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Contents:  Joe Blatchford carving collection


Native Eskimo Artist, Alaska

Joseph D. Blatchford

Born August 22, 1940

Deceased February 4, 2009

in Anchorage, AK at the age of 68

Click to upsize and read his family's story below:

joe16.jpg (471937 bytes)

Joe picked up whatever work he could once his family moved to Anchorage .  At one point he worked for a roofing company, hot tarring roofs.  He was on a roof carrying two pails of hot tar, when the roof gave way and he fell.  The hot tar on the roof and in the buckets poured over him, literally melting his skin and melting his fingers together.  We also got information from family members that Joe was involved in another unfortunate house fire with additional burns at an earlier time along with his best friend Ralph.

After recovering, he designed a Dremel and other manual tools he could hold with his deformed hands to scrimshaw ivory and mammoth ivory to make artworks to sell.  He was a very talented artist and Glenn collected whatever he could find of Joe's work then, and over the years since Glenn left Alaska.

There are two versions of his demise, we have not verified which one is correct as yet.  One has him being hit as a pedestrian crossing the street in Seattle WA.  The 2nd version comes from the Alaska Cook Inlet funeral services in Anchorage that he passed away from cancer.  If link for the Cook Inlet Funeral Home below is not active, here are the details:

Joseph Dexter Blatchford, 68, died Feb. 4, 2009, at home in Anchorage. A memorial gathering was held Sunday at the Cremation Society of Alaska, Anchorage.  Joseph was born August 22, 1940 in Golovin Alaska to Charlie and Jennie Blatchford.

Obituary for Joe's wife Ruth: 
Ruth E. Blatchford, 49, of Anchorage, Alaska died June 27, 1999 at her residence. Mrs. Blatchford was born July 15, 1950 in Fairbanks, Alaska. She is survived by her husband Joe D. Blatchford; sons Daniel J. Martinez, Shawn T. Martinez and Burton H. Twitchell; daughter Monica A. Martinez; ex-husband Ken J. Martinez; father Timothy Twitchell Sr.; brothers Timothy and Matthew Twitchell; sisters Lois L. Stover, Ester E. Lurson, Eunice A.Pacheco, Racheal I. McCarthy, Hannah I. Broussard, Mary and Rebecca Twitchell; and five grandchildren.



These are framed photos of Joe Blatchford’s sketchbook pages.  You can see these images throughout Joe’s finished work below.  We are lucky to have them.
There are no pieces for sale in this collection, they are for display purposes only.


Contact me at: sharkman1020@gmail.com with photos and a phone number



The Story of Joe and Glenn

After Glenn met Joe in Anchorage (summer of 1995) at the Native Eskimo co-op where he worked and displayed his items for sale, he commissioned a large walrus tusk to be scrimmed by Joe.  Then Glenn video taped the entire process of making this tusk a work of art.

There is much more to this story that will be documented shortly.

Here is Joe and his wife Ruth in his workroom.  He is holding a stand for a walrus tusk he is working on.

joe01.jpg (296333 bytes)


Joe is working at his table scrimshawing the big tusk for Glenn, using sketches from his sketchbook

joe02.jpg (257240 bytes)

More of Joe working at his table on the tusk.  Notice the interesting pieces around him.

joe04.jpg (256789 bytes)

Typical photo of unstable piece of woolly mammoth ivory in the process of being stabilized by Joe

joe08.jpg (339436 bytes)

Joe with Glenn, holding the finished walrus tusk art work

joe03.jpg (304118 bytes)

joe17.jpg (209096 bytes)

A snapshot of Glenn in 1995 in Anchorage, the real "Mountain Man", in his big motor home, taking care of his wife Darel who is in the advanced stages of MS.  This is when he bought the big tusk from Joe

joe05.jpg (65501 bytes)

Three of Joe's masks for sale on the wall of his shop

joe09.jpg (61758 bytes)

and Joe holding two of them:

joe18.jpg (227624 bytes)

Bolo ties made by Joe, hanging on the wall.  Made with whale baleen, walrus ivory and mammoth ivory

joe10.jpg (33596 bytes)

joe12.jpg (28843 bytes)

This is a woolly mammoth tusk carved by Joe, which is in storage at the Wells Fargo Bank building in Anchorage (you can ask to see it).

joe14.jpg (62693 bytes)

More photos of this in the Alaska travels page 

Photos of Ruth, and Ruth with Joe

and Joe

joe-ruth.jpg (347592 bytes)





This is the only hide we have ever seen that Joe created into an art piece.
Ink Drawing by Joe on large beaver hide, glued to back board
Wire on back to hang.
Signed.  Frame measures 40x30x1”
Beaver hide itself measures 34x28x3/8” thick.



