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Are you lookin' at me?!?

Real or not?  You decide!

COOL CUSTOMER with Space Van 
March 9, 2015

Ok, here are the pictures of Space Shuttle 3.   The mother ship is named Space Ship One.

This is a van which is being converted to a Space Shuttle Simulator of a sort.  When finished it will have as much or more electronics than the old space shuttle.  The capabilities are too numerous to mention in one email and that is why we are creating a site:  floridaspaceshuttle.com which to convey it all at.

This will be the first space shuttle that is road certified for driving on standard streets when necessary.

It has a voice operated and interactive computer system to operate many of it's functions.

The rockets will be fully working (they are now just hooked up to power), it will have real time weather radar (local/national and worldwide) and real plane/object radar/tracking along with many other innovative features and functions.  Vehicle Anti-Collision forward looking radar, Dual Instrument heads-up displays, one for Pilot and one for Co-Pilot, one central GPS heads-up display, and two other GPS displays, one in-dash and one in the computer.

This is the first time anyone has ever done anything close to this and the website will reveal many secrets to warp space, time, and inter-dimensional travel with some new theories based on scientific facts than make more sense than anything offered previously to the public.

The website is under construction but will be developing faster now in the very near future.

Thanks for checking it out and posting it.



Michael Wayne







Here's a couple of websites regarding Black Vault (Extraterrestrial) that may interest you:


March 6, 2009

Here is photo of my 1978 Military Jeep M151A2 with customized Security Notices.  I'm working on a matching trailer with UFO parts, and an alien body or two in it.

Thanks Again
Floridas best Trucks

Note the "Groom Dry Lake Test Facility" painted on the hood, "Security 17" and A-51" on the back

Picture 4942.jpg (111721 bytes)  Picture 4963.jpg (143041 bytes)  Picture 4945.jpg (136902 bytes)

"Wash under M151 of all Bio or Alien Matter" under the hood

Picture 4952.jpg (139507 bytes)  Picture 4949.jpg (140618 bytes)


MARTIN, The Visitor

I've had some strange things happen in my life, but nothing like what I'm about to share.

The day before Thanksgiving, we had a very unusual visitor show up at our doorstep. He said his name is Martin. My wife fainted, so I caught her and just looked at him and said, "Well, it's about time one of you guys finally showed up to give me a visit!"
He told me he wanted to make his visit around the holiday season to see how we celebrate here. I didn't have a problem with that. After reviving my wife, we all then sat around and discussed whatever came to mind. He's a very casual guy and claimed this chair as his place of rest during our 'getting to know each other' conversation.

martin1.jpg (98334 bytes)

It was starting to get late in the evening, so with all the talk and dry mouths, he offered to make a beer run. Yeah, he made the offer and went to the store, but the little character didn't have any money, so guess who ended up footing the bill. Go figure!

martin2.jpg (68897 bytes)

Anyway, the weather was nice, so we went outside to continue our conversation

martin3.jpg (105902 bytes)

 After several hours, I came to the conclusion he's a pretty cool dude, so I made an offer for him to stay with us as long as he wants. He smiled and accepted.
Since it was getting quite late, we all decided to hit the sack. He said that after his long journey, he desperately needed to take care of a couple things before he rested.

martin4.jpg (58794 bytes)  martin5.jpg (80697 bytes)

OK, first night, but we're going to have to come to some kind of agreement on sleeping arrangements, considering where he chose to sleep first night here. I'm not too happy about crashing on the couch, but what the heck, he's pretty harmless and is a guest, so one night I can handle. But tomorrow night, HE's going to be sleeping on the couch!

martin11.jpg (68244 bytes)

All said and done, next day, we all had rested quite well. Coming from an area where their sun is green, he said he really enjoys our yellow sun. I had some work to do, so Martin and my wife sat on the swing discussing........, heck, I don't know. She still kept fainting.

martin7.jpg (106438 bytes)

Anyway, I think the next thing that needs to be done is try and get him some clothing. I'll probably have to buy that too till he gets a job. People driving by keep yelling about that funny looking little naked guy, or something like that.
Yup, life can throw some strange things at you, and this is certainly is strange. But I think there's fun to be had and lots to learn from each other.
Now, if my wife would just stop fainting!

