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Late OCTOBER 2008

Driving trip from SC to WI to see Heidi's son and family

 A fun Halloween pumpkin tent

wi99.jpg (149459 bytes)


A strange combination - a huge white cross and church, and an Adults Only store, got a chuckle from us 

 wi48.jpg (136720 bytes)

The bridges around Lexington Kentucky were a phenomenal photo op

wi49.jpg (145953 bytes)  wi50.jpg (151385 bytes)  wi51.jpg (147878 bytes)  wi52.jpg (143658 bytes)

wi53.jpg (145892 bytes)  wi54.jpg (151339 bytes)  wi55.jpg (158075 bytes)  wi56.jpg (136669 bytes) 

 wi57.jpg (151400 bytes)  wi58.jpg (147604 bytes)


New Albany and Salem Railroad (The Monon).  Fugitive slaves' use of this Railroad in escapes caused controversy in the 1850's.

liz157.jpg (128014 bytes)  liz158.jpg (124708 bytes)


Natural mountain stone walls, common when driving through the mountains in Tennessee/ Kentucky, always beautiful.  The timing of the trip meant the beautiful autumn colors were rampant, what a treat.  Some photos looks like Impressionist paintings, and still cannot capture what we saw and felt.  We never get tired of it.

wi39.jpg (122870 bytes)  wi40.jpg (115708 bytes)  wi41.jpg (130786 bytes)  wi42.jpg (122824 bytes)

wi139.jpg (156324 bytes)  wi140.jpg (158646 bytes)  wi141.jpg (160192 bytes)  wi142.jpg (153150 bytes)

wi143.jpg (151434 bytes)  wi144.jpg (149979 bytes)  wi145.jpg (151531 bytes)

We enjoyed seeing this tank humorously painted like an ear of corn, you can see how the Gutwein gourmet popcorn company  www.gpopcorn.com , 13 miles north of Indianapolis (Exit 141, Lafayette IN) processing the corn right from the fields.

wi38.jpg (130826 bytes) wi100.jpg (157039 bytes)  wi101.jpg (161333 bytes)

 wi103.jpg (157028 bytes)  wi102.jpg (157509 bytes)


KENTUCKY ARTISAN'S Center and town

Birthplace of Handicraft Revival

wi120.jpg (141270 bytes)  wi128.jpg (168767 bytes)

An impressive store of Kentucky artisan crafts is well worth the stop.  The rest of the town has plenty of little artsy shops to visit

Lost & Found, basketry and wood creation

wi104.jpg (144910 bytes)  wi105.jpg (145504 bytes)  wi106.jpg (146837 bytes)

POSSUM gourd, great folk art piece

wi107.jpg (160115 bytes)  wi108.jpg (164260 bytes)  wi109.jpg (153067 bytes)  wi110.jpg (149994 bytes)

Woven and wood basketry & vase

wi111.jpg (138113 bytes)  wi112.jpg (146736 bytes)  wi119.jpg (138796 bytes)  wi113.jpg (123277 bytes)

Large bentwood chair and bench in the entryway of the Center

wi123.jpg (147943 bytes)  wi124.jpg (160978 bytes)

Chris Ramsey turned wooden HATS are world-famous

wi114.jpg (129818 bytes)  wi115.jpg (125600 bytes)  wi118.jpg (125417 bytes)

wi116.jpg (130092 bytes)  wi117.jpg (125971 bytes)

Artists decorated giant hands all around town
On the sidewalk leading to the Center

wi126.jpg (163814 bytes)  wi125.jpg (161014 bytes)  wi127.jpg (158674 bytes)

wi138.jpg (162709 bytes)

OLD TOWN ARTISAN'S VILLAGE, where we found the rest of the Hands

The Power of Make-Be-Leaf

wi121.jpg (150049 bytes) 

 wi122.jpg (146564 bytes)

Outside the bank, "Headed Home"

wi129.jpg (144239 bytes)

wi130.jpg (157966 bytes)

wi131.jpg (154438 bytes) Tin Man

wi132.jpg (156157 bytes)

wi133.jpg (154487 bytes)

wi134.jpg (161238 bytes)  wi135.jpg (156632 bytes) Yatsugatake Hand

wi136.jpg (154128 bytes)  

Photo tour of


Elmhurst IL - Link below to Rocks Page 7:

Lizzadro Lapidary Museum, Illinois Virtual Tour



Travel is FATAL to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.

(Mark Twain)



July 26 through August 5, 2008

The Washington Memorial in D.C.

maine1.jpg (141357 bytes)


maine2.jpg (171565 bytes)

Jerry's Gemstones in Saco, Maine where we delivered 600 pounds of fossils & crystals

maine3.jpg (2299648 bytes)

maine4.jpg (2416415 bytes)

Heidi with Mary in front of Mary's shop she runs with her husband Jerry

maine5.jpg (2408338 bytes)

LEN LIBBY Chocolate House, Saco

Lenny, the world's only life-size chocolate moose, 1700 pounds of milk chocolate, sculpted in 4 weeks, made in 1997.  A life-size bear in milk chocolate is beside it.

maine143.jpg (140693 bytes)

maine142.jpg (145169 bytes)

maine140.jpg (147982 bytes)

maine141.jpg (137578 bytes)

Funtown, Splashtown Adventure theme park in Saco, LOOK at the big cone slide.  I am a little unsure how it works, but it looks FUN!

maine144.jpg (122479 bytes)

maine145.jpg (134822 bytes)

maine146.jpg (135020 bytes)

maine147.jpg (143814 bytes)

Our favorite coffee (Tim Horton's, a Canadian based company) has PLENTY of cafes in Maine, what heaven! 

maine6.jpg (142722 bytes)  maine7.jpg (157782 bytes)

Adorable rental cottages everywhere in Maine

maine10.jpg (162479 bytes)

maine8.jpg (156488 bytes)

maine9.jpg (162839 bytes)

A spillway behind the town Old Town, Maine.  A refreshing place

maine11.jpg (143599 bytes)

maine12.jpg (151148 bytes)

maine177.jpg (123348 bytes)

Maine Indian Basket Weaver's Alliance co-op, a wonderful place to see unique basket work and hunting clubs, but no photography allowed. 

The Wabanaki Arts Center Gallery carries the work of the Maliseet, Micmac, Passamaquoddy and Penobscot Indians using ash & sweetgrasses.

Old Town, ME

maine13.jpg (138550 bytes)

Princess Watahwaso's teepee (Bright Star of the Penobscot), a Family Museum, Indian Island ME.  Built in 1947, also called Chief Poolaw's Teepee.  It features Native crafts.  A great place.

maine178.jpg (122221 bytes)

maine179.jpg (130392 bytes)



Root Clubs made from root bundles of immature gray birch trees (not war clubs, there was no word for war among this tribal nation) new & old.  Short clubs used to finish off a kill on an injured animal, longer clubs made later to stave off soldiers that had spears as weapons.  They believed they were releasing the spirits of animals & birds from the wood they were carving.  The clubs were also carried in dances and religious ceremonies.

Penobscot Native people in Maine sold off some of their ancestor's clubs, then began making new ones, and re-purchasing the ancient ones, to preserve their Penobscot & Wabanaki cultures.

Below is Museum Coordinator James Neptune sharing these stories of the Penobscot Nation with us, as we viewed thousands of years of their Native American history.  Our thanks!

maine40.jpg (136358 bytes)  maine39.jpg (148410 bytes)  maine23.jpg (146063 bytes)

This particular wood has unusual roots that are sanded and sharpened to enhance the club's effect. A fascinating find!

Ancient ceremonial root club

maine15.jpg (157743 bytes)

maine16.jpg (155226 bytes)

maine17.jpg (165190 bytes)

Assortment of new root clubs

maine18.jpg (154248 bytes)  maine19.jpg (146878 bytes)

maine20.jpg (143846 bytes)  maine21.jpg (156039 bytes)

maine22.jpg (162701 bytes)  maine24.jpg (155025 bytes)

maine25.jpg (167247 bytes)

The first  COMPOUND BOW, pre-European

maine14.jpg (146418 bytes)



Large, ancient rootclub

maine26.jpg (140470 bytes)

maine27.jpg (148121 bytes)

New walking sticks using old techniques & paint styles

maine28.jpg (159320 bytes)

maine29.jpg (148396 bytes)

maine30.jpg (167801 bytes)

Folk art wooden snake, we both fell in love with it!

maine31.jpg (166144 bytes)

maine32.jpg (158978 bytes)

maine33.jpg (155499 bytes)

maine34.jpg (170620 bytes)

New Tomahawks

maine35.jpg (166366 bytes)

maine36.jpg (166732 bytes)


Art using feathers and a bird, in a wooden bowl

maine37.jpg (154977 bytes)

Unique Eastern Woodland ash basketry

maine38.jpg (144840 bytes)

UPDATE August 2009 - guess what we found in an antique store in Vermont?  You guessed it - a ROOT CLUB from the Penobscot Indian tribe.  AND that night we checked online and found (and bought) two tiny ones on eBay.  Photos below.  At an appropriate time when we go back to Maine, we will present these as gifts to the museum, as these clubs must come Home.
Small club #1 found on eBay, says "Omega in the Woods" and incomplete name N.E. Con...  dated 1935

club1a.jpg (164406 bytes)  club1b.jpg (133739 bytes)  club1c.jpg (140650 bytes)  club1d.jpg (156730 bytes)  club1e.jpg (161697 bytes)

club1f.jpg (146768 bytes)  club1g.jpg (144935 bytes)  club1h.jpg (140226 bytes)  club1i.jpg (159749 bytes)

Small club #2 found on eBay

club2a.jpg (163253 bytes)  club2b.jpg (145626 bytes)  club2c.jpg (141700 bytes)  club2d.jpg (151203 bytes)  club2e.jpg (150573 bytes)

club2f.jpg (163642 bytes)  club2g.jpg (163624 bytes)

Large club found in Vermont, the root top is decorated like a bird's head with beak

club3a.jpg (137579 bytes)  club3b.jpg (151333 bytes)  club3c.jpg (146744 bytes)  club3d.jpg (146024 bytes)  club3e.jpg (151953 bytes)

club3f.jpg (149277 bytes)

A cemetery mausoleum grown over, wonderfully unique (Old Town ME)

maine41.jpg (157805 bytes)  maine42.jpg (156423 bytes)

The expected Moose Caution sign along the road in Maine

maine43.jpg (124117 bytes)

Typical Maine wild blueberries.  Maine exports more wild blueberries than any other state or country in the world.  We ATE SO MANY BLUEBERRIES!

maine44.jpg (139754 bytes)

Antiques, Books & Wine

A memorable book store in Ellsworth ME.  A wine tasting area will eventually be located in the tower.

maine48.jpg (128163 bytes)  maine45.jpg (137263 bytes)  maine46.jpg (140523 bytes)  maine47.jpg (137996 bytes)

KISMA Preserve, Ellsworth ME

Out front is a moose made of mixed media, benches made into alligators, and a view of a llama.  We do not prefer to see caged animals, and do not recommend this..

maine97.jpg (151246 bytes)  maine98.jpg (158238 bytes)  maine100.jpg (150474 bytes)  maine99.jpg (152370 bytes)

Glenn and I enjoyed the WHALE WATCHING out of Bar Harbor, aboard the Catamaran Friendship V. Here is the harbor and one of the Catamarans, and a whale replica to enjoy.

maine90.jpg (144322 bytes)  maine91.jpg (136625 bytes)  maine92.jpg (137156 bytes)  maine185.jpg (125783 bytes)

We viewed numerous Finback Whales that surfaced to blow, breath and dive.

maine49.jpg (149800 bytes)  maine50.jpg (151134 bytes)  maine52.jpg (144716 bytes)

maine180.jpg (124060 bytes)  maine181.jpg (123231 bytes)

We relaxed in the comfort of the large cabin when traveling out and back.

maine51.jpg (145297 bytes)  maine184.jpg (121758 bytes)