Eagle head (whale bone) on walrus ivory base, black ink eye, measures 2-1/4" long x 1/4" thick x 1-1/4" tall; signed "JB" for Joe Bla



Eagle head (walrus ivory), baleen neck, on walrus ivory base; black ink eye, measures 2-1/2" long x 1/4" thick x 1-1/8" tall
; signed "JB" on reverse for Joe Blatchford





Walrus ivory slice (rounded on sides, flat on back) with scrimshaw Canadian goose, measures 1-3/4" tall x 1-3/4" wide x 1/4" thick; with bolo finding glued on back, dark brown braided cotton bolo cord 30" long with walrus ivory tips; bolo signed "JB" for Joe Blatchford 


Baleen whale slice, rounded on sides, flat on back, with etching of Dall sheep, measures 2" long x 1-3/8" wide x 1/8" thick; with bolo finding glued on back, dark brown braided cotton bolo cord 30" long with walrus ivory tips; signed "JB" on reverse for Joe Blatchford


ak-fig-19a.jpg (187408 bytes)

ak-fig-19b.jpg (181686 bytes) ak-fig-19c.jpg (182721 bytes)


Face carved into fossil walrus tooth, on whale baleen slice base.
Measures 2" long x 1-3/4" wide.  Tooth itself is 1-5/8" tall x 3/4" wide x 5/8" thick.  By Joe Blatchford.


ak-fig-50a.jpg (180178 bytes) ak-fig-50b.jpg (178919 bytes) ak-fig-50c.jpg (175736 bytes)

ak-fig-50j.jpg (169446 bytes)

ak-fig-50d.jpg (175974 bytes) ak-fig-50e.jpg (164844 bytes) ak-fig-50f.jpg (180217 bytes)

ak-fig-50g.jpg (180476 bytes) ak-fig-50h.jpg (175811 bytes) ak-fig-50i.jpg (164675 bytes)


Detailed scrimshaw work of full body of Eskimo laying on side with spear.  Signed Joe Blatchford.  This is Joe's mother he has scrimmed on this piece, which is a section of fossil walrus tusk at least 1000 years old.  It is also an artifact Fire Starter which is a real bonus.  Measures 6" long x 2-1/4" tall xy 1/2" thickest.





These two pieces of mammoth tusk ivory came from Joe as a gift from him, from his workroom.



mask1a.jpg (131518 bytes)

mask1b.jpg (135804 bytes)


Spirit mask with ivory face, fur ruff, 3 fossil ivory spear points & one spear end, all 4 baleen; 11" tall x 6-1/2" wide; by Joe Blatchford signed JB

SOLD to Joe's niece Charaleigh Blatchford in Unalakleet, Alaska


mask3.jpg (147328 bytes)


Fossil whale bone face with ivory eyes and dot decorations, baleen pupils; 8" tall x 6-1/2" wide; by Joe Blatchford signed JB


mask7a.jpg (141227 bytes)

mask7b.jpg (147682 bytes) 


Fossil whale vertebrae disk SHAMAN MASK man/walrus, baleen whisker spots & ivory tooth; 7" long x 5-3/8" wide; by Joe Blatchford





Fossil walrus tusk slice, scrimshaw of ram/Dall sheep, Measures 1-3/4" long x 1-1/8" wide x 1/8" thick; front to back drilled, gold wired with loop for necklace; signed "JB" Joe Blatchford 


Fossil walrus tusk slice, scrimshaw of Flying Canada goose, Measures 1-3/4" long x 1" wide x 1/8" thick;
front to back drilled, gold wired with loop for necklace; signed "JB" Joe Blatchford 


Fossil walrus tusk slice, scrimshaw of Flying Bald headed eagle about to catch prey, Measures 1-5/8" long x 1" wide x 1/8" thick; front to back drilled, gold wired with loop for necklace; signed "JB" Joe Blatchford 


Walrus ivory slice with scrimshaw of whaling ship & lighthouse; 1-1/4" long x 7/8" wide x 1/8" thick, top drilled with pendant loop; signed "J" for Joe Blatchford


10 walrus ivory handmade beads, drilled, four - 8 mm, three - 10mm, three - 11+ mm.  Made by Joe Blatchford.