Submitted in fun by Steve

UPDATE December 8, 2008

Well, Martin hasn't been here long. But, as he said, he wanted to see how we celebrate the holidays.

We live in Sunnyside Washington, and it's become a little famous for a rural celebration it created twenty years ago in 1988 for the first weekend of December. It started as a farm implement parade with tractors, trailers, bailers, combines and other such machinery decked out in Christmas lights and decorations. Over the years, it's evolved into all other kinds of other vehicles. Sunnyside's parade was also a feature story on the Arts and Entertainment television network several years ago. Many other cities heard about this and have since come up with their own parades with similar themes.

martin8.jpg (110101 bytes)  

Of course, Martin wanted a front row seat, and he got one. Who could argue with the little fellow. He's so cute in his small stature and innocent nakedness. And the reaction from people in the parade seeing Martin sit there was just totally priceless!

martin9.jpg (116011 bytes)

Of course, like may far away visitors, Martin has become infatuated with one of earth's pleasures, namely, Coca Cola. Seems I remember another visitor who loved Reeses Pieces.  Must be the sugar, or something.

martin10.jpg (151435 bytes)


Customer Peggy wrote in to tell us about a book she authored:

"My name is Peggy Johnson and I am the author of a humorous UFO book titled Alien Memoirs.  It does not make fun of UFO believers, I am one myself.  It is a humorous look at  the alien who is retiring. It was written when I asked myself: "Wonder what the aliens think of us now?  Well, this book explains the Alien's life, what to expect during an abduction and also explains lots of the Earth's mysteries.  This, according to our retiring alien abductor.  I am trying to find stores etc. that might stock my book.  My publisher is

Steelmoon Publishing and they have a wholesale distributor you can visit at

  for more information"

Peggy L. Johnson
author Alien Memoirs



Talented customer Steven has created a series of alien cartoons with the above name, which has not yet been syndicated.  We will feature a new strip every Sunday (below).  Here's his background:

Heidi, I've been drawing since I was three years old, but, I literally had to teach myself to cartoon, starting back in '98.
  As for "Little Grey Men", That's kind of a long story-- but, if you have time...
  I was living in San Diego and I was at a local Denny's with my sketchpad, just contemplating the irony of what I knew about the Roswell incident. I mean, how can super-intelligent beings from another galaxy make it here only to crash their ship in the desert, right?
  Well, I whipped out a couple of penciled rudimentary cartoons; one depicting two aliens having locked the keys in the UFO while it was running, hovering in the background; and the other one showing a UFO stuck in the mud on a farm, having just landed, with the occupants fighting over who was going to go hypnotize the farmer to pull them out (click on the cartoon below to up-size). 

littlegreymen-first.jpg (67157 bytes)

  In the end, I was content in my little bubble of satisfaction when, out of nowhere, this girl came up to my table and asked if I was an artist and if she could see what I was drawing. I said "..sure". She laughed.
  I was onto something, I always like to say. I'll never forget that moment I made a total stranger laugh with my art. It was an awesome feeling!
  So, anyway..., that's kinda it. Couple all that with the fact that I saw something when I was eleven, and this is what you get.

I'm single, a Union ironworker out of Local #86 in Seattle, WA; I work 60 hours a week and I'm hopelessly in love with the ethereal, angelic vision of a woman named Tracey..   Oh..., I have two cats: Rent-a-Cat and Pi.  Below is the first of many I will send, one each week, in sequential order.  I hope the viewers enjoy every one!

Week 1: littlegreymen1.jpg (46494 bytes)

Week 2: little grey men- 23 Torso.JPG (101387 bytes)

Week 3:  littlegreymen-binladen.JPG (95606 bytes)

Week 4:  littlegreymen-seattlecoffee.jpg (50788 bytes)

Week 5:  littlegreymen-horn.JPG (103805 bytes)

  I was browsing your site and I was really inspired by what you do for the troops! I'd like to do something like that for our guys out of WA I was browsing your site and I was really inspired by what you do for the troops! I'd like to do something like that for our guys out of WA (see Week 6 below). The Strykers are from here. I was driving home one night from work, and there was a convoy of  Strykers, about 20 of them. I passed them all just over the speed limit and honked. The crews were all riding outside the vehicles, which is pretty uncommon to me. Finally, I caught up to the lead vehicle and a solitary crewman popped out of the hatch and waved... Seems I was being talked about over their radios.