The Bar Harbor dock, made with limestone, was quite picturesque

maine53.jpg (131593 bytes)  maine54.jpg (143783 bytes)  maine55.jpg (143399 bytes)

maine182.jpg (121765 bytes)  maine183.jpg (126900 bytes)

Tide is out, many enjoyed walking to the island and back during high tide, collecting finds along the way

maine93.jpg (145638 bytes)  maine94.jpg (146091 bytes)


at the College of the Atlantic Natural History Museum

maine187.jpg (109044 bytes)  maine186.jpg (124116 bytes)


within the Wonderview Inn complex, overlooks Bar Harbor from high above.  A truly beautiful sight of the harbor, lovely restaurant, superb dining and service, especially since we were alone as we went early

maine95.jpg (142909 bytes)  maine96.jpg (142501 bytes)maine188.jpg (126879 bytes)



Ancient Whale, Ambulocetus natans, 49 million years old 

maine56.jpg (149461 bytes)

maine57.jpg (145334 bytes)


Minke Whale, stranded near South Harpswell ME April of 1987

maine59.jpg (134209 bytes)

maine58.jpg (140456 bytes)

Atlantic White-sided Dolphin (Lagenorhynchus acutus)

maine61.jpg (139202 bytes)

maine60.jpg (136163 bytes)

maine78.jpg (141288 bytes)

Long-finned pilot whale, Globicephala melaena 

maine63.jpg (152991 bytes)

maine62.jpg (137576 bytes)

Pygmy sperm whale (Kogia breviceps).  This mature PREGNANT female stranded & died on Dyer Island off Vinalhaven ME due to gut blockage from a knotted plastic bag found in her intestines

maine65.jpg (133951 bytes)

maine64.jpg (156674 bytes)

True's Beaked Whale (Mesoplodon mirus)

maine66.jpg (137768 bytes)

maine67.jpg (139532 bytes)

maine68.jpg (160300 bytes)

Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina concolor)

maine70.jpg (153831 bytes)

maine69.jpg (144568 bytes)

Humpback whale skull (megaptera novaeangliae), from whale named Incubus, stranded 1994 on Falmouth, Cape Cod, cause of death unknown

maine75.jpg (135783 bytes)

maine71.jpg (128736 bytes)

maine72.jpg (126978 bytes)

Harbor seal mother and pup

maine74.jpg (125072 bytes)

maine73.jpg (153508 bytes)

Common bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)

maine76.jpg (141587 bytes)

maine77.jpg (146309 bytes)

Harbor Porpoise (Phocoena Phocoena)

maine80.jpg (138060 bytes)

maine81.jpg (162120 bytes)

Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

maine82.jpg (142665 bytes)

maine83.jpg (149006 bytes)

Dolphin &  seal skulls in a row, individually photographed abovemaine84.jpg (129013 bytes)  Exploding Harpoon gun, originates back to 1860's

maine86.jpg (147202 bytes)  maine87.jpg (143983 bytes)

maine85.jpg (120597 bytes)

Whale skeleton suspended from ceiling

maine88.jpg (135364 bytes)

maine89.jpg (136333 bytes)


FORT KNOX Historical Site, Seabreeze Restaurant

and Penobscot Narrows Observatory & Bridge

Looking towards Fort Knox State Historical Site.  "Protector of the Penobscot", this fort was quarried from Mt. Waldo, 5 miles upriver (last 2 photos).  Note the bridge in the background.

maine101.jpg (147096 bytes)  maine102.jpg (153059 bytes)  maine103.jpg (146619 bytes)  maine104.jpg (140649 bytes) 

 maine105.jpg (144914 bytes) 

The Penobscot Narrows Observatory & Bridge contains a tower on one end that is actually an Observatory.

 maine110.jpg (141025 bytes)  maine111.jpg (148166 bytes)  maine112.jpg (137268 bytes)  maine113.jpg (130957 bytes)

The mine from which the stones for the Fort were quarried

maine114.jpg (167149 bytes)  maine115.jpg (147904 bytes)  maine189.jpg (125521 bytes)  maine190.jpg (123185 bytes)


Verona Island, ME

A cozy place where we laughed when orders were switched, ate beans for breakfast (among other things), a specialty in this area.  Good people and good food!

maine106.jpg (150427 bytes)

Janica Danforth & Laurie Ames are the ladies that made the restaurant memorable

maine107.jpg (147605 bytes)

Unique Rock Shop in Verona Island ME had painted the floor like a giant specimen of amber with bugs.  A great little place to stop!

maine108.jpg (135820 bytes)

maine109.jpg (143224 bytes)

Wood carving, man & dog, Frankfort ME

maine117.jpg (162467 bytes)

maine116.jpg (156755 bytes)

Trunks carved with faces, outside a sewing shop in Belfast, Maine

maine118.jpg (131526 bytes)

maine120.jpg (160483 bytes)  maine119.jpg (152720 bytes)

maine122.jpg (136419 bytes)  maine121.jpg (143462 bytes)

 Update December 2009: A customer wrote us after finding our wooden totem photos (above), trying to find the source to buy one.  They had also visited Belfast, found the garden faces, and he wanted to buy one for his wife for Christmas.  Here is Rudy's wife (Oct. 2009) in front of the same artist's work in Belfast.  He was able to get enough info to track down the artist and buy the piece he wanted.

BELFAST-totem.jpg (305787 bytes)

Flowers in Belfast

maine123.jpg (148038 bytes)

Bronze moose, outside Belfast ME

maine191.jpg (126839 bytes)

Car with torpedo on top, in Camden ME, advertising the Hope Jazz Festival

maine125.jpg (146022 bytes)


Harbor Park


Huge metal lobster, and a giant red lobster, at the fest

maine126.jpg (137578 bytes)  maine127.jpg (133018 bytes)

The lobster cookers

maine128.jpg (125919 bytes)  maine129.jpg (139757 bytes)

We expected to taste lobster in many different dishes.  Instead, there was the lobster dinner, or lobster roll, clam chowder, and a few other seafood places, but not the diversity of foods we expected.

maine192.jpg (123021 bytes)  maine193.jpg (123039 bytes)  maine194.jpg (117343 bytes)

We listened to the Lou Gramm musical concert sponsored there at the Festival.  We still find ways to enjoy, anywhere we are, however, as this Pirate threatened to cut Glenn's throat, and Glenn is actually laughing.  It was a great moment..

maine195.jpg (123337 bytes)

A wooden alligator in a private yard, we spotted it from far away on the road.  Neat!

maine196.jpg (124800 bytes)  maine130.jpg (156299 bytes)  maine131.jpg (154202 bytes)  maine132.jpg (159230 bytes)

Bees and flowers in front of the Lie-Nielsen Toolworks in Warren, Maine, a manufacturer & showroom of impressive hand made heirloom quality tools.


maine133.jpg (131493 bytes)  maine134.jpg (136842 bytes)

maine135.jpg (132619 bytes)

Always angling for another special photo, here is one of the remains of a pier on a waterfront in Maine

maine136.jpg (132164 bytes)

A really large, new CHOCOLATE HOUSE in Freeport, Maine

maine139.jpg (152328 bytes)

The Udder Place Coffee hut (Brunswick Maine), charming!

maine137.jpg (132001 bytes)

maine138.jpg (132598 bytes)

We overnighted with friends Rhode Island, meeting again after 7 years since we had our shop in Boulder City Nevada.  It was wonderful to see how the kids had grown, and re-connect with Kevin & Kim.  We will never forget you.

maine197.jpg (117659 bytes)

The Zakim Bridge, completed in October 2002,  the jewel of the Big Dig, Boston's new cable stay bridge over the Charles River.  It was a challenge to figure out how to get the new highway across the Charles River without disturbing the existing double-deck I-93 bridge or the MBTA's underwater Orange Line subway tunnel.  The solution was provided by world-renowned Swiss bridge architect Christian Menn.  Read more!


maine148.jpg (151177 bytes)  maine149.jpg (129360 bytes)

Named for Zakim, a man who built an impressive resume as a social justice activist, serving for two decades as executive director of the New England office of the Anti-Defamation League.

Fortress Storage, Boston, LOOK at the SIZE of the PADLOCK and CHAIN!

maine150.jpg (149060 bytes)

maine151.jpg (145678 bytes)

Heading west from New York City to western NY, a bad storm was on its way into NYC that downed trees and took down electrical grids

maine152.jpg (153672 bytes)  maine153.jpg (153600 bytes)

maine154.jpg (159217 bytes)  maine155.jpg (151483 bytes)

We visited an old friend, Henry, near Buffalo NY, in his lakeside home.  He and Glenn posed for me, amazing to see two grumps smiling, AT THE SAME TIME.

maine156.jpg (139811 bytes)  maine157.jpg (143375 bytes)  maine158.jpg (129278 bytes)  maine159.jpg (150966 bytes)

maine198.jpg (120272 bytes)  maine199.jpg (127276 bytes)

Henry's geraniums

maine160.jpg (145312 bytes)  maine161.jpg (141374 bytes)


The Grand Canyon of the East, along the Genesee River, just 35 miles from Rochester NY.  A refreshing visit, though some scenic views were somewhat overgrown with foliage.  The Wolf Creek drops 


maine162.jpg (148841 bytes)  maine163.jpg (152849 bytes)  maine164.jpg (141431 bytes)

Flowers left by a visitor on the rock barrier, on Tea Table Rock

maine204.jpg (117846 bytes)

maine165.jpg (147711 bytes)  maine166.jpg (157773 bytes)  maine167.jpg (158159 bytes)  maine168.jpg (161848 bytes)

A kayaker far below

maine169.jpg (139406 bytes) 

maine170.jpg (161380 bytes)  maine200.jpg (123929 bytes)

A buzzard on the ledge

maine172.jpg (159818 bytes) maine207.jpg (118412 bytes)

First of three major waterfalls, this one is on the Wolf Creek that cascades 225 feet

maine201.jpg (118938 bytes)  maine202.jpg (120478 bytes) 


maine173.jpg (144141 bytes)  maine174.jpg (133845 bytes)  maine175.jpg (153003 bytes)  maine208.jpg (110778 bytes)

A wind farm energy project in upstate New York State, seen off Hwy 14 built along a mountain ridge, a real surprise!

maine209.jpg (113031 bytes)

The first familiar view of kudzu (we adore the formations of kudzu), in Virginia, on our way back home.  Our alien antenna ball adds a surreal vision.

maine176.jpg (150074 bytes)

A doe and fawn in our own yard, we're really HOME!

maine210.jpg (129294 bytes)  maine211.jpg (129210 bytes)

maine212.jpg (121405 bytes)  maine213.jpg (117602 bytes)


JUNE 2008


New Orleans, Gulfport, Biloxi

One of the split bridges we crossed in Alabama on the way to New Orleans (called the Crescent City because of its location at the bend of the Mississippi.  We were here shortly after the major Mississippi River flooding in Iowa and other Midwestern states bordering the river, though it did not affect New Orleans

la1.jpg (152554 bytes)  la2.jpg (154514 bytes)  la91.jpg (121828 bytes)

View of Lake Pontchartrain showing the new bridge (left) and the old bridge never fixed (right), and the view through the reeds of the sunset

la4.jpg (179046 bytes)  la5.jpg (141362 bytes)

Going back over the new bridge, note the destroyed road through the slats of the bridge railing, and the railroad bridge further in the distance, it was nice to be able to make an art form of the view:

la6.jpg (145720 bytes)  la7.jpg (145306 bytes)  la8.jpg (150637 bytes)  la9.jpg (156618 bytes)

Plenty of other road and bridge building going on close to New Orleans:

la92.jpg (130742 bytes)  la93.jpg (128195 bytes)

Canal Street, some original buildings, some demolished, some being remodeled.  It looked better than I had expected though I am not kidding myself on the work going on behind closed doors and the frustrating delays.  Here is a grand building on Canal Street, street cars, a horse wearing a hat, pulling a carriage crossing the street

la94.jpg (117169 bytes)  la95.jpg (119032 bytes)  la96.jpg (129539 bytes) la97.jpg (121050 bytes)

Downtown New Orleans, near Harrah's Casino, the Mardi Gras theme is evident

la98.jpg (124175 bytes)

