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 You Are On:  Sharks Page 1



Page 1 (you are on page 1, just scroll down past the Table of Contents to view this page): 

White (modern) Tiger shark, hammerhead, Lemon shark, Oceanic white tip,  Dusky shark, Six-Gill Bluntnose Cowshark tooth necklaces, Six-gill shark teeth, sets of Modern shark teeth, Sand tiger shark teeth,  Bramble Shark teeth, Goblin shark teeth

(Click on any other page links below):

Page 2 LARGE Megalodon tooth shards, Megalodon & fossil great white shark tooth necklaces, Collector Megalodon teeth; Pathologic deformed Megalodon teeth

Page 3  Fossil ID cards, posters, books; necklace choices; Fossil Thresher shark teeth; Fossil Salmon shark teeth; Bone Valley Phosphate fossil shark teeth: Bull, Lemon, Dusky, Sand, and Hemipristis; Fossil Togo Shark teeth: Sand tiger, Extinct tiger, Extinct Early Mako, and Extinct Mackerel; Bull, Hemipristis, lemon, tiger, sand, dusky, mackerel & goblin necklaces

Page 4 Great white shark teeth (2-3/4" down to 1-3/16"; #S-400-1 through #S-415-44); Solid 14k gold great white shark tooth pendants

Page 5 Great white shark teeth (1-1/8" and smaller; #S-416-1 through #S-S450-31), RARE- Juvenile Great white sharks teeth (5/8" to 5/16"); Fossil great white shark teeth (South Carolina); Agatized great white shark tooth necklaces - Peru; Rodney Fox autographed book; Rodney Fox posters, Great white shark PHOTO GALLERY

Page 6  Fossil Mako shark tooth shard pieces, collector Makos in display boxes, COLLECTORS teeth, necklaces and COLLECTOR quality Mako teeth

Page 7  Modern Mako shark teeth:  Modern Mako shark teeth and necklaces (S-746 to S-768)

Page 8  Port Jackson egg casing and skin, Sawshark bill, All Shark tooth EARRINGS, Shark skin, shark tooth rings, Shark head magnets, embryos in bottles, shark vertebrae, Pathological shark verts, full Blacktip shark back vertebrae, Shark Zoo book

Page 9  Modern Galapagos shark teeth, Bull shark teeth, Greenland shark teeth; Shark Jaws page MOVED to its own category here:  SHARK JAWS

Now on page 9: Scientist grade mini pocket microscopes

Page 10  Rare Paleocarcharodon Orientalis (Grandfather of Megalodon), and Auriculatus fossil shark tooth necklaces & Collector Auriculatus (Father of the Megalodon); Kazakhstan shark teeth

Page 11  Article "How to Reduce your Risk of Shark Attack"

Page 12  Article "History of the Megalodon"

Page 13  Micro mount Fossils: Pharyngeal fish teeth, corals, Shark cartilage, Ray Dermal Denticles, Bone fish teeth, Stingray oral teeth (male & female), Ganopristine Sawfish Batoid Oral teeth, Nurse Shark teeth, Cod Otoliths, other Ray teeth, Whale Shark teeth, Devil ray teeth, Cat Shark teeth, Skate tooth, Hybodont Shark Tooth

Page 14  Wholesale for All shark page (bulk shark teeth for sale)

Page 15  Private museum Shark collection of Dr. Gordon Hubbell

Page 16  Virtual tour of a private shark & fossil museum of George Powell 

 Page 17 Fossil Squalicorax teeth

Page 18  SILVER CAP PENDANTS: Fossil great white, Fossil mako


(is the above photo real or not? .. don't let your shark fears get the best of you.  It's photo enhancing at its best.  American Air National Guard helicopter on a training mission near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, superimposed with a photo of a great white in the waters near South Africa)


The Legend of the Shark Tooth

 According to the natives in the south Pacific, when the seas poured from the heavens, the God Ohav-Lai (God of the seas) was challenged by the man-eating shark for supremacy of the seas.  After a day-long battle in the depths of the Pacific, Ohav-Lai rose from the sea wearing a large shark tooth.  From this day, the natives of the Pacific believe the tooth of a man-eating shark will bring the owner a long and prosperous life, free from any evil, especially that of the sea.  Native divers will not enter the water without a shark's tooth as their companion.



All shark jaws & teeth are obtained from the legal fishing industry in the Philippines and off the coast of India in the Indian Ocean.   These sharks are caught for their hides & meat.  The jaws & teeth are sold as a collectible to recycle 100% of the shark.

We do not support sport fishing, illegal taking of sharks, we don't even eat in restaurants that serve Shark Fin soup due to the cruel and wasteful nature of shark finning.  We do not catch sharks ourselves.



MVC-425S.JPG (38747 bytes) 

 20" SUEDE necklace - specify black, blue, tan, pink or purple.  

Or specify length of BLACK only, as we make these and keep uncut stock of black only; no cost difference.  Note: this suede is too thick for any beads we have so no beads can be added.  $6.00 each (but free with necklace purchase)


18 cotton cord neck.JPG (40070 bytes)  

20" BLACK COTTON CORD necklace with silver tone bead accents, or gold brass bead accents.  Please specify gold or silver.  This is a pre-made necklace so it cannot be lengthened or shortened, or beads added or taken off.   $8.00 each (or $2 upgrade from suede with necklace purchase)

necklaces6metal.JPG (138168 bytes)  

SIX choices of CHAIN necklaces (#1 through 6, left to right).  

