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Contents:  Virtual Tour of Dinosaur World--Plant City, FL




Sign seen from freeway hosted by a friendly T-Rex

Dino world billboard sign.jpg (38788 bytes)  Dino world closeup dino at billboard.jpg (38538 bytes)

Advertised with a baby Brachiosaurus at the nearby Comfort Inn

Dino World Brachiosaurus at hotel 1.jpg (37015 bytes) Dino World Brachiosaurus at hotel 2.jpg (38545 bytes)

Those that go to Disney World in Orlando may miss the best attraction of all!  One hour west of Orlando (1/2 hour from Tampa) on Highway I-4 is Dinosaur World in Plant City, Florida,  Exit 17.  You can spend 3 hours or bring a picnic lunch for a full day of fun for $9.75 adults, $7.75 for kids, worth every penny.  Open every day.  Over 150 life-size dinosaurs in a natural outdoors jungle setting of ferns, cypress and banana trees.  We are not easily impressed - but this is an awesome experience for young and old.  Well maintained and educational.  Birthday parties and field trips are welcome with group rates.  There is another Dinosaur World in Cave City Kentucky too!  Full details at www.dinoworld.net .  In the meantime, enjoy our Virtual Tour...

Triceratops at the Entrance, the unique archway and tree near archway give a clue of the neat place this is...

Dino world entrance sign.jpg (39498 bytes)  Dino world entrance Triceratops.jpg (40863 bytes)

Dino world archway.jpg (39529 bytes)  Dino world tree over archway.jpg (39791 bytes)

and of course Glenn (kid at heart that he is) couldn't resist this pose:

72 Glenn on dino in archway.jpg (38124 bytes)

Brachiosaurus mama seen from the bridge to gift shop

Dino world Brachiosaurus near gift shop.jpg (40181 bytes)

And another huge brachiosaurus

Dino world Brontosaurus near gift shop.jpg (38359 bytes)

View of a fossil dinosaur replica seen from the bridge

Dino world skeleton next to river.jpg (38828 bytes)

The front of the gift shop - Enter at your own risk!  You feel like you're entering a Jurassic Park!

Dino world gift shop front.jpg (40492 bytes)

and a new species we call "Buttasaurus", keep your humor folks, it's for cigarette disposal...

71 Buttasaurus.jpg (38055 bytes)


Dino world gift store back 1.jpg (38629 bytes)  Dino world gift store back 2.jpg (39756 bytes)

The picnic area and mural...

Dino world picnic mural.jpg (39877 bytes)

A nearby dinosaur puzzle to assemble

Dino world puzzle.jpg (40156 bytes)

And a T-rex for youngsters to enter through the back for "say Ahhh" pictures..

Dino world T rex step in mouth.jpg (40179 bytes)

Now begins the dinosaur habitat tour!
1 Lystrosaurus.jpg (38358 bytes)

Lystrosaurus ("spoon lizard"), a sturdy plant-eater with distinctive tusks

2 Protoceratops.jpg (39603 bytes)

Protoceratops ("first horn face", related to Triceratops with a bump instead of a horn

63A Protoceratops eating, Raptor being eaten.jpg (39993 bytes)

Protoceratops (eating) 

Raptor being eaten

3 Elasmosaurus and Mosasaurus 1.jpg (39795 bytes)

Elasmosaurus - the tall one ("thin plate lizard"), a plesiosaur, the same as the Loch Ness Monster claimed to exist in Scotland)

4 Elasmosaurus and Mosasaurus 2.jpg (39704 bytes)

Mosasaurus ("long one"), a marine reptile named for the river in Holland

6 Massospondylus.jpg (39734 bytes)

Massospondylus ("massive vertebrae") an herbivore 13 feet long with large thumb claws

7 Tanystropheus.jpg (39953 bytes)

Tanystropheus  ("long vertebrae") with a very long neck but only 10 vertebrae)

8 Saurosuchus.jpg (39660 bytes)

Saurosuchus ("lizard crocodile") a meat eater.  Meat eaters usually died when they lost their teeth rather than from old age

9 fantasy tadpole with teeth.jpg (40694 bytes)

Fantasy species we call Tadpole Horriblus

10 Coelophysis.jpg (40410 bytes)

Coelophysis ("hollow bones") found in New Mexico, they traveled in herds and cared for their young

11 Liliensternus.jpg (40198 bytes)

Liliensternus (a therapod named for the German that discovered it)

12 Ceratosaurus.jpg (39852 bytes)

Ceratosaurus (a horned lizard that hunts in packs)