Billiken pendant made of walrus ivory, black inked, measures 1-1/2" long x 1/2" diameter, pendant loop drilled sideways; back is flat.  Not signed, but made by Joe Blatchford. 


Billiken pendant made of walrus ivory, black inked, measures 1-3/4" long x 1/2" diameter, pendant loop drilled sideways; back is flat.  Not signed, but made by Joe Blatchford.


Walrus ivory tusk slice measures 1-7/8" long x 1-1/4" wide x 1/8" thick; drilled front to back with gold wired pendant loop.  No signature, but they are unfinished Joe Blatchford pieces.


Fossil walrus tusk slice measures 2-1/8" long x 1-3/8" wide x 1/8" thick; drilled front to back and gold wired pendant loop.  No signature, but they are unfinished Joe Blatchford pieces.


Fossil walrus tusk slice with scrimshaw flying Canadian goose, measures 1-3/8" long x 1-3/8" wide x 1/8" thick; signed "JB" for Joe Blatchford; drilled front to back, gold wired as a pendant. 


Walrus ivory face glued on baleen oval back, measures 2" long x 1-1/4" wide x 1/8" thick; drilled front to back and gold wired with loop for pendant; signed on reverse "JB" for Joe Blatchford.



ak-oos-17a.jpg (141904 bytes) ak-oos-17b.jpg (149187 bytes) ak-oos-17c.jpg (141711 bytes)

ak-oos-17d.jpg (140414 bytes) ak-oos-17e.jpg (167587 bytes) ak-oos-17f.jpg (162455 bytes)

ak-oos-17g.jpg (154393 bytes) ak-oos-17h.jpg (152157 bytes) ak-oos-17i.jpg (156020 bytes)

ak-oos-17j.jpg (140733 bytes) ak-oos-17k.jpg (141890 bytes)


Large walrus oosik, scrimmed with two simple (but colored) husky sled dog heads, with colored mountain background scene.  Signed "Joe Blatchford".  We believe this to be post-accident.

Measures 21-1/2" following the curvature (21" linear) 

1-3/4" diameter on largest end, x 2-1/4" across.

Weight: 1 pound 8.6 oz.




ak-egg-1a.jpg (170122 bytes)

ak-egg-1c.jpg (168090 bytes)

ak-egg-1e.jpg (171358 bytes) ak-egg-1d.jpg (177711 bytes) ak-egg-1b.jpg (186652 bytes)


Glenn commissioned this ostrich egg to be scrimmed by Joe Blatchford when he was in Anchorage Alaska in 1995.  Signed, and is on a horn tip stand





Fossil walrus ivory of seal with inlaid baleen eye, flat on back; measures 2-3/8" long x 7/8" tall x 1/8" thick; looks like an AB  initials on back but signed "JB" (for Joe Blatchford) on reverse.



Full spotted seal skin
Vintage, circa mid-1970's best educated guess
Measures 60" x 40"
Beautifully tanned.
Eskimo hunting scene catching seal, black ink


Seal skin found by Salena F: "I found it in an antique shop.  I'm figuring out a way to hang it
on my wall now without damaging the skin or picture.  I think a rug casing
might work, or some type of clip device for hanging."





ak-shark-2a.jpg (154606 bytes) ak-shark-2b.jpg (182708 bytes) ak-shark-2c.jpg (184672 bytes) ak-shark-2d.jpg (179755 bytes)


This is a 2" modern great white shark tooth, top is black baked enamel, gold wired as a pendant.  Scrimshaw work by Joe Blatchford (dyslexic, he signed it "LB" instead of "JB". Glenn is the one that gave him the tooth and commissioned the work from him to do this so we know it is Joe's work.


