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Contents:  Great White Shark Teeth, Solid 14k gold, Sterling silver capped or tipped, or natural







as pendants, generous bail loop measures 3/4" opening x 5/16" wide

Both teeth have been drilled just below the center of the root, all the way through, to certify that it is indeed solid 14k gold.  That is exactly what they are, solid 14k gold. The same jeweler that did the drilling indicated that filling the hole was an easy task.  We will not do so, so you can re-check this to confirm the finding.

Each is stamped on the back, upper left root "14k"

Polished to a mirror finish, flawless, never worn.  Shown below on Glenn's neck for size. Acquired from an estate.

s-gold-gw-1k.JPG (165399 bytes)

Free USPS Express mail insured shipping anywhere in the U.S.

Outside U.S. please inquire for quote for fully insured shipping


s-gold-gw-1a.JPG (185941 bytes) s-gold-gw-1b.JPG (165812 bytes) s-gold-gw-1c.JPG (166561 bytes) s-gold-gw-1d.JPG (182910 bytes)

s-gold-gw-1e.JPG (178848 bytes) s-gold-gw-1f.JPG (185830 bytes) s-gold-gw-1g.JPG (173508 bytes)

 s-gold-gw-1h.JPG (176483 bytes) s-gold-gw-1i.JPG (165728 bytes) s-gold-gw-1j.JPG (165689 bytes)

  s-gold-gw-1l.JPG (167492 bytes) s-gold-gw-1m.JPG (170595 bytes)

s-gold-gw-1n.JPG (164590 bytes)


Weight: 90 grams (3.1 oz)

$5579 NOW 20% OFF = $4463



s-gold-gw-2a.JPG (184788 bytes) s-gold-gw-2b.JPG (164201 bytes) s-gold-gw-2c.JPG (167705 bytes) s-gold-gw-2d.JPG (168109 bytes)

s-gold-gw-2e.JPG (181523 bytes) s-gold-gw-2f.JPG (163248 bytes) s-gold-gw-2g.JPG (161702 bytes) 

s-gold-gw-2h.JPG (189389 bytes) s-gold-gw-2i.JPG (189359 bytes)

 s-gold-gw-2j.JPG (168380 bytes) s-gold-gw-2k.JPG (170897 bytes)

s-gold-gw-2l.JPG (166947 bytes)


Weight: 80 grams (2.8 oz)

$4973 NOW 20% OFF = $3978




(Carcharodon carcharias, as in the movie "Jaws")

s945-1.JPG (131678 bytes)

PURCHASE we made 8/22/09, last known, single, legal, largest collection in the United States 

647 teeth

One collection (over 200 teeth) purchased from a West Coast collector we've known for 16 years, due to financial difficulties he has offered the collection to us which we purchased.   

Second collection of 647 teeth was acquired from an East Coast collector who has been in the shark tooth business for 35 years.  

Many are museum quality, any deviations from this are duly noted.  They are below, from largest to smallest.  Prices are based on size and perfection of each tooth.  TOOTH MEASUREMENTS are from the bottom tip, along the longest side, to the top of the root.

Every collection we buy is higher priced than the last because large collections have already been sold off; to our knowledge there is one remaining collection of 200+ teeth by a private California collector that we are continuing to negotiate with.

We do not gold or silver cap teeth, the ones available below this group have been already capped for us.  

If you want one of the natural teeth capped, you can:  1) take it to a local jeweler, 2) take it to your local dentist for capping, or 3) contact Gary Olt in the blue box near the bottom of the page for a quote.

Teeth can be wired as a pendant for an additional $6 charge for silver, $10 for gold, and would include a 20" black suede necklace.  

OR, BUILD A NECKLACE, see details on SHARKS PAGE 1 .

All inventory is UPDATED EVERY 24 HOURS.

 Information card included.  


greatwhitejawours.JPG (37422 bytes)

This entire page is dedicated to genuine GREAT WHITE SHARK TEETH.  

The teeth have come from a large great white (genuine Carcharodon Carcharius) caught before December of 1998; after this time they were declared protected, then endangered, so no great whites have been caught since that time.   

PLEASE NOTE:  Great white shark teeth & jaws can be shipped only within the U.S..


 We do not go out and catch sharks for their teeth!  

Great whites were declared endangered since December 1998 so it is ILLEGAL to catch them now.  But they are NOT ILLEGAL TO OWN OR SELL.  

So what are people supposed to do with the ones that are already in circulation?  Hide them?  Throw them away?   No, those that are in circulation are allowed to be traded, sold, resold, collected, displayed, bragged upon, showed off.

So because there are a limited amount of these specimens in circulation.....the value has only one place to go....UP (just like elephant ivory products).   

Modern Great White shark teeth are not found while diving or digging.  They now only come from existing collections.


If you wear the tooth as jewelry, brush it with white toothpaste periodically to remove body oils & dirt.

We do not recommend that the tooth be worn in water (shower, ocean, pool).  This tooth is no longer in the mouth of a living shark and must be treated differently  to maintain its white color (would you wear your leather shoes in the shower?... same principle).  Either the tooth will be kept in a display box as a collector tooth, or worn on a regular basis and not be of collector quality after being worn.

So, for daily wear,  you may want to treat the root (the porous top of the tooth) so it will not discolor from body oils, and to prevent moisture from getting into the tooth tissue and discolor it.   Treatment: brush on clear finger nail polish (from a pharmacy) or polyurethane (from a hardware store paint department - from a can you can brush it on, not spray),and the root will stay white without the need to clean it again.

NEVER use bleach as this will cause the
gum to turn yellow and flake off.

Your shark tooth should last many years and bring much enjoyment to you.




We're calling these "The MAGNIFICENT 7"

Sizes are: 2-5/8", 2-11/16", and YES, a 2-3/4" (upper center of Glenn's hand).  Not for the faint of heart.

greatwhites-stratosphere.JPG (36636 bytes)

This collection came to us through the settlement of an estate.  Over the years, the collection has passed through several different hands, so the whereabouts of the particulars of the great white shark these came from are not known.  If this information were available, these 7 teeth would all be classified as world record holders.  But because we don't have the provenance on these, we are unable to register them as such. 





s425-1a.JPG (38823 bytes)  s425-1b.JPG (37503 bytes)

s425-1c.JPG (37720 bytes)  s425-1d.JPG (37365 bytes)

2-3/4", we've measured it on multiple rulers and had it verified by another great white shark tooth expert.  It is what it is!  