13 Stegosaurus 1.jpg (40451 bytes)

14 Stegosaurus 2.jpg (39981 bytes)

Stegosaurus (roofed lizard) has the smallest brain of all dinosaurs

15 Scutellosaurus.jpg (38859 bytes)

Scutellosaurus (little shield lizard) the size of a house dog

16 Gastonia.jpg (40832 bytes)

Gastonia  (an ankylosaur, named for Robert Gaston, an amateur scientist who discovered it)

17 Utahraptor.jpg (40800 bytes)

Utahraptor ("thief from Utah") a kind of Velociraptor as in Jurassic Park

18 Pterodactylus.jpg (39125 bytes)

Pterodactylus ("wing finger") with hollow bones that flew and ate insects

19 Huayangosaurus.jpg (39307 bytes)

Huayangosaurus (named for where it was found in Huayang, China), a stegosaur

20 Dilophosaurus.jpg (39513 bytes)

Dilophosaurus (two crested lizard) but no frill as in Jurassic Park (fiction)

21 Saltasaurus.jpg (39859 bytes)

Saltasaurus (found in Salta, Argentina), a sauropod

22 Ornitholestes.jpg (39803 bytes)

Ornitholestes ("bird robber) small and agile

23 Styracosaurus.jpg (40885 bytes)

Styracosaurus ("spiked lizard") traveled in herds

24 Iguanodon.jpg (39931 bytes)

Iguanodon ("iguana tooth") tooth found in 1822 by Mary Ann Mantell is the first recognized dinosaur fossil, displayed in New Zealand 

25 Deinonychus 1.jpg (39604 bytes)

26 Deinonychus 2.jpg (39544 bytes)

Deinonychus ("terrible claw"), hunted in packs, one of the most dangerous dinosaurs

27 Parasaurolophus.jpg (39474 bytes)

Parasaurolophus - a hadrosaur with a weird hollow crest that may have been used to make sounds like a didgeridoo

28 Thescelosaurus.jpg (39388 bytes)

Thescelosaurus ("marvelous lizard") an ornithopod, one found skeleton with a fossilized heart was named Willo, displayed at the museum in Raleigh NC

29 Psittacosaurus.jpg (40205 bytes)

Psittacosaurus ("parrot lizard") with a beak for eating vegetation, first found in Mongolia

30 Saichania.jpg (40597 bytes)

Saichania ("beautiful" in Mongolian language) named for the beautifully preserved fossil found there; a club tailed dinosaur

31 Tyrannosaurus Rex.jpg (40401 bytes)

Tyrannosaurus Rex ("tyrant lizard king") made famous by Jurassic Park

32 Carnotaurus.jpg (40939 bytes)

Carnotaurus ("meat-eating bull") only one specimen ever found,  a real devil of a terror, which some have likened to their ex-wives

33 Leallynasaura.jpg (38819 bytes)

Leaellynasaura (named for Leaellyn, the daughter of one of the discoverers; specimen found in Australia

34 Brachylophosaurus.jpg (40009 bytes)

Brachylophosaurus ("short crested lizard") the crest is solid; specimens found in Canada

35 Stegoceras.jpg (40007 bytes)

Stegoceras ("covered horn") a pachycephalosaur with a head like a bicycle helmet perhaps used for butting heads with rivals

36 Triceratops.jpg (38162 bytes)

Triceratops ("three-horned face") made popular by The Land Before Time film

37 Stygimoloch.jpg (40073 bytes)

Stygimoloch ("River of Hades demon") name is Greek and Hebrew, named for where it was found in Hell Creek, Montana

38 Spinosaurus.jpg (38423 bytes)

Spinosaurus ("spiny lizard") a carnosaur shown in Jurassic Park III; the most complete specimen was destroyed in WW II

39 Ultrasaurus.jpg (40339 bytes)

Ultrasaurus ("ultra lizard") with some of the largest bones of dinosaurs

40 Fossil dig area.jpg (38331 bytes)

Fossil dig

41 Minmi.jpg (38221 bytes)

Minmi (named for its discovered site) the shortest named dinosaur

42 Dromiceiomimus.jpg (38929 bytes)

Dromiceiomimus ("Emu mimic") for its resemblance to the emu bird; good vision and intelligence

44 Boneyard 1 Ultrasaurus leg.jpg (40620 bytes)  45 Boneyard 2.jpg (37770 bytes)  46 Boneyard 3.jpg (37497 bytes)

Bone yard with Ultrasaurus leg

43 Maiasaura.jpg (38423 bytes)

Maiasaura ("good mother lizard") known from large nests found in Montana, young stayed with the herd for a long time

