This little community, formerly called Drennan, was renamed in 1930 in his honor.  He is buried in Colma, California, but there are honorary cemetery markers for him and his gang here

09west42.jpg (148906 bytes)

Post office, renamed for Wyatt Earp

09west46.jpg (159654 bytes)  09west60.jpg (118713 bytes)

Water tower

The honorary cemetery markers.

09west44.jpg (174619 bytes)  09west45.jpg (176389 bytes)

Close up of the cemetery markers

RIP, Wyatt Earp, a Legend in his own Time; 

Mute Moe - he was silent but deadly; and 

One-eyed Jake, got his eye poked out with a cue when caught cheating at pool

09west57.jpg (122898 bytes)  09west58.jpg (123516 bytes)  09west59.jpg (133128 bytes)


Casino / Indoor Water Park

Parker, Arizona (close to Wyatt Earp CA)

09west47.jpg (157830 bytes)  09west48.jpg (154613 bytes)  09west64.jpg (123126 bytes)

A great railroad bridge on the way into Parker, Arizona

Blue Water Resort & Casino (Parker, AZ)

A spectacular atrium with 4 pools at 4 levels, a spa, and 15 waterfalls as an indoor water park, overlooking the Colorado River and marina and much more.  All 200 rooms overlook the river.  Wonderful place.

09west49.jpg (149040 bytes)  09west53.jpg (151178 bytes)  09west56.jpg (154309 bytes)  09west50.jpg (153607 bytes) 

 09west51.jpg (147433 bytes) 09west52.jpg (148828 bytes)

09west54.jpg (152271 bytes)  09west55.jpg (154406 bytes)

09west61.jpg (121939 bytes)  09west62.jpg (125904 bytes)  09west63.jpg (129204 bytes)

And a local species of bird feeding near the edge of the river:

09west65.jpg (127793 bytes)



We  missed seeing our wholesale customer Maria when we stopped to visit.  Great mural, lots of terrific stuff!

09west65a.jpg (124363 bytes)  09west65b.jpg (121064 bytes)


Boulder City, Nevada

This is a Nevada solar project, really huge.

Sempra Generation said the project, called Copper Mountain, will be built adjacent to Sempra's existing 10-megawatt El Dorado solar farm near Boulder City, Nevada

09west65d.jpg (129620 bytes)  09west65c.jpg (129660 bytes)


Will run parallel to the Hoover Dam, and no traffic will be allowed over the bridge once it's done.  Views are first of incredibly blue Lake Mead, going from Nevada over to the Arizona side, then back over to Nevada.  A massive operation, we have eagerly watched its development since we left Vegas in 2002 and came back once before this (see other Latest Travels pages for earlier views)

Creeping closer inch by inch 900ft above the mighty Colorado River the two sides of a $160 million bridge at the Hoover Dam inAmerica slowly take shape.

The bridge will carry a new section of US Route 93 past the bottleneck of the old road which can be seen twisting and winding around and across the dam itself.When complete, it will provide a new link between the states of Nevada and Arizona . In an incredible feat of engineering, the road will be supported on the two massive concrete arches which jut out of the rock face.

 The arches are made up of 53 individual sections each 24ft long which have been cast on-site and are being lifted into place using an improvised high-wire crane strung between temporary steel pylons.

The arches will eventually measure more than 1,000ft across. At the moment, the structure looks like a traditional suspension bridge. But once the arches are complete, the suspending cables on each side will be removed. 

Extra vertical columns will then be installed on the arches to carry the road. The bridge has become known as the Hoover Dam bypass, although it is officially called the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, after a former governor of Nevada and an American Football player from Arizona who joined the US Army and was killed in Afghanistan.

Work on the bridge started in 2005 and should finish next year. An estimated 17,000 cars and trucks will cross it every day. 

The dam was started in 1931 and used enough concrete to build a road fromNew York to San Francisco . The stretch of water it created, Lake Mead, is 110 miles long and took six years to fill. The original road was opened at the same time as the famous dam in 1936. 

