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Contents:  Virtual tour to Area 51, UFO experiences, blueprints & satellite photos of Area 51


Hey baby, how about hoppin' in my low rider?

Wanna take a ride?

Turn right by the dead cow, turn left by the downed space craft... Map Area 51 and Rachel.JPG (39639 bytes)

This answers the most-asked question in our store...where is Area 51?  Note the location of Groom Lake and Papoose Lake that are within the Area 51 base.  The black mailbox is closest to the airspace over the base.  Rachel is the closest town.

They'll never find me here...

This is a "photo" by friend and customer Russ.  We'll see about a post card later!


Steak anyone?  It's out of this world!  This "photo" was compiled starting with a photo our friend Mary took of a dead cow near Area 51 (there are ranchers with cows living on the perimeter), along with a super-imposed alien from our store, but where did that UFO come from??  

Moe?     Larry?    Curley?   No, it can't be true!!!   

Larry and the fam going for a desert ride up to Area 51 - follow us on the "virtual tour" right up to the Security Gate at Area 51!

Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge

The first scene of interest before you get to Alamo is the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge and viewing point. 

Which way to your leader?

Another 20 or so miles down the road after the towns of Alamo and Ash springs is the famous Extraterrestrial highway sign.  Standing at the sign was something or someone thumbing a ride to Rachel so out of the goodness of my heart I said ok since that's where I'm heading anyways. Normally I don't pick up strangers, and this lil' fella was strange.

Can you hear me now?

After getting my new passenger all situated we proceed toward Rachel. Coming over Hancock Summit you have a view of the Tickaboo Valley and the first view of Groom Lake Rd. heading to the left (Top mid center).

Can you hear me now?

Looking straight down the famous Groom Lake Rd. that leads to the front entrance to Groom Lake and Area 51. Approximately 22 miles.

Can you see it?  Can you hear me now?

Look closely the Town of Rachel lies just  3 miles ahead.

Here's a great link of a 360 degree view from the black mailbox (now white) closest to the airspace over Area 51 where everyone stops...this is awesome....

Entrance Gate to Area 51!

  After dropping what or whoever that was off at Rachel I continued on to the back gate or entrance into Area 51. Just to see if there were any changes since I was here last. I immediately noticed that they had changed the location of all video cams from the top front of the trailer house, to a pole in the back ground almost hidden by larger pole center foreground. And the yellow wall or blockade was not there also. The large satellite disk has also been removed. Area 51 is approximately 12 more miles straight ahead.



Watch your cows, folks!

Especially on the E. T. Highway near Area 51!

Here's what one of my customers (Bruce) wrote in to me (October 2002) "I had some interesting experiences this past June while visiting Area 51.  I was pulled over on the Extraterrestrial Highway by an unmarked official looking car, and 2