This piece remained in private hands in Alaska, until we purchased it in December 2016.  What a special addition to the collection!  
Ship measures 9" tall x 18" long.  Ship hull is 1.5" widest; sails max width 4".
Weight: 2 pounds 9.6 ounces.
This is the only ship we know of that Joe has made, made entirely of walrus ivory.  Signed.

joeship1.jpg (218275 bytes) joeship2.jpg (245564 bytes) joeship3.jpg (231303 bytes)

joeship4.jpg (221442 bytes) joeship5.jpg (224497 bytes) joeship6.jpg (249977 bytes)

joeship7.jpg (237238 bytes)

After acquisition



Section of walrus tusk made as a covered vase or jar.  Measures 5-1/4" tall x 3" wide x 1-3/4" deep.  Scrimshaw with a Puffin, Seagull, Cormorant rookery, walrus in the sea, flying sea gull, on front only.  Tusk is solid on bottom with 2" deep of hollow space inside.  Carved wooden top to fit, and a fossil ivory seal on top as a finial.  Signed "JB" AND "Joe Blatchford" on the bottom. 


ak-wal-50a.jpg (175963 bytes) ak-wal-50b.jpg (180987 bytes) ak-wal-50c.jpg (172837 bytes)

ak-wal-50d.jpg (174279 bytes) ak-wal-50e.jpg (160304 bytes) ak-wal-50f.jpg (185811 bytes)

ak-wal-50g.jpg (182846 bytes)


FULLY SCRIMMED Walrus TUSK by Joe Blatchford

Small walrus ivory tusk fully scrimmed on front by Joe Blatchford (personally known by Glenn from 1995). Detailed Eskimo and sled dog.  Measures 14-7/8" long x 2" wide x 1" thick.

ak-wal-51a.jpg (172172 bytes) ak-wal-51b.jpg (174795 bytes) ak-wal-51c.jpg (162122 bytes) ak-wal-51d.jpg (195299 bytes)

ak-wal-51e.jpg (192245 bytes) ak-wal-51f.jpg (174349 bytes) ak-wal-51g.jpg (187668 bytes) ak-wal-51h.jpg (178961 bytes)



Glenn video taped Joe as he scrimmed this tusk over a 4 day period.  By Joe Blatchford, Golovin, AK.  Due to the fact that he had two family members killed by a walrus (father) and seal (uncle), his family could not hunt these two animals as they believed the spirit of those relatives resided with that animal spirit.  The family had to leave the village because they were no longer an asset because of this.  Joe was forever known as the Walrus Man thereafter.  Joe's signature shaman face of half walrus half man is shown on the end, and a seal head on the other.

Themed with whales and whaling ships.

VALUE:  PRICELESS.  This one is part of Glenn.


ak-wal-52a.jpg (179621 bytes) ak-wal-52b.jpg (160989 bytes) ak-wal-52c.jpg (180710 bytes) ak-wal-52d.jpg (162834 bytes)

ak-wal-52e.jpg (163033 bytes) ak-wal-52f.jpg (162264 bytes) ak-wal-52g.jpg (183795 bytes) ak-wal-52h.jpg (187276 bytes)

ak-wal-52i.jpg (173499 bytes) ak-wal-52j.jpg (186824 bytes) ak-wal-52k.jpg (180877 bytes)



Seal head on one end in fossil stellar sea cow bone, Joe's signature shaman face of half-walrus half-man on the other end with polar bear fur hair on half, baleen spacers.  Theme is a rookery of puffins, killer whales, cormorants, walruses, whaling ships, polar bear, and humpback whale.

Back has a tracing of the front half of a whale (as seen with tusk turned sideways), the line is also a type of serpent bird (sacred to the Eskimo people), and images of seal & fish.

Wells Fargo Bank in Anchorage Alaska bought 4 tusks from Joe in 1995 they now have in their showcase.  Joe is now deceased as of 2008, which also increases the value of his remaining body of work.  We are proud to have owned three of his tusks and other smaller items.

MEASURES 23" long x 3-3/8" widest end (tip 2" wide) x 2-1/4" thick.  Weight: 5 pounds 7 ounces.

This is from a large BULL WALRUS weighing 3,000 pounds.