Downtown New Orleans, still beautiful, music in the air, horse or mule drawn carriages.  Here was an unusual white mule we saw:

la10.jpg (142993 bytes) la30.jpg (154542 bytes)  la33.jpg (144853 bytes)  la34.jpg (139074 bytes)

We're on Decatur Street in New Orleans in the French Market area. Here's a Joan of Arc statue at the beginning of the Market

la115.jpg (119281 bytes)

We spotted a wonderfully strange van embellished with glass dinner plates, saucers, stained glass, glass nuggets, etc. what a sight!  The Motto:  "It's better to go somewhere slow, than nowhere fast".  Note the top of the van that has a glass chess set glued to it, and many drinking glasses.

 la11.jpg (144284 bytes)  la12.jpg (155186 bytes)  la111.jpg (141284 bytes)  la13.jpg (151291 bytes) 

 la14.jpg (154270 bytes)  la15.jpg (147997 bytes)  la16.jpg (152374 bytes) la114.jpg (114039 bytes)

 la112.jpg (122911 bytes)

This man painted silver uses a special powder that breathes so it is not harmful to skin, he shows us the jar.  He is part of the "Silver Alliance", a group that paint themselves silver and walk or ride through New Orleans.  Others paint themselves gold.  This is a growing group that do this 

la18.jpg (145382 bytes)  la19.jpg (134496 bytes)  la20.jpg (130626 bytes)  la20a.jpg (152662 bytes)

A restaurant was boiling crawfish by the handful from this cooler, the hostess showed us how to break them apart and suck out the meat. 

la21.jpg (143231 bytes)  la22.jpg (131581 bytes)  la23.jpg (146454 bytes)

Many original buildings showed evidences of humidity (grass growing from the bricks) as well as permanent damage from Katrina, though the charm was surprisingly  intact.  We were saddened and proud at the same time, very conflicted feelings.  Those who live here and remember the Way it Was will never be fully reconciled with this New Normal, as many historical buildings & homes are gone forever.

la24.jpg (147536 bytes)  la25.jpg (139515 bytes)  la26.jpg (152866 bytes)

la28.jpg (151572 bytes)  la29.jpg (155525 bytes)  la31.jpg (147469 bytes)

Note the interesting piano keyboard railing, and armored knights:

la43.jpg (142741 bytes)  la44.jpg (143061 bytes)

One store (Auntie Sally's) making chocolate pralines, we couldn't resist buying a box after seeing so many throughout the French Market.  They were delicious. 

la27.jpg (132037 bytes)

Music evident everywhere, here is a musician pulling his specialized guitar in a rolling cart

la32.jpg (125116 bytes)

Colorful tile mural and sculptures

la35.jpg (146703 bytes)

A donut with no hole, covered in powdered sugar called a "Beignet" is popular everywhere in New Orleans.  This is a typical "post-Beignet table".  They taste much like Spanish Sopapillas but with powdered sugar instead of honey:

beignet.jpg (9783 bytes)  la36.jpg (137583 bytes)

We heard jazz music and followed it to an art center with a terrific band, Glen Andrews and the Lazy Six, music to heal the soul and bring laughter back:

la37.jpg (159705 bytes)  la38.jpg (145511 bytes)  la39.jpg (149546 bytes)

la40.jpg (136262 bytes)  la41.jpg (135452 bytes)

A sampling of the beautiful flowers in the French Market

la17.jpg (144240 bytes)  la42.jpg (139911 bytes) 

la45.jpg (151035 bytes)  la46.jpg (131256 bytes)  la47.jpg (142287 bytes)

We had a panoramic view from our Hilton Hotel room, overlooking the Mississippi River, the bridge, the tugboats pushing barges, the cruise ships, plenty of activity to appreciate

la99.jpg (116617 bytes)  la100.jpg (120582 bytes)  la101.jpg (123217 bytes)  la102.jpg (124155 bytes)

la103.jpg (113035 bytes)  la104.jpg (114233 bytes)  la107.jpg (126099 bytes)  la105.jpg (123775 bytes) 

 la108.jpg (128398 bytes)  la109.jpg (123386 bytes)

Oops - a SPIDER on the window outside, looks like the Monster Spider that Ate New Orleans:

la106.jpg (117388 bytes)

In a Mardi Gras store, an appropriate T-shirt statement we could agree with..."Make Levees Not War".  There's Heidi, masking for the camera

la110.jpg (119834 bytes)  la113.jpg (123543 bytes)


Here we are in Irish Bayou, a tiny town virtually untouched since Katrina.  Here a unique castle home is leaning into the bayou, damaged from Katrina.  Note the steps to nowhere beside the castle

la48.jpg (141340 bytes)  la49.jpg (135764 bytes)  la50.jpg (158896 bytes) la51.jpg (151066 bytes)



This beautiful new marker is on Lake Pontchartrain on Highway 10 at the beginning of the bridge

la52.jpg (134425 bytes)


Evidence of many piers that used to dot the Crescent coastline, now just the supports remain, though one or two of the piers have been rebuilt, along with a marina.  The beaches were scraped clean.  We saw hardly any tourists walking the beach, as the infrastructure is still scanty though you can drive to hotels and casinos not far away.  The one beach where we saw umbrellas and flying American flags was like an oasis

la53.jpg (147980 bytes)  la55.jpg (139255 bytes)  la56.jpg (151970 bytes)la90.jpg (116699 bytes)

la62.jpg (176970 bytes)  la63.jpg (156305 bytes)la116.jpg (136676 bytes)

A historic beachfront property with Spanish style buildings that comprised the VETERAN'S HOME in Gulfport was uninhabitable.  It was more than sad to see the empty buildings.  A whole lot of work to rebuild.

la64.jpg (151934 bytes)  la65.jpg (146131 bytes)  la66.jpg (162916 bytes)

la67.jpg (153415 bytes)  la68.jpg (158772 bytes)

This "Gator's Souvenir City" structure is being re-created as it was before, a welcome sight along the coast:

Post Katrina

Another destroyed structure, very typical of almost endless work yet to be done.  I could not possibly document more than a tiny bit, but I hope this gives you an idea.

la70.jpg (146663 bytes)

The rebuilding of the casinos has been the first order of business, and though the residents are grateful for the money & tourism it brings to the area, they don't always appreciate how the casino money has taken over the coastal towns.  The hotel owners on Highway 90 are 100% booked most of the time, just with construction workers for the casinos, road building, bridge building, etc.

la78.jpg (147469 bytes)  la85.jpg (159097 bytes)  la86.jpg (143506 bytes)


by the Mississippi Master Gardener Association, 

Operation Rejuvenation Project

la124.jpg (122837 bytes)

One of the most heartening sights we documented were the dead trees along Highway 90 (in the median and on the north side of the road) on the coast between Bay St. Louis, Gulfport and Biloxi that have been transformed into animal carvings of dolphins, pelicans, sailfish, shark, sea turtles, cranes, eagles, parrots and seahorses.  The sight of these lifted our spirits as I am sure they do to thousands of others every single day.  Making lemonade from lemons.  Bravo.

la74.jpg (138335 bytes) la75.jpg (137748 bytes)

la54.jpg (143562 bytes)  la118.jpg (117285 bytes)  la57.jpg (148881 bytes)  la58.jpg (148008 bytes)

la59.jpg (159492 bytes)  la60.jpg (151025 bytes)  la61.jpg (150760 bytes)  la119.jpg (112109 bytes)

la71.jpg (140419 bytes)    la73.jpg (146477 bytes)  la120.jpg (109785 bytes)  la121.jpg (109114 bytes)

la76.jpg (139285 bytes)  la77.jpg (154454 bytes)  la122.jpg (116434 bytes)  la123.jpg (118273 bytes)



On Highway 90 in Biloxi, we found the Camille Memorial, a beautiful hurricane shaped mosaic, surrounded by black marble tablets with the names of the victims.  The bent flagpole is the intentional message of the impact of Camille.

la79.jpg (142864 bytes)  la80.jpg (147293 bytes)  la81.jpg (159175 bytes)

la82.jpg (146946 bytes)  la83.jpg (146965 bytes)

Unfortunately, we did not learn about the Katrina Memorial built by the Extreme Makeover folks in Biloxi (and the same mosaic artist that did the Camille hurricane swirl did the Katrina wave) until we returned home and did some research:


One of the beautiful live oaks, many did survive the onslaught of Katrina, a welcome sight:

la84.jpg (148158 bytes)  la125.jpg (124482 bytes)  la126.jpg (125160 bytes)

A link to view some of the significant damage documented by the Gulf Coast News and some of the progress.  A lot of these landmarks and certain areas mean a lot more to us after being there:


OHR-O'KEEFE MUSEUMS OF ART, Highway 90, Biloxi

la128.jpg (127843 bytes)

This was under construction at the time Katrina hit, there has not been a lot of progress to rebuild this as yet, but it looks like there are plans in the making.  They are operating out of another transitional building elsewhere in the meantime.  Great simple art hanging on the fencing too, bright and cheerful

la127.jpg (121524 bytes)  la132.jpg (118470 bytes)  la130.jpg (129516 bytes)  la131.jpg (116079 bytes)

la129.jpg (122631 bytes)

Welcome humor with this toy caterpillar road grader  bungied into place on this big flatbed trailer, spotted in Alabama on the way home.  Or it shrunk!

la87.jpg (137458 bytes)  la88.jpg (141793 bytes)  la89.jpg (139117 bytes)

Across from the Creek Poarch Casino right off the freeway near Atmore, Alabama was a little gas station with R. J's Hickory House, Barbecue & Grill inside, the best barbecue we'd had in quite awhile, strange but true

la134.jpg (130120 bytes)

THE VARSITY Restaurant, Atlanta

la142.jpg (128912 bytes)

We couldn't resist a stop in downtown Atlanta, right off the freeway, to our favorite hot dog joint. "What'll ya have?" is their favorite phrase to keep the lines moving with placing their orders.  It is ALWAYS busy but seldom a long wait.  Three levels - the main level where the food is made & served, another level with tables, a third area of parking with roller-skate servers to your cars.  Generations of customers continue to come for all the obvious reasons, the food and the atmosphere.

la135.jpg (128637 bytes)  la136.jpg (124120 bytes)  la138.jpg (114505 bytes)  la139.jpg (130330 bytes)

la140.jpg (124426 bytes)  la141.jpg (124796 bytes)

 We looked for long-time employee Erby Walker to serve us, it turned out he had passed away the week before.  A wonderful tribute was displayed in appreciation.

la137.jpg (118019 bytes)


Alaska trip posted on its own pages



We added plenty of great photos of the Festival, Museum and the Fossil Club's displays, posted to Fossils page 9, link below:

Fossils Page 9



A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour


MAY 24-26, 2008

Immediately after the Aurora Fossil Festival, we felt time for a walkabout, and struck out for the


all the way from the south end, Okracoke Island, taking the car ferries between islands north to Roanoke Island (staying overnight at Cedar Island)

On the Okracoke Ferry

out1.jpg (125394 bytes)  out2.jpg (118696 bytes)  out3.jpg (115399 bytes)

Pelicans and cormorants on the pilings, and seagulls:

out50.jpg (149311 bytes)  out51.jpg (150199 bytes)  out52.jpg (162477 bytes)  out53.jpg (143992 bytes)


On Okracoke Island, you can see how close the road is to the beach, though there is always a dune between them.  The snow fencing makes for postcard photography

out4.jpg (126518 bytes)  out5.jpg (124167 bytes)  out75.jpg (149756 bytes)

out70.jpg (155223 bytes)  out71.jpg (138013 bytes)  out6.jpg (119896 bytes)  out72.jpg (147825 bytes)

out7.jpg (126742 bytes)  out74.jpg (138817 bytes)  out73.jpg (157999 bytes)

Gas prices, we did not know they would spiral DOWN shortly after this trip

out54.jpg (150446 bytes)

The architecture of the Outer Banks is distinctive in height, as most homes must be this high to see the ocean beyond the dunes near the ocean shores

out55.jpg (157700 bytes)  out56.jpg (158632 bytes)  out64.jpg (145202 bytes)  out65.jpg (149359 bytes)

out66.jpg (151021 bytes)  out67.jpg (149590 bytes)  out68.jpg (151412 bytes)

In contrast, the tiny Salyo NC Post office is primitively tiny:

 out69.jpg (142967 bytes)

A surprise Space ship House on Cape Hatteras, near the Shore Birds & More store.  It is an uninhabited residence

out57.jpg (140102 bytes)  out58.jpg (150287 bytes)  out59.jpg (152371 bytes)  out60.jpg (150141 bytes)

Another surprise, a cactus blooming outside an ice cream shop

out61.jpg (150932 bytes)  out61a.jpg (151853 bytes)  out61b.jpg (157367 bytes)

out63.jpg (147732 bytes)  out62.jpg (150644 bytes)


Manteo, Roanoke Island

out77.jpg (160232 bytes)

The Elizabethan Gardens is a glorious living memorial to the men and women of the Roanoke Voyages (1584-1587) who tried to carve out a living in a strange new world. Over 500 different plant species are found in the 10-acre site on the north end of Roanoke Island, adjacent to Waterside Theater (where the Lost Colony play is re-enacted).

