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Photos of Alien Activities


Well folks I'm leaving, yup I'm finally getting out of this world alive. See ya when I return.
Notice EBE is at the controls, and the blue electromagnetism shield around the craft.
Bye, Larry
larry- UFO.jpg (100388 bytes)


Helix Nebula

Better known on the internet as the Eye of God and described by astronomers as "a trillion-mile-long tunnel of glowing gases".  At its center is a dying star which has ejected masses of dust and gas to form tentacle-like filaments stretching toward an outer rim composed of the same material. Our own sun may look like this in several billion years.

I hope you enjoyed your lil' journey through a small portion of our Solar System and Universe, Now we head for home.

Eye Ap.jpg (27701 bytes)


Here we are on our way to Mars, and as we look back we see the majestic world we left behind with the moon in the back ground. 

Earth_Moon.jpg (12306 bytes)

We are now in Earth Orbit, right above the Equator. And our fabulous moon is in the background.   Enjoy
Larry and crew

Earth Orbit.jpg (151468 bytes)


AREA 51 EASTERN BOUNDARY outside of Rachel, Nevada:

Boundry_00.jpg (109349 bytes)



We were

Here is Larry's response:  

Damn I thought I was going to be abducted. But the peeping Tom didn't stay long.

alien-in-window.jpg (153567 bytes)



ALIEN SWATMOBILE, starting out...

alien swatmobile03.JPG (154907 bytes)

  The two tubes with the four barrels are the Gatlin guns which will be installed where the headlights are,

Alien Swat Mobile01.JPG (153218 bytes)  Alien Swat Mobile02.JPG (160050 bytes)  

The finished product, the Alien Area 51 Swat Security Team

larry-july08a.jpg (155790 bytes)   larry-july08b.jpg (154899 bytes)



alienstatuehead-larry.jpg (22502 bytes)


MAY '08

with "Dr." Larry Hunt-zinger (smile)

alien-larrychamber.jpg (67017 bytes)

Well this EBE "ee beee" aka Extraterrestrial Biological Entity finally got here from the star Pegasus, it's 10,000 light years from earth and is the closest star from earth. Aliens put themselves into suspended animation or deep sleep in tubes known as sleep chambers.
This makes the trip through the universe seem much shorter. Here I just entered the chamber room of his craft. He should awaken soon.
Dr. Huntszinger

02/10/10  Email received from Cam, commenting on this photo and caption:

Hi, I stumbled across your website about EBE's through Google Images.  I noticed you mentioned that the star Pegasus is 10,000 light years away and the closest star to Earth.  Well, I wanted to tell you that our sun is in fact the closest, but aside from that, the nearest star to our own solar system is a mere 4 light years away, which is Alpha Centauri.  Another star (actually a set of binary stars), 61 Cygni, is only 11.4 light years away and was the first star other than our sun to have its distance from home measured, in 1838 by Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel.  There are also twelve known stars which, in terms of distance from Earth, lie between Alpha Centauri and 61 Cygni.  There are also a many stars which, in terms of distance from Earth, lie between 61 Cygni and the 10,000 light year mark, one of which being Gliese 876 which actually has three known planets orbiting it.  Having said all of that, I should also probably mention that there is no star officially named Pegasus, however the constellation Pegasus contains eight stars which follow the Peg Bayer Designation, as well as the star 51 Pegasi.  However, this constellation is approximately 50 light years away from Earth, still not 10,000.  Now, I realize that the alien sleep chamber is a joke with a superimposed head pasted onto the image of the man in the room (that doesn't mean I'm denying that the original photo is genuine, or that the creature inside the chamber is indeed and extraterrestrial- neither of those I can confirm nor deny).  My question is, is the remark about the "star" Pegasus a joke as well?



As you probably know NASA has sent another worthless piece of machinery costing the American tax payers another billion to the Red Planet to look for life. Look below and take a good look at this thing they call the Phoenix.