The last 6-8" of the tusk tip is worn off or missing from the original full tusk as it was in the walrus skull, though you would never know it.



ak-wal-53a.jpg (78548 bytes) ak-wal-53b.jpg (67391 bytes) ak-wal-53c.jpg (54994 bytes) ak-wal-53d.jpg (68186 bytes)

ak-wal-53e.jpg (65733 bytes) ak-wal-53f.jpg (84120 bytes) ak-wal-53m.jpg (69519 bytes)

ak-wal-53g.jpg (47849 bytes) ak-wal-53l.jpg (59949 bytes) ak-wal-53h.jpg (56782 bytes) ak-wal-53k.jpg (78560 bytes)

ak-wal-53i.jpg (88793 bytes) ak-wal-53n.jpg (78144 bytes) ak-wal-53j.jpg (52376 bytes)

#AK-WAL-53  Joe's Biggest tusk yet.  It weighs about 6 pounds

DOUBLE signed by Joe Blatchford front & back; over 40 years old, pre-accident work.  Ends left natural.

30" long following the curvature, x 3" wide x 3" deep

Scrimmed front & back, of a flock of geese, Dall sheep, elk, moose fighting 2 wolves, 4 brown bears fishing.  On the reverse is a scrim of an Eskimo hunter standing on his boat looking for seal or bear. A real masterpiece.



ak-wal-54a.jpg (151819 bytes) ak-wal-54b.jpg (157078 bytes) ak-wal-54c.jpg (155822 bytes) ak-wal-54d.jpg (145514 bytes) ak-wal-54e.jpg (135484 bytes)

ak-wal-54f.jpg (143519 bytes) ak-wal-54g.jpg (158475 bytes) ak-wal-54h.jpg (159309 bytes) ak-wal-54i.jpg (141101 bytes)


Smallest tusk, acquired from Mike, 11/2015

Measures 15-5/8" long curved measurement (15-1/4" linear)

1-5/8" tall x 1" wide across large end

Weight: 1 pound 7.5 oz.

Joe's father is shown on a walrus hunt.  His coat is colored, the walruses are colored, and the polar bear is colored. Signed Joe Blatchford, "JB" and a seal image.  Banded at both ends; black end piece is baleen.


ak-wal-55a.jpg (143518 bytes) ak-wal-55b.jpg (155544 bytes) ak-wal-55c.jpg (156281 bytes) ak-wal-55d.jpg (154388 bytes)

ak-wal-55e.jpg (150081 bytes) ak-wal-55f.jpg (138050 bytes) ak-wal-55g.jpg (141234 bytes) ak-wal-55h.jpg (132832 bytes)

ak-wal-55i.jpg (153450 bytes) ak-wal-55j.jpg (165414 bytes) ak-wal-55k.jpg (141941 bytes)


Acquired from Mike, 11/2015

19-1/2" long curved measurement (18-1/2" linear)

1-13/16" tall x 1" across large end

Weight: 1 pound 8.5 oz.

"Double jeopardy".  Scrimmed scene is a bird rookery, orca whales hunting seals, which are also being hunted by the polar bear (double jeopardy for the seal).  Detailed banding on both ends.  Black end is baleen.  Signed Joe Blatchford, "JB", and small seal carving, and "Golovin, AK".


ak-wal-56a.jpg (140124 bytes) ak-wal-56b.jpg (153993 bytes) ak-wal-56c.jpg (137998 bytes) ak-wal-56d.jpg (135778 bytes)

ak-wal-56e.jpg (135011 bytes) ak-wal-56f.jpg (147199 bytes) ak-wal-56g.jpg (133440 bytes) ak-wal-56h.jpg (153989 bytes)

ak-wal-56i.jpg (155008 bytes) ak-wal-56j.jpg (141751 bytes)


Acquired from Mike, 11/2015

20" long curved measurement (18-1/2" linear)

2-1/2" tall x 1-5/8" wide across large end

Weight: 3 pounds 5.7 oz.


Scrimmed scene is a family cemetery image (top), 9 husky dog sled team, father Charlie is pictured.  Sun is colored yellow, and the huskies, blanket on sled, and Charlie's boots are colored.  Signed Joe Blatchford, "JB" and spotted seal image.  Banded on both ends.


ak-wal-57a.jpg (140251 bytes) ak-wal-57b.jpg (139958 bytes) ak-wal-57c.jpg (141881 bytes) ak-wal-57d.jpg (144715 bytes)

ak-wal-57e.jpg (144700 bytes) ak-wal-57f.jpg (135175 bytes) ak-wal-57g.jpg (144368 bytes) ak-wal-57h.jpg (157154 bytes)

ak-wal-57i.jpg (155265 bytes) ak-wal-57j.jpg (137159 bytes) ak-wal-57k.jpg (139195 bytes)


Acquired from Mike, 22/2015

23-1/2" long curved measurement (23" linear)

2-1/16" tall x 1-3/8" wide across large end

3 pounds 8.9 oz.