The bronze statue of Queen Elizabeth I , the largest of its kind in the world:

out85.jpg (155452 bytes)  out12.jpg (126079 bytes)

Pansies & violets abounded

out78.jpg (170410 bytes)  out79.jpg (152429 bytes)  out80.jpg (161799 bytes)  out81.jpg (146467 bytes)

out82.jpg (175612 bytes)  out84.jpg (166070 bytes)

out83.jpg (143770 bytes)

out8.jpg (122691 bytes)

out86.jpg (161476 bytes)

out98.jpg (157013 bytes)

out91.jpg (145655 bytes)

Heidi is enjoying herself, guaranteed when she is among trees and flowers:

out9.jpg (123005 bytes)

out87.jpg (142768 bytes)
Unforgettable trees and vines

out88.jpg (161408 bytes)  out92.jpg (160691 bytes)  out99.jpg (156823 bytes)

A gorgeous form of Begonia(?)

out10.jpg (107855 bytes) out89.jpg (151314 bytes)  out90.jpg (152161 bytes)

out95.jpg (138712 bytes)  out96.jpg (153736 bytes)  out97.jpg (131300 bytes)
Marble statue of Virginia Dare, one of the vanished members of the Lost Colony.  Chiseled in 1859, it was lost in a shipwreck off the coast of Spain, recovered 2 years later to complete its journey to the U.S.

out11.jpg (109446 bytes)  out93.jpg (153048 bytes)  out94.jpg (155070 bytes)

The Sea Gypsy IV, a PIRATE SHIP that takes on tourists, Manteo harbor, Roanoke Island

out76.jpg (164237 bytes)


If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion, and avoid the people, YOU MIGHT BETTER STAY HOME.

(James Michener)


MAY 2008


A simple leaf stuck on our car after a storm in Franklin, NC during the gem show became an art form:

08flo47.jpg (142579 bytes)  08flo46.jpg (152301 bytes)  08flo48.jpg (143277 bytes)

Flowers behind our hotel in Cherokee NC

08flo49.jpg (153694 bytes)

We look forward to seeing the poppy fields in Franklin, what a sight for sore eyes!

08flo52.jpg (169174 bytes)  08flo50.jpg (173875 bytes)  08flo51.jpg (171084 bytes)

And unexpectedly, a flowering prickly pear cactus

08flo53.jpg (131253 bytes)  08flo54.jpg (144097 bytes)


Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel across the country from COAST TO COAST without seeing ANYTHING

(Charles Kuralt)


APRIL 26-28, 2008

A walk on the beach, 

Myrtle Beach SC


Fun watching the birds run from the waves, finding shells, fossils and sharks teeth.  Always a relaxing time for both of us:

mb-1.jpg (124993 bytes)  mb3.jpg (157404 bytes)  mb17.jpg (121670 bytes)

mb2.jpg (158372 bytes)  mb16.jpg (127870 bytes)

mb18.jpg (128704 bytes)  mb19.jpg (128545 bytes)  mb20.jpg (116464 bytes)

Jellyfish on the shore this particular week, we attempted to make an art form of it through our photography.  There is beauty even in death.

mb1.jpg (130497 bytes)


We found a single artist to feature from this show, as he was so outstanding.

Nnamdi Okonkwo is based in Atlanta, Georgia.  He created these huge bronze sculptures of women.  They are phenomenal.  He has a workshop and gallery in Atlanta, visit his site at:


Here he is, sitting beside one of his Ladies

mb9.jpg (150029 bytes)  mb15.jpg (142398 bytes)  mb21.jpg (115503 bytes)

Here is a setting of 3 of his bronze ladies in various poses.  It stops every single person in amazement at the sheer size and grace of them, here are five angles of the same grouping.  This is one of those things that must be felt in person to be understood, though we attempted to capture the mood with our photography.

mb6.jpg (152870 bytes)  mb8.jpg (131656 bytes)

mb4.jpg (161840 bytes)  mb5.jpg (165107 bytes)  mb7.jpg (163798 bytes)

Mother and child, two different sculptures

mb10.jpg (142261 bytes)  mb11.jpg (134944 bytes)  mb13.jpg (145896 bytes)

Three other small sculptures, just as beautiful and moving as the larger ones:

mb12.jpg (158872 bytes)  mb14.jpg (132728 bytes)  mb22.jpg (124365 bytes)


APRIL 2008


Featuring UTAN, the largest croc in captivity in the United States

Link to Gators page 7 to view the Virtual Tour:

Gators Page 7


MARCH 2008


An unexpected stop on the way back from NYC in Aurora, NC at the AURORA MUSEUM to see the new fossil Toothed Whale on display.  View that visit on 

Fossils Page 9


MARCH 2008


We made another unexpected stop at our friends on Easter, who were not home.  We, instead, took pictures of all their Spring flowers to surprise them.

fr1.jpg (136435 bytes)  fr3.jpg (118438 bytes)  fr5.jpg (139282 bytes)  fr6.jpg (144122 bytes)

fr7.jpg (137090 bytes)  fr8.jpg (123987 bytes)  fr9.jpg (143944 bytes)  fr10.jpg (139677 bytes)

fr12.jpg (138863 bytes)  fr13.jpg (153487 bytes)

He considered re-locating the glass specimens in their garden, and decided instead to leave a gator foot mug.  Glenn knew for sure they would know it was US who had invaded their yard

fr2.jpg (128628 bytes)  fr4.jpg (147688 bytes)  fr11.jpg (130383 bytes)


MARCH 2008


A quick stop to see Williamsburg, VA and the Visitor's Center.  The pansies were in full bloom, and a form of berry.

wil1.jpg (129679 bytes)  wil2.jpg (124027 bytes)

wil3.jpg (127664 bytes)  wil4.jpg (130708 bytes)

fr14.jpg (146364 bytes) fr15.jpg (151050 bytes)  fr16.jpg (153035 bytes)  fr17.jpg (150868 bytes)

fr18.jpg (139305 bytes)  fr19.jpg (138228 bytes)  fr20.jpg (137501 bytes)


MARCH 13-17, 2008


We left for a slingshot trip to the City Thursday night & Friday to deliver our 10 foot gator taxidermy mount to a buyer there.  We delivered it at 1:30 p.m. right in the heart of the Theater District on 46th Street on Good Friday, the New Orleans themed restaurant is called 


We drew quite a crowd to see all the OTHER gator items we had brought. But since we were parked in a cockeyed position (no parking spaces, of course)

ny31.jpg (130327 bytes)  ny32.jpg (123157 bytes)

we spent just a few minutes inside.  I'm sure once they position him at his best, he will be quite impressive!  The restaurant is beautiful, two stories high, with wrought iron railings, a huge wooden mantel behind the bar, Mr. Gator on the right hand side. A real re-creation of the flavor of New Orleans.

ny18.jpg (124324 bytes)  ny19.jpg (126927 bytes)  ny20.jpg (116407 bytes)

ny21.jpg (128456 bytes)  ny22.jpg (120109 bytes)  ny23.jpg (112944 bytes)

We "Toured the City"  from the car for less than an hour before shooting back through the Lincoln Tunnel and heading home on a more leisurely drive.  As everyone knows, you can't expect to take your car to NYC and expect to actually park.  You need to park it at an Auto Train Parking Lot and take the train in to do any serious sightseeing and enjoy the restaurants and shopping.  But Glenn adapted to driving like the best of 'em, you can be sure, weaving across traffic as they all do.  It IS as crazy as they say.
Approaching NYC from the South

ny1.jpg (148579 bytes)

ny2.jpg (148797 bytes)

Through the Lincoln Tunnel:

ny16.jpg (123772 bytes)

ny17.jpg (115436 bytes)

Broadway & 7th

ny3.jpg (160266 bytes)

A sandwich board ad for a barber shop on a street corner

ny4.jpg (154252 bytes)


A Clydesdale & trailer statue for kids, at the entrance to Central Park

ny24.jpg (118001 bytes)



ny7.jpg (139836 bytes)

ny25.jpg (118305 bytes)

ny8.jpg (142067 bytes)

A Statue of Liberty on the edge of Central Park  (not THE Statue, however).  This wasn't an ad for a Tax Prep company, maybe someone else knows what it was for (?)

ny9.jpg (136259 bytes)

Times Square

ny10.jpg (98273 bytes)

ny12.jpg (111144 bytes)

ny13.jpg (155663 bytes)

Double decker bus

ny11.jpg (158529 bytes)

The Fashion District (a/k/a The Garment District), a giant button on top of a kiosk, and a common sight of fabric rolls being unloaded:

ny14.jpg (152592 bytes)

ny26.jpg (121585 bytes)

Leaving NYC, through the Lincoln Tunnel "No Honking $350 Fine" (right)

ny27.jpg (128861 bytes)

ny28.jpg (123245 bytes)

Leaving the City behind

ny15.jpg (154832 bytes)

A beautiful place we saw on our way out

ny29.jpg (121951 bytes)

Entering New Jersey, already the pace has decreased.  Whew!  Of course, then a plane landing at Newark airport flew overhead less than 100 feet above us.  But that was awesome.

ny30.jpg (130777 bytes)




PHOENIX, BENSON Arizona trip

The fact that this was a dual birthday for both Glenn's brother Frank and Frank's wife Diane made this a special trip from the start.

Here's Frank & Glenn in front of Glenn's birthday gift to him last year, a big jasper rock for their yard

2az6.jpg (155068 bytes)


Benson, Arizona

  2az42.jpg (152084 bytes)

We went to the Kartchner Caverns in Benson Arizona, though no cameras, purses, anything carried or in your pockets are allowed in.  A mist sprayed at the entrance kept lint attached to our clothing for the duration, we went on tours through two different caverns (The Rotunda  Room, and the Throne Room where we saw the Xanadu Kubla Khan throne).  We were impressed at the policies and care taken to keep this growing, virgin cave alive and as pristine as possible for future generations to enjoy.  It is closed part of the year, as it is a bat habitat, during the breeding season.

Discovered in 1974, it was kept a secret for 14 years until laws and plans were in place to protect it from vandalism, exploitation and ensure the survival of its delicate ecosystem.


Flowing Rock (calcium deposits from flowing water)

2az45.jpg (147474 bytes)

And an angel wings "Shield Rock" that is not on the public tour..

2az44.jpg (134637 bytes)

Due to a malfunction, the entire cave was lit, rather than the lights shutting off behind us, so we had a rare panoramic view of the caverns that even some of the guides had never seen before.

Heidi was even "Cave-Kissed" by a drop of water falling from the roof to what would have been a developing stalagmite that was now a walkway.

We learned about Fried Egg Stalagmites

2az46.jpg (136652 bytes)

Bacon drapery Stalactites

2az43.jpg (133368 bytes)

Soda straw stalactites

2az47.jpg (155206 bytes)

Also Popcorn Stalactites, and Helictites (stalactites that grow every which way)
Photos compliments of the Kartchner Caverns State Park booklet purchased at their gift shop
GARDENS outside the Kartchner Caverns Visitor Center

A restful area to relax and talk, photos of Glenn with his brother Frank, special people in a special place.