$10,000  SOLD 11/6/06  



2-11/16"   $4585
s426-1a.JPG (38128 bytes)  s426-1b.JPG (37473 bytes)

s426-1c.JPG (37519 bytes)


s426-2a.JPG (38514 bytes)  s426-2b.JPG (38284 bytes)

s426-2c.JPG (38920 bytes)



2-5/8"  $3485

s427-1c.JPG (37684 bytes)

s427-1-1.JPG (168201 bytes)

s427-1-2.JPG (166986 bytes)

  SOLD- Jeff in NC

s427-2c.JPG (39060 bytes)

s427-2-1.JPG (161548 bytes)

s427-2-2.JPG (171408 bytes)

 SOLD - Jeff in NC - CONGRATS on buying the "twins"!

s427-3a.JPG (38292 bytes)

s427-3c.JPG (37577 bytes)

s427-3-2.JPG (162377 bytes)


s427-4a.JPG (38562 bytes)

 s427-4c.JPG (38738 bytes)

s427-4-1.JPG (162902 bytes)



2-9/16"  $4800 unless marked otherwise
s400-1a.JPG (157551 bytes)  s400-1b.JPG (163025 bytes)

#S400-1  1 serration missing  $4200  SOLD - Darrell

Here is how the tooth was turned into a wearable work of art by John Haupt.  Dentist and precious metals artist John describes his work as follows:  "I was in South Africa when I was contacted to work with the tooth, requesting a new design - so I got inspired by the 
"jumping" sharks and designed the piece as you can see from the picture (photo credits to John Haupt; cap used an ounce of gold).  We hand made the chain from 1/2 round 14 k gold wire and cut and soldered each piece (another two ounces of gold).  
Thanks again!

(John's contact info is at the end of the great white shark teeth on page 5)

s400-1a.jpg (486942 bytes)  s400-1b.jpg (505358 bytes)  s400-1c.jpg (476687 bytes)  s400-1d.jpg (492493 bytes)


2-1/2"  $4600 unless marked otherwise
s400-40a.JPG (171854 bytes)  s400-40b.JPG (182643 bytes)

#S400-40  minor gum wear  $3900 SOLD


2-7/16"  $2100 unless marked otherwise
s428-1a.JPG (38093 bytes) 

  s428-1c.JPG (39309 bytes)

#S400-80 SOLD

s400-81a.JPG (156486 bytes)

s400-81b.JPG (159545 bytes)

#S400-81  Perfect  SOLD

s400-82a.JPG (174604 bytes)

s400-82b.JPG (171391 bytes)

#S400-82  Perfect SOLD

s400-83a.JPG (165064 bytes)

s400-83b.JPG (175193 bytes)

#S400-83  Perfect  SOLD

s400-84a.JPG (160178 bytes)

s400-84b.JPG (165075 bytes)

#S400-84  Perfect SOLD

s400-85a.JPG (152181 bytes)

s400-85b.JPG (179184 bytes)

#S400-85  Minor Tip nick $2000

s400-86a.JPG (166969 bytes)

s400-86b.JPG (160694 bytes)

#S400-86  Tip nicked & deformed serration upper L  $2000

s400-87a.JPG (161816 bytes)

s400-87b.JPG (162612 bytes)

#S400-87  Feeding serrations wear  $2000


2-3/8"  $1800 unless marked otherwise
s429-1a.JPG (37739 bytes)

s429-1b.JPG (38385 bytes)

#S400-110 SOLD

s429-2a.JPG (37684 bytes)

s429-2b.JPG (38532 bytes)

#S400-111 SOLD- Pete

s429-3a.JPG (38938 bytes)

s429-3b.JPG (37648 bytes)

#S400-112 SOLD- Steven

s429-4a.JPG (37109 bytes)  s429-4b.JPG (37750 bytes)

#S400-113  SOLD

s400-114a.JPG (159667 bytes)

s400-114b.JPG (162861 bytes)

#S400-114  Perfect

s400-115a.JPG (175425 bytes)

s400-115b.JPG (164142 bytes)

#S400-115  Perfect Sold-Chris

s400-116a.JPG (151731 bytes)

s400-116b.JPG (165716 bytes)

s400-116c.jpg (44769 bytes)

#S400-116  Interesting wrinkle near left root SOLD

s400-117a.JPG (172191 bytes)

s400-117b.JPG (156664 bytes)

#S400-117  Tip nicked $1500

s400-118a.JPG (169097 bytes)

s400-118b.JPG (152484 bytes)

#S400-118  Chip, feeding mark on back; perfect tip  $1600

s400-119a.JPG (170464 bytes)

s400-119b.JPG (151107 bytes)

#S400-119 HOT! Bite mark; perfect tip  $1600

s400-120a.JPG (172710 bytes)

s400-120b.JPG (172270 bytes)

#S400-120  HOT!  Bite mark; fair tip  $1600

s400-121a.JPG (161403 bytes)

s400-121b.JPG (165157 bytes)

#S400-121 Deformity which is an interesting bonus; 1 serration + 3 serration damage in the area of the deformity


s400-122a.JPG (166205 bytes)    s400-122b.JPG (164948 bytes) 


No flaws; small irregularity in serrations near tip  $1750


2-5/16"  $1600 unless marked otherwise
s430-1a.JPG (38027 bytes)  s430-1b.JPG (37532 bytes)

#S400-150 sold 3/3/08


2-1/4"  $1400 unless marked otherwise

s400-180a.JPG (162553 bytes)

s400-180b.JPG (155219 bytes)

#S400-180  Feeding chomp L side, nicked tip, 2nd bite R side  $1100

s400-181a.JPG (160728 bytes)

s400-181b.JPG (151884 bytes)

#S400-181  Nicked serrations R side  $1100

s400-182a.JPG (162993 bytes)

s400-182b.JPG (159596 bytes)

#S400-182  Two Feeding marks-back; missing serrations; great tip  $1200

s400-183a.JPG (155657 bytes)

s400-183b.JPG (163612 bytes)

#S400-183  Feeding marks (back) & missing serrations; great tip  $1200

s400-184a.JPG (166300 bytes)

s400-184b.JPG (162647 bytes)

#S400-184  Great tip, feeding marks, missing serrations  $1200

s400-185a.JPG (185854 bytes)

s400-185b.JPG (183218 bytes)


Perfect SOLD

s400-186a.JPG (167555 bytes)

s400-186b.JPG (171686 bytes)

#S400-186  Nicked tip; missing serration $1000

s400-187a.JPG (162258 bytes)

s400-187b.JPG (163727 bytes)

#S400-187  Feeding chomp; fair tip  $1100

s400-188a.JPG (177468 bytes)

s400-188b.JPG (161746 bytes)

#S400-188  Tip completely missing (eaten, we guess), would have been over 2-3/4" long tooth!  $1000

s400a1.JPG (166408 bytes)

s400a2.JPG (160947 bytes)