Scene scrimmed is a 9 bird rookery, 4 orcas, and 3 colored walrus.  End is a cap of walrus ivory.  Signed Joe Blatchford, "JB", and "Golovin AK" and spotted seal image.


IMG_0960.jpg (93567 bytes) IMG_0961.jpg (115902 bytes)

IMG_0962.jpg (223216 bytes)


5/26/15  This beautifully COLORED scrimshaw walrus tusk is in private hands, we have permission to share the photos. James writes:

Hello Glenn,
I just came across the site about Joe Blatchford.  I never knew that Joe worked under such a difficult handicap.  Thank you for memoralizing him and his works of art the way you have done.
The wife and I used to live in Anchorage, and while there we purchased one of Joe's scrimshaw tusks, it's truly beautiful.  We did not meet Joe personally, however.  That was over 30 years ago.

Update 11/2015 We have since purchased this tusk.  Here are the photos

ak-wal-58a.jpg (142334 bytes) ak-wal-58b.jpg (155022 bytes) ak-wal-58c.jpg (137741 bytes) ak-wal-58d.jpg (148247 bytes)

ak-wal-58e.jpg (137490 bytes) ak-wal-58f.jpg (152594 bytes) ak-wal-58g.jpg (138440 bytes) ak-wal-58h.jpg (138978 bytes)

ak-wal-58i.jpg (141616 bytes) ak-wal-58j.jpg (137120 bytes) ak-wal-58k.jpg (149330 bytes) ak-wal-58l.jpg (155269 bytes)

ak-wal-58m.jpg (152143 bytes) ak-wal-58n.jpg (153980 bytes) ak-wal-58o.jpg (139478 bytes)

Acquired from James & Barbara, 11/2015

DROP DEAD gorgeous piece.  One of Joe's finest.  Slice has been removed to facilitate a flatter surface for scrimming.  Deep curvature to tusk.  Peg leg hole in back. (back photo shows peg taped to the tusk for display later)

26-3/4" long curved measurement (24-3/8" linear)

3" tall x 2-1/4" wide across large end

4 pounds 10.8 oz.

Mother and sister and father portrayed on the annual caribou hunt.  Seal in background, family tent with heat (chimney).  Trusty husky dog, ancient design of spear for seal hunt and modern rifle.  We know this was carved early in Joe's career because his father was still able to seal hunt (meaning his uncle and brother had not died yet), while they were still in Golovin.  Ten caribou.  85% of the tusk is colored.  Premier piece.  Black end is baleen.


ak-wal-59_2.jpg (164725 bytes) ak-wal-59_3.jpg (165622 bytes) ak-wal-59_4.jpg (171124 bytes) ak-wal-59_5.jpg (167087 bytes)

ak-wal-59_6.jpg (165085 bytes) ak-wal-59_7.jpg (162231 bytes) ak-wal-59_8.jpg (164102 bytes)

ak-wal-59_10.jpg (179079 bytes) ak-wal-59_1.jpg (163782 bytes) ak-wal-59_11.jpg (179044 bytes)


This is an old and wonderful tusk, just acquired 12/16/15.  It came from a flea market in Berlin New Jersey.

Theme on the tusk are detailed scenes of father, and mother with child in back of parka, large village scene with kayaks up on stilts, skins drying on racks, numerous houses, walrus, mountain scenes, pair of whale ribs etc.

Weight: 4 pounds

Measures: 25-1/2" long, 3" across base, x 1-1/2" across tip


ak-wal-60_13.jpg (182572 bytes)

ak-wal-60_1.jpg (161636 bytes) ak-wal-60_2.jpg (157278 bytes) ak-wal-60_3.jpg (171258 bytes) ak-wal-60_4.jpg (170012 bytes)

ak-wal-60_5.jpg (162727 bytes) ak-wal-60_6.jpg (178325 bytes) ak-wal-60_7.jpg (156733 bytes) ak-wal-60_8.jpg (166927 bytes) ak-wal-60_9.jpg (164607 bytes)


Base added is a woolly mammoth back bone vertebra from Siberia, Russia, 10,000 years old.  Measures 12-1/2" long x 6" wide x 2-1/2" tall.  Full tusk with brass rods in the base measures 8" tall.  Spectacular.

ak-wal-60_10.jpg (164830 bytes) ak-wal-60_11.jpg (159641 bytes) ak-wal-60 _12.jpg (158399 bytes)

This LARGE and detailed tusk came to us from a pawn shop in Georgia.  Origination was Anchorage, Alaska.  The owner acquired this tusk some 40 years ago when he was stationed in Alaska.  Currently we are working with the family to track down more history on this piece.  It came without the base.  It appears that the wood cap on the end had small items glued to it, which are not there.