#1 is gold tone shot ball chain ($8.00), 

#2 is silver tone shot ball chain ($8.00), 

#3 is gold tone anodized aluminum chain-medium ($12.00),  

#4 is black/silver tone anodized aluminum chain-medium ($12.00), 

#5 is gold tone anodized aluminum chain-medium ($14.00), 

#6 is black/silver anodized aluminum black-wide ($14.00)



1.  Choose a bead necklace style below, 

2.  Specify the LENGTH you want in full inches (20" is standard size shown), 

3.  GOLD or SILVER wire for your sharks tooth.  

Add the price below to the price of the tooth.

1.  Black onyx and turquoise  


1-n.JPG (145610 bytes)


2.  Amethyst and white bone  


2-n.JPG (142295 bytes)


3.  Jade and white bone  


3-n.JPG (140889 bytes)


4.  Medium Rice hematite and hematite bottom bead  


4n.JPG (147197 bytes)

5.  Large Rice Hematite and green fluorite bottom bead  


5-n.JPG (148339 bytes)


6.  Amethyst and Large Rice Hematite  


6-n.JPG (145785 bytes)


7.  Rare New Zealand blue coral and Medium Rice Hematite  


7-n.JPG (148058 bytes)


8.  Turquoise and white bone  


8-n.JPG (141878 bytes)


9.  Large Rice Hematite, Hematite bottom bead 


9-n.JPG (146950 bytes)


10.  Jade and rondell white bone, fluorite bottom bead  


10-n.JPG (151276 bytes)


11.  Small Rice hematite  


11-n.JPG (147713 bytes)


12.  Cylinder and round Hematite  


12-n.JPG (145915 bytes)


13.  Faceted Cylinder Hematite  


13-n.JPG (145171 bytes)


14.  Cylinder Hematite  


14-n.JPG (152713 bytes)


15.  Jade and Medium Rice Hematite  


15-n.JPG (150889 bytes)


16.  Rondell Hematite  


16-n.JPG (142367 bytes)


17.  Round Hematite  


17-n.JPG (141075 bytes)


18.  Cylinder and rice turquoise, cylinder hematite  


18-n.JPG (145155 bytes)


19.  Turquoise & Medium Rice Hematite  


19-n.JPG (148634 bytes)


20.  Black Onyx cylinder & rice shaped  


20-n.JPG (146338 bytes)


21.  Red Sponge Coral and rondell Hematite  


21-n.JPG (144253 bytes)


22.  Black onyx & white bone round bead  


22-n.JPG (146103 bytes)


23.  Tigereye and off-white bone  


23-n.JPG (143550 bytes)


24.  Rondell bone beads (brown & off-white)  


24-n.JPG (142897 bytes)


25.  Rondell bone beads (off-white & brown)  


25-n.JPG (145521 bytes)


26.  Rondell bone beads (white & brown)  


26-n.JPG (143131 bytes)


27.  Rondell bone beads (brown & off-white)  


27-n.JPG (135288 bytes)


28.  Brown rondell bone beads, textured off-white oval bone beads  


28-n.JPG (144958 bytes)


29.  Comma design oval bone beads, round brass beads


29-n.JPG (142137 bytes)


30.  All dark brown rondell bone beads


30-n.JPG (141408 bytes)


31.  Dot design oval bone beads, brass round beads


31-n.JPG (144317 bytes)


32.  Stripe design oval bone and round white bone beads


32-n.JPG (139656 bytes)


33.  Dark brown rondell bone, cutout brown bone beads, 2 off-white round bone beads


33-n.JPG (143058 bytes)


34.  Black & white bone beads, silver clasp


34-n.JPG (146249 bytes)


35.  Black & white bone bead, gold closure


35-n.JPG (146065 bytes)


36.  White round bone bead


36-n.JPG (142575 bytes)


37.  Off-white round bone bead


37-n.JPG (139737 bytes)

38. All Dark brown rondell bone beads


38-n.JPG (149902 bytes)

39. Chinese turquoise round, and black onyx rice shaped beads


39n.JPG (142090 bytes)

40.  Black onyx tube and round beads


40n.JPG (140528 bytes)

41. Antique White and brown bone rondell beads


41n.JPG (138214 bytes)

42.  Large rice hematite and green jade beads


42-n.JPG (146872 bytes)

43.  Striped barrel bone beads with gold pumpkin spacer beads


43-n.JPG (143253 bytes)

44.  Black snake design on white bone cylinder beads, and gold pumpkin spacer beads


44-n.JPG (136618 bytes)

45.  6x12 mm oblong comma bone beads, textured brass spacer beads, gold barrel twist closure


46.  6 mm rondell bone, 6x8 mm rice black onyx beads, black onyx dogbone bead, gold barrel twist closure


47.  8 mm rondel bone beads, 8x12 mm large black onyx rice beads, black onyx dogbone bead; gold barrel twist closure


48.  6x9 mm large rice hematite beads, hematite dogbone bead, gold barrel twist closure


49.   Turned oblong hematite bead necklace 16x7 mm, barrel twist clasp, 21" long


50.   Turned round hematite bead necklace 8x7 mm, barrel twist clasp, 21" long


51.  Rice hematite hematite bead necklace 8x5 mm, barrel twist clasp, 21" long


52.   Rice hematite bead necklace 4mm, barrel twist clasp, 21" long




We can wire your tooth as a pendant, if it is not already wired otherwise or as a necklace already, as follows:

Sterling silver wire: $6

Gold filled wire: $8

and the pendant then includes a 20" black suede necklace free of charge



The tiger shark has wide, short teeth.  One side is deeply notched, with serrations on the inside of the notch, teeth up to 1-1/2" long.  