2az1.jpg (162486 bytes)  2az22.jpg (149573 bytes)  2az13.jpg (145378 bytes)

2az15.jpg (175646 bytes)  2az23.jpg (155256 bytes)  2az25.jpg (165726 bytes)

2az16.jpg (179289 bytes)  2az17.jpg (155453 bytes)  2az18.jpg (165839 bytes)

2az12.jpg (163284 bytes)  2az21.jpg (167319 bytes)

Herds of steer are grazing on this STEEP hillside, what a chuckle we had seeing this!

2az26.jpg (144276 bytes)

The Salt River Valley, a panoramic view enjoyed by all

2az3.jpg (147588 bytes)  2az27.jpg (154648 bytes)  2az28.jpg (151838 bytes)  2az33.jpg (155419 bytes)

2az35.jpg (150211 bytes)  2az29.jpg (161055 bytes)

Note the crashed car halfway down the slope, we saw quite a few of these unfortunate vehicles, not to mention their former occupants

2az32.jpg (156602 bytes)

How did they  manage to stack this wood this high on this truck?  An imponderable!  We saw this at a small town on the way to Frank and Diane's property where they will eventually build a home

2az4.jpg (160654 bytes)  2az5.jpg (162912 bytes)

On their property I found a "Pretzel Tree" I promptly dubbed with that name.  Frank & Diane are looking forward to building here, it is beautiful country.

2az37.jpg (163991 bytes)  2az38.jpg (165850 bytes)

We had a casual dinner at the 

Apple Tree Restaurant in Benson, Arizona

our quirky waitress made us laugh at her antics and forgetfulness, the rest of the staff joined in the fun.  We haven't had such a great time in years. What an appropriate end to a cheerful trip!




On our way home from the Charleston Airport, after returning from Arizona, on a whim we drove into McLellanville after seeing a billboard for a new seafood restaurant - T W Graham & Co.

mclel8.jpg (159780 bytes)  mclel4.jpg (137238 bytes)

Glenn opted for the baby clams for which he was glad, I had the home made coconut custard pie that was like no other, I took another piece with me of that and the Charleston chocolate pie. Wow!

Inside we found a gigantic wooden head, there on display from a local artist.

mclel3.jpg (156207 bytes)

The owner has such a sense of humor, we saw a fantasy creature made of a deer skull, (gator or dolphin, unidentified but assuredly legal) skeleton and a horned tail.

mclel5.jpg (153606 bytes)

A giant shrimp that kids & adults would pull a string to make it "swim" through the air

mclel6.jpg (141198 bytes)

And a Crab from Hell (keep your sense of humor and your fingers to yourself!)

mclel7.jpg (149250 bytes)

They also had an impressive array of found fossils on display, we helped identify a few for the owner.  Another pleasant experience.  We will be back!



Atlantic City, NEW JERSEY SHORE Trip

The Visitor's Center near Atlantic City is a real landmark:

nj12.jpg (149520 bytes)

The Jersey Shore is memorable, especially the 5+mile boardwalk.  Here we are at the beach 

nj1.jpg (143593 bytes) nj2.jpg (145315 bytes)  nj3.jpg (158244 bytes)

A side trip to a craft show brought us to Smithville NJ, where there was a great row of shops including this wonderful carousel:

nj4.jpg (154646 bytes)  nj5.jpg (138989 bytes)

At the Noyes Museum of Art (Absecon/Oceanville), we were more intrigued with the wood marquetry flooring.  I'm sure they thought we were nuts...

nj6.jpg (158998 bytes)  nj7.jpg (160315 bytes)  nj8.jpg (162866 bytes)  nj9.jpg (170406 bytes)

Of course, photos of Trump's Taj Mahal could not be avoided:

nj10.jpg (146160 bytes)  nj11.jpg (144139 bytes)

Surprisingly, they have wind generators here (this is the view from Absecon NJ), they are amazing structures.

nj13.jpg (145478 bytes)  nj14.jpg (169074 bytes)

November 1-2, 2007

another visit to New Jersey, though not so warm this time.

Ocean City, a beautiful mural on a building wall, downtown

nj15.jpg (130961 bytes)

A hurricane worked its way up the coast, we left Myrtle Beach after it had passed, only to land in New Jersey, drive to Ocean City, and see the hurricane causing enormous waves for brave surfers.  Wave runners pulled divers out far enough to ride the waves.  What a spectacle!  We shot some photos from the beautiful pavilion, due to the cold wind & spray:

nj24.jpg (137007 bytes)  nj95.jpg (113324 bytes)

nj19.jpg (153788 bytes)  nj20.jpg (131866 bytes)  nj21.jpg (130242 bytes)

nj22.jpg (139994 bytes)  nj23.jpg (129564 bytes)  nj25.jpg (145554 bytes)

nj90.jpg (115819 bytes)

The ocean & sky made for postcard pictures:

nj28.jpg (141785 bytes)  nj29.jpg (133924 bytes)  nj30.jpg (152647 bytes)

nj91.jpg (112808 bytes)  nj94.jpg (109932 bytes)

The boardwalk in Ocean City was just as special as that in Atlantic City.  Most of the vendors were open, brave souls!  Of course Heidi always orders the custard wherever she can find it.

nj26.jpg (139838 bytes)  nj92.jpg (130447 bytes)

nj16.jpg (148790 bytes)  nj17.jpg (143873 bytes)nj93.jpg (126175 bytes)

nj18.jpg (142873 bytes)  nj96.jpg (124142 bytes)

nj55.jpg (86159 bytes)  nj60.jpg (91656 bytes)


Then we came upon the taffy store... they've been here since 1898 (109 YEARS!)

nj40.jpg (113724 bytes)

Notice the beautiful wood showcases, the stained glass windows, the store has delicious products and so much character, it invited us to linger...

nj31.jpg (133326 bytes)  nj32.jpg (113328 bytes)  nj38.jpg (141217 bytes)  nj39.jpg (138503 bytes)

The candy train, and the gorgeous, huge Victorian mirror:

nj33.jpg (141398 bytes)  nj49.jpg (138492 bytes)  nj50.jpg (138449 bytes)  nj51.jpg (151105 bytes)

And the white chocolate figures such as horses, stagecoaches, flowers, and man & woman figures that can be ordered for weddings, etc.:

nj41.jpg (140389 bytes)  nj42.jpg (111396 bytes)  nj45.jpg (143267 bytes)

nj46.jpg (146144 bytes)  nj47.jpg (151432 bytes)  nj48.jpg (136193 bytes)

nj43.jpg (98016 bytes)  nj44.jpg (93822 bytes)

And all the chocolate, pralines & taffy choices to make, it was AWFULLY HARD (smile)

nj52.jpg (150335 bytes)

The fudge, pralines and taffy for which they are famous, are made right on site:

nj34.jpg (129900 bytes)  nj35.jpg (129963 bytes)  nj36.jpg (136431 bytes)  nj37.jpg (132418 bytes)

A terrific great white shark model display, and a goofy fish at the mini golf:

nj53.jpg (103052 bytes)  nj54.jpg (99444 bytes)  nj59.jpg (89279 bytes)

FREE PIZZA if you can eat one in an hour or less.  The record time?  NINE MINUTES!!  Look at the SIZE of these pizza pies!

nj56.jpg (133595 bytes)  nj97.jpg (117878 bytes)  nj58.jpg (145079 bytes)  nj98.jpg (121292 bytes)

While driving through the area, we found this alcove with beautiful homes.  In fact, the architecture on the Jersey shore is unique, enough as a destination just for the viewing

nj61.jpg (93504 bytes)  nj62.jpg (98755 bytes)  nj63.jpg (111727 bytes)  nj64.jpg (95704 bytes)


Linwood, New Jersey

LAVA ROCK stone FACES!  Not just a great garden & landscaping company.  The owner carves huge boulders into faces, and has an eye for growing & arranging beautiful flowers and vegetables into a cornucopia of art.

nj69.jpg (177424 bytes)  nj89.jpg (183977 bytes)

nj68.jpg (200707 bytes)  nj70.jpg (187888 bytes)  nj76.jpg (207572 bytes)  nj77.jpg (183765 bytes)

nj78.jpg (205941 bytes)  nj79.jpg (146371 bytes)  nj80.jpg (185036 bytes)  nj88.jpg (198875 bytes)

Here are some examples of the face boulders:

nj65.jpg (196302 bytes)  nj99.jpg (125932 bytes)  nj67.jpg (197633 bytes)

nj100.jpg (124356 bytes)  nj83.jpg (167945 bytes)  nj103.jpg (119635 bytes)  nj84.jpg (201144 bytes)

nj104.jpg (118676 bytes)  nj86.jpg (188566 bytes)

 And a boulder pile waiting for him to create more faces:

 nj85.jpg (182694 bytes)

A picturesque and soothing koi pond, beautifully  landscaped with bamboo trees

nj74.jpg (208807 bytes)  nj72.jpg (176839 bytes)  nj73.jpg (190258 bytes)  nj101.jpg (119064 bytes)

An unusual draping tree

nj87.jpg (198862 bytes)

And an incredible mural of a hand in nature

nj81.jpg (170498 bytes)  nj82.jpg (177857 bytes)  nj102.jpg (129930 bytes)




Overpasses and concrete highway walls in the Seattle area often have hanging vines and growing things naturally adorning them

sea1.jpg (162655 bytes)  sea2.jpg (145010 bytes)  sea3.jpg (142480 bytes)

First view of the Space Needle

sea4.jpg (132583 bytes)

Pike Place Market

Home of the Flying Fish

The fishmongers there found they attracted a crowd when they threw big salmon from person to person behind the counter, with plenty of shouting and hoop-la.  It helped their business, that's for sure!  We watched the fun as the did this several times while we observed, then they would throw a fish into the crowd who screamed and backed away, only to find out that a plush salmon toy (looking like the real thing) had actually been thrown.  The joke was on them!

sea42.jpg (143692 bytes)  sea113.jpg (118424 bytes)

sea40.jpg (140919 bytes)  sea44.jpg (164819 bytes)  sea63.jpg (147964 bytes)

The first thing that struck us was the incredibly colorful FLOWER MARKET area.  Not only were the blooms huge, the flowers appeared exotic but were actually local (dahlias, kale flowers, etc) and the prices were more than reasonable.  IF we lived here, we'd be getting an armful every few days.  I apologize for the volume of photos, we couldn't decide which to leave out!

sea111.jpg (119720 bytes)

sea108.jpg (125053 bytes) sea6.jpg (147713 bytes)  sea7.jpg (141763 bytes)  sea8.jpg (144500 bytes)

sea9.jpg (137389 bytes)  sea10.jpg (131637 bytes)  sea11.jpg (146550 bytes)  sea12.jpg (147410 bytes)

sea13.jpg (136456 bytes)  sea14.jpg (139863 bytes)  sea15.jpg (142488 bytes)  sea16.jpg (137509 bytes)

sea17.jpg (140572 bytes)  sea18.jpg (142482 bytes)  sea19.jpg (142910 bytes)  sea20.jpg (139619 bytes)

sea21.jpg (136191 bytes)  sea22.jpg (131500 bytes)  sea23.jpg (139806 bytes)  sea24.jpg (155802 bytes)  sea76.jpg (140175 bytes)

sea109.jpg (125411 bytes)  sea110.jpg (116305 bytes)  sea112.jpg (128817 bytes)

The hanging flowers and roof shrubs across from the Pike

sea25.jpg (143829 bytes) 

sea75.jpg (152028 bytes)

sea26.jpg (161095 bytes)

sea43.jpg (145805 bytes)

Also outside, a decorative chili tent, WOW

sea27.jpg (138564 bytes)

sea28.jpg (132101 bytes)

sea29.jpg (144418 bytes)

sea30.jpg (128078 bytes)


sea31.jpg (142779 bytes)

sea32.jpg (137668 bytes)

sea34.jpg (144793 bytes)