1. It has no wheels, so it can't roam or go anywhere.
2. It has no shovel or any kind of digging apparatus, so it can't dig.
3. Yes it has a camera, but they won't put it on my friend Ali. I can't wait to see what kind of snow balls they are going to throw at us now.
4. They are going to tell you there's life on Mars because some one took this photo.

alien-marsLarry.jpg (41370 bytes)

02/10/10  Email received from Cam, commenting on this photo and caption:

I noticed this below the Pegasus part of the site, and I thought I should point a few things out.  The purpose of the craft called Phoenix wasn't specifically to look for life on Mars, rather it had two main objectives; to study the geological history of water on the red planet, and to investigate the possibility of biological habitability at the Martian poles (but not for the actual biology itself).  As far as the craft being a stationary one, aside from the obvious issue of reducing costs, there are two main reasons for this.  The first is that the poles on Mars, particularly the area on which Phoenix landed, is thought to be rather unvarying, so to travel would be pointless because the environment wouldn't change significantly within any reasonable distance for a rover to travel.  The second is that, as you probably know, the weight of the payload of a rocket must be carefully calculated, and has distinct limits.  Excluding wheels allowed Phoenix's engineers to a wider variety of advanced instruments for the craft.  Number two on your list is just downright incorrect; the craft featured a robotic arm for digging, and upon landing it did indeed just that, carving out trenches so as to study the obtained Martian soil.  During a process that occurred on June 24th, 25th, and 26th, 2008, Phoenix accomplished the second of its mission's objectives first, revealing the surface soil to be somewhat alkaline; a pH between 8 and 9 (it also detected moderate salinity levels).  Both of these pieces of information point to a rather inhabitable environment from a biological standpoint, contrary to prior popular beliefs about the red planet's polar caps.  On July 31, 2008, Phoenix accomplished the first objective of its mission and confirmed that there was indeed water ice on the surface of the Martian polar caps.  Though only designed to operate for 90 days before ceasing to function, the Phoenix craft ended up operating two months into overtime.  This meant that it continued operating into October 2008, and on the 28th of that month it officially went into safe mode, and on November 10th, NASA lost contact.  However, due to the craft's safe mode feature rather than a classic shut down permits the possibility of re-establishing contact some time between right now as I am typing this, and this coming March.

I didn't read any further on your page because I was only checking it out via Google Images, as I stated before, and an image you're hosting had caught my eye.  But after reading only a few playful entries devoid of any sort of data, and subsequently stumbling across your May 2008 entries and realizing that they were also relatively devoid of any actual facts (but rather statements which appeared to be disguised as facts), I began to wonder: is this guy for real?  It's obvious that much of your website, blog, whatever you want to call it- is simply playfully updating the world on many of your own "alien activities", and many rather humorously at that, I wanted to know if any of these other entries were just that; simply humor?  Or did this guy actually believe that all of this stuff was true?

Having said all of this, I should point out that no, I am not, and never have been employed by NASA.  Though aside from their obvious covering-up of all this UFO business for so many decades (which, believe me, is a very big, even despicable problem I have with them), I find them to be a progressive and worthwhile- hell, often even inspiring, group of people.  Benefiting humanity as a species and bringing us closer to the stars to which we have always looked with awe and wonder.  But make no mistake; I am also a big supporter of the UFO-disclosure cause, and I find it to be quite possibly the worst crime against humanity ever committed, to be denying the fact that contact has been made, and long been well-established.  This is an outrage, and it's a sign of cultural immaturity.  All this in mind, aside from the factual errors I would have to say I actually really enjoyed your website.  I loved your Area 51 Security float at your local parade, it really had me laughing there for a few minutes.  I really found amusement in your enthusiasm in E.T.s and UFOs, But the factual errors only made me confused, hence this e-mail.  

Heidi's clarification to Cam regarding both comments:  

Though Larry Hunt (our friend in Nevada) and we both believe in the existence of aliens life forms (and have plenty of serious material on our website to that effect), what I have posted in Photoshopped photos & text from Larry was intended as a light-hearted approach to the subject, not intended to be factual.


The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.




March 2006


larry-alienautopsy1.jpg (154794 bytes)  larry-alienautopsy2.jpg (149432 bytes)  larry-alienautopsy3.jpg (145794 bytes)

Okay, so this is LARRY'S version of the Alien Autopsy - but it made you chuckle, didn't it?