The tiger shark grows to 18 feet and 2000 pounds.  It is named for the striped markings like a tiger, and is the most aggressive shark in tropical waters.  Flattened head, stout body, powerful but leisurely swimmer, it is the second only to the great white shark in attacks on humans.

 (see Sharks page 7 for matching earrings!)

mvc-682s.jpg (65112 bytes)

GREAT old photo of a 13 foot 


Don't stand at the wrong end!

 tiger shark Cherry Grove.JPG (38788 bytes)

Above is a postcard photo of a 20 foot, 1780 pound tiger shark caught off Cherry Grove Pier north of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on June 14, 1964 by Walter Maxwell of Charlotte NC, the largest ever to be caught, and holds the Guinness Book of World Records

3/4" long

$12 each

s1-1.JPG (186570 bytes)


    s1-8.JPG (177127 bytes)


s1-9.JPG (176911 bytes)


s1-10.JPG (175639 bytes)


s1-11.JPG (186482 bytes)


s1-12.JPG (191943 bytes)


s1-13.JPG (183291 bytes)


s1-14.JPG (176715 bytes)


s1-15.JPG (176791 bytes)


s1-16.JPG (185144 bytes)


7/8" long

$14 each

s1-50.JPG (175414 bytes)


s1-51.JPG (179464 bytes)


s1-52.JPG (177025 bytes)


s1-53.JPG (181303 bytes)


s1-54.JPG (178049 bytes)


s1-55.JPG (182137 bytes)


s1-56.JPG (161962 bytes)


s1-57.JPG (180841 bytes)


s1-58.JPG (181734 bytes)


s1-59.JPG (180892 bytes)


s1-60.JPG (175372 bytes)


s1-61.JPG (183684 bytes)


s1-62.JPG (187367 bytes)


s1-63.JPG (184493 bytes)


s1-64.JPG (179483 bytes)


s1-65.JPG (176763 bytes)


15/16" long  $15


unless otherwise specified

s2-100.JPG (160199 bytes)


s2-101.JPG (157312 bytes)


1" long  $16

unless otherwise specified

s3g.JPG (38009 bytes)


On 20" antique bone & gold brass bead, with reddish bone center  $28  SOLD

s3-1.JPG (163422 bytes)


s3-2.JPG (161736 bytes)


s3-4.JPG (161569 bytes)


s3-5.JPG (162236 bytes)


s3-6.JPG (161921 bytes)


s3-7.JPG (162599 bytes)


s3-8.JPG (163052 bytes)


s3-10.JPG (153083 bytes)


s3-100.JPG (164407 bytes)


s3-101.JPG (165623 bytes)


s3-102.JPG (163606 bytes)


s3-103.JPG (157505 bytes)


1-1/16" long  $18



s4d.JPG (151164 bytes)


  s4f.JPG (152262 bytes)






s4m.JPG (162175 bytes)


s4n.JPG (161123 bytes)


s4o.JPG (159564 bytes)


s4p.JPG (161942 bytes)


1-1/8" long  $22 unless marked
s4-4.JPG (147138 bytes)


s4-5.JPG (150903 bytes)



Gold wired, on 20" black onyx
round 9 mm and
cylinder 13x6 mm bead necklace; gold barrel twist closure

s4-11.JPG (153132 bytes)


  s4-13.JPG (152822 bytes)


  s4-15.JPG (146632 bytes)


s4-17.JPG (147478 bytes)


s4-18.JPG (152792 bytes)


s4-19.JPG (150488 bytes)


s4-20.JPG (145403 bytes)


s4-100.JPG (167031 bytes)


s4-101.JPG (161990 bytes)


s4-102.JPG (159386 bytes)


s4-103.JPG (163505 bytes)


1-3/16" long  $26
  s5h.JPG (152677 bytes)


s5i.JPG (150650 bytes)


s5k.JPG (141901 bytes)


1-1/4" long  $30 unless marked
s5-1.JPG (160063 bytes)


Gold wired, on 19" black hematite bead necklace 


s5-2.JPG (131007 bytes)


Gold wired, on 19" black hematite bead necklace 



Gold wired, on 20" rice black onyx 8x6 mm and turquoise 8x6 mm beads, gold barrel twist closure



Gold wired, on 20" small hematite cylinder 6x4 mm and large turquoise 12x8 mm bead necklace, gold barrel twist closure

s5-5.JPG (132442 bytes)


Gold wired, on 19" black bone and gold tone ball bead necklace

$46  SOLD

  s5-9.JPG (138114 bytes)


Silver wired, on 19" black bone and silver tone ball bead necklace 


s5-10.JPG (132238 bytes)