Tiny Patti pan squash

sea33.jpg (129920 bytes)


Specialty colorful PASTA at the Pappardelle's

sea36.jpg (129974 bytes)

sea35.jpg (142700 bytes)

Halibut cheeks, shrimp, jumbo scampi, Alaska king crab, Dungeness crab

sea37.jpg (140667 bytes)

Jumbo scallops and HUGE lobster tails

sea38.jpg (139682 bytes)

Asian musician just inside the market

sea39.jpg (121092 bytes)

A slightly scary balloon maker

sea41.jpg (136095 bytes)

A Puget Sound wolf fish (a type of eel), a truly fearsome critter

sea46.jpg (142295 bytes)

sea45.jpg (133539 bytes)

sea47.jpg (139817 bytes)


A wooden box carver, nothing ordinary!!  Of course I purchased one of these unique gnarly boxes

 sea48.jpg (137901 bytes)

Piroshky (pirogies) a wonderful ethnic Polish food, across from the Market

sea55.jpg (140530 bytes)

Across the street from the Market was a Starbucks Coffee (remember, Starbucks was BORN here), there was a country band playing, accompanied by two patient dogs

sea49.jpg (138962 bytes)  sea50.jpg (146092 bytes)  sea51.jpg (145681 bytes)  sea52.jpg (139204 bytes)

sea53.jpg (165856 bytes)  sea54.jpg (150078 bytes) 

Slate & brass art, these are embedded right in the concrete of the sidewalks near the Market.  This one reads:  I have always known that at last I would take this road.  But yesterday, i did not know it would be today.  Narihira (9th century, Japan)

 sea56.jpg (156552 bytes)

Roses at a shop in the blocks near the Market

sea57.jpg (133462 bytes)

sea58.jpg (124373 bytes)

Decorative sewer piping on the side of a brick building, near the Market.  An art form can be ANYTHING!

sea59.jpg (140025 bytes)

sea60.jpg (131419 bytes)

A crow broadcasts his opinion from the roof of a store near the water's edge (Puget Sound)

sea61.jpg (152223 bytes)

sea62.jpg (142299 bytes)


Downtown Seattle, water's edge, Puget Sound

sea72.jpg (137113 bytes)  sea115.jpg (114103 bytes)  sea74.jpg (129713 bytes)  sea116.jpg (117587 bytes)

Just about as interesting as our OWN store was (and our website now is), we reveled in the wonderful dusty weirdness of this unique store

A fantasy creature created from several critters put together, yeeks!

sea64.jpg (136421 bytes)

A gnarly mako shark jaw with a float ball in its mouth

sea65.jpg (143764 bytes)

Wolf fish head

sea66.jpg (167321 bytes)

Real shrunken heads

sea67.jpg (141595 bytes)

A rare shrunken TORSO of a Jivaro Ecudorian head hunter

sea70.jpg (116773 bytes)

Smallest shrunken head 

sea69.jpg (134274 bytes)

A walrus skull with THREE tusks

sea71.jpg (149034 bytes)

Shoulder blade of a whale, and a vintage harpoon gun

sea114.jpg (129764 bytes)


A view of Puget Sound, and Mount Rainier (between the bridge spans)

 sea77.jpg (150019 bytes)  sea78.jpg (140825 bytes)  sea117.jpg (118791 bytes)


at an Art Gallery,  near the waterfront, Seattle

Since we love glass and Dale Chihuly's work, stopping here was not an option.  A few photos show comparisons of the same glass art piece, as seen through Glenn's and Heidi's camera lenses

sea79.jpg (134391 bytes)  sea80.jpg (141235 bytes)  sea81.jpg (137573 bytes)  sea88.jpg (146268 bytes)

sea95.jpg (134215 bytes)  sea122.jpg (116540 bytes)  sea121.jpg (109614 bytes)

sea82.jpg (155532 bytes)  sea83.jpg (140484 bytes)

sea84.jpg (158449 bytes)  sea85.jpg (135770 bytes)

sea89.jpg (151512 bytes)  sea90.jpg (146085 bytes)  sea118.jpg (125215 bytes)

 sea86.jpg (139788 bytes)  sea87.jpg (139835 bytes)  sea91.jpg (148255 bytes)

sea92.jpg (153997 bytes)  sea93.jpg (141728 bytes)  sea98.jpg (134445 bytes)

sea94.jpg (150834 bytes)  sea124.jpg (124128 bytes)  sea120.jpg (121572 bytes)

sea96.jpg (141902 bytes)  sea119.jpg (119413 bytes)

sea97.jpg (138631 bytes)  sea123.jpg (120297 bytes)

FREMONT OPEN AIR MARKET (suburb of Seattle)
Photos of the Space Needle at night, and from the top

sea125.jpg (131584 bytes)  sea126.jpg (131193 bytes) 

 sea99.jpg (150986 bytes)

At a weekly outdoor market in  , a wood fired stove where they make pizza - yum!

sea100.jpg (132255 bytes)

It looks like a hybrid of cauliflower & broccoli, I am unsure, but it was just fascinating

sea101.jpg (132564 bytes)


A truly amazing sight, this huge troll created of concrete lurks under the north end of the Aurora bridge in Fremont (a suburb of Seattle) is a MUST SEE if you are in the Seattle area.  He is "crushing" a VW bug in his hand.  His one eye is a car's hubcap.

sea104.jpg (166543 bytes)  sea102.jpg (120225 bytes)  sea103.jpg (145932 bytes)  sea127.jpg (127925 bytes)

sea105.jpg (140716 bytes) sea107.jpg (143429 bytes)

Other attractions in Fremont include:  a 20' statue of Lenin (no one knows why), an old rocket mounted on the side of a building that blows smoke every hour, and dinosaurs carved of living hedges.  We'll catch photos of that NEXT TIME!



October 2007

Quilt Museum
pad11.jpg (124392 bytes)

A "quilt" tile

pad12.jpg (114495 bytes)

An exquisite quilt done with puffins:

pad15.jpg (119147 bytes)  pad16.jpg (116070 bytes)

The gift shop itself was worth the trip to the Quilt Museum, though we thoroughly enjoyed both.

Barges on the Ohio River, Port of Paducah
pad7.jpg (128440 bytes)  pad8.jpg (118598 bytes)  pad19.jpg (141644 bytes)

You can get a sense of the size of the barge from the car on shore

pad18.jpg (151332 bytes)

A birdhouse near the river's edge, bent no doubt from the wind

pad20.jpg (137911 bytes)

A Train on display near the Port of Paducah

Illinois Central

pad9.jpg (123026 bytes)  pad23.jpg (133822 bytes)  pad27.jpg (141803 bytes)

pad10.jpg (122556 bytes)  pad24.jpg (146007 bytes)

And close up photos of some of its working parts

pad21.jpg (141082 bytes)  pad22.jpg (130523 bytes)

Hancock Fabrics, Paducah

(not affiliated with the chain) a HUGE store we had looked forward to visiting again.  Here are quilts hanging from the ceiling

pad1.jpg (115957 bytes)  pad2.jpg (125168 bytes)  pad3.jpg (125734 bytes)  pad4.jpg (116750 bytes)

pad5.jpg (130742 bytes)  pad6.jpg (127170 bytes)

Flowers that would be a raffle award at a Farmer's market near the Quilt Museum

pad25.jpg (137879 bytes)

A friendly cat at the motel where we stayed, of course Glenn couldn't resist feeding & petting it

pad17.jpg (142832 bytes)

Flowers blooming along the highway

pad26.jpg (155252 bytes)


JULY 2007
The work of a skilled sculptor?

jpipe1.jpg (169697 bytes)  jpipe2.jpg (164694 bytes)

Actually this is exhaust pipe from a Loris salvage shop!


MAY 2007


Here's an example of the crystals from Brazil you can see at the show

fr1.jpg (129101 bytes)  fr2.jpg (135591 bytes)

One booth showing the calcite display items available

fr3.jpg (154679 bytes)

Uncut LAPIS LAZULI gemstone from Afghanistan

fr4.jpg (145291 bytes)

The nearby town of Sylva, NC was displaying their Confederate Flags on the Courthouse, not your typical choice for a patriotic statement

fr6.jpg (143263 bytes)  fr7.jpg (143712 bytes)

fr8.jpg (137489 bytes)

Our friends Renee & Dale bought a carved moose from wood carvers "The Bear Necessity", as a symbol of their new business "Outside the Norm".  They sure bought enough inventory to get a good start!

fr5b.jpg (155015 bytes)  fr5c.jpg (145812 bytes)  fr17.jpg (130170 bytes)

fr15.jpg (147688 bytes)  fr16.jpg (133187 bytes)

fr18.jpg (147230 bytes)  fr19.jpg (146684 bytes)  fr5.jpg (142733 bytes)

Renee and Heidi in the parking lot of the Whistle Stop Mall, having a light-hearted girly moment

fr5a.jpg (152297 bytes)

We visited our favorite furniture store in the Whistle Stop Mall, Amish-made log furniture.  We will own one of these beds one day, if we can ever get it home and have a ceiling high enough!

fr9.jpg (138808 bytes)  fr10.jpg (139740 bytes)  fr11.jpg (138105 bytes)  fr12.jpg (137661 bytes)

fr13.jpg (139849 bytes)  fr14.jpg (153490 bytes)

A baby miniature pony, along with its mother, our "Awwww" photo of the moment

fr20.jpg (170916 bytes)  fr21.jpg (165775 bytes)  fr22.jpg (170047 bytes)

Across the street from the miniature horses was this wolf-dog on the porch (I shot the photo from a distance, for safety sake!)

fr23.jpg (133507 bytes)


MAY 18-28, 2007

EL PASO, Texas

We actually went to El Paso to cross to Juarez to get dental work done (American-trained dentists that do terrific work on crowns & root canals for a fraction of the American prices).  We, of course, explored the surroundings and have much to share!


The Don Juan de Onate Salazar (holding the La Toma Declaration in his hand), riding on an Andalusian horse unveiled in April of 2007 (the month before we arrived) is the largest & heaviest equestrian statue in the world at 34 feet tall, 18 tons.

nm0a.jpg (148535 bytes)  nm0b.jpg (154306 bytes)

At the post office near the airport, there was a LONG line...it turned out this was a designated day to file your passport papers for the new regulations.  This is a big deal for a border state such as El Paso.  Here is Glenn with Margie, the postal clerk who explained it to us.  Thankfully for us, the SHORT line was for postage. A great and friendly post office!

nm0c.jpg (140269 bytes)  nm0d.jpg (137278 bytes)  nm0e.jpg (152746 bytes)

A place everyone must visit when coming to El Paso, it retains the flavor of the Old West, and the colorful Mexican history as well

nm1a.jpg (135568 bytes)

Great vintage cars in the parking lot

nm1b.jpg (130102 bytes)

nm1c.jpg (138419 bytes)

nm1d.jpg (136205 bytes)

The traditional Wooden Indian near the entrance

nm1e.jpg (152203 bytes)

A view of the main showroom, there are so many rugs and blankets it will boggle the mind

nm1f.jpg (147163 bytes)

The front desk, flanked by colorful Great Danes

nm1g.jpg (146395 bytes)

The pottery & artifacts room

nm1h.jpg (139928 bytes)  nm1k.jpg (147593 bytes)

nm1l.jpg (135066 bytes)  nm1t.jpg (128154 bytes)

Dream catchers made of jaws, and religious crosses

nm1u.jpg (121939 bytes)

Lots of cow horns to choose from

nm1v.jpg (139442 bytes)

nm1w.jpg (142577 bytes)

nm1y.jpg (133876 bytes)

Artifact costumes & pottery for the Day of the Dead parades

nm1i.jpg (125108 bytes)  nm1j.jpg (130015 bytes)

nm1m.jpg (135102 bytes)  nm1n.jpg (135288 bytes)

Other incredibly colorful pottery of roosters, bulls etc.