47 Hylaeosaurus.jpg (40549 bytes)

Hylaeosaurus ("woods eater") an ankylosaur plant eater

48 Euoplocephalus.jpg (40889 bytes)

Euoplocephalus ("well armored head") specimens found in Canada, an ankylosaur

49 Torosaurus.jpg (40549 bytes)

Torosaurus ("piercing lizard" ) a ceratopsian with the largest frill

50 Tsintaosaurus.jpg (40257 bytes)

Tsintaosaurus (named for where it was found, Tsintau China) a hadrosaur nicknamed  the "Chinese unicorn"

52 Scelidosaurus.jpg (38433 bytes)

Scelidosaurus ("ribbed lizard") a plant eater found in England

51 How they make the dinos.jpg (37489 bytes)

This display shows how dinosaurs are carved from styrofoam

53 Chasmosaurus.jpg (38237 bytes)

69 Chasmosaurus.jpg (39494 bytes)

Chasmosaurus ("cleft lizard") named for the large holes in the frilled bone, without the holes it would be too heavy to hold up his head

54 Pelecanimimus.jpg (38577 bytes)

Pelecanimimus ("pelican mimic"), a coelursaur specimen found in Spain with over 200 teeth

55 Silvisaurus.jpg (38760 bytes)

Silvisaurus ("forest lizard") specimen found in a cow pasture in Kansas, the skeleton damaged by the cows' hooves

56 Dicynodon-top, Lycaenops-bottom.jpg (40219 bytes)

Dicynodon (top) ("double dog tooth" with no teeth and only 2 fangs for digging roots

Lycaenops (bottom) ("wolf face") a meat eater that hunted in packs

57 Pachycephalosaurus.jpg (40099 bytes)

Pachycephalosaurus ("thick headed lizard") a plant eater that butted heads with rivals as mountain goats do.

58 Dryptosaurus-small.jpg (40429 bytes)

59 Dryptosaurus-killer.jpg (40378 bytes)

Dryptosaurus killing another ("tearing lizard") a carnosaur with large claws, it hunted alone

60 Dromaeosaurus-red.jpg (37996 bytes)

Dromaeosaurus ("fast lizard") fleet of foot, with large claws, they hunted in packs

61 Troodon.jpg (40883 bytes)

Troodon ("tearing tooth") once known as Stenonycosaurus, a meat eater with large eyes and brain, found in Montana

62 Gasosaurus-eater, Raptor-running away.jpg (39681 bytes)

Gasosaurus (eater) a carnosaur found on the property of a gas company

Velociraptor (running away) (raptor means "thief" like the hyena of the dinosaur world

63 Avimimus.jpg (38395 bytes)

Avimimus ("bird mimic") found in Mongolia, with large eyes & brain, thin legs & birdlike feet

64 Trashasaurus.jpg (37897 bytes)

A subspecies of Parasaurolophus we named  "Trashasaurus"

65 Allosaurus.jpg (38716 bytes)

Allosaurus ("other lizard" - second fiddle to T-Rex) a carnosaur, one of the largest North American meat eaters

66 Brachiosaurus adult.jpg (40602 bytes)  68 Brachiosaurus adult.jpg (40121 bytes)

67 Brachiosaurus babies.jpg (39987 bytes)  70 Brachiosaurus.jpg (39858 bytes)

Brachiosaurus ("arm lizard") group display of adults and babies, a plant eater that lived in forests rather than in water.  An adult needs 400 pounds of food a day.  Not pet material!

And finally, believe it or not, the restrooms were artfully decorated with dinosaur murals, we couldn't resist another series of photos - yes we DID wait till everyone was out:


The handicap stall

73 bathrm 1.jpg (38380 bytes)  73 bathrm 7.jpg (37222 bytes)

Backs of other stalls:

73 bathrm 4.jpg (36832 bytes)  73 bathrm 8.jpg (36985 bytes)

Hand dryer wall:

73 bathrm 6.jpg (37653 bytes)  73 bathrm 2.jpg (38185 bytes)

Entrance door

73 bathrm 3.jpg (37014 bytes)

Over the stalls:

73 bathrm 5.jpg (37273 bytes)


73 bathrm 9.jpg (37273 bytes)  73 bathrm 10.jpg (38566 bytes)  73 bathrm 11.jpg (37599 bytes)

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