 Gold wired, on 19" black hematite bead necklace 


s5-11.JPG (160646 bytes)


s5-12.JPG (126010 bytes)


Gold wired, on 19" black hematite bead necklace 


s5-13.JPG (126096 bytes)


Gold wired, on 19" black hematite bead necklace 


s5-14.JPG (128987 bytes)


 Gold wired, on 19" black hematite bead necklace 


s5-15.JPG (138876 bytes)


Gold wired, on 19" brown bone bead necklace 


Gold wired, on 20" round white cow bone 7 mm and round green jade 8 mm bead necklace, gold barrel twist closure

s5-17.JPG (130566 bytes)

#S-5-17  Gold wired, on 19" black hematite bead necklace  $46

s5-18.JPG (128052 bytes)

#S-5-18  Gold wired, on 19" black hematite bead necklace  $48

s5-19.JPG (127614 bytes)

#S-5-19  Gold wired, on 19" black hematite bead necklace  $46

s5-20.JPG (128183 bytes)

#S-5-20  Gold wired, on 19" black hematite bead necklace  $46

s5-21.JPG (129221 bytes)

#S-5-21  Gold wired, on 19" black hematite bead necklace  $48

s5-22.JPG (128884 bytes)

#S-5-22  Gold wired, on 19" black hematite bead necklace  $48

s5-23.JPG (125956 bytes)

#S-5-23  Gold wired, on 19" brown bone bead necklace  $46


 Gold wired, over glass dogbone bead, on 20" brown rondell cow bone 6 mm bead necklace, gold barrel twist closure

$56  SOLD


 Gold wired, over glass dogbone bead, on 20" brown rondell cow bone 6 mm bead necklace, gold barrel twist closure



 Gold wired, over glass dogbone bead, on 20" brown rondell cow bone 6 mm bead necklace, gold barrel twist closure







Gold wired, on 20 rice Chinese turquoise and black onyx bead necklace (8x6 mm)  $67


Gold wired, on 20 round hematite bead necklace (6 mm)  $57


Gold wired, on 20 rice black onyx and round Chinese turquoise bead necklace (8x6 and 6 mm) $67  SOLD


Gold wired, on 20 round hematite bead necklace (6 mm) $57


Gold wired, on 20 rice black onyx and round Chinese turquoise bead necklace (8x6 and 6 mm)  $67


Gold wired, on 20 round hematite bead necklace (6 mm)  $57
s5-100.JPG (157131 bytes)


s5-101.JPG (163028 bytes)


  s5-103.JPG (163060 bytes)


1-5/16" long  $32
s6-4.JPG (145187 bytes)

#S-6-4  SOLD

1-3/8" long  $48 unless marked


Gold wired, on 20" rice black onyx 8x6 mm and turquoise 8x6 mm bead necklace, gold barrel twist closure

  s6d.JPG (36788 bytes)

#S-6-D   Gold wired, on 18" white bone and turquoise bead necklace (4 turquoise each side)   $64  SOLD

  s6g.JPG (143832 bytes)

#S-6-G  Gold wired, on 19" brown bone bead necklace  $62  SOLD

s6-100.JPG (160716 bytes)


s6-101.JPG (159174 bytes)


s6-102.JPG (164162 bytes)


1-7/16" long  $280 RARE

unless marked

s6-200.JPG (160302 bytes)


s6-201.JPG (160501 bytes)

#S-6-201  peel on tip  $250

  s6-203.JPG (165375 bytes)

#S-6-203  chip on left side  $250

s6-204.JPG (162094 bytes)


s6-205.JPG (161121 bytes)


s6-206.JPG (162527 bytes)


1-1/2" long  $300 


s6-300.JPG (164928 bytes)

#S-6-300  SOLD

s6-301.JPG (165383 bytes)

#S-6-301  SOLD





Though the hammerhead shark can reach sizes of 10-20 feet, and his distinctive head shaped like a hammer can be 3 feet wide, his teeth are relatively small (under 1 long). The shape of the head is theorized to produce swimming lift. The eyes and nostrils being at either end of the head improves its field of vision; the ampullae of Lorenzini have a larger surface area, increasing his ability to search out food. It preys on bony fish, other sharks incl. hammerheads, crustaceans, squid, octopus, also stingrays they can find buried in the sand. It inhabits warm waters along coastlines, & continental shelves down to 260. Large hammerheads have been known to attack & eat humans without provocation.

Hammerhead_head_closeup.jpg (12764 bytes)  greathammerhead shark photo.jpg (12802 bytes)

These teeth are harder to acquire than other species.  