nm1p.jpg (137191 bytes)  nm1q.jpg (139516 bytes)

nm1o.jpg (144280 bytes)  nm1r.jpg (133576 bytes)

nm1s.jpg (134937 bytes)  nm1t.jpg (128154 bytes)

Leather saddles galore

nm1z3.jpg (126847 bytes)

nm1x.jpg (142942 bytes)

Hand painting work-in-progress on a cow skull

nm1z2.jpg (128629 bytes)


Local foods always interest us, here in El Paso was an endless selection of hot peppers, rice, beans, big cinnamon sticks, and pickled pork skins

nm9.jpg (153729 bytes)  nm9b.jpg (149361 bytes)  nm9c.jpg (139995 bytes)  nm9a.jpg (154027 bytes)

nm9d.jpg (151776 bytes)  nm9e.jpg (138907 bytes)  nm9f.jpg (144589 bytes)

El Paso...a walkabout the town
Tradicione's furniture store on Gateway Blvd.  with unique wrought iron animal figures on the fence, and a beautiful mural:

 nm39.jpg (147157 bytes)  nm40.jpg (145129 bytes)

nm41.jpg (142381 bytes)  nm37.jpg (148075 bytes)  nm38.jpg (143942 bytes)

Right next to that, the "YES" store with Tropical Colorful prom dresses that were such a treat to the eye!  A number of designers display in this store, see the link below for even more.  Wow!

nm42.jpg (134184 bytes)  nm44.jpg (138684 bytes)

nm43.jpg (126893 bytes)


An Oriental Imports store that had a huge vase with crystalline glaze (the glaze has real quartz crystals within it that GROW when they are put in the kiln to fire.  Heidi has a collection of them, but none this big!  If only we knew how to get it home...

nm45.jpg (128789 bytes)  nm46.jpg (134977 bytes)  nm49.jpg (131859 bytes)

The stone used in many buildings, fences, garages and other structures made the architecture of El Paso interesting, we drove many miles to view the handiwork in stone:

nm50.jpg (149073 bytes)  nm58.jpg (150601 bytes)  tx30g.jpg (138865 bytes)  tx30h.jpg (154671 bytes)

tx65c.jpg (148897 bytes)  tx65d.jpg (152784 bytes)

tx30i.jpg (149869 bytes)  nm59.jpg (157933 bytes)  nm61.jpg (149015 bytes)

Then an unusual kiosk

nm60.jpg (136380 bytes)

The famous Rosa's Cantina from the song "El Paso" by Marty Robbins:

nm60a.jpg (140838 bytes)

Another colorful restaurant:

tx30f.jpg (135326 bytes)  tx65a.jpg (139958 bytes)  tx65b.jpg (131511 bytes)

Floral delivery trucks - what a great idea!

tx54.jpg (134591 bytes)  tx55.jpg (137138 bytes)

This private residence was full of what appeared to be Hindu goddesses or gargoyles or both:

nm51.jpg (147647 bytes)  nm52.jpg (160965 bytes)

nm53.jpg (145402 bytes)  nm54.jpg (148022 bytes)

nm55.jpg (149880 bytes)  nm56.jpg (137387 bytes)

nm57.jpg (147410 bytes)

Many of the overpasses were made into art forms with mosaics of brick & colors 

nm61b.jpg (153980 bytes)

nm61c.jpg (152190 bytes)

nm61d.jpg (140411 bytes)

nm61e.jpg (137554 bytes)

Just outside of the Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino entrance, an enterprising three-some created shade and seats to fish in the canal.  We met Buddy, Irma and Sam

nm63.jpg (159058 bytes)

nm62.jpg (143344 bytes)

nm64.jpg (150715 bytes)

nm65.jpg (147575 bytes)

nm66.jpg (146318 bytes)

Beautiful blooms right in El Paso

tx1.jpg (155460 bytes)  tx22.jpg (145342 bytes)  tx59c.jpg (156461 bytes)


Outside of El Paso, this eclectic store took up some of our time to explore.  Cast animal figures of ram, cow, gator, horse, bear, gargoyles, cactus, wrought iron gates, dinosaurs, buffalo, bulldogs, pigs, Indians, cats, elephants, elk, hippo - and that was just OUTSIDE

tx2.jpg (152632 bytes)  tx3.jpg (147871 bytes)  tx5.jpg (148709 bytes)  tx6.jpg (156925 bytes)

tx7.jpg (149843 bytes)  tx8.jpg (148380 bytes)  tx9.jpg (147793 bytes)  tx11.jpg (145285 bytes)

tx10.jpg (147718 bytes)  tx12.jpg (156731 bytes)  tx13.jpg (147231 bytes)

Even live koi in a large pond:

tx14.jpg (158922 bytes)  tx15.jpg (146674 bytes)  tx16.jpg (149087 bytes)

Mariachi band of musicians in iron..

tx4.jpg (161023 bytes)

INSIDE - a taxidermy raccoon that was hilarious--who scared him?  And a llama made of shag carpet?

tx18.jpg (141870 bytes)  tx19.jpg (142929 bytes)

A silver belt buckle just for "Diane", what a story that must have been...

tx20.jpg (138417 bytes)

THE PASTRY CHEF (A European Bakery & Restaurant)

Turtle Cove Shopping Center, El Paso

A wonderful surprise to find, especially the gifted Polish pastry chef Kazimiera Helinski that we complimented on her delicious & beautiful hard work.  How can you resist the ladybug & butterfly cookies?  And so many other pastries to choose from.  She came here in 1981 at the age of 41 as a refugee from the Polish Revolution.  We are glad you came!

tx23.jpg (121144 bytes) tx27.jpg (131116 bytes)

tx25.jpg (134710 bytes)  tx24.jpg (139066 bytes)  tx26.jpg (149350 bytes)  tx28.jpg (154605 bytes)

a HUGE horse head at the entryway

tx29.jpg (146188 bytes) 

 tx30.jpg (137997 bytes)

Elegy on the death of Cesar  Chavez

tx31.jpg (134962 bytes)

tx30a.jpg (129469 bytes)

An upended boat sculpture

tx30b.jpg (125277 bytes)

Hmmm, a shapely form, but a but cold for Glenn's taste:

tx30c.jpg (142175 bytes)

The Fireman

tx30d.jpg (135078 bytes)  tx30e.jpg (142559 bytes)


Right in El Paso, another pleasant surprise was a beautifully well-kept rose garden, that included a ball park too.  Just enjoy the variety and exquisite formation of the roses...

tx46.jpg (128178 bytes)  tx32.jpg (141773 bytes)  tx32a.jpg (159531 bytes)

 To comfort man--to whisper hope, when e'er his faith is dim, for who so careth for the flowers will care much more for him.

tx37.jpg (150096 bytes)

tx41.jpg (156239 bytes)  tx42.jpg (169921 bytes)  tx49.jpg (157781 bytes)  tx52.jpg (152618 bytes)

tx32b.jpg (138300 bytes)  tx33.jpg (140945 bytes)  tx34.jpg (147005 bytes)  tx35.jpg (144068 bytes)

tx36.jpg (148115 bytes)  tx38.jpg (141654 bytes)  tx39.jpg (140084 bytes)  tx40.jpg (138585 bytes)

tx43.jpg (142867 bytes)  tx44.jpg (141722 bytes)  tx45.jpg (142205 bytes)  tx47.jpg (142012 bytes)

tx48.jpg (146008 bytes)  tx51.jpg (145422 bytes)  tx53.jpg (140711 bytes)

We drove by the office of, a one-armed man handy with a gun!  Glenn tells of his Corvette fitted with cuffs for knives, guns, etc. that he could switch his artificial arm over in a jiffy.

tx55a.jpg (146623 bytes)  tx55b.jpg (135970 bytes)


A patriotic flower flag at the Wal-Mart store

tx55c.jpg (160886 bytes)

An unforgettable view from Rim Road on Memorial Day, of the Wells Fargo Bank in El Paso displaying an American flag on its building

tx68.jpg (176231 bytes)

Glenn's old friend and neighbor Darlene, a fellow horse lover, is still thriving in her home and enjoying her horses out back

tx55d.jpg (153200 bytes)

BALLOON FEST at the Water Park

An extravaganza of balloons launching, we saw it all from the bluff at the Water Park, starting at dawn (free, the bluff road runs alongside the water park).  What an experience!  You will see the progress from a field of cars to an explosion of color.  The sound of the propane heaters, the colors growing, then rising, multiplying.  Everyone's a kid at heart when you see something like this.  An uplifting experience!

 tx59d.jpg (159085 bytes)

tx56.jpg (139931 bytes)  tx56a.jpg (154181 bytes)  tx56b.jpg (146644 bytes)  tx57.jpg (151838 bytes)

tx58.jpg (147730 bytes)  tx59.jpg (156280 bytes)  tx59a.jpg (161198 bytes)  tx59b.jpg (149682 bytes)

tx59e.jpg (146793 bytes) tx59f.jpg (137850 bytes)  tx59g.jpg (147261 bytes)  tx59h.jpg (152085 bytes)

tx59j.jpg (149615 bytes)  tx59k.jpg (147546 bytes)  tx59l.jpg (143620 bytes)  tx59m.jpg (148886 bytes)

tx59n.jpg (157110 bytes)  tx59o.jpg (147262 bytes)  tx59p.jpg (149299 bytes)  tx59q.jpg (153798 bytes)

tx59r.jpg (156234 bytes)  tx60.jpg (140865 bytes)  tx61.jpg (173586 bytes)  tx61b.jpg (148166 bytes)

tx61c.jpg (126509 bytes)  tx61e.jpg (132896 bytes)  tx61f.jpg (100081 bytes)  tx61h.jpg (59805 bytes)

tx61i.jpg (96620 bytes)  tx61j.jpg (73058 bytes)  tx61l.jpg (96326 bytes)  tx61o.jpg (150715 bytes)

tx61p.jpg (158699 bytes)  tx62a.jpg (142442 bytes)  tx62c.jpg (145084 bytes)  tx62d.jpg (147781 bytes)

tx62g.jpg (144739 bytes)  tx62h.jpg (139695 bytes)  tx62i.jpg (147604 bytes)  tx62j.jpg (169278 bytes)

tx62k.jpg (137987 bytes)  tx65.jpg (156994 bytes)

Tweety Bird!

tx62e.jpg (175153 bytes)  tx63.jpg (177199 bytes)

The winds had begun to change, becoming dangerous for one balloon that landed near the road

tx62r.jpg (144147 bytes)

An ENORMOUS Rain Forest Tree balloon with parrots & toucans, it took a long time to fill, then due to the wind change, it never took off.

tx61a.jpg (144470 bytes)  tx61d.jpg (132863 bytes)  tx61q.jpg (126517 bytes)  tx62.jpg (133901 bytes)

tx62f.jpg (142570 bytes)  tx62n.jpg (132024 bytes)  tx62p.jpg (137073 bytes)

This balloon also never had time to inflate before the winds changed a different direction and they had to deflate.

tx62q.jpg (147137 bytes)

A Huge Purple People Eater balloon, another unusual balloon!

tx61g.jpg (108769 bytes)  tx61k.jpg (85784 bytes)  tx61m.jpg (145039 bytes)  tx61n.jpg (155142 bytes)

tx62b.jpg (141346 bytes)  tx62l.jpg (158609 bytes)  tx62m.jpg (146961 bytes)  tx62o.jpg (172901 bytes)  tx64.jpg (148144 bytes)


Not to be confused with other Cattleman's Restaurant Chains, this is a single entity, at Indian Cliffs Ranch, 35 minutes from El Paso.  Started & continued by proud German Dieter Gerzymisch, first to accommodate the dining needs and horse rental for the soldiers at Fort Bliss, it kept growing to the entertainment destination you see today.  It has also been a movie location for numerous films shot here.


Always a dining experience, it was a pleasure to re-visit.

