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The Arena Spectacular

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Columbia, South Carolina

October 2010

We saw the previews of the live show on PBS and bought tickets to the show that weekend.  We were wowed by the "Live" dinosaur theater with superior animatronics and some humans in costumes, superbly scary and professionally done!


The menacing set of teeth filled the end of the stage, as a precursor of what was to come!  A narrator paleontologist led us through history.

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In the lobby was a hilarious Program-seller in a Dinosaur costume

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walk2.jpg (122824 bytes)

Liliensternus babies hatching from eggs, in the center of the stage

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Followed by the mother Liliensternus checking on the hatching eggs

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walk40.jpg (117704 bytes)  walk41.jpg (124560 bytes)

The narrator began the story of time, leading up to the entrance of dinosaurs on the earthly scene.  The inflatable vegetation lit up with a real wow factor

walk7.jpg (166631 bytes)

Stegosaurus enters the scene

walk8.jpg (164966 bytes)  walk44.jpg (123221 bytes)  walk9.jpg (159766 bytes)  walk42.jpg (130137 bytes)  walk43.jpg (130238 bytes)

Huge T-Rex makes a scary entrance!

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walk48.jpg (124993 bytes)  walk49.jpg (129646 bytes)  walk50.jpg (116875 bytes)

T-Rex meets Stegosaurus

walk51.jpg (119062 bytes)

Gigantic Brachiosaurus, the head towering near the ceiling, enters gracefully

walk10.jpg (160774 bytes)  walk53.jpg (113847 bytes)  walk54.jpg (124912 bytes)  walk55.jpg (128656 bytes)

walk56.jpg (115488 bytes)  walk57.jpg (125420 bytes)

And Tyrannosaurus Rex enters as a threat to the mama & baby Brachiosaurus

walk11.jpg (151129 bytes)  walk58.jpg (119663 bytes)  walk59.jpg (129328 bytes)  walk60.jpg (114245 bytes)

walk61.jpg (114903 bytes)  walk62.jpg (116558 bytes)

You can see the dinosaurs also on the huge screens on either side too

walk12.jpg (147246 bytes)

And the lights change constantly to keep the scene in darkness, blue, or bright lights

walk13.jpg (145573 bytes)

A flying Ornithocheirus with a huge movie screen makes it seem like it's really flying over ocean and land

walk14.jpg (155566 bytes)  walk15.jpg (179187 bytes)  walk16.jpg (141644 bytes)  walk63.jpg (120883 bytes)

Three Utahraptors enter the scene, trouble!

walk17.jpg (168225 bytes)  walk68.jpg (121623 bytes)  walk64.jpg (117725 bytes)  walk65.jpg (122088 bytes)  walk66.jpg (120295 bytes)

walk67.jpg (123153 bytes)  walk69.jpg (119266 bytes)

You can see the legs of the person that directs the raptor dinosaur costume

walk70.jpg (119557 bytes)

The vegetation is getting more lush, a beautiful sight!

walk18.jpg (157883 bytes)  walk19.jpg (157227 bytes)

Torosaurus enters the scene

walk20.jpg (148534 bytes)  walk71.jpg (124373 bytes)  walk72.jpg (119867 bytes)  walk73.jpg (110055 bytes)  walk74.jpg (125845 bytes)

Two of the Toprosaurus face off here!

walk75.jpg (122452 bytes)  walk76.jpg (119733 bytes)  walk77.jpg (123491 bytes)  walk78.jpg (125569 bytes)  walk79.jpg (118724 bytes)

Ankylosaurus ambles onstage, note the weapon at the end of its tail!

walk21.jpg (136877 bytes)  walk83.jpg (125590 bytes)

walk23.jpg (131045 bytes)  walk80.jpg (130023 bytes)

walk81.jpg (122391 bytes)

Both Torosaurus and Ankylosaurus in one scene

walk24.jpg (164866 bytes)

More color changes as Triceratops moves across the stage

walk25.jpg (154096 bytes)

Baby T-Rex and Ankylosaurus meet.  The Baby teases the adult, until mama enters to "protect" her baby

walk82.jpg (125943 bytes)

walk94.jpg (129636 bytes)

walk26.jpg (158647 bytes)

Enter fearsome Mama T-Rex!  She is NOT happy

walk84.jpg (116228 bytes)  walk85.jpg (121658 bytes)  walk86.jpg (126962 bytes)  walk27.jpg (144809 bytes)

walk87.jpg (126291 bytes)  walk88.jpg (125146 bytes)  walk89.jpg (125532 bytes)  walk28.jpg (140500 bytes)

Baby is "safe" so mama and baby nuzzle noses, an "awww" moment

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The dramatic ending shows the crashing of a huge meteorite on earth, effectively ending the Era of the Dinosaurs

walk33.jpg (159816 bytes)  walk96.jpg (122122 bytes)


Some great Americana near downtown Columbia.  A giant fire hydrant and tromp l'oeiel tunnel

walk36.jpg (132702 bytes)  walk37.jpg (137353 bytes)


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