Silver wire as pendant: $6

Gold wire as pendant: $8

which then includes a 20" black cord necklace  

15/16"  $20 unless marked otherwise
s7-4.JPG (156443 bytes)













#S-7-27  Silver wired, $24
7/8"  $18 unless marked otherwise

#S-8-29  Silver wired $22
  s8-38.JPG (167459 bytes)


s8-39.JPG (165264 bytes)


s8-40.JPG (163726 bytes)


s8-43.JPG (169061 bytes)


s8-44.JPG (166489 bytes)


s8-45.JPG (160802 bytes)


s8-46.JPG (166793 bytes)


s8-47.JPG (167435 bytes)


s8-48.JPG (172508 bytes)


s8-49.JPG (160153 bytes)


s8-50.JPG (167925 bytes)


s8-51.JPG (170320 bytes)


s8-52.JPG (164731 bytes)


s8-52.JPG (164731 bytes)


s8-53.JPG (163419 bytes)


  s8-55.JPG (164856 bytes)


s8-56.JPG (164994 bytes)


s8-57.JPG (167633 bytes)


s8-58.JPG (164185 bytes)


s8-59.JPG (167493 bytes)


s8-60.JPG (166957 bytes)


s8-61.JPG (168355 bytes)


s8-62.JPG (164840 bytes)


s8-63.JPG (164779 bytes)


s8-64.JPG (162106 bytes)


s8-65.JPG (163337 bytes)


s8-66.JPG (162140 bytes)


s8-67.JPG (162575 bytes)


13/16"  $16  unless marked otherwise
s9-1.JPG (167320 bytes)


s9-2.JPG (170023 bytes)


s9-3.JPG (167527 bytes)


s9-4.JPG (161324 bytes)


s9-5.JPG (174323 bytes)


s9-6.JPG (170257 bytes)


s9-7.JPG (162965 bytes)


s9-8.JPG (174530 bytes)


s9-9.JPG (167247 bytes)


  s9-11.JPG (169126 bytes)


s9-12.JPG (172774 bytes)


s9-13.JPG (166614 bytes)


s9-14.JPG (165481 bytes)


s9-15.JPG (172900 bytes)


s9-16.JPG (169349 bytes)


s9-17.JPG (166832 bytes)


s9-18.JPG (164508 bytes)


s9-19.JPG (166343 bytes)


s9-20.JPG (168015 bytes)


s9-21.JPG (165446 bytes)


s9-22.JPG (167194 bytes)


s9-23.JPG (164544 bytes)


s9-24.JPG (164213 bytes)


s9-25.JPG (164490 bytes)


s9-26.JPG (169588 bytes)


s9-27.JPG (161459 bytes)


 s9-29.JPG (175016 bytes)


s9-30.JPG (161716 bytes)


s9-31.JPG (168133 bytes)


s9-32.JPG (169146 bytes)


#S-9-33  Silver wired $20

#S-9-36  Silver wired $20
3/4"  $14 unless marked otherwise
s10-1.JPG (166957 bytes)


s10-2.JPG (168262 bytes)


  s10-4.JPG (166065 bytes)


s10-5.JPG (163688 bytes)


s10-6.JPG (172368 bytes)


s10-7.JPG (170695 bytes)


s10-8.JPG (169015 bytes)


s10-9.JPG (161779 bytes)


s10-10.JPG (165547 bytes)


s10-11.JPG (168964 bytes)


s10-12.JPG (170351 bytes)


s10-13.JPG (163690 bytes)


s10-15.JPG (166124 bytes)


s10-16.JPG (170569 bytes)


s10-17.JPG (163930 bytes)


s10-18.JPG (170092 bytes)


s10-20.JPG (171205 bytes)


s10-21.JPG (178480 bytes)


s10-22.JPG (168428 bytes)


s10-27.JPG (168302 bytes)


s10-28.JPG (167077 bytes)


s10-29.JPG (165191 bytes)


s10-32.JPG (170820 bytes)


#S-10-36  Silver wired $18

#S-10-38  Silver wired $18

#S-10-39  Silver wired $18

#S-10-40  Silver wired $18
5/8"  $12  unless marked otherwise

#S-11-72  Silver wired $16  SOLD
s7-85.JPG (39463 bytes)

#S-11-85  SOLD



we saw in our travels

Here's a great Hammerhead mount we saw at the Jaws Reef in Supply NC that is about 12 feet long - you can appreciate how big that is because Glenn's standing at the end of his tail!

Hammerhead at Jaws Reef 1.JPG (38218 bytes)  Hammerhead at Jaws Reef 2.jpg (70157 bytes)



Bonnet head shark taxidermied SKIN (related to the hammerhead) shown at the Aurora Fossil club show

Bonnethead shark.JPG (38860 bytes)




Here is an acquisition that is quite unusual - it is a 10,000 year old walrus tusk from Alaska that has been hand carved (in Bali) on the top into 20 hammerhead sharks that are all still attached.  Exquisite carving is without flaw...here it is from the back, then the front:

hamhdtusk1.JPG (36999 bytes)  hamhdtusk2.JPG (36423 bytes)

    hamhdtusk5.JPG (37488 bytes)  hamhdtusk4.JPG (37548 bytes)  hamhdtusk3.JPG (38469 bytes)

and from the other side:

hamhdtusk7.JPG (37091 bytes)  hamhdtusk6.JPG (37433 bytes)

and on the ebony and inlaid paua shell base that makes it look like a shark from above.  It also has its own carrying case (hand made; not shown)

hamhdtusk8.JPG (37847 bytes)

This special item is part of our personal collection.

Value:  $22,000  SOLD



knotted on a 28" on braided double strand waxed natural cording is a sliding knot necklace from extended length to as small as you need. 

Stock photo, quantities available.