Perfect  $1400  SOLD

s400b1.JPG (161931 bytes)

s400b2.JPG (163539 bytes)


Root dark color; tip nicked $1350




2-1/4 great white shark tooth, Gold wired as a pendant
Two minor serrations nicked



2-3/16"  $1200 unless marked otherwise
    s400-213a.JPG (170417 bytes)

s400-213b.JPG (154159 bytes)

#S400-213  Perfect except enamel age crack upper center  $1150

s400-214a.JPG (174602 bytes)

s400-214b.JPG (163009 bytes)

#S400-214  Perfect except for deformed gum and age crack upper center $1150

s400-215a.JPG (161691 bytes)

s400-215b.JPG (160723 bytes)

#S400-215  Tip nick, missing serrations  $1050

s400-216a.JPG (176765 bytes)

s400-216b.JPG (166437 bytes)

#S400-216  Age Crack upper center, worn tip,  tip peeled on back  $1050  SOLD

s400c1.JPG (159357 bytes)

s400c2.JPG (158148 bytes)


Minor nicked serrations lower left  $1150

s400d1.JPG (162102 bytes)

s400d2.JPG (166370 bytes)





2-1/8"  $1100 unless marked otherwise
s400-250a.JPG (179894 bytes)

s400-250b.JPG (176138 bytes)

#S400-250  Perfect SOLD

s400-251a.JPG (169550 bytes)

s400-251b.JPG (169585 bytes)

#S400-251  Perfect

s400-252a.JPG (161608 bytes)

s400-252b.JPG (159693 bytes)

#S400-252  Perfect

s400-254a.JPG (164665 bytes)

s400-254b.JPG (166204 bytes)

#S400-254  Serrations missing, L side  $1050

s400-255a.JPG (159394 bytes)

s400-255b.JPG (160421 bytes)

#S400-255  Serrations missing $1050

s400-256a.JPG (178310 bytes)

s400-256b.JPG (181825 bytes)



s400-257a.JPG (169370 bytes)

s400-257b.JPG (165603 bytes)

#S400-257  Minor tip wear, Bite marks across enamel back & front gum $1050

s400-258a.JPG (164345 bytes)

s400-258b.JPG (163668 bytes)

#S400-258  Tip chip  $1000

s400-259a.JPG (156987 bytes)

s400-259b.JPG (162844 bytes)

#S400-259  Rounded tip, serrations missing  $1000

s400-260a.JPG (167814 bytes)

s400-260b.JPG (172145 bytes)

#S400-260  Tip chipped & serrations missing $1000

s400-261a.JPG (176505 bytes)

s400-261b.JPG (163558 bytes)

#S400-261  Chomp bite & worn tip  $1000

s400-262a.JPG (158684 bytes)  

s400-262b.JPG (157692 bytes)

#S400-262  Worn tip, serrations; chomp bite; (EXTRA WIDE 1-5/8") tooth $1050

s400-264a.JPG (162545 bytes)

s400-264b.JPG (166200 bytes)


Perfect SOLD

s400e1.JPG (160775 bytes)

s400e2.JPG (160485 bytes)




2-1/16"  $1000 unless marked otherwise
s400-280a.JPG (168063 bytes) 

  s400-280b.JPG (170158 bytes)

#S400-280  Feeding chomp & worn tip  $900

  s400g1.JPG (163323 bytes)

s400g2.JPG (166085 bytes)


Slight yellowing of root


s400h1.JPG (159610 bytes)

s400h2.JPG (164203 bytes)




2"  $900 unless marked otherwise


#S401-1  Wide silver cap pendant; perfect  $950  SOLD

s401-2a.JPG (161333 bytes)

s401-2b.JPG (166179 bytes)

#S401-2  Silver tipped, bite- serrations missing R & L  $875

s401-3a.JPG (172008 bytes)

s401-3b.JPG (174370 bytes)

#S401-3  Serrations missing, 2 deformed gums and 2 dimples  $875

s401-4a.JPG (150723 bytes)

s401-4b.JPG (168311 bytes)

#S401-4  (would be 2+ inch with tip), deformed gum  $850

s401-5a.JPG (162679 bytes)

s401-5b.JPG (162489 bytes)

#S401-5  (would be 2" plus with tip), deformed gum  $850

s401-6a.JPG (178705 bytes)

s401-6b.JPG (165401 bytes)

#S401-6  Serrations missing lower L  $850

s401-7a.JPG (173317 bytes)

s401-7b.JPG (165796 bytes)

#S401-7  Feeding chomp & tip chip  $800

s401-8a.JPG (161410 bytes)

s401-8b.JPG (158946 bytes)

#S401-8  Tip chipped  $800


1-15/16" GREAT WHITES  $800 each unless marked otherwise
s400l1.JPG (160794 bytes)  s400l2.JPG (159858 bytes)




1-7/8" GREAT WHITES  $675 each unless marked otherwise
s404-1a.JPG (175015 bytes)

s404-1b.JPG (173682 bytes)

#S404-1  Serrations missing, left center  $600

s404-5a.JPG (172110 bytes)

s404-5b.JPG (163964 bytes)

#S404-5  Silver tipped, serrations missing  $500

s404-6a.JPG (175193 bytes)

s404-6b.JPG (154830 bytes)

#S404-6  would be 1-7/8+ inch with tip  $450

s404-7a.JPG (175881 bytes)

s404-7b.JPG (175342 bytes)

#S404-7  Tip missing $450

s404-8.JPG (163043 bytes)


Silver cap; Perfect


s404-14.JPG (36891 bytes)

#S404-14 Perfect  SOLD

s404-17-a.JPG (36082 bytes)

s404-17-b.JPG (37625 bytes)

#S404-17  Unusual arched tooth; perfect  SOLD

s404-18.JPG (37470 bytes)

#S404-18  Perfect

s400m1.JPG (158621 bytes)

s400m2.JPG (161923 bytes)

  #S404-19  Perfect

#S404-20  2 serrations missing  $600  SOLD


1-13/16" GREAT WHITES  $550 each unless marked otherwise
s405-7.JPG (37849 bytes)

s405-7-b.JPG (38088 bytes)

#S405-7 Mark in enamel, upper center  $500

s405-8.JPG (37294 bytes)

s405-8-b.JPG (36448 bytes)

#S405-8  Mark in enamel center top; root ears rough  $500

s405-9.JPG (37732 bytes)

s405-9-b.JPG (36230 bytes)

#S405-9  Mark in enamel center top; root ears rough  $500

s405-11.JPG (39209 bytes)

