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You Are On:  Rocks & Minerals Page 1



Page 1 - You are on Page 1:  Aurora crystals, Ulexite (T.V. Rock), Bismuth, Gemstone ID Charts, Tumbled gems, Rhodochrosite, Galena

Page 2  QUARTZ display specimens, Mexican quartz points, clear quartz points, citrine, amethyst points & display pieces; Aragonite from Spain

Page 3  FULGURITES from Australia & Texas; CAVE STALACTITES from Mexico

Page 4  FULGURITES from Georgia

Page 5  Pyrite specimens Peru, Pyrite suns from Illinois; Desert Roses, Picture Jasper, Septarian Nodule slices; Mimetolith links

Page 6  Michigan freeform & nugget copper, Peacock Rock, Fluorite, Ricolite, Travertine, Malachite polished, Ocean Jasper, Lepidolite, Carborundum, Apache Tears

Page 7  LIZZADRO Lapidary MUSEUM, Elmhurst, Illinois - Virtual Tour

Page 8  PETRIFIED WOOD from Utah, China, Arizona & Nevada - tumbled, limb casts & crystallized; color chart of petrified wood

Page 9  Garnets from China; Slices of Polar Jade from Canada; FLUORESCENT ROCKS & GLASS:  vaseline glass marbles, rhombohedral calcite, Sodalite, and Willemite; Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper (rough), Gem cabs for polishing,  Fluorescent Rock display Smithsonian 

Page 10  VERMONT MARBLE MUSEUM, Proctor, Vermont - Virtual Tour

Page 11  Herkimer diamonds, Astrophylite, Labradorite specimens, Fire Agate nodules


These are natural, clear quartz crystal formations from Hot Springs, Arkansas that have been bombarded with titanium in a lab in Rochester, Minnesota to permanently coat them with this beautiful iridized color. 

Titanium Dark Iridescent "Aura"

Aurora Crystals

Individually priced

r1-26.JPG (158851 bytes)


2" long x 1-3/8" wide x 1" tall


r1-33.JPG (161123 bytes)


1-5/8" long x 1-1/8" wide x 7/8" tall


  r1-36.JPG (158085 bytes)


1-1/2" long x 1" wide x 1-3/8" tall


   r1-41.JPG (156562 bytes)


2" long x 1-5/8" wide x 1" tall


 r1-47.JPG (146262 bytes)


3-7/8" long x 1-1/16" wide x 1" tall


 r1-48.JPG (144413 bytes)


2-3/8" long x 1-3/8" wide x 7/8" tall


"Opalized" White Iridescent "Aura"

Aurora Crystals

Individually priced.

r2-11a.JPG (154943 bytes) r2-11b.JPG (159381 bytes)


1-1/2 x 1-1/8 x 1" tall


r2-13a.JPG (155357 bytes) r2-13b.JPG (156801 bytes)


1-3/4 x 1-3/8 x 1-3/8" tall


r2-15a.JPG (163007 bytes) r2-15b.JPG (165816 bytes)


3 x 2-3/8 x1-3/8" tall




 This is by far the most interesting and popular mineral we have in the shop!  "Ulexite" is a natural mineral (NaCaB5O9.8H2o) from a borax mine in Boron, California.  Our specimens are straight from the mine so it's all A grade clarity.   It is calcium-sodium hydrated borax.  It exhibits a unique fiber-optic property - when one polished end is placed on a newspaper or picture, the capillary fibers transmit or project the picture to the top of the rock!  This is NOT a transparent stone.  Kids just know it's weird and wonderful!

Borax mine.jpg (39464 bytes)  Ulexite mine truck specs.jpg (36124 bytes)

Above is a photo of the borax mine in Boron, CA where we obtained the Ulexite.  Colemanite and Kernite are also mined here.  Lest you think this truck is not very big, see Heidi standing in front of the tire on the top picture.  The specs of the monster truck are in the right-hand picture.

Photos below are on a standard business card.