An extensive array of bronze animals scattered throughout the spacious acreage

tx66.jpg (141376 bytes)  tx66a.jpg (156358 bytes)

tx66b.jpg (153080 bytes)  tx66c.jpg (164451 bytes)

The entryway carport was alive with the noise of small birds

tx66d.jpg (146638 bytes)

tx66e.jpg (153483 bytes)

Cannons & bells adorn the entry

tx66f.jpg (145811 bytes)

tx66g.jpg (152547 bytes)

  Glenn was already planning to have the "Dinosaur Ribs" from the longhorn cattle famous in the area

tx66h.jpg (129452 bytes)

tx66i.jpg (136672 bytes)

Plenty of ambience of the Wild  West, with memorabilia and Western saddles everywhere

tx66j.jpg (139692 bytes)

tx66l.jpg (150200 bytes)

tx66k.jpg (145069 bytes)

Is this a happy man or what?

tx67.jpg (144475 bytes)

Movies shot on location here

tx67a.jpg (113133 bytes)

An exotic animal zoo, including ostriches (with eggs)

tx67b.jpg (156582 bytes)


tx67c.jpg (133601 bytes)

 tx67d.jpg (150445 bytes)


tx67e.jpg (140481 bytes)

 tx67n.jpg (152359 bytes)


tx67f.jpg (147431 bytes)

 tx67m.jpg (157955 bytes)


tx67g.jpg (153705 bytes)

 tx67l.jpg (140842 bytes)

Sicilian burro

tx67h.jpg (169834 bytes)

 tx67k.jpg (167957 bytes)

Brahman bull

tx67j.jpg (135554 bytes)

 tx67i.jpg (138844 bytes)

Fascinating El Paso fashion is for the young women to wear high heels with  Capri pants, I snapped this picture in the parking lot, but we saw this often during our stay in El Paso.

tx67o.jpg (142159 bytes)  tx67p.jpg (133845 bytes)


NEW MEXICO (May 18-28, 2007)

Since it had rained recently, we experienced the wonderful bonus of seeing the desert bloom as never before

Soapstone yucca

nm3.jpg (148590 bytes)  nm3a.jpg (155619 bytes)  nm4.jpg (130737 bytes)  nm5.jpg (151843 bytes)

Of course, while taking this photo, I picked up this little friend on the hem of my pants, ouch!

nm3b.jpg (147826 bytes)

 Prickly pear cactus in bloom

nm11.jpg (167096 bytes)  nm13d.jpg (186349 bytes)

Other wondrous desert blooms

nm10.jpg (144118 bytes)  nm13b.jpg (173701 bytes)  nm13c.jpg (163886 bytes)nm12.jpg (153944 bytes)  nm14b.jpg (151571 bytes)  nm13.jpg (144229 bytes)  nm14c.jpg (148694 bytes)

Two-Room School House, Hwy 54 (on the way from El Paso to Alamagordo), Oro Grande NM

We saw a sign for a "Beggar's Festival & Hobo Convention" and turned in out of curiosity. 

nm2b.jpg (155426 bytes)  nm2e.jpg (134242 bytes)  nm2d.jpg (144359 bytes)

We found an interesting gentleman caretaker who explained the unique roof water collection, and how he continues to raise money to restore the school house.  He also told how the school bell had been shot at and eventually stolen.

Turtle race!  This was for the festival

nm2.jpg (147534 bytes)

Post office, across the street, for Oro Grande NM

nm2a.jpg (144019 bytes)

Bird of Paradise bushes

nm1.jpg (154890 bytes)

nm2c.jpg (174251 bytes)

nm2r.jpg (181255 bytes)

Purple & yellow flowers near the school house

nm2f.jpg (186633 bytes)

nm2q.jpg (178542 bytes)

Hobosaurus - a new species of dinosaur!

nm2g.jpg (142421 bytes)

Inside the schoolhouse, it was a re-sale shop

nm2n.jpg (140751 bytes)

"All hoboes & beggars must leave town after festivities concluded"

 nm2o.jpg (138835 bytes)

Hand made wooden cars & trucks, made by a retired colonel turned cowboy

nm2p.jpg (144487 bytes)

The Wishing Well (a toilet full of rocks, inside a truck tire)

nm2h.jpg (154539 bytes)  nm2i.jpg (147318 bytes)  nm2j.jpg (162174 bytes)

The Wishing Well  Token you get for making a donation:

nm2k.jpg (140923 bytes)  nm2m.jpg (152379 bytes)


nm8.jpg (146901 bytes)

Outside of Alamagordo approaching Cloudcroft, we saw this quonset building and had to stop.  They did indeed have a rattlesnake pit, folks would reach a fishing pole with a balloon down there for the snakes to bite & pop the balloon. 

nm6c.jpg (143408 bytes)  nm6d.jpg (164678 bytes)  nm6e.jpg (155627 bytes)  nm6b.jpg (141907 bytes) 

 nm6.jpg (169444 bytes)  nm6a.jpg (170790 bytes)  nm6f.jpg (160495 bytes)  nm6g.jpg (144218 bytes) 

 nm6h.jpg (152510 bytes) 

Inside was a big re-sale store, in the back room was a REALLY LARGE rattlesnake, though without a size reference this will not impact you as it did us:

 nm6i.jpg (153049 bytes)  nm6j.jpg (152766 bytes)  nm6k.jpg (109777 bytes)

What we did find of interest was a LARGE zebra skin in pristine condition, which we bought and kept till we chose to sell it in December of '07:

nm7.jpg (132101 bytes)


Alamagordo, New Mexico

nm13a.jpg (142480 bytes)

A unique 275 square miles of PURE WHITE GYPSUM SAND, the world's largest. To the north is the White Sands Missile Testing Range.  The dunes grow and change by the minute, though due to the surrounding hills (the Tularosa Basin), the gypsum never escapes. So it dissolves when it rains, grows beautiful gypsum crystal formations, then the wind breaks them back down to sand again.

Changing from desert to what appears to be snow but it is just the white sand

nm14a.jpg (145959 bytes)


Selenite, satin spar, desert rose, and gypsum flowers are the four crystalline varieties of gypsum

nm14e.jpg (142940 bytes)

Examples of gypsum, selenite rosettes, gypsum made into wallboard, and into plaster of paris

nm14f.jpg (167593 bytes)

Examples of river sand, Hawaii volcanic sand, Florida coquina shell sand, and the gypsum white sand

nm14g.jpg (158583 bytes)

The shapes of the dunes: dome, ripple transverse, crescent barchun, and hairpin parabolic

nm14h.jpg (141213 bytes)

The view of the entire Tularosa Basin showing the white sands and dry "playa" Lake Lucero

nm14i.jpg (168310 bytes)

Some vegetation can survive rooted in the sand

nm14j.jpg (149553 bytes)

nm14l.jpg (154743 bytes)

Heidi squinting at the bright white of the sand

nm15.jpg (140070 bytes)

You would swear you were driving in a snow covered region.  The appearance of a "snow plow" did nothing to dispel this thought.

nm14k.jpg (166450 bytes)  nm16.jpg (151429 bytes)  nm14.jpg (149159 bytes)nm17.jpg (139181 bytes)

nm18.jpg (146164 bytes)  nm19.jpg (177078 bytes)  nm21.jpg (146012 bytes)  nm22.jpg (132199 bytes)

nm25a.jpg (174887 bytes)  nm25b.jpg (158645 bytes)  nm25c.jpg (162318 bytes)  nm25d.jpg (179615 bytes)

nm26.jpg (137767 bytes)  nm27.jpg (178592 bytes)  nm28.jpg (166473 bytes)  nm29.jpg (181883 bytes)

Some vegetation has to have long roots to withstand the shifting sands

nm30.jpg (161883 bytes)

An area with covered picnic tables where we wrote up postcards to mail, one of the more unusual picnic spots we've been!

nm23.jpg (180659 bytes)  nm24.jpg (167920 bytes)  nm24a.jpg (176886 bytes)  nm24b.jpg (153078 bytes) 

 nm25.jpg (132297 bytes)

More of the succulent cactus flowers in the landscaped area of the Visitor's Center.  A colorful ending to a highly unusual experience

nm31.jpg (139323 bytes)  nm32.jpg (143564 bytes)


(previously known as the International Space Hall of Fame).  28 countries furnished artifacts and other exhibits of man's conquest of space.

Alamagordo NM (we did not go in, but here are a few photos of the space capsule and the John Stapp Space Park).  There is also an Astronaut Memorial Garden, dedicated to the memory of the 7 astronauts who perished when the Shuttle Challenger exploded on 1/28/86 as we can all never forget.  There is an observatory in the background.

nm35a.jpg (146692 bytes)  nm35b.jpg (140997 bytes)  nm35c.jpg (144815 bytes)  nm36.jpg (141507 bytes)

Ever see where pistachios grow?  We did.  They even produce WINE!  One miles NE of Alamogordo on Hwy 82 towards Cloudcroft, we came upon this lovely log store. They even sold koi fish in a pond out front.  Yummy pistachios in flavors you never even imagined (hot hot hot)


nm70.jpg (139304 bytes)  nm67.jpg (146796 bytes)  nm68.jpg (144237 bytes)  nm69.jpg (155033 bytes)
LAS CRUCES - Farmer's Market
We found a lady (Chris Crafts) making hats from plastic bags (30 in each hat, machine washable, it takes her 8 hours to make one.  She uses bags from: Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes Target, IGA, Walgreen's, Hobby Lobby, Best Buy, Unravel Yarn Shop, and Albertson's, also Hefty and Ruffies bags. to get the variety of colors she sells.  Of course, Heidi bought one.

nm71.jpg (145941 bytes)


March 2007


The town of Cripple Creek, 9,494 foot altitude - we flew here from Myrtle Beach (sea level, -0- altitude), to almost 10,000 feet - no WONDER we were short of breath when viewing this quaint gold-mining themed Casino area

  co-2.jpg (132704 bytes)

Burros bronze statue, near the visitor's center, which was an old railroad car, the inside was very cozy:

co-3.jpg (114431 bytes)  co-4.jpg (105800 bytes)co28.jpg (144906 bytes)  co29.jpg (147565 bytes)

co30.jpg (136703 bytes)  co31.jpg (135086 bytes)  co32.jpg (141041 bytes)

On the road from Woodland Park to Cripple Creek, a hilarious Roadside Americana scene of the Flintstones and dinosaurs. Note the blowing snow on the last statue, we were missing the mild temperatures of South Carolina!

co-5.jpg (87088 bytes)  co-6.jpg (83555 bytes)  co-7.jpg (85892 bytes)  co-8.jpg (84307 bytes)

Gorgeous views of many mountain peaks, including Pike's Peak

co-9.jpg (88768 bytes)

On the road from Denver to Trinidad, Colorado, a herd of antelope blend with the best of camouflage into the surrounding fields:

co-10.jpg (148172 bytes)

co-11.jpg (126701 bytes)

A huge wooden carved ostrich at a Pottery Shop we found between Colorado Springs and Woodland Park

A beautiful lodge home for sale in a Woodland Hills neighborhood

co37.jpg (158105 bytes)

Deer are comfortable walking through a residential neighborhood in Woodland Park

co33.jpg (143415 bytes)  co34.jpg (148994 bytes)  co35.jpg (146428 bytes)  co36.jpg (147315 bytes)



(Manitou Springs, Colorado, at the foot of Pike's Peak, near Colorado Springs)

An ancient Anasazi Native American dwelling built into the natural red sandstone cliffs, 700+ years ago (they built these and lived here from 1200 BC to AD 1300).  It is a touch and experience place to walk through and marvel at their handiwork and culture.

co-12.jpg (155029 bytes)  co-13.jpg (134543 bytes)  co-14.jpg (161985 bytes)

co-26.jpg (164186 bytes)  co-27.jpg (167205 bytes)

co-20.jpg (165140 bytes)  co-21.jpg (164147 bytes)  co-22.jpg (166009 bytes)

co-18.jpg (160078 bytes)  co-19.jpg (162620 bytes)  co-19a.jpg (163890 bytes)

And a beautiful and well stocked gift shop for visitors:

co-16.jpg (160683 bytes)  co-17.jpg (148173 bytes)

A cactus thriving in the desert scenery, though I guarantee the snowman will be temporary, in the warm sun on the picnic table:

co-24.jpg (155811 bytes) co-25.jpg (146083 bytes)

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