#S405-11  Perfect


1-3/4" GREAT WHITES  $450 each unless marked otherwise
s406-1a.JPG (160546 bytes)

s406-1b.JPG (155312 bytes)

#S406-1  Tip nicked serrations nicked $400

s406-2a.JPG (174707 bytes)

s406-2b.JPG (162346 bytes)

#S406-2  1-3/4+ inch, serrations nicked L side; perfect tip $430

s406-3a.JPG (153041 bytes)

s406-3b.JPG (156920 bytes)

#S406-3  Slight tip nick  $440

s406-4a.JPG (152018 bytes)

s406-4b.JPG (154507 bytes)

#S406-4  Serrations nicked several areas; perfect tip  $425

s406-5.JPG (37953 bytes)

s406-5-b.JPG (36417 bytes)

#S406-5  Root ears rough  $375 

s406-6.JPG (37339 bytes)

s406-6-b.JPG (35327 bytes)

#S406-6  Top serrations R & L nicked  $375 

s406-7a.JPG (157563 bytes)

s406-7b.JPG (165537 bytes)

#S406-7  Tip & serrations  nicked  $410

s406-8a.JPG (172958 bytes)

s406-8b.JPG (167127 bytes)

#S406-8  Bite dimple (front); serrations nicked; perfect tip $420


#S406-9  Perfect

s406-10a.JPG (161484 bytes)

s406-10b.JPG (159560 bytes)

#S406-10  Tip & serrations nicked $400

s406-13a.JPG (163494 bytes)

s406-13b.JPG (167951 bytes)

#S406-13  Tip and serrations nicked $400

s406-16a.JPG (170304 bytes)

s406-16b.JPG (162310 bytes)

#S406-16  Nicked Tip & serrations  $400


1-11/16" GREAT WHITES  $385 each unless marked otherwise
s407-11.JPG (37044 bytes)

#S407-11  Left root ear nicked  $335

s407-12.JPG (36120 bytes)

#S407-12  Perfect

s407-13.JPG (37371 bytes)

#S407-13  Perfect

s407-18.JPG (38206 bytes)

#S407-18  Perfect

s407-19.JPG (155991 bytes)

#S407-19  $415

s407-20.JPG (38025 bytes)

#S407-20  Perfect

  s407-24.JPG (37161 bytes)

#S407-24  Perfect


1-5/8" GREAT WHITES  $350 each unless marked otherwise
s408-4a.JPG (159356 bytes)

s408-4b.JPG (163629 bytes)

#S408-4  Perfect

s408-6.JPG (37045 bytes)

s408-6-b.JPG (35898 bytes)

#S408-6  Root ears rough  $320

s408-7.JPG (35818 bytes)

#S408-7  Perfect

#S408-8  Perfect
s408-12a.JPG (146760 bytes)

s408-12b.JPG (157391 bytes)

#S408-12  Nicked serrations


s408-13a.JPG (175450 bytes)

s408-13b.JPG (159029 bytes)

#S408-13  Perfect tooth with Bite mark $340

s400n1.JPG (161701 bytes)

s400n2.JPG (161572 bytes)



s408-18a.JPG (147359 bytes)

s408-18b.JPG (161332 bytes)

#S408-18  Two nicked areas $330

s408-19a.JPG (168792 bytes)

s408-19b.JPG (161506 bytes)

#S408-19  Two gum sides nicked; perfect tip  $335

s408-20a.JPG (175415 bytes)

s408-20b.JPG (163566 bytes)

#S408-20  Age Crack and serrations nicked; gum erosion; perfect tip  $300

s408-21a.JPG (166739 bytes)

s408-21b.JPG (162975 bytes)

#S408-21  Tip and serration nicks  $290

s408-22a.JPG (169049 bytes)

s408-22b.JPG (158889 bytes)

#S408-22  Tip and serration nicks  $290

s408-23a.JPG (173348 bytes)

s408-23b.JPG (170864 bytes)

#S408-23  Tip and serration nicks  $290

s408-24a.JPG (166771 bytes)

s408-24b.JPG (161598 bytes)

#S408-24  Tip and serration nicks $290

s408-25a.JPG (155666 bytes)

s408-25b.JPG (159527 bytes)

#S408-25  Tip and serration nicks $275

s408-26a.JPG (168876 bytes)

s408-26b.JPG (168536 bytes)

#S408-26  Tip and serration nicks $290

s408-27a.JPG (176965 bytes)

s408-27b.JPG (165818 bytes)

#S408-27  Tip and serration nicks $290

s408-28a.JPG (164932 bytes)

s408-28b.JPG (160372 bytes)

#S408-28  Serrations nicked $300

s408-29a.JPG (176062 bytes)

s408-29b.JPG (160644 bytes)

#S408-29  Serration nicks $300

#S408-32  Silver capped, $360
s408-35a.JPG (164744 bytes)

s408-35b.JPG (174367 bytes)

#S408-35  Silver capped, enamel damage $360

s408-37a.JPG (157194 bytes)

  s408-37b.JPG (160656 bytes)

#S408-37  Great silver capped tooth, small chip upper L  $360

#S408-39  2 serrations missing  $330

#S408-40  Perfect


1-9/16" GREAT WHITES  $320 each unless marked otherwise


s409-2a.JPG (156207 bytes)

s409-2b.JPG (169176 bytes)

#S409-2  Perfect

s409-11.JPG (37080 bytes)

s409-11-b.JPG (34811 bytes)

#S409-11 Smooth serrations near tip  $295 

s409-17.JPG (37820 bytes)

#S409-17  Perfect

#S409-18  Perfect


1-1/2" GREAT WHITES  $295 each unless marked otherwise
s410-3a.JPG (177778 bytes)

s410-3b.JPG (166404 bytes)

#S410-3  Perfect

s410-4a.JPG (180231 bytes)

s410-4b.JPG (168984 bytes)

#S410-4  Perfect

s410-7-a.JPG (37260 bytes)

s410-7-b.JPG (36174 bytes)

#S410-7  Root ears nicked  $255

s410-10a.JPG (172207 bytes)

s410-10b.JPG (175540 bytes)

#S410-10  Perfect

s410-11a.JPG (174243 bytes)

s410-11b.JPG (177415 bytes)

#S410-11  Perfect

s410-13.JPG (37632 bytes)

s410-13-b.JPG (36677 bytes)

#S410-13  Hash marks on root  $275

s410-18.JPG (37360 bytes)

s410-18-b.JPG (36786 bytes)

#S410-18  Serration nicked upper R  $275

s410-19.JPG (36949 bytes)

s410-19-b.JPG (36028 bytes)

#S410-19  Root ears rough  $275

s410-20a.JPG (172593 bytes)

s410-20b.JPG (173139 bytes)