3" across x 1-3/4" tall x 2" deep 


3-3/8" long x 1-7/8" tall x 2" deepest  SOLD
2-1/8" to 2-1/2"  $22 each


1-7/8" to 2"  $20 each

1-5/8" to 1-3/4"  $16 each






































1-3/8" to 1-1/2"  $14 each


































1" to 1-1/4"  $12 each































  Our specimens are from North Carolina where we found "Mad Scientist Bill" who's been growing them for 12 years.  Bill recently passed away (8/16/04), he will be sorely missed as a gentle and kind friend.

mvc-286s.jpg (71388 bytes) mvc-474s.jpg (71755 bytes)

The second picture is the lovely display we made of the specimens we purchased.  



Native element (Bi) originally found in Peru, perfect crystals are grown from pure bismuth in lab conditions.  Blue and rainbow colors are natural.  Amazing patterns of stair steps!  Scarce as silver, heavier than lead (1 cubic foot of bismuth weighs 600 pounds), semi-metal.  Non-toxic, used in medicines and cosmetics (the BIS in Pepto Bismol, for instance) it makes a superb display specimen and gift.

Small Bismuth Display specimens

3 to 29 grams

priced as marked


4.0 grams



4.1 grams



4.7 grams



6.3 grams



6.4 grams

r48-9a.JPG (164855 bytes)


6.4 grams



7.1 grams



7.4 grams



7.8 grams



7.8 grams



8.4 grams



9.3 grams



9.9 grams



10.8 grams

r48-90.JPG (172811 bytes)


10.9 grams


r48-99.JPG (165400 bytes)


11 grams



11.1 grams



12 grams



12 grams



12 grams

r48-123.JPG (169764 bytes)


12.5 grams




13 grams

r49-20.JPG (164198 bytes)


13.2 grams


r49-49.JPG (169133 bytes)


14.3 grams



15 grams



15.0 grams



15.6 grams

r49-60.JPG (166107 bytes)


16 grams


r49-62.JPG (165948 bytes)


16 grams



16 grams



16 grams



16.5 grams

r49-80.JPG (165408 bytes)


16.8 grams


r49-91.JPG (162729 bytes)


17 grams




17 grams

r49-105.JPG (169580 bytes)


17 grams



r49-106.JPG (165257 bytes)


17.7 grams



18 grams


r50-6a.JPG (158665 bytes)


18.5 grams



19 grams

r50-7-6.JPG (166061 bytes)


19.8 grams



20 grams

r50-7-17.JPG (170202 bytes)


20 grams


r50-7-18.JPG (163980 bytes)


20.6 grams



20.9 grams



21 grams

r50-7-23.JPG (160804 bytes)


21.9 grams



22 grams

r50-9.JPG (167593 bytes)


22.9 grams


r50-11.JPG (166429 bytes)


23.1 grams


r50-12.JPG (166887 bytes)


23.1 grams


r50-15.JPG (166426 bytes)


24.3 grams



24 grams


r50-16a.JPG (164494 bytes)


25.1 grams


r50-17.JPG (159482 bytes)


25.2 grams


r50-18.JPG (166592 bytes)


25.9 grams



26 grams



26 grams


r50-22.JPG (161788 bytes)


26.2 grams


r50-23.JPG (167478 bytes)


26.8 grams


r50-24.JPG (165778 bytes)


28.6 grams


r50-30.JPG (161883 bytes)


29 grams


r50-32.JPG (165840 bytes)


29 grams


r50-33.JPG (154171 bytes)


29.9 grams


Large Bismuth Display specimens

30 to 51 grams; 1-3/8" to 2-1/4"

priced as marked


30 grams


r51-2.JPG (148663 bytes)


30.8 grams


r51-3.JPG (161112 bytes)


31.6 grams


r51-4.JPG (151900 bytes)


31.9 grams


r51-5.JPG (147546 bytes)


32.8 grams


r51-6.JPG (168378 bytes)


33.4 grams


r51-10-1.JPG (159285 bytes)


35 grams


r51-11.JPG (161981 bytes)


36.1 grams



37 grams


r51-13.JPG (148365 bytes)


37.8 grams


r51-14.JPG (164922 bytes)


38.3 grams


r51-15.JPG (159624 bytes)


39.1 grams



39.7 grams



41 grams



41.3 grams

r51-20.JPG (160619 bytes)


41.8 grams


r51-21.JPG (162074 bytes)