Larry reports:
Here's the start of my Christmas float this year, sponsored by the Baptist Church this time:
larry2005xmasparade3.jpg (156535 bytes)  larry2005xmasparade4.jpg (156441 bytes)
Well I'm all lined up and ready to go. Here's my 2005 CHRISTMAS
 Parade Entry

larry2005xmasparade1.jpg (149272 bytes)  larry2005xmasparade2.jpg (155072 bytes)

larryalienphotowcoffee.jpg (21265 bytes)


After arriving home (Boulder City, Nevada) just before sunset from having dinner out, as I was getting out of the car, I looked East down our street and saw these strange clouds - UFO?  You decide!

ufoinclouds1.jpg (141165 bytes)  ufoinclouds2.jpg (133547 bytes)  ufoinclouds3.jpg (114987 bytes)


October 12
At 5:40 AM I looked outside from my front deck and saw these beautiful colored clouds over Lake Mead and parts of Boulder City (Nevada). I grabbed the camera to get some shots off before the color changed as the sun was rising.  Weather at the time of this sighting:
Partly cloudy
Temp: 64:degrees
Wind: Out of the Northeast light and variable
Visibility: Clear no haze
You all know I am a believer in UFO's, and at times have pasted them into some of my photos just for fun. But I would never lie to you about any event of this nature, if we are ever going to find out the truth about UFO's, we have to be honest in our pursuit of the UFO phenomena.  First photo is normal.

larrysunset1.jpg (154417 bytes)

Below photos show a dot that cannot be explained:

larrysunset2.jpg (148715 bytes)  larrysunset3.jpg (147774 bytes)

Then it dropped down rapidly and slightly to my left into a darker area of the cloud which made it easier to see with the naked eye.  And then it disappeared as fast as it appeared.  

I will soon be sending these photos to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). If you wish you can follow this link to the MUFON home page:


JULY 2005
Well the 57th Boulder City Damboree parade was a great success!   And the Official Boulder City Area 51 vehicle did it again. Larry got 1st place Best in Show!

Larry Damboree 2005 2.jpg (157392 bytes)  Larry Damboree 2005 3.jpg (153621 bytes)

Inside the Mother Ship, the Aliens are proudly showing off their newly won trophy...

Larry alien trophy 2005.jpg (158335 bytes)


Larry's alien friend in his new "space uniform"Larry alien new uniform.jpg (145475 bytes)

Larry and wife Leah...in sickness and in health...

Larry and Leah.jpg (263186 bytes)

Ready to fly off in his new space ship over the pond near our house:

Larry friends in the sky.jpg (77807 bytes)


Larry took his alien buddies to Pahrump, Nevada on Oct. 23, 2004 for the Annual Pahrump Art & Sol Festival, so they've been "Deputized" for the event:

 Larry Pahrump 1.jpg (167339 bytes)  Larry Pahrump 6.jpg (173693 bytes)

Larry's comments: Well, all the people around Rachel can sleep a little safer now. The Boundary Patrol did a massive sweep of the East boundary and nabbed these escapees, now they are back in to their holding rooms on base.  Ready to Rumble on the 23rd of October at the Radio station Art and Sale,  meanwhile I'll just terrorize Boulder City.

Larry aliens new uniforms Pahrump.jpg (180069 bytes)  Larry ready to rumble.jpg (114940 bytes)  Larry ready to rumble 2.jpg (129454 bytes)


Larry and friends for Christmas 2003...

Larry with 2 aliens outside.jpg (149111 bytes) 

As we all know the famous Black Mail Box that used to belong to Steve Medlin near Groom Road is no longer at its original place and it's rumored it was auctioned off to a collector. Well the box belongs to the Alien Nation:

Black mailbox.jpg (273882 bytes)  (just kidding!)

Alien homies attract the attention of the mother ship...

 Larry aliens in truck.jpg (127192 bytes)

Remember the black mail box that used to be at mailbox road and highway 375 or the Extraterrestrial highway,  no one knows where it went or who bought it at an auction?
Look below

alien on mailbox.jpg (148008 bytes)  (just kidding!)


The Rover is still trying to Transmit, but we will soon eliminate the transmitter...