Week 6:  littlegreymen-security.JPG (109930 bytes)

Week 7:  littlegreymen-mtv.jpg (45804 bytes)

Week 8:  littlegreymen-week8.jpg (44421 bytes)

Week 9:  littlegreymen-week9.jpg (46332 bytes)

Week 10:  littlegreymen-week10.jpg (37954 bytes)

Week 11:  littlegreymen-week11.jpg (58708 bytes)

Week 12:  littlegreymen-week12.jpg (34680 bytes)

Here's Steven, kicking back with his favorite gourmet coffee, surrounded by his movie posters and Asian art.

s-petersen.JPG (78164 bytes)



The story goes this is the mummified remains of a small alien.  Legends all over the world speak of small creatures like these especially in Indian tribes,  that ransacked villages. 

alienmummy1.jpg (63365 bytes)  alienmummy2.jpg (46473 bytes)  alienmummy3.jpg (69734 bytes)

Okay, we know this is a hoax, we thought you'd get a chuckle from it!

Submitted by Chris from California.  Thanks Chris!


In our research on the Brookins report, we came across some interesting info on this website you too may enjoy:


along with another tidbit of info on how to handle alien crash sites in a Firefighter's manual (Chapter 13) discussed on this website ...are they writing this from experience?

http://www.v-j-enterprises.com/firefigh.html (please overlook the misspellings)


All right, pull it over mister!

Great sighting over Hoover Dam!  Just kidding.



alienkingscd.JPG (37502 bytes)

Joe Seddon has created a soft rock/touch of country music & vocal CD based on his own encounters with aliens & UFO's.  In his own words from the CD inside cover: " The beings gracing the covers of his album were drawn from the memory of his first visit, and an opportunity to view a solitary UFO on two separate occasions.  One was lighted and suspended in the evening sky; the second was a large dark shape that crossed the moon at dusk, having no visible lights but it passed close by.   Both moments were documented by family members fortunate enough to have witnessed their unexpected appearances.  They were indeed mysteriously silent, strangely lighted, saucer shaped and moving in an unusual manner.  The latest incident involved the classical missing hours of time, extreme & unearthly visual phenomenon, the beautiful glowing circle of blue light from which things emanate, and the awareness of being taken up into the clouds.  Four eye-opening incidents that impact one's life forever.  A "tall glass of truth from the fountain of proof".  Fear and fascination rolled into one neat little ball.  If you've never seen a UFO or aliens, chances are you can't or won't believe.

He didn't.  He does.

Trying to convince skeptics about the existence of flying saucers is akin to balancing bubbles on the sharp end of a pin.  Tonight, scientists listen with electronic ears tuned to the surrounding universe, hoping for an intelligible signal or blip.  So far...nothing.  Luckily, you can spin this disc and at least you'll hear something.   The renowned crash at Roswell New Mexico has been the zenith of all saucer events and is argued as fervently today as it was in 1947.  It seems that no one has a handle on the scandal.  The world awaits."

Selected Song titles:  Madhouse in Space, World on Fire, Arizona Sighting, Elvis on a Heartless Hiway, Rockin with the ALIEN KINGS.

You can email him directly if you're interested in purchasing this CD which is $8.00 (U.S. shipping included):  jbluesky@nationi.net 


alienontoilet.jpg (55356 bytes)

This alien photo contribution came from Stephanie in Orlando, Florida.  An Alien reading a Time Magazine article about Roswell while sitting on the toilet?  We hope you get a hoot out of it as we did.


Hello Heidi,
I purchased a couple sharklings last year, am very happy with the one I kept, but drove off the friend I gave the other to. C'est la guerre.
Your site is a lot of fun, weird and wild, and you sometimes post customer's pictures.
I needed a desk lamp, so I made one. Since I'm very much into alien-esque stuff, I decided to call my lamp "Alien Artifact"...
but not from an Advanced Civilization. Instead, it's something from a culture even more primitive than ours.  "They" had just discovered electricity, and wires, and incandescent bulbs.
That's why "they" had so many cooling fins and tubes and other features, which we would scoff at, just for a desklamp.  Gives it a sort of an antique charm, wouldn't you say?
Al, Kent OH


alienartifact1.JPG (58926 bytes)  alienartifact2.JPG (59565 bytes)  alienartifact3.JPG (74692 bytes)  alienartifact4.JPG (51360 bytes)


alienlookingatembryo.jpg (46854 bytes)

Photo contribution by Paul, who says that "aliens live in MY house too" !!