42.7 grams


r51-21a.JPG (161674 bytes)


42.7 grams



44 grams

r51-23.JPG (153853 bytes)


49 grams



49.9 grams

r51-40.JPG (152275 bytes)


54 grams


Extra Large Bismuth Display specimens

52 grams and larger

priced as marked

r45-6.JPG (154901 bytes)


1-5/8 x 1-1/4 x 1-1/2"  

2.5 oz or 70 grams


r45-10.JPG (150071 bytes)


2 x 1-5/8 x 2-3/8"  

3.5 oz or 98 grams


r46c.JPG (39708 bytes)


3 x 2-1/4 x 1-3/4", 9 oz or 254 grams 

$254  SOLD



r58-a.JPG (144102 bytes) r58-b.JPG (143324 bytes) r58-c.JPG (157819 bytes) #R-58.  Bag of natural Peridot nuggets; good grade, small cutting material, 9.5 ounces $40, close out item
r59.JPG (156078 bytes) #R-59.   Bag of Rough Moonstones, good grade cutting / polishing material, 6 ounces $30 close out item
mvc-500s.jpg (52485 bytes)



8 x 10 x 1/8" thick,  real squares of gemstones sized 1/2" x 5/8" each of 36 gem ID chart (nothing dyed, all natural colors) Stock photo.  Includes squares of the following gems: 

Amazonite, Amethyst, Aventurine, Obsidian, Blue Lace Agate, Buttermilk Jasper, Carnelian, Dalmatian Dacite, Dumortierite, Fancy Jasper, Fluorite, Gold Stone, Hematite, Howlite, Jadeite, Lapis, Leopard Skin Jasper, Mahogany Obsidian, Moss Agate, Nephrite, Picasso Jasper, Orange Calcite, Picture Jasper, Rainbow Jasper, Rose quartz, Rhodonite, Rock Crystal, Rhyolite, Red jasper, Snow Flake Obsidian, Sodalite, Serpentine, Tiger-eye, Tiger-iron, Turquoise, and Unakite

$17.00 ea.


From Many Countries

MVC-863S.JPG (37722 bytes) #R-77-A.  BOTSWANA AGATE (Africa).  Prominent bullseye swirls in this agate distinguish this high quality stone.  Set of 4  are 1" diameter.  $5.00
r707.JPG (148320 bytes) #R-77-B.  FIVE tumbled BOTSWANA AGATE (Africa).  3/4" TO 7/8" diameter, high quality bullseye and spot designs. $5.00
r709.JPG (155854 bytes) #R-78.  SIX Wyoming JADE, tumbled nuggets 3/4" TO 1-1/4" across.   $5.00
r712.JPG (152062 bytes) #R-80.  Seven mauve LEPIDOLITE tumbles gem stones; 3/4" to 1-1/8" across. $5.00




R80.jpg (37049 bytes)            

          #R-81  $8                       

R82.jpg (37234 bytes)

 #R-82  $8

Photo of a superb rhodochrosite specimen at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D C:

smithrhodo.JPG (36888 bytes)



(lead sulfide, PbS, the main mineral in lead)

From the Sweetwater Mine, Ellington, MO

Used to make shortwave radio sets, extremely heavy, bright gunmetal luster.

R98.jpg (40049 bytes)   

Display only


mvc-140s.jpg (101845 bytes) mvc-141s.jpg (89447 bytes) mvc-142s.jpg (89791 bytes) mvc-143s.jpg (99534 bytes)

This is not only a rock & gem identification display, we've included some more unusual specimens for people to enjoy.

Photo 1 - a Pyrite Sun from an Illinois coal mine, picture jasper, Ocean jasper, garnets in the rock from Alaska the way it grows naturally, several specimens of opal from different Australian mines, Labradorite from Newfoundland, a pyrite egg, also cube pyrite from Spain (amazing!) and a real fulgurite (the result of a lightning striking sand)

Photo 2 - Rainbow hematite, red coral as used in Indian jewelry, several great turquoise specimens from Arizona, a calcite & mud concretion material that formed fantastic blue layers, selenite from Nevada, a huge specimen of Colombian amber loaded with winged ants and many other creatures that fossilized into it for 5 million years, and the beginning of our meteorite display.