#S410-20  Perfect

s410-24.JPG (37462 bytes)

#S410-24  Perfect

s410-25a.JPG (176060 bytes)

s410-25b.JPG (174799 bytes)

#S410-25  Perfect

s410-26.JPG (37720 bytes)

#S410-26  Right lower serrations worn $275 

s410-27a.JPG (160598 bytes)

s410-27b.JPG (175597 bytes)

#S410-27  Perfect

s410-28.JPG (35480 bytes)



s410-29.JPG (37724 bytes)



s410-30a.JPG (179420 bytes)

s410-30b.JPG (174441 bytes)

#S410-30  Perfect

s410-31a.JPG (174402 bytes)

s410-31b.JPG (161752 bytes)

#S410-31  Perfect

s410-32a.JPG (180011 bytes)

s410-32b.JPG (176072 bytes)

#S410-32  Perfect

s410-33a.JPG (160362 bytes)

s410-33b.JPG (180074 bytes)

#S410-33  Serrations nicked, nice tooth $270

s410-34a.JPG (155678 bytes)

s410-34b.JPG (178931 bytes)

#S410-34  Serrations nicked $260

s410-35a.JPG (176409 bytes)

s410-35b.JPG (165128 bytes)

#S410-35  Tip and serrations nicked $250

s410-36a.JPG (159437 bytes)

s410-36b.JPG (172769 bytes)

#S410-36  Serrations nicked $275

s410-37a.JPG (156324 bytes)

s410-37b.JPG (165608 bytes)

#S410-37  Bite chomp $220

s410-38a.JPG (160737 bytes)

s410-38b.JPG (162783 bytes)

#S410-38  Bite chomp $220

s410-39a.JPG (154714 bytes)

s410-39b.JPG (180074 bytes)

#S410-39  Bite damage $225

s410-41a.JPG (153664 bytes)

s410-41b.JPG (178524 bytes)

#S410-41  Silver capped, bite mark  $300

s410-43a.JPG (160179 bytes)

s410-43b.JPG (172407 bytes)

#S410-43  Tip and serration nicks $240

s410-44a.JPG (161582 bytes)

s410-44b.JPG (180394 bytes)

#S410-44  Silver capped, nice tip, mean looking tooth  $310

s410-45a.JPG (177287 bytes)

s410-45b.JPG (161767 bytes)

#S410-45  Silver capped, chip on top left side  $290



#S410-54  Perfect

#S410-55  Multiple serrations missing  $250


1-7/16" GREAT WHITES  $275 each unless marked otherwise
s411-9.JPG (37376 bytes)

#S411-9  Perfect

s411-11-a.JPG (37261 bytes)

s411-11-b.JPG (37729 bytes)

s411-11-c.JPG (36002 bytes)

#S411-11  Natural twist at tip; root ears rough  $245 

s411-13.JPG (36596 bytes)

#S411-13  Perfect

s411-14.JPG (37039 bytes)

s411-14-b.JPG (36542 bytes)

#S411-14  Root ears rough  $245 

s411-19.JPG (37554 bytes)

#S411-19  Perfect

s411-21.JPG (149016 bytes)

#S411-21  Perfect

s411-23.JPG (35995 bytes)

#S411-23  Perfect

s411-24.JPG (36278 bytes)

#S411-24  Perfect

s411-25.JPG (38105 bytes)

#S411-25  Perfect

#S411-26 Perfect
s411-27.JPG (37477 bytes)

#S411-27  Perfect

s411-29.JPG (37989 bytes)

#S411-29  Extra serration on tip

s411-30.JPG (38047 bytes)

#S411-30  Perfect

s411-31.JPG (37505 bytes)

#S411-31  Perfect

s411-34.JPG (37138 bytes)

#S411-34  Perfect

s411-36.JPG (37767 bytes)

#S411-36  Perfect


#S411-40  Perfect


1-3/8" GREAT WHITES  $260 each unless marked otherwise
s412-2.JPG (36198 bytes)

#S412-2  Perfect

s412-3a.JPG (170015 bytes)

s412-3b.JPG (169311 bytes)

#S412-3  Perfect

s412-5a.JPG (159868 bytes)

s412-5b.JPG (176704 bytes)

#S412-5  Perfect

s412-7-a.JPG (36588 bytes)

s412-7-b.JPG (37351 bytes)

s412-7-c.JPG (37583 bytes)

#S412-7  Nicked R ear of root & serration on L  $235

s412-8.JPG (36988 bytes)

s412-8-b.JPG (36745 bytes)

#S412-8  Rough root ears  $235

s412-10-a.JPG (37760 bytes)

s412-10-b.JPG (37137 bytes)

#S412-10  Right ear nicked  $235 

s412-11a.JPG (177645 bytes)

s412-11b.JPG (179958 bytes)

#S412-11  Perfect

s412-12.JPG (37415 bytes)

#S412-12  Perfect

s412-13.JPG (37666 bytes)

#S412-13  Slight patina wear $245

s412-14.JPG (37433 bytes)

#S412-14  Perfect

s412-15.JPG (37858 bytes)

#S412-15  Perfect

s412-16a.JPG (179201 bytes)

s412-16b.JPG (160629 bytes)

#S412-16  Perfect

s412-17a.JPG (173243 bytes)

s412-17b.JPG (163313 bytes)

#S412-17  Perfect

s412-18a.JPG (179215 bytes)

s412-18b.JPG (157404 bytes)

#S412-18  Perfect

s412-19a.JPG (177485 bytes)

s412-19b.JPG (162705 bytes)

#S412-19  Perfect

s412-20.JPG (37359 bytes)

#S412-20  Perfect

s412-21a.JPG (162099 bytes)

s412-21b.JPG (161877 bytes)

#S412-21  Perfect

s412-22a.JPG (158269 bytes)

s412-22b.JPG (174740 bytes)

#S412-22  Perfect

s412-23a.JPG (175037 bytes)

s412-23b.JPG (174546 bytes)

#S412-23  Perfect

s412-25a.JPG (174085 bytes)

s412-25b.JPG (178687 bytes)

#S412-25  Perfect

s412-26a.JPG (166326 bytes)

s412-26b.JPG (172209 bytes)

#S412-26  Perfect

s412-27a.JPG (175881 bytes)

s412-27b.JPG (170476 bytes)

#S412-27  Perfect

s412-28a.JPG (172809 bytes)

s412-28b.JPG (175748 bytes)

#S412-28  Perfect

s412-29a.JPG (156695 bytes)

s412-29b.JPG (171856 bytes)