Marsalien.jpg (98328 bytes)  alienrover1.jpg (24103 bytes)

My intel on Mars are sending some great photos which the mainstream media is not reporting...

Marsalienred.jpg (134171 bytes)

Too late...there is no water on Mars!

alien skeleton on mars.jpg (72378 bytes)

Here's how Larry creates this illusion, using a photo from the area of the Valley of Fire, adding red, inserting his alien:

  alienrover2.jpg (35977 bytes)  alienrover3.jpg (177804 bytes)

We now have water on Mars, Larry reports!

alienrover4.jpg (52874 bytes)


Fourth of July, 2004 float with a Connestoga Wagon and family of aliens, creative mind of Larry Hunt! ...

4th of July 2004 alien parade float.jpg (157193 bytes)  4th of July 2004 alien parade float 2.jpg (149879 bytes)


MAY 8 RACHEL, Nevada ALIEN PARADE float, compliments of Larry Hunt...

Rachel parade 2004.jpg (39287 bytes)  Rachel parade 2004 pic 2.jpg (38399 bytes)


The Winners of this Fourth of July, 2003 Parade Float for the most creative, Larry Hunt and Aliens on a Picnic...

Larry Trophy aliens.jpg (39688 bytes)  Mvc-002s.jpg (41301 bytes)  Mvc-007s.jpg (40128 bytes)


Larry Hunt's Christmas Float 2003:

Dsc00002.jpg (143748 bytes)  Dsc00007.jpg (149522 bytes)

Larry's Halloween alien autopsy,  scary closet alien, and alien baby!  Remember, it's just for fun!

Larry autopsy pic 2 Halloween 2003.jpg (152470 bytes)  Larry Halloween alien 2003.jpg (141332 bytes)  Larry skeleton baby alien Halloween 2003.jpg (151367 bytes)



Below is Larry Hunt's Dec. 1, 2001 float that won Best Float in the Santa Parade in Boulder City, Nevada

And the Home Of The Brave! Could some one turn on one of those UFO beams, I cant find my keys.... Get off my tail! Frosty the snow man.... mvc-286s.jpg (66226 bytes)   

Let's get rid of Illegal Aliens! Happy birthday! And that means YOU! There's no place like home, theres no place like home....

Above is our friend Larry's Fourth of July alien float in Boulder City, Nevada for 2002 - quite a message!  Watch out for the machine gun!


I don't know where we are gonna put it all!

A down-home Alien Thanksgiving - eek!  Guess who's coming for dinner!

Larrys alien at computerLarrys alien in kitchen

 Here's Larry's favorite alien buddy at work, and in the kitchen.  A versatile fellow!

How do you turn this microwave on?  

Here's one alien overseeing the alien in the sleep chamber.

Rachel parade soldiers  

The honor guard at the Rachel parade.


Alien xmas float 2002

Larry's alien Christmas float, 2002.

      It's true, there is no inteligent life on this planet.... Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do when we come for you? Neeeeedeeep

                          Autopsy, anyone?


All the aliens are going on a health and fitness program. And they are eating Mars Candy Bars. THE BARS FROM MARS Munchy 

  Before.jpg (13954 bytes)                   After.jpg (15202 bytes)
Before                             After


Just 1 more, I'm not flying, this guy is ====>Hey baby, what's your number?Best looking man in town!

  Above is Larry's favorite alien taking a sip at the local Happy Days Diner in Boulder city - with alien friend Mike looking on, then sitting beside it, then the alien girlfriend!  What next!

mvc-283s.jpg (71026 bytes)

Larry's alien family...they're so busy it was hard to get them together for a family picture...

Alien tanning booth.  

This is Larry's alien in the sleep chamber, under black light, for the Halloween party 2002!  He even had animation so it looked like it was breathing!


Heidi and McRobert  


There is also some great updated photos of Area 51 available at the Dreamland home page, the photos are copyrighted:  http://www.dreamlandresort.com 

July 4 2003 alien paradeJuly 4 2003 alien paradeI knew those hippy's were on to something...

Fourth of July, 2001, Rachel Nevada 25th anniversary alien parade entry by Larry Hunt, and another unknown entrant just "dropped in".

You haven't seen an alien body around anywhere have you?

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