Theme of the tusk is Family.  From Left to Right: trapper's cabin, Eskimo style with husky sled dogs, with a bear hide drying on rack.  The next 4 scenes are all of family members (yet to be identified).  The far right figure is Joe's father.  2nd from right is: Female with child is Joe's mother and oldest sister.  3rd from right: Eskimo spearing fish is possibly Joe himself.  4th from right: Elderly Eskimo lady is more than likely Joe's grandmother.

Measures 28-5/8" long.  Widest part of tusk and the end are 3-1/8" tall.

Weight: 6 pounds 3.8 ounces


ak-wal-61_9.jpg (202512 bytes)

ak-wal-61_1.jpg (880689 bytes) ak-wal-61_2.jpg (877531 bytes) ak-wal-61_3.jpg (874814 bytes)ak-wal-61_4.jpg (840713 bytes)

ak-wal-61_5.jpg (857644 bytes) ak-wal-61_6.jpg (864518 bytes) ak-wal-61_7.jpg (880709 bytes) ak-wal-61_8.jpg (848273 bytes)


Baby walrus tusk measures 

11-1/8" long x 1-1/4" wide x 1" deep.  No cap.  Subject:  Polar bear, Hunter in gear laying down, spear at his side, and sled dog nearby.





From Krista, Montana

Measures (following curvature) 23-1/2" long x 1-3/4" deep x 2-1/2" tall
On base, 5-3/8" tall
Tusk weight: 3 pounds 9 ounces





From Krista, Montana

Measures (following curvature) 19-1/2" long x 1-3/4" deep x 2-5/8" tall
On base, 5-1/4" tall
Tusk weight: 2 pounds 14 ounces


From Cecil in Alaska

Cecil allowed us to photograph the Joe Blatchford signed tusk he has in his possession while we were in Anchorage, November 2015

cecil1.jpg (28141 bytes) cecil6.jpg (24717 bytes)

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Cecil then agreed to sell us the tusk (July 2017).  We are honored to own this unique piece of Joe's work
as part of this collection.



Walrus tusk, from Anchorage Alaska
Signed "Joe Blatchford, Golovin AK".   Golovin is Joe's hometown.  
This is the ONLY tusk of Joe's work that has the unique design of KAYAK only used in Golovin with the high, built-up hole in the center due to the rough waters they hunt in.  
Tusk appears to be inscribed with Cecil's name (last photo).
Weight: 1 pound 14 ounces
Measures: 22-1/8" long x 2" across base x 1-1/8" thick





FROM MINNESOTA (December 2019)
Measures (following curvature) 27" long x 1-78" thickest; wide end of tusk is 3" across; tip is 7/8" wide
Weight of tusk itself: 5 pounds 4 ounces
Base is Alaska moose antler, measures 9-1/2" long x 4-1/2" thick x 8-1/4" tall in the middle.
Signed Joe Blatchford
Height of tusk on stand is 6"
Weight of tusk and stand is 8 pounds 5 ounces
OUTSTANDING colors of green, brown and yellow.  
Pre-accident work, lines are so sharp.
Subjects are: Joe's mother and father; 7 rams; eagle, 
mountains, boulders and treescape
End cap is mother's face in bas relief in walrus ivory on black whale baleen


Early Joe tusk acquired July 2020
28-3/4” long x 1” across tip
2-5/8” across open end
1-3/4” thickest.
Weight:  3.5 pounds
Simple design with walrus head on one end, Eagle head on the other.
Signed “Joe Blatchford”
Repaired break near tip


Acquired from a collector in Texas 2021

Walrus tusk with multi scenes of an igloo (far right) in the forest, drying racks, his mother fishing with fish catch and dog nearby; father shooting bow and arrow towards four walrus; six Canada gees on far left.

