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Contents:  Fossil oosiks of seal, walrus; Modern (white) oosiks of raccoon, badger, river otter, coyote,  pine marten, red fox; Ode to an Oosik poem; Fossil Fox teeth

OOSIKS ( oosicks)

(Fossil & modern penis bones, baculum)

Yes, some animals do have a real bone as the sexual organ, such as seal, polar bear, raccoon, walrus, mink, coyote, beaver, river otter, badger and red fox!  When they fossilize they are often used in carving knife handles.  Large walrus oosiks are even made into cribbage boards!

fredwoosik.jpg (72879 bytes)

This is an example of a particularly large walrus oosik owned by a pottery artist in North Carolina. This one is not fossilized - it is from a walrus hunted legally by Eskimo people and carved (in this case a face is carved in one end) so it can be sold outside of Alaska.


SEAL OOSIKS (baculum)

average 1000 years old, found on St. Lawrence Island in Alaska

Not polished unless specified
(and) Measurements are following the curve.

Individually priced.


5", 1 incomplete end, polished. 



3-1/2" long, ends worn



4-1/4" long, one end incomplete, wide end nicked



5" long, narrow end nicked



4-7/8" long, narrow end nicked, interesting spur near narrow end



5" long, wide end slight nick, intact spurs an inch back, incomplete narrow end



5-1/8" long, both ends incomplete



4-3/8" long, both ends complete



5-1/4" long, both ends incomplete, but nice definition at bulge 1" from wide end



5" long, wide end complete, bulge still contains spurs, incomplete narrow end



5-1/8" long, complete wide end, small nick 1" back but intact spurs in that inch; incomplete narrow end



4-3/4" long, complete both ends



5-5/8" long, complete wide end and bulge spurs, slight nick on narrow end, but good definition



4-1/4" long, x 1-1/8" widest, very thick specimen, complete both ends. Primo.



4-1/2" long, incomplete both ends but spur definitions 1" from wide end is good



5-1/8" long x 1" thickest, very thick specimen; complete both ends (primo)

$90  SOLD


4-1/2" long, complete both ends. Primo.



5" long, natural polish, wide end complete and nubs are perfect; narrow end small nick



5-7/8" long, complete at wide bulged end, good spur definition; incomplete narrow end




average 1000 years old, found on St. Lawrence Island in Alaska, collective by native Inuit Eskimo each spring

These can no longer be removed from Alaska without artwork on them, so when these are gone, they're gone!

f650a.jpg (151509 bytes) f650b.jpg (141441 bytes) f650c.jpg (150569 bytes) f650d.jpg (166824 bytes)

#F-650  Measures 12-3/8" long x 1" widest x 7/8" thickest; complete on largest end

$190  SOLD

f651a.jpg (141260 bytes) f651b.jpg (143878 bytes) f651c.jpg (158411 bytes) f651d.jpg (159243 bytes)

#F-651  Measures 11-5/8" long x 1-1/4" widest x 1-1/4" thickest.  Rough, bone marrow exposed on big end

$140  SOLD

f652a.jpg (147173 bytes) f652b.jpg (142495 bytes) f652c.jpg (157046 bytes) f652d.jpg (151889 bytes)

#F-652 Measures 14-3/8" long x 1" widest x 7/8" thickest, rough exterior, open holes on both ends


f653a.jpg (142994 bytes) f653b.jpg (148880 bytes) f653c.jpg (142511 bytes)

#F-653  Measures 15" long x 7/8" widest x 3/4" thickest; rough exterior; bone marrow exposed on larger end

$165  SOLD

f654a.jpg (170538 bytes) f654b.jpg (163196 bytes) f654c.jpg (172139 bytes) f654d.jpg (197728 bytes)

#F-654  Juvenile size, 8" long x 5/8" thickest x 1/2" widest, smooth texture; complete on narrow end


#F-655  9-1/2" long x 1-1/4" widest x 1" deep; Incomplete both ends, rough piece, priced accordingly



14-7/8” long x 1-3/4” wide x 1-1/2” deep
Both ends incomplete, wide, solid piece

Weight: 1 pound 11.6 ounces

$210 SOLD

19” long (linear) x 1-3/8” wide x 1-1/8” thick
Smooth, long specimen
Both ends complete, solid heavy specimen

Weight: 1 pound .5 ounce

$310  SOLD


17” long (linear) x 1-3/8” wide x 1-1/4” deep
Smooth, one ends complete; hole in wide end perhaps 2” deep.

1 pound 2.6 ounces; nice heavy piece.

$295  SOLD


SEE MORE WALRUS OOSIKS CARVED BY ESKIMO ARTISTS on the following link, alphabetically under Oosiks:

Alaska Page 5


BELOW ARE MODERN OOSIKS FROM LEGAL HUNTING IN THE U.S.  These are ways of using 100% of the animal in a useful manner as educational or collectible items.


F671.jpg (37891 bytes)

#F-670 AOKAY so it's not a fossil, but it's an Oosik - raccoon to be exact.  2-1/2" long, one end chipped.  Ladies in the  Deep South always carry one in their purse, and they're found in many restaurants in the South.  They're called pecker picks (they make  great toothpicks!).  BELIEVE IT OR NOT, it is true, folks. 

(13 available)



F670B.jpg (36904 bytes)

#F-671  Average 5" 

(5 available)



F672.jpg (37332 bytes)

#F-672  Average 4"

$12.00 each   SOLD


F673.jpg (38683 bytes)

#F-673  Average 3" (see the trough that runs down the center).

(14 available)



f675a.jpg (39671 bytes)

#F-675-A 2" long.

(22 available)



f675b.jpg (39103 bytes)

#F-675-B  Average 1-1/2" long.

(6 available)



f675c.jpg (158148 bytes)  

#F-675-C  Average 2" long

(12 available)



LINK to see Modern Gator OOSIKS, near the bottom of page

Gators page 5


Ode to an Oosik

Strange things have been done in the Midnight Sun, and the story books are full..

But the strangest tale concerns the male magnificent walrus bull!

I Know it's rude, quite common and crude, perhaps it is grossly unkind;

But with first glance at least, this bewhiskered beast,  is as ugly in front as behind.

Look once again, take a second look--then you'll see he's not ugly or vile--

There's a hint of a grin, in that blubbery chin, and the eyes have a sly secret smile.

How can this be, this clandestine glee that exudes from the walrus like music

He knows, there inside, beneath blubber and hide lies a splendid contrivance - the Oosik!

"Oosik" you say..and quite well you may, I'll explain if you keep it between us;

In the simplest truth, though rather uncouth, "Oosik" is, in fact, his penis!

Now the size alone of this walrus bone would indeed arouse envious thinking

It is also a fact, documented and backed, there is never a softening or shrinking.

This, then, is why the smile is so sly, the walrus is rightfully proud.

Though the climate is frigid, the walrus is rigid, pray why is not man so endowed?

Added to this, is a smile you might miss..though the bull is entitled to bow

The one to out-smile our bull by a mile is the satisfied walrus cow!


LINK to ROMANIAN CAVE BEAR OOSIKS, near the bottom of Fossils page 2:

Fossil Page 2



(Alaska, minimum 10,000 years old)

f255a.jpg (37041 bytes)

#F-655-A  $9  SOLD


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