09west66.jpg (148413 bytes)  09west67.jpg (153205 bytes)  09west68.jpg (154467 bytes)  09west69.jpg (162421 bytes)

09west70.jpg (153261 bytes)  09west71.jpg (137135 bytes)  09west72.jpg (151124 bytes)  09west73.jpg (159845 bytes)


This one photo is a June 11, 2009 update, thanks to our friend Doug in Boulder City; 2nd overview photo from the Bridge website:

hoover-bridge1.jpg (71093 bytes)  hoover-bridge2.jpg (122864 bytes)


09west74.jpg (150733 bytes)  09west75.jpg (166088 bytes)  09west76.jpg (156192 bytes)  09west65e.jpg (127634 bytes)

Heidi, on the Arizona side

09west65f.jpg (128646 bytes)  09west65g.jpg (129681 bytes)

09west77.jpg (157553 bytes)  09west78.jpg (156699 bytes)  09west79.jpg (141358 bytes)

09west80.jpg (157396 bytes)  09west81.jpg (151755 bytes)

Heading back to the Nevada side, always a different view:

09west82.jpg (153477 bytes)  09west83.jpg (164160 bytes)

09west65h.jpg (113923 bytes)  09west84.jpg (154766 bytes)  09west65i.jpg (118870 bytes)  09west85.jpg (146497 bytes)

09west86.jpg (150836 bytes)  09west87.jpg (154192 bytes)  09west88.jpg (143612 bytes)

November 21, 2009 UPDATE


Taking shape, the new bridge at the Hoover Dam
Creeping closer inch by inch, 900 feet above the mighty Colorado River, the two side of a
$160 million bridge at the Hoover Dam slowly takes shape.

The bridge will carry a new section of US Route 93 past the bottleneck of the old road which can
be twisting and winding around and across the dam itself..

When complete, it will provide a new link between the states of Nevada and Arizona .
In an incredible feat of engineering, the road will be supported on the two massive concrete
arches which jut out of the rock face.

The arches are made up of 53 individual sections each 24 feet long which have been
cast on-site and are being lifted into place using an improvised high-wire crane strung between temporary steel pylons.  The photography below is amazing.

hoover1.jpg (253547 bytes)  hoover2.jpg (311961 bytes)  hoover3.jpg (189556 bytes)

hoover4.jpg (273049 bytes)  hoover5.jpg (360868 bytes)  hoover6.jpg (331854 bytes)  hoover7.jpg (301521 bytes)

The arches will eventually measure more than 1,000 feet across.  At the moment, the structure looks like a traditional suspension bridge.  But once the arches are complete, the suspending cables on each side
will be removed. Extra vertical columns will then be installed on the arches to carry the road.

The bridge has become known as the Hoover Dam bypass, although it is officially called the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, after a former governor of Nevada and an American Football
player from Arizona who joined the US Army and was killed in Afghanistan. Work on the bridge started in 2005
and should finish next year. An estimated 17,000 cars and trucks will cross it every day.

The dam was started in 1931 and used enough concrete to build a road from New York to San Francisco . The stretch of water it created, Lake Mead , is 110 miles long and took six years to fill.
The original road was opened at the same time as the famous dam in 1936.

An extra note:  The top of the white band of rock in Lake Mead is the old
waterline prior to the drought and development in the Las Vegas area.  It is over 100 feet above the current water level


photo credits to our friend Doug in Boulder City

You can see how they graze right next to the tennis courts in Hemingway Park, on the other side is a picturesque view of Lake Mead and the mountains leading to the Hoover Dam

I have posted the photos here for continuity in theme, though they were taken a month after our trip

sheep-bc-1.jpg (74373 bytes)  sheep-bc-3.jpg (83818 bytes)  sheep-bc-4.jpg (68784 bytes)  sheep-bc-5.jpg (83182 bytes)
A night Vegas drive down the Strip is always a beautiful sight.  The Stratosphere, Paris, Bellagio, Camelot, and the famous Vegas sign
09west65j.jpg (119445 bytes)

09west65k.jpg (123579 bytes) 09west65l.jpg (138008 bytes)  09west65m.jpg (126913 bytes)  09west65m.jpg (126913 bytes)


Baker, California

09west95.jpg (136220 bytes)

Link below to see the tour of the WHOLE STORE

Virtual Tour Alien Fresh Jerky Store


09west143.jpg (157192 bytes)  09west154.jpg (165526 bytes)

A wonderfully colorful place, saturated with Greek Pride.  Lists of Famous Greek People, distances of cities from Greece. A welcome change from the desert scenery.  Just a block from the Alien Fresh Jerky store.  Good strong Greek coffee too!

between Barstow and Primm on the I-15 Freeway

09west144.jpg (158041 bytes)  09west145.jpg (164521 bytes)  09west146.jpg (154413 bytes)  09west147.jpg (158326 bytes)

09west148.jpg (158822 bytes)  09west149.jpg (141606 bytes)  09west150.jpg (150050 bytes)  09west151.jpg (154716 bytes)

09west152.jpg (158264 bytes)  09west153.jpg (154152 bytes)



09west119.jpg (128435 bytes)

How hot does it get in Baker, California?