Cool customer Kelley in Wisconsin has submitted photos of his car in the Hot Import Nights Chicago, IL Car Show (2005):  


Note the alien head he purchased from us:

And the alien embryo showing in the back of the engine here, purchased from us also:

And a friend has since Photo-shopped this interesting eyeball reflection of his car in the Alien photo:

Kellyalienfacecareye.jpg.jpg (57304 bytes)

They are in the process now of building a new interior in the car with alien themed figures and faces set in fiberglass...more to come!

His entry drew a WHOLE lot of attention, which meant lots of picture taking and fun conversations!  He's been invited to bring his car for a calendar shoot in August.   Thanks for sharing, Kelley!


We come in peace...                         aev jler glar...

Above is our new alien that debuted at a recent Shell Show where we also exhibited our unusual items (March 2003).  Second photo is where he called home for some time...third photo (below) is his new abode in our home with new new "uniform"

mvc-897s.jpg (69104 bytes)


Open in case of emergency.

The secrets are safe with us...unless you get the key...there's no telling what you'll find inside!!! 

  What's that light over his shoulder...what are those heads behind him...what's going on???


Y'all want some mutilated cow parts to chew on?

One of those weird things we end up with - what else but "Mutilated Cow Jerky" from New Mexico!  This one is display only, 12" x 10".


"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us."   - Calvin & Hobbes -

Stare down, first one to blink is an Alien!

I have always held that this planet is the Insane Asylum of the Milky Way Galaxy -

You screw up anywhere in this universe, they send you HERE


Alien in capsule at the Grand Canyon Experience store, Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas (below)

Alien in capsule w Glenn.JPG (37222 bytes) 


Alien balloon at the UFO Conference in Laughlin, Nevada March 2001, some serious lectures go on here!

Privacy panelPrivacy panelPrivacy panel

If that wasn't enough, we stepped into our room at the Comfort Inn in Orlando a couple of weeks later (we were told there was a "children's room included" to find the privacy panels for this room were - you guessed it - Aliens!

Whazzzz Upppppp! 

The June 2002 issue of Reader's Digest reported a new American UFO & Sci-Fi Museum in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin where you can have your picture taken with this cute little guy!  Looks like Larry's alien's brother!

I knew Glen was strange, but who would have thought? 

 Oh oh, here's my Glenn that someone must have morphed into an alien!  Watch out, folks!

Here's the McRoberts couple with Heidi - they innocently took a photo while on vacation in Vancouver and lo-and-behold!  There was a spaceship in the photo - well documented and studied but never discredited - it is now the famous "McRoberts Photo".  Nice to meet you folks!  

DSCF0062.JPG (87141 bytes)  

(Above) This is DJ in Nashville that's couch potato-ing with his new alien resin head he purchased from us - we're trying to figure out which is which?


Here's a good customer Nathan's impressive alien collection, Nathan is from good ol' Packer Country--Wisconsin.  He's now a Field Investigator for MUFON after passing a difficult test.  I hope we hear what he sees!

Nathan top shelf.jpg (80049 bytes)  Nathan shelf middle.jpg (83913 bytes)  Nathan bottom shelf.jpg (90990 bytes)

His costume for Halloween 10/04 scared adults and made kids cry, can you see why?

nathan-alien2.JPG (703105 bytes)  nathan-alien3.JPG (682094 bytes)

 Below  is his alien tattoo he added to his "collection" though he'll wear this one the rest of his life.  Thanks for sharing!

alienbrand2.jpg (16507 bytes)


Alien encounter submitted by Elizabeth

On June 25, 2005 my family and I went to Chalk Bluff (a water park in Uvalde, TX).  That same night, my mom thought my friend and I were still awake at 2:00 a.m. so she looked out her tent and saw a hovering light between our tents.  She just stared at it and it started zip zapping everywhere and then came to a pause and then retreated. But she said that it was so bright and small that it was flashing like a camera. Then it took off into the night.  After seeing the pictures on your website some Ufo's looked just like the ones she described!

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