#S412-29  Perfect

s412-32a.JPG (179290 bytes)

s412-32b.JPG (174674 bytes)

#S412-32  Silver tip, outstanding tooth  $275

s412-33a.JPG (162701 bytes)

s412-33b.JPG (178914 bytes)

#S412-33  Silver tip, great tooth  $275

s412-34a.JPG (182349 bytes)

s412-34b.JPG (175741 bytes)

#S412-34  Silver tip, bite mark  $265

s412-35a.JPG (162441 bytes)

s412-35b.JPG (162860 bytes)

#S412-35  Silver tip, small serration and chip  $265

s412-36a.JPG (178021 bytes)

s412-36b.JPG (180493 bytes)

#S412-36  Silver tip,  missing serration on both sides  $265

  s412-42a.JPG (162687 bytes)

s412-42b.JPG (179735 bytes)

#S412-42  Beautifully silver capped tooth, 2 small cracks  $275

s412-44a.JPG (163151 bytes)

s412-44b.JPG (171880 bytes)

#S412-44  Silver capped, great tooth, small enamel peel  $265

s412-45a.JPG (163658 bytes)

s412-45b.JPG (181111 bytes)

#S412-45  Silver capped, bite mark  $265

s412-46a.JPG (160626 bytes)

s412-46b.JPG (157691 bytes)

#S412-46  Silver capped, great tooth, wicked color  $275

s412-47a.JPG (159806 bytes)

s412-47b.JPG (183606 bytes)

#S412-47  Silver capped, gnarly deformed, great tooth  $275

s412-48a.JPG (160206 bytes)

s412-48b.JPG (162561 bytes)

#S412-48  Silver capped, nice tooth, enamel on 2 root sides gone  $260

s412-49a.JPG (160638 bytes)

s412-49b.JPG (179226 bytes)

#S412-49  Silver capped, perfect tooth, serration damage  $265

s412-50a.JPG (158744 bytes)

s412-50b.JPG (158768 bytes)

#S412-50  Silver capped, nice tip, small serration damage and enamel peel  $260

s412-51a.JPG (160934 bytes)

s412-51b.JPG (160964 bytes)

#S412-51  Silver capped, great tip, 1 serration missing, gnarly color  $260

s412-52a.JPG (177390 bytes)

s412-52b.JPG (159355 bytes)

#S412-52  Silver capped, nice worn tooth, tip okay  $255

s412-53a.JPG (182120 bytes)

s412-53b.JPG (159338 bytes)

#S412-53  Silver capped, great tooth, enamel crack  $255

s412-54a.JPG (164143 bytes)

s412-54b.JPG (161756 bytes)

#S412-54  Silver capped, great tooth, bite mark, enamel peel, very nice tip  $265

s412-55a.JPG (160969 bytes)

s412-55b.JPG (177347 bytes)

#S412-55  Silver capped, great tip, small peel on top sides  $260

s412-56a.JPG (163247 bytes)

s412-56b.JPG (162692 bytes)

#S412-56  Silver capped, great tip, small serration missing  $255

s412-57a.JPG (159565 bytes)

s412-57b.JPG (157550 bytes)

#S412-57  Silver capped, gnarly tooth, nice tip  $255

s412-58a.JPG (157100 bytes)

s412-58b.JPG (180440 bytes)

#S412-58  Silver capped, Mr. Bad, serration damage  $255

s412-59a.JPG (175614 bytes)

s412-59b.JPG (161744 bytes)

#S412-59  Nice tooth, 2 small serrations missing, B grade $245

s412-60a.JPG (158993 bytes)

s412-60b.JPG (181146 bytes)

#S412-60  Nice tooth, B grade $245

s412-61a.JPG (160389 bytes)

s412-61b.JPG (179518 bytes)

#S412-61  Nice tooth, B grade $245

s412-62a.JPG (161623 bytes)

s412-62b.JPG (177654 bytes)

#S412-62  Nice tooth, B grade $240

s412-63a.JPG (163181 bytes)

s412-63b.JPG (162030 bytes)

#S412-63  Nice tooth, B grade, enamel peel $230

s412-64a.JPG (174194 bytes)

s412-64b.JPG (176234 bytes)

#S412-64  Great tooth, worn serrations, B grade $240

s412-65a.JPG (160374 bytes)

s412-65b.JPG (163495 bytes)

#S412-65  Nice tooth, bite damage $240

s412-66a.JPG (176224 bytes)

s412-66b.JPG (177608 bytes)

#S412-66  Bite damage $235

s412-67a.JPG (159589 bytes)

s412-67b.JPG (171215 bytes)

#S412-67  Nice tooth, worn $235

s412-68a.JPG (179725 bytes)

s412-68b.JPG (175823 bytes)

#S412-68  Nice tooth, serration damage $245

s412-69a.JPG (178797 bytes)

s412-69b.JPG (175355 bytes)

#S412-69  Nice tooth, great tip, bite damage $240

s412-70a.JPG (177567 bytes)

s412-70b.JPG (172004 bytes)

#S412-70   Nick tip, feeding damage $240

s412-71a.JPG (173055 bytes)

s412-71b.JPG (156582 bytes)

#S412-71  Big gnarly, feeding damage $230

s412-72a.JPG (161471 bytes)

s412-72b.JPG (177165 bytes)

#S412-72 Nice tip, chipped serrations at gum line $225

s412-73a.JPG (158562 bytes)

s412-73b.JPG (160522 bytes)

#S412-73  Nice tip, feeding damage $225

s412-74a.JPG (158576 bytes)

s412-74b.JPG (163008 bytes)

#S412-74  Nice tip, serrations nicked $230

s412-75a.JPG (180336 bytes)

s412-75b.JPG (179118 bytes)

#S412-75  Tip and serrations nicked $220

s412-76a.JPG (174520 bytes)

s412-76b.JPG (176762 bytes)

#S412-76  Tip and serrations nicked $220

s412-77a.JPG (159741 bytes)

s412-77b.JPG (177925 bytes)

#S412-77  Tip and serration nicks $220

s412-78a.JPG (158654 bytes)

s412-78b.JPG (177402 bytes)

#S412-78  Tip and serration $220

s412-79a.JPG (180931 bytes)

s412-79b.JPG (174869 bytes)

#S412-79  Tip peel, well worn $215

s412-80a.JPG (159901 bytes)

s412-80b.JPG (163360 bytes)

#S412-80  Tip chip $220

s412-81a.JPG (165740 bytes)

s412-81b.JPG (171778 bytes)

#S412-81  Tip and serrations nicked $215

s412-82a.JPG (160918 bytes)

s412-82b.JPG (180634 bytes)