Hot enough to MELT GLASS.  This is in the Alien Fresh Jerky Store

09west125.jpg (145696 bytes)

Ever see a road named Zzyzx Road?  You will just west of Baker, California

09west142.jpg (147405 bytes)


5 & Dime  Store, and Diner-Saur Park

I-15 Freeway and Ghost Town Road

Yermo, California


09west168.jpg (139734 bytes)  09west171.jpg (123923 bytes)  09west160.jpg (152833 bytes)  09west157.jpg (147614 bytes)

Another refreshing stop at a new Dinosaur Park added to the 50's Diner.  The Gift Shop at the 50's Diner is certainly worth the stop too.

Welcome to Peggy Sue's Paradise Park

09west172.jpg (129717 bytes)

Plenty of huge dinosaurs to enjoy, even a giant tortoise.  The edging of the path are round stones that resemble dinosaur eggs.  A kid's wonderland.

09west156.jpg (165121 bytes)  09west159.jpg (164996 bytes)  09west161.jpg (147753 bytes)  09west162.jpg (160446 bytes)

09west164.jpg (130881 bytes)  09west166.jpg (154834 bytes)  09west167.jpg (165356 bytes)

This poor fellow doesn't stand a chance against the Stegosaurus below him

09west158.jpg (157668 bytes)  09west169.jpg (152385 bytes)

The cute Diner-Saur Store

09west163.jpg (141611 bytes)

Even King Kong!

09west170.jpg (151793 bytes)

09west165.jpg (155916 bytes)

LINK to 

Virtual Tour 

Page Museum La Brea Tar Pit, 

Los Angeles California

February '09

Fossils Page 12


Here we are!

09west417.jpg (127834 bytes)h09west271.jpg (147928 bytes) 09west267.jpg (148239 bytes)  09west420.jpg (123692 bytes)  09west429.jpg (118580 bytes)

A plaque in commemoration of all the Military Veterans of the USA.

09west273.jpg (159952 bytes)  09west426.jpg (121876 bytes)  09west427.jpg (116128 bytes)

Surfers having fun, the Los Angeles skyline

09west269.jpg (152886 bytes)

 09west268.jpg (152507 bytes)

Seagulls, and ladies on a bench feeding the birds

09west418.jpg (116209 bytes)  09west419.jpg (122268 bytes)  09west272.jpg (163265 bytes)  09west270.jpg (167724 bytes)

Cargo s

09west422.jpg (120019 bytes)  09west423.jpg (119122 bytes)  09west425.jpg (114052 bytes)

09west428.jpg (127452 bytes)

The Los Angeles skyline, and people walking on a breakwater, and a lighthouse on the point

09west421.jpg (123469 bytes)

09west434.jpg (128919 bytes)

09west424.jpg (106081 bytes)

The brass seal sculpture at the beginning of the pier

09west274.jpg (135035 bytes)

"touching toes to the surf" to make the Pacific Coast trip official

09west275.jpg (156296 bytes)  09west276.jpg (146354 bytes)

The oil platform near the horizon

09west277.jpg (145477 bytes)

In Huntington Beach (along PC 1 Highway), it is not  unusual to see the oil rigs right next to the road and next to homes or hotels

09west266.jpg (150988 bytes)  09west278.jpg (151244 bytes)

Look closely above the blue car next to this hotel, there is an oil rig there, the close-up photo is beside it:

09west279.jpg (163271 bytes)  09west280.jpg (162891 bytes)

A block away from the hotel, note the oil rig in the back yard of the gas station:

09west432.jpg (128252 bytes)

Vintage cars on the residential streets of Huntington Beach09west431.jpg (120084 bytes)  09west430.jpg (124290 bytes)  09west433.jpg (119777 bytes)
WIND FARM, INDIO, California
  We always look forward to seeing the wind farm, it is a destination view in itself, there are just so MANY:

09west281.jpg (151450 bytes)  09west282.jpg (153722 bytes)  09west435.jpg (124714 bytes)  09west436.jpg (115408 bytes)

09west437.jpg (118622 bytes)  09west438.jpg (128245 bytes)  09west439.jpg (127921 bytes)  09west440.jpg (124748 bytes)

09west441.jpg (128832 bytes)  09west442.jpg (130121 bytes)




Phoenix, Arizona

(February 2009)

Although the cactus growths viewed from the winding paths of the Botanical Garden are an amazing attraction in themselves, the addition of Dale Chihuly's glass sculptures add another whole dimension that was breathtaking

I will group the Dale Chihuly glass sculptures together here, though they were tastefully mixed with the cacti and flowers along the paths

Names of the glass are my own

Lime green glass "cacti"

09west283.jpg (150089 bytes)

09west284.jpg (149281 bytes)


My favorite Dale Chihuly "Mardi Gras glass" piece

09west285.jpg (81236 bytes)  09west287.jpg (81898 bytes)

09west286.jpg (98313 bytes)  09west288.jpg (91242 bytes)

Christmas in the desert!