Signed: Joe Blatchford with a B below and signature seal image

Measures: 27” long linear; 28” following curvature x 3” across x 2” deep

Weight: 6 pounds 5.9 ounces







FROM MINNESOTA (December 2019)
Magnificent, MONSTER, large and heavy
Skull and tusks 32" long;
10" across top of skull; 7-1/2" thick; 27" skull girth
Teeth 1" diameter
Weight: a whopping 30 pounds 12 ounces
In color:  gray and yellow,
SIZE of tusks and
Pre-accident work, very sharp
Subject: Mother and father, both sides; 2 black-headed sea gulls





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Roy allowed us to photograph the two Joe Blatchford signed tusks he has in his possession in Anchorage Alaska, November 2015.

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Tusk 1

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Tusk 2 

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Tusk 3 (June 2019)


Not acquired, still owned by collectors who shared these photos with us.






No measurements or weights available.
Owned by Dennis in the Seattle area
His thoughts on this tusk:
The tusk came to me via an estate sale in the Seattle, Washington area. In doing some research on Joe and native tusk art in general I came across your site (as I'm sure many others have along the way). The information that you share about Joe and his life and artwork really adds another layer to owning one of his pieces. For you to have known him personally must be a true joy. The artwork is absolutely beautiful. I personally had never seen any scrimshaw work, and it is my opinion that pictures probably never do this work justice. The piece has light coloring in many areas such as the water, the paddle and spear, woman's lips and neck area, along with her mukluks. Possible coloring on the kayak and hunter as well. The scene is lovely, with a lot going on for a smaller piece. The piece weighs just a hair under 2 pounds. The piece is about 12-1/2" long, with the base measuring about 1-1/2" x 2-1/4". There are two holes in the tusk near the base, where the base anchors are mounted.  I believe the base to be mammoth tusk.  I am thrilled to share it with you as I can see the appreciation that you have for Joe's work. 

Glenn's comments on the tusk:
The most outstanding feature of this carving is the kayak his father is in was only used by the Eskimos in his native village of Golovin, as the waters were very rough there so they made the tall gusset to surround themselves with so they would get wet or swamp the kayaks. Nowhere else in all of Alaska do the natives use such a kayak like this. The lady is his mother and one of joe's 17 siblings is on her back. He father was killed by a bull seal when he was a young man, and that is why there is always a seal in all of his works. Joe also lost an uncle to a bull seal a couple of years after his father. Because his father was no longer the head of the family and couldn't help with the annual food gathering process for the village, his family had to leave and go to the city in order to survive. 





Jerry relates:
This is a large piece that registers on Boone and Crocket. And one of his best examples I’ve seen to me anyway.




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Weight:  Approximately 10 pounds; tusks are 21" long.




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His dad lived in Alaska a few years, and purchased this tusk mount while he was there.


TUSK MOUNT - Brian, Alaska 9/17/16



I purchased a full head walrus mount in 1990.  I wanted to share with you. The mount has the lower jaw with all of its teeth. The tusks are 23-1/2" long from where they are glued into skull and 8" in circumference at the skull.  One of the hunter scrim resembles what may be his father. The other tusk depicts his uncle. I have owned this piece for over 25 years and have never researched its origin until today. 

I had been eying the mount in an ivory retail store on 4th avenue in Anchorage for a while and during fur rondy in 1989 or 1990.  I had to have it.
We named it Chumly and it has traveled many miles from AK to Illinois to Colorado back to AK back to Colorado and finally back to AK again. It has it's own special shipping crate.
If you would like to use the pictures you have my permission.
We now live in Sterling AK where Chumly is proudly displayed in our living room.


TUSK MOUNT - Ana, Florida 10/17/17

This beautiful walrus tusk mount by Joe Blatchford was given to Ana in Florida 35 years ago.  She shared the photos and story with us on Facebook.

She wants $35,000 for it.  A bit too high at the moment.


This beautiful section of mammoth tusk carved by Joe Blatchford is owned by Kama in Hawaii.  It measures over 3 feet long. 

Glenn estimates, due to the simplicity of the carving, that Joe carved it sometimes in the early 1970’s before the family left the village of Golovin to move to Homer Alaska.  Kama relates that the piece was given to him by a close friend who is no longer alive. 

He believes they purchased the piece in the 80’s or 90’s, assuming they purchased it in Kona, Hawaii.

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