#S412-82  Nice tooth, good tip, serrations nicked $225

s412-83a.JPG (174246 bytes)

s412-83b.JPG (178716 bytes)

#S412-83  Tiny nick on tip $230

s412-84a.JPG (161345 bytes)

s412-84b.JPG (180280 bytes)

#S412-84  Tip missing, feeding wear $230

s412-85a.JPG (159276 bytes)

s412-85b.JPG (175382 bytes)

#S412-85  Worn tip, nice tooth $230

s412-86a.JPG (159986 bytes)

s412-86b.JPG (177891 bytes)

#S412-86  Nice tip, serrations nicked $230

s412-87a.JPG (161261 bytes)

s412-87b.JPG (174110 bytes)

#S412-87  Tip chip, serrations nicked $220

s412-88a.JPG (178515 bytes)

s412-88b.JPG (158024 bytes)

#S412-88  Gnarly tooth, feeding, tip, and serrations nicked $190

s412-89.JPG (171302 bytes)

#S412-89  Perfect

s412-90.JPG (163772 bytes)

#S412-90  Perfect

#S412-93  Perfect

#S412-94  Perfect

#S412-96  Perfect

#S412-98  1 serration missing  $245


1-5/16" GREAT WHITES  $225 each unless marked otherwise
s413-1.JPG (36907 bytes)

s413-1-b.JPG (37101 bytes)

#S413-1  Serration missing upper L  $215

s413-2.JPG (35798 bytes)

s413-2-b.JPG (37007 bytes)

#S413-2 Tip serrations smoother  $215

s400q1.JPG (166656 bytes)

  s400q2.JPG (168766 bytes)


s413-7.JPG (36272 bytes)

#S413-7  Perfect

s413-8.JPG (36830 bytes)

#S413-8  Perfect

s413-9.JPG (36741 bytes)

#S413-9  Perfect

s413-10.JPG (36073 bytes)

#S413-10  Perfect

s413-15.JPG (35010 bytes)

#S413-15  Perfect

s413-21.JPG (38108 bytes)

#S413-21  Perfect

s413-22.JPG (38029 bytes)

#S413-22  Perfect

#S413-23  Perfect

#S413-24  Perfect

#S413-25  Perfect

#S413-27  Worn serrations  $210

#S413-28  Deformed serration  $220


1-1/4" GREAT WHITES  $210 each unless marked otherwise
s414-1a.JPG (174261 bytes)

s414-1b.JPG (177295 bytes)

#S414-1  Perfect

s414-2a.JPG (183419 bytes)

s414-2b.JPG (177995 bytes)

#S414-2  Perfect

s414-3.JPG (36872 bytes)

s414-3-b.JPG (35848 bytes)

#S414-3  top of root rough  $200

s414-4a.JPG (180260 bytes)

s414-4b.JPG (182030 bytes)

#S414-4  Perfect

s414-7a.JPG (160858 bytes)

s414-7b.JPG (175290 bytes)

#S414-7  Perfect

s414-8.JPG (36816 bytes)

s414-8-b.JPG (37310 bytes)

#S414-8  Left root ear slightly rough  $200

s414-9.JPG (36841 bytes)

s414-9-b.JPG (35565 bytes)

#S414-9  Rough root ears  $200

s414-10.JPG (38178 bytes)

#S414-10  Perfect

s414-11.JPG (37394 bytes)

#S414-11  Perfect

s414-13.JPG (38200 bytes)

#S414-13  Perfect

s414-15.JPG (37668 bytes)

#S414-15  Perfect

s414-16a.JPG (173553 bytes)

s414-16b.JPG (179674 bytes)

#S414-16  Perfect

s414-17a.JPG (182188 bytes)

s414-17b.JPG (182461 bytes)

#S414-17  Perfect

s414-18a.JPG (179053 bytes)

s414-18b.JPG (158362 bytes)

#S414-18  Perfect

s414-19a.JPG (161215 bytes)

s414-19b.JPG (161350 bytes)

#S414-19  Perfect

s414-20a.JPG (181938 bytes)

s414-20b.JPG (180669 bytes)

#S414-20  Perfect

s414-21a.JPG (176858 bytes)

s414-21b.JPG (178633 bytes)

#S414-21  Perfect

  s414-23a.JPG (159370 bytes)

s414-23b.JPG (181443 bytes)

#S414-23  Perfect

s414-25a.JPG (180481 bytes)

s414-25b.JPG (179112 bytes)

#S414-25  Perfect

s414-26a.JPG (164379 bytes)

s414-26b.JPG (180404 bytes)

#S414-26  Silver tipped, serrations nicked  $200

s414-27a.JPG (161881 bytes)

s414-27b.JPG (177502 bytes)

#S414-27  Silver tip, serrations nicked  $200

s414-28a.JPG (159252 bytes)

s414-28b.JPG (176569 bytes)

#S414-28  Silver tip, missing serrations  $200

s414-29a.JPG (159007 bytes)

s414-29b.JPG (177061 bytes)

#S414-29  Silver capped, Mr. Ugly,  bite marks  $220

s414-30a.JPG (158386 bytes)

s414-30b.JPG (163149 bytes)

#S414-30  Silver capped, Mr. Ugly's little brother, serrations smoothed  $220

s414-31a.JPG (158511 bytes)

s414-31b.JPG (164235 bytes)

#S414-31  Silver capped, nice tip, great tooth with ding in silver cap  $220

s414-32a.JPG (160810 bytes)

s414-32b.JPG (157864 bytes)

#S414-32  Silver capped, great tooth, nice tip  $220

s414-33a.JPG (159390 bytes)

s414-33b.JPG (158422 bytes)

#S414-33  Silver capped, mean looking tooth, nice tip  $220

s414-34a.JPG (159520 bytes)

s414-34b.JPG (181076 bytes)

#S414-34  Silver capped, good tip, serrations nicked  $215

s414-35a.JPG (160765 bytes)

s414-35b.JPG (162407 bytes)

#S414-35  Silver capped, nice tip, serrations nicked  $215

s414-36a.JPG (161988 bytes)

s414-36b.JPG (160896 bytes)

#S414-36  Silver capped, rough tooth, nice top  $215

s414-37a.JPG (164959 bytes)

s414-37b.JPG (166055 bytes)

#S414-37  Silver capped, nice tip, serrations nicked  $215

s414-38a.JPG (159976 bytes)

s414-38b.JPG (178648 bytes)

#S414-38  Silver capped, nice tip, serrations nicked  $220

s414-39a.JPG (158493 bytes)

s414-39b.JPG (163635 bytes)

#S414-39  Silver capped, nice tip, serrations nicked  $220

s414-41a.JPG (159842 bytes)

s414-41b.JPG (160013 bytes)