09west290.jpg (154067 bytes)

Blue stalks of glass

09west292.jpg (169317 bytes)

Orange bulbs

09west444.jpg (118757 bytes)

09west445.jpg (123114 bytes)

A huge blue globe/sphere was a great central piece

09west293.jpg (170146 bytes)  09west294.jpg (171729 bytes)

09west295.jpg (159369 bytes)  09west296.jpg (168206 bytes)

09west297.jpg (161298 bytes)

A towering twizzler of yellow glass that had bulbs to be lit up at night, I'm sure it would be awesome

09west298.jpg (148868 bytes)

09west299.jpg (138317 bytes)

Curl top green stalks, a huge tree as a backdrop

09west304.jpg (155941 bytes)


Graceful orange stalks of glass

09west312.jpg (162132 bytes)  09west313.jpg (173963 bytes)

09west314.jpg (174942 bytes)  09west396.jpg (173924 bytes) 

 09west397.jpg (161920 bytes)


Intricate stone work in a terraced area

09west310.jpg (172580 bytes)

09west311.jpg (169537 bytes)

Lavender stalks amongst the Saguaro, near the Quonset shaded area

09west315.jpg (170458 bytes)  09west335.jpg (170983 bytes)

09west336.jpg (155048 bytes)  09west337.jpg (153933 bytes)

Metallic green textured cones resemble alien cactus

09west330.jpg (172045 bytes)

09west341.jpg (168258 bytes)

09west342.jpg (155788 bytes)

Beluga glass

09west332.jpg (168838 bytes)

Octopus glass

09west340.jpg (165275 bytes)

Fluted blue glass shafts

09west364.jpg (174095 bytes)

09west334.jpg (158033 bytes)

Tall clear droplets of glass

09west338.jpg (161107 bytes)  09west329.jpg (165436 bytes)

Orange "party balloon" glass

09west345.jpg (143737 bytes)

Glass "chandeliers"

09west347.jpg (152615 bytes)  09west353.jpg (164014 bytes)

09west357.jpg (166294 bytes)  09west354.jpg (156113 bytes)

Another "chandelier" of orange textured glass

09west348.jpg (159440 bytes)


Glass like a giant cluster of grapes

09west352.jpg (160093 bytes)

09west365.jpg (156403 bytes)

Huge blue chandelier called "The Nature of Glass", is 13 feet long

09west355.jpg (158065 bytes)  09west359.jpg (152917 bytes)

Red stalks of glass

09west386.jpg (168173 bytes)  09west387.jpg (158328 bytes)

A weathered rowboat with blue & purple glass, what a beautiful arrangement

09west381.jpg (174657 bytes)  09west382.jpg (179099 bytes)  09west383.jpg (174171 bytes)  09west384.jpg (164600 bytes)

A wow display of glass bowls in the sunlight of a lovely Ottosen Gallery within the Botanical Gardens

09west402.jpg (142024 bytes)  09west403.jpg (159531 bytes)  09west404.jpg (149019 bytes)  09west405.jpg (155400 bytes)

09west406.jpg (146599 bytes)  09west407.jpg (154623 bytes)  09west408.jpg (153841 bytes)  09west409.jpg (155213 bytes)

09west410.jpg (160674 bytes)  09west411.jpg (153819 bytes)  09west412.jpg (152143 bytes)  09west446.jpg (120076 bytes)


Not all identified, names are my own descriptions unless shown

February and extra rainfall brought out the best in the blossoming cactus

09west289.jpg (85487 bytes)

Assorted cacti

09west300.jpg (170819 bytes)

09west316.jpg (159149 bytes)

09west318.jpg (175538 bytes)

Cactus fingers

09west319.jpg (175816 bytes)

They're getting away!