  (others listed on Pendants Page 1)

1ba-17.JPG (36794 bytes)

JBA-17  Jumping shark is 2" long x 1" wide, (flat on the back)   $56



The lemon shark (Negaprion brevirostris) is a stocky and powerful shark. A member of the family Carcharhinidae, lemon sharks can grow to 10 feet (3.0 m) in length. They are often found in shallow subtropical waters and are known to inhabit and return to specific nursery sites for breeding. Often feeding at night, these sharks use electroreceptors to find their main source of prey, fish. Lemon sharks use the many benefits of group living such as enhanced communication, courtship, predatory behavior, and protection. This species of shark is viviparous, and the females are polyandrous and have a biennial reproductive cycle. Lemon sharks are not thought to be a large threat to humans.

Silver wire as pendant: $6

Gold wire as pendant: $8

which then includes a 20" black cord necklace  
3/4"  $10 unless marked otherwise












7/8"  $12 unless marked otherwise















15/16"  $14 unless marked otherwise






















(From the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean, Latin name: Carcharhinus longimanus), these sharks are found in deep waters far from shore.  Stocky build, 11-13 feet long.  Lower teeth are triangular and pointed (to hold prey), upper teeth triangular and wide (act as a saw).  White markings on each end of paddle-like pectoral fins gives it its name.  Usually solitary but also seen in feeding frenzies, it is aggressive, unpredictable, inquisitive, and stubborn, which makes it dangerous to humans.  It is often the first seen in waters surrounding mid-ocean disasters.  Sharks caught have been eaten by humans as fresh, frozen, smoked and dried-salted, skin used for leather, liver for vitamins, also fishmeal.

Teeth resemble a great white without the high price of the great whites.

oceanicwhitetip2.jpg (21948 bytes)

Photos below are stock photo, quantities available.

5/8" Oceanic white tip, comes with 20" black suede necklace (or choose upgrades from top of page)
#S-15-A  UPPER, choose gold or silver craft wiring as a pendant $8.00
#S-15-B   LOWER, choose gold or silver craft wiring $8.00
3/4" Oceanic white tip, comes with 20" black suede necklace (or choose upgrades from top of page)
s16.JPG (36801 bytes) #S-16.  UPPER, choose gold or silver craft wiring as a pendant $9.00
s16a.JPG (36611 bytes) #S-16-A   LOWER, choose gold or silver craft wiring $9.00
13/16" Oceanic white tip, comes with 20" black suede necklace (or choose upgrades from top of page)
#S-16-M.  UPPER, gold craft wired as a pendant $10
#S-16-N   LOWER, gold craft wired as a pendant $10
7/8" Oceanic white tip, comes with 20" black suede necklace (or choose upgrades from top of page)
s17.JPG (36752 bytes) #S-17  UPPER, choose gold or silver craft wiring as a pendant $11
s17a.JPG (38412 bytes) #S-17-A  LOWER, choose gold or silver craft wiring as a pendant $11
15/16" Oceanic white tip


s21.JPG (36365 bytes) #S-21.  Choose gold or silver wire; comes with 20" black suede necklace with barrel twist closure $13.00
S22.jpg (36206 bytes)

S22A.JPG (37630 bytes)

#S-22.  Choose gold or silver tone beads on 20" waxed cotton cord necklace, lobster claw closure $14.00
s23.JPG (37549 bytes) #S-23.  Choose gold or silver tone, non tarnish, 20" shot ball chain, (shots can be cut off for a shorter necklace) $14.00
Oceanic white tip shark teeth, specialty necklaces

All 20" long



s24a.JPG (158209 bytes)  s24b.JPG (175921 bytes)


(7/8") Tooth is glued/ inserted in slot of black bone bead, on white & black bone bead necklace, silver tone bead accents; silver tone barrel twist closure



20" BONE BEAD NECKLACES, gold wired teeth, gold barrel twist closure

$28 ea.


On round white cow bone 8 mm beads


Wired over black onyx dogbone bead, on round white bone 8 mm & black onyx 6 mm bead necklace  SOLD


On striped brown cow bone  beads and  white cow bone 14x7 mm and 8 mm beads  SOLD


Wired over green aventurine bamboo bead, on white cow bone rondell 4x2 mm beads and green jade rondell 8x4 mm beads  SOLD


Wired over hematite dogbone bead, on black cow bone barrel 14x7 mm beads and white round cow bone 8 mm beads  SOLD

20" HEMATITE BEAD NECKLACES, gold wired teeth, gold barrel twist closure

$28 ea.


Cylinder 6x4 mm & round hematite 4 mm beads  SOLD


Softly faceted cylinder 8x5 mm beads  SOLD


Cylinder beads 5x5 mm  SOLD


Round beads 6 mm  SOLD


Rice beads 6x4 mm  SOLD


Large rice hematite 5x8 mm beads and round green jade 6 mm beads
NOTE:  Great white teeth for sale are all on Sharks pg 4 at this link:

Modern Great White Shark Teeth


Dusky Shark tooth necklace

(Carcharhinus obscurus)

s34.JPG (146822 bytes)

#S-60  1" gold wired tooth on 17" gold tone ball shot chain  $12


RARE MODERN 6-Gill Bluntnose


((Hexanchidae Hexanchus griseus)

Shark teeth are 1-1/4 to 1-3/8" long, two teeth (mounted root to root with silvertone band in the middle, silvertone pendant loop); on adjustable black cotton cord to 24"

$65 ea.













(**NOTE: Loose upper/lower teeth are at
S152 thru -161 below)



Adjustable black cotton cord, up to 26" long

Tooth is an average of 1" across

Nickel-silver cap and accent beads (non-tarnish)

$45 each







(Hexanchidae Hexanchus griseus)

in Riker mount display box with glass lid, 5-1/2" long, 4-1/2" wide, 1" tall, included


 #S-64-1  Two teeth-Upper tooth is 3/4" long x 1/2" wide and lower tooth is 1-1/8" long x 1/2" wide


#S-64-2  Two teeth-Upper tooth is 3/4" long x 1/2" wide and lower tooth is 7/8" long x 1/2" wide


1-1/4 Lower  $39








1-1/8 Lower  $35


1-1/8 Lower  $35






1 Lower  $30

5/8 Upper  $20




1/2 Upper  $18






s53f.JPG (36288 bytes)  s750-39.JPG (167014 bytes)  s60-1-zz.JPG (37285 bytes)




*Blue, shortfin mako, *great white (yes, carcharodon carcharias

 as in Jaws), lemon, tiger, *bramble, bull, oceanic white tip,

hammerhead, dusky, sandbar, *bluntnose six-gill shark.

* especially rare species!

You will receive exactly what you see in the photos, second photo is the six gill tooth that you will get in your set.

Set of 12 teeth, size range is from 3/8" to 7/8"

With each set comes with a shark tooth ID and information sheet.

Your Choice:  $60.00





















You will receive exactly what you see in the photo.

Possible species of COMMON SHARKS, no guaranteed species:
Oceanic white tip, hammerhead, spottail, silky, sandbar, spinner, lemon,
bull, dusky shark.

 Size range is from 1/2" to 7/8".

This is a nice starter set of mixed species, jewelry quality - no broken teeth.  Ideal for school coke testing project or crafts.

Your Choice:  $18.00










































(GREY NURSE / COMMON, Australia)

(Carcharias taurus)

The grey nurse shark (Australia), spotted ragged-tooth shark (Africa) or sand tiger shark (US and UK), Carcharias taurus, is a large shark inhabiting coastal waters worldwide, with many different names in different countries in the world.

Despite a fearsome appearance and strong swimming abilities, it is a relatively placid and slow moving animal.  

It is considered not aggressive unless provoked.

It is considered the most widely kept shark in public aquariums around the world, due to its fairly large size, its higher adaptability to captivity than other large shark and its crooked, fierce-looking teeth.

1-1/2"   $40 each

1-7/16"   $38 each




1-3/8"   $36 each



1-1/4"   $34 each


1-1/8"   $30 each


1"   $26 each


7/8"   $24 each

3/4"   $22 each





Echinorhinus brucus

bramble shark-170.JPG (14803 bytes)

 In 2010 about 200 of these sharks were caught by accident. 

NEVER before in the history of shark research, has this many Bramble Shark (Echinorhinus brucus) been captured. 

They grow to a length of about ten feet (3 meters) and has some of the most interesting teeth of all modern sharks! About 7 years ago the same phenomenon occurred with Goblin Sharks. 

Today that species has all but disappeared from our oceans. This may be the fate of this deep water species

Bramble sharks are migratory, and perhaps they migrated thru the wrong part of the ocean, at the wrong time of the year.

The Bramble Shark is covered with large, thorn-like denticles, and hence the name "bramble" shark.  The teeth are like RAZOR BLADES.  No kidding.

The two upper teeth come in a cube plastic display 1-1/8" wide x 7/8" deep.

5/8", 2 upper teeth  $35/set
s170-3.JPG (164099 bytes)


1/2", 2 upper teeth  $30/set
    s171-4.JPG (151783 bytes)


s171-5.JPG (166813 bytes)


s171-6.JPG (162935 bytes)


s171-7.JPG (153996 bytes)


s171-8.JPG (160104 bytes)


s171-9.JPG (152560 bytes)


s171-10.JPG (162188 bytes)


s171-11.JPG (158520 bytes)


s171-12.JPG (150513 bytes)


s171-14.JPG (154864 bytes)


3/8", 2 upper teeth  $25/set
  s172-3.JPG (156294 bytes)


s172-4.JPG (163124 bytes)


s172-5.JPG (163420 bytes)


s172-6.JPG (162441 bytes)


s172-7.JPG (157661 bytes)


s172-8.JPG (159298 bytes)


s172-9.JPG (164039 bytes)


s172-11.JPG (154761 bytes)


s172-12.JPG (152861 bytes)


s172-13.JPG (151706 bytes)


s172-14.JPG (164275 bytes)


s172-15.JPG (161529 bytes)


s172-16.JPG (149516 bytes)


  s172-18.JPG (159744 bytes)




Mitsukurina owstoni

mvc-625s.jpg (68726 bytes)  goblin shark jaw.jpg (47665 bytes)  closeup goblin shark.jpg (36984 bytes)

goblinshark2.jpg (63985 bytes)  goblinshark3.jpg (57581 bytes)  goblinshark4.jpg (50661 bytes)

 A deep-sea shark, the sole living species in the family Mitsukurinidae. The most distinctive characteristic of the goblin shark is the unorthodox shape of its head. It has a long, trowel-shaped, beak-like rostrum or snout, much longer than other sharks' snouts. Some other distinguishing characteristics of the shark are the color of its body, which is mostly pink, and its long, protrusible  jaws (i.e. when it reaches for something to eat, the jaws seem to unhinge from the front of the shark and catch its prey, then retract back to the shark's head.  A very weird thing to see.

They are found throughout the world, from Australia, Pacific Ocean to Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean, but best-known from the waters around Japan, where the species was first discovered.  

They feed on squid, crabs and deep sea fish, that we know.

1-1/4" long

$34 each, unless marked

s180-24.JPG (156786 bytes)

#S180-24  SOLD

1-3/16" long

$32 each, unless marked

s180-43.JPG (157907 bytes)

#S180-43  SOLD

1-1/8" long

$30 each, unless marked

s180-60.JPG (156176 bytes)

#S180-60  SOLD

1-1/16" long

$28 each, unless marked

s180-85.JPG (152520 bytes)

#S180-85  SOLD

1" long

$26 each, unless marked

  s180-102.JPG (158412 bytes)


s180-104.JPG (168630 bytes)


s180-105.JPG (149825 bytes)


s180-106.JPG (157067 bytes)




7/8" long

$25 each, unless marked





13/16" long

$24 each, unless marked

  s180-121.JPG (150586 bytes)


s180-122.JPG (146551 bytes)


s180-123.JPG (149115 bytes)


s180-124.JPG (154826 bytes)


s180-125.JPG (151629 bytes)


s180-126.JPG (153262 bytes)


s180-127.JPG (150248 bytes)


3/4" long

$22 each, unless marked

s180-140.JPG (150828 bytes)


s180-141.JPG (145600 bytes)


s180-142.JPG (147199 bytes)


s180-143.JPG (156877 bytes)


s180-144.JPG (154938 bytes)


s180-145.JPG (144993 bytes)


s180-146.JPG (149925 bytes)


s180-147.JPG (158174 bytes)


s180-148.JPG (148707 bytes)


s180-149.JPG (150654 bytes)


  s180-151.JPG (152931 bytes)


s180-152.JPG (154394 bytes)


s180-153.JPG (154980 bytes)


s180-154.JPG (155572 bytes)


s180-155.JPG (151297 bytes)


s180-156.JPG (157224 bytes)


s180-157.JPG (156419 bytes)


s180-158.JPG (155749 bytes)


s180-159.JPG (152384 bytes)


s180-160.JPG (149495 bytes)


s180-161.JPG (148608 bytes)


s180-162.JPG (150299 bytes)


s180-163.JPG (155914 bytes)


s180-164.JPG (149937 bytes)


s180-165.JPG (155726 bytes)



11/16" long

$20 each, unless marked

s180-180.JPG (155042 bytes)


s180-181.JPG (152621 bytes)


s180-182.JPG (154351 bytes)


s180-183.JPG (153145 bytes)


s180-184.JPG (154968 bytes)


s180-185.JPG (157105 bytes)


s180-186.JPG (150409 bytes)


s180-187.JPG (157299 bytes)


s180-188.JPG (156981 bytes)


s180-189.JPG (156895 bytes)


s180-190.JPG (150039 bytes)


s180-191.JPG (159309 bytes)


s180-192.JPG (148698 bytes)


s180-193.JPG (144249 bytes)


s180-194.JPG (154437 bytes)


5/8" long

$18 each, unless marked

s180-200.JPG (148420 bytes)


s180-201.JPG (154078 bytes)


s180-202.JPG (147496 bytes)


s180-203.JPG (154415 bytes)


s180-204.JPG (152657 bytes)


s180-205.JPG (148394 bytes)


s180-206.JPG (147673 bytes)


s180-207.JPG (149237 bytes)


s180-208.JPG (146077 bytes)


s180-209.JPG (153756 bytes)


1/2" long

$16 each, unless marked

s180-220.JPG (157986 bytes)


  s180-222.JPG (151794 bytes)


s180-224.JPG (148807 bytes)


s180-225.JPG (149769 bytes)


s180-227.JPG (153283 bytes)


s180-228.JPG (155006 bytes)


7/16" long

$14 each, unless marked

s180-240.JPG (150393 bytes)


s180-241.JPG (150534 bytes)


s180-242.JPG (150587 bytes)


s180-243.JPG (155198 bytes)


s180-244.JPG (151383 bytes)


3/8" long

$12 each, unless marked

    s180-253.JPG (149622 bytes)


s180-254.JPG (151031 bytes)



s946-1b.JPG (124765 bytes)



G holding thresher shark.jpg (38361 bytes)

Here's Glenn with our  taxidermy of a Silky Shark (thanks for the ID, Austin!)  It's not often that a shark is prepared as a taxidermy mount with the skin, as the body collapses soon after it dies from being supported by a cartilage backbone and decomposes quickly - most sharks are molded from the real shark and then made from fiberglass or synthetics.  This specimen has a black spot where it was harpooned; eyes are painted in; it is 37" long, the tail stands 13" tall. 


Man with trout & shark.jpg (22129 bytes)  

Fishermen, watch your backs!

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