#S414-41  Silver capped, nice tip, serrations nicked  $210

s414-42a.JPG (158894 bytes)

s414-42b.JPG (158576 bytes)

#S414-42  Silver capped, nice tip, serration chip  $210

s414-43a.JPG (161117 bytes)

s414-43b.JPG (163557 bytes)

#S414-43  Silver capped, nice tip, serrations nicked  $215

s414-44a.JPG (160364 bytes)

s414-44b.JPG (160743 bytes)

#S414-44  Silver capped, nice tip, gnarly tooth, bite on back  $220

s414-45a.JPG (157822 bytes)

s414-45b.JPG (159835 bytes)

#S414-45  Silver capped, nice tip, serrations nicked  $220

s414-46a.JPG (155837 bytes)

s414-46b.JPG (156421 bytes)

#S414-46  Silver capped, serrations nicked  $215

s414-47a.JPG (175967 bytes)

s414-47b.JPG (158956 bytes)

#S414-47  Silver capped, nice tip, serrations nicked  $210

s414-49a.JPG (161912 bytes)

s414-49b.JPG (160822 bytes)

#S414-49  Great tip, serrations nicked $200

s414-50a.JPG (160951 bytes)

s414-50b.JPG (154653 bytes)

#S414-50  Great tip, serrations nicked $200

s414-51a.JPG (162214 bytes)

s414-51b.JPG (164172 bytes)

#S414-51  Great tip, serrations nicked $190

s414-52a.JPG (176908 bytes)

s414-52b.JPG (178972 bytes)

#S414-52  Great tip, serrations nicked $190

s414-54a.JPG (162138 bytes)

s414-54b.JPG (178819 bytes)

#S414-54  Great tip, serrations nicked $190

s414-55a.JPG (176403 bytes)

s414-55b.JPG (182171 bytes)

#S414-55  Great tip, feeding chomp $175

s414-56a.JPG (179931 bytes)

s414-56b.JPG (180269 bytes)

#S414-56  Great tip, serrations nicked $175

s414-57a.JPG (176172 bytes)

s414-57b.JPG (174353 bytes)

#S414-57  Nice tip, serration chunk gone $175

s414-58a.JPG (174421 bytes)

s414-58b.JPG (159169 bytes)

#S414-58  Tip and serrations nicked $175

s414-59a.JPG (176077 bytes)

s414-59b.JPG (177259 bytes)

#S414-59  Tip and serrations nicked  $175

s414-61a.JPG (180923 bytes)

  s414-61b.JPG (179857 bytes)

#S414-61  Tip and serrations nicked $175

s414-62a.JPG (163926 bytes)

s414-62b.JPG (146531 bytes)

#S414-62  Brushed silver cap, nice tooth, nick tip  $215

s414-63.JPG (172503 bytes)

#S414-63  Perfect 


1-3/16" GREAT WHITES  $190 each unless marked otherwise

s415-1a.JPG (176446 bytes)

s415-1b.JPG (175002 bytes)

#S415-1  Perfect

  s415-7a.JPG (179466 bytes)

s415-7b.JPG (177737 bytes)

#S415-7  Perfect

s415-9.JPG (36485 bytes)

#S415-9  Perfect

s415-11.JPG (36529 bytes)

#S415-11  Perfect

s415-12a.JPG (178344 bytes)

s415-12b.JPG (173108 bytes)

#S415-12  Perfect

s415-13a.JPG (181272 bytes)

s415-13b.JPG (177607 bytes)

#S415-13  Perfect

s415-14a.JPG (158937 bytes)

s415-14b.JPG (173830 bytes)

#S415-14  Perfect

s415-16.JPG (37236 bytes)

#S415-16  Perfect

s415-17a.JPG (162445 bytes)

s415-17b.JPG (163576 bytes)

#S415-17  Perfect

s415-18a.JPG (179477 bytes)

s415-18b.JPG (177446 bytes)

#S415-18  Perfect

s415-19a.JPG (178311 bytes)

s415-19b.JPG (177013 bytes)

#S415-19  Perfect

s415-20a.JPG (172364 bytes)

s415-20b.JPG (179262 bytes)

#S415-20  Perfect

s415-21a.JPG (176746 bytes)

s415-21b.JPG (181616 bytes)

#S415-21  Perfect

s415-22a.JPG (181357 bytes)

s415-22b.JPG (162451 bytes)

#S415-22  Perfect

s415-23a.JPG (176929 bytes)

s415-23b.JPG (163469 bytes)

#S415-23  Perfect

s415-24a.JPG (183881 bytes)

s415-24b.JPG (181306 bytes)

#S415-24  Perfect

s415-25a.JPG (181352 bytes)

s415-25b.JPG (177439 bytes)

#S415-25  Perfect

s415-26a.JPG (182935 bytes)

s415-26b.JPG (179916 bytes)

#S415-26  Perfect

s415-27a.JPG (179311 bytes)

s415-27b.JPG (174688 bytes)

#S415-27  Perfect

s415-28a.JPG (163990 bytes)

s415-28b.JPG (181393 bytes)

#S415-28  One missing serration  $180

s415-29a.JPG (179103 bytes)

s415-29b.JPG (176899 bytes)

#S415-29   One missing serration  $180

  s415-33a.JPG (163202 bytes)

s415-33b.JPG (159979 bytes)

#S415-33  Silver capped, nice tooth,  great tip  $210

s415-34a.JPG (164664 bytes)

s415-34b.JPG (160298 bytes)

#S415-34  Silver capped, great tooth, nice tip  $210

  s415-36a.JPG (161666 bytes)

s415-36b.JPG (160353 bytes)

#S415-36  Silver capped, nice tip, serration damage  $200

s415-37a.JPG (162710 bytes)

s415-37b.JPG (162121 bytes)

#S415-37   Brushed silver cap top, enamel peel  $200

s415-38a.JPG (172416 bytes)

s415-38b.JPG (182677 bytes)

#S415-38  Nice tip, serration damage  $160

s415-39a.JPG (177429 bytes)

s415-39b.JPG (178805 bytes)

#S415-39 Nice tip, serration damage  $140

s415-40a.JPG (175056 bytes)

s415-40b.JPG (176648 bytes)

#S415-40  Tip nick, serration damage  $140

s415-41a.JPG (177328 bytes)

s415-41b.JPG (176612 bytes)

#S415-41  Tip nick, serration damage  $140

s415-43a.JPG (179033 bytes)

s415-43b.JPG (165249 bytes)

#S415-43  Nice tip, age crack, serration damage  $140


#S-415-45  Perfect

#S-415-47  1 small serration missing  $180



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