09west328.jpg (176545 bytes)

"Star brain"

09west320.jpg (182104 bytes)


09west321.jpg (183449 bytes)

You can imagine faces and animal profiles in many of the bumps of this amazing cactus

09west323.jpg (134045 bytes)  09west324.jpg (145263 bytes)

09west325.jpg (134238 bytes)


09west326.jpg (160218 bytes)

09west327.jpg (167545 bytes)

A quonset shaded area, beautiful

09west331.jpg (141061 bytes)

Cute roundies but prickly

09west333.jpg (177887 bytes)

Prickly pear cactus

09west339.jpg (164627 bytes)

HUGE magnificent Cactus with an unusual shape

09west343.jpg (147953 bytes)  09west344.jpg (149189 bytes)

09west443.jpg (121296 bytes)

Mountain Aloe (Aloe Marloth, Botswana & Mozambique, South Africa

09west346.jpg (158356 bytes)

Green tree

09west350.jpg (161045 bytes)

Deuterocohnia brevifolia (from NW Argentina & Bolivia)

09west356.jpg (177470 bytes)

Species of aloe vera

09west363.jpg (175769 bytes)

09west368.jpg (156623 bytes)

Aloe distans, Western South Africa

09west366.jpg (179118 bytes)

Interesting prickly stalk of cactus with leaves on top

09west367.jpg (154452 bytes)

"Butter bean" cactus (my nickname for it)

09west369.jpg (161326 bytes)

09west370.jpg (157585 bytes)

Attractive rose-shaped succulent

09west371.jpg (168391 bytes)

Chocolate wafer cactus?  Something for everybody!

09west372.jpg (170474 bytes)

Tree with succulent leaves

09west373.jpg (157824 bytes)


Boojum Tree (Fouquieria columnaris), Ocotillo Family, from Baja CA and N. Mexico

09west375.jpg (143020 bytes)  09west376.jpg (158347 bytes)

Heart shaped flat cactus 

09west385.jpg (152662 bytes)

Barrel cactus

09west388.jpg (176133 bytes)

Mammilaria compressa (Central Mexico) they look like they have cake frosting on them

09west389.jpg (176493 bytes)

Mammillaria geminispina "Cristata", Central Mexico, I call it "Ball of Snakes"

09west390.jpg (181949 bytes)

Mammillaria mystax (Central Mexico)

09west391.jpg (214591 bytes) 

Adorable but still prickly

09west392.jpg (177311 bytes)

The snakes are out!  The snakes are out!

09west393.jpg (165743 bytes)

09west394.jpg (181238 bytes)

A large willow-like tree.  Ironwood (Acacia estrophiolata), Mimosa family (Mimosaceae), Australia

09west400.jpg (158314 bytes)

Queen Victoria's Agave (Agave victoria-reginae), Century-plant Family (agavaceae), North central Mexico

09west401.jpg (170271 bytes)

Right in the parking lot was a green skinned tree that was enjoyable too

09west413.jpg (168306 bytes)  09west414.jpg (172105 bytes)


Not all identified

Pink blossoms

09west291.jpg (145518 bytes)

09west301.jpg (140579 bytes)

Baja Fairy Duster (Calliandra Californica), Sonoran Desert

09west302.jpg (149018 bytes)


Orange colored blossom

09west303.jpg (154936 bytes)

Purple blossoms

09west317.jpg (136017 bytes)

Succulent rose colored bloom

09west322.jpg (154786 bytes)

Yellow Cactus flowers

09west349.jpg (147960 bytes)

09west351.jpg (153578 bytes)

Yellow blossoms ready to bloom

09west358.jpg (148094 bytes)

Orange flowers on succulent

09west360.jpg (163875 bytes)

Beautiful orange blooms on a species of aloe vera

09west361.jpg (157290 bytes)

09west362.jpg (171387 bytes)

Red/yellow blooms atop this cactus

09west374.jpg (162796 bytes)  09west377.jpg (154899 bytes)

09west378.jpg (156507 bytes)

Happy face flowers

09west379.jpg (167927 bytes)

Lavender Irises

09west380.jpg (159232 bytes)

Yellow cactus blossoms

09west398.jpg (159021 bytes)


These would make good cactus flower jelly!

09west395.jpg (151759 bytes)

A riot of yellow blooms

09west399.jpg (179244 bytes)


One regret, we found her as she was just completing her last work.  A wonderfully flamboyant costume (shown front & back) made her a Wow spot in the gardens that delighted the children

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To complete the "coast to coast" trip, here we are back at Myrtle Beach SC touching the Atlantic Ocean, home once again after touching toes to the Pacific Ocean just a few days before
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Not all who wander are LOST

(J  R R Tolkien)

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