Photo 3 - Lots more meteorites and meteorite jewelry,

Photo 4 - More meteorites.  Plus an elephant ivory cue ball, and a lovely elephant ivory and Canadian jade beaded necklace.  Meteorites are all for sale, the ivory is not.





1.  The sign on the side of the road says "Falling Rocks" and you pull over.

2.  First thing on your Christmas list is to go to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show or at LEAST Quartzite.

3.  Your pet's names are Rocky, Opal,and Beryl.

4.  You care more about the diamonds in the Titanic than the people.

5.  You hit your hand with a hammer and your mom asks if you're okay, and you say it's a fracture, good cleavage, and has produced some interesting streaks in your underwear.

6.  Your family puts birthday candles in a slab of amethyst instead of cake.

7.  The rock pile in your garage is taller than Shaq.

8.  The people at the airport know you by name and refuse to carry your luggage.

9.  You know every rock shop within a 100 mile radius.

10.  You associate the word "saw" with diamonds instead of wood.

11.  You know where Tsumeb is.

12.  You buy buckets of drywall just to use the buckets for storage of more rocks.

13.  You have a two car garage and your car is outside.

14.  You give rock tumblers, tools, and rock specimens as Christmas gifts.

15.  You make a backpack for your dog named Crystal.


Claire Coco


3/23/10  To my rockin’ stone animal friends (link below for info)


We had a very successful event with almost 700 participants and LOVELY weather.  We rocked the day away with lots of fun and smiles at every turn.  My stone animal collection will stay up throughout the summer so I can share it with our day campers.  I hope it will inspire others to start their own collections.  I’ve attached some photos highlighting the event activities – enjoy!

Cabbing demonstration

claire-cabbing.JPG (97046 bytes)

Rock wall

claire-climbing.JPG (488593 bytes)

Gem mining

claire-gem mining.JPG (89907 bytes)

Rock painting - paint a rock python!

claire-paintrocks.JPG (201721 bytes)

Pet rock creation

claire-petrocks.JPG (89167 bytes)

As to the folks picking up rocks, we had 2 activities going on in our parking lot.  The light colored rock (with rock pile) is a load of limestone donated by Vulcan Materials Co. – it is loaded with marine fossils and was available at any time throughout the day.  (no photos, sorry!)
Going for the gold! (pyrite)

The kids picking up rocks on the gray limestone is our Kids Gold Rush activity.  We bought 660 pounds of grade A pyrite (1” to 3” pieces) and had 4 rounds of the activity.  Children were lined up according to size and got to run for the gold.  The rush part came in because we had to keep the little ones moving or they’d vacuum up all the gold before the big kids had a chance at it.  Our main “Sherriff” was actually my dad.  He was told to “shoot on site” (with a water gun, of course) anyone taking too long or being greedy – boy did everyone have fun with that! (But no one more than my dad – ha!)

claire-kidsgoldrush.JPG (136015 bytes)  claire-kidsgoldrush2.jpg (155010 bytes)

These young people are creating gemstone cards.  Fulfilling?  Just look at those smiling faces!  

claire-treastrail.JPG (315511 bytes)

Mineral collection

claire-minerals.JPG (96711 bytes)

Claire's own gem animal collection on display

claire-gemanim.JPG (82199 bytes)


FAIRY STONES, natural crosses called "Staurolite" crystals found in Virginia that are chiseled from the rock and made into jewelry.  Visit the Pendants page 5 to purchase rough, finished or jewelry forms of this religiously significant rock.

3_fairystone_crosses.JPG (39679 bytes)


Fairy stone matrix.JPG (38694 bytes)

As found

fairy stone without matrix.JPG (37410 bytes)

fairycollection.JPG (37740 bytes)

Chiseled away the matrix

fairy stone jewelry.JPG (38412 bytes)

Finished into jewelry

Link to Fairy Stone Crosses Page for a great selection we have available!


PETOSKEY STONES - the rock that's also a FOSSIL

Link to Fossils page 5 to see the Rest of the Story, and specimens for sale, natural and polished:

Rocks page 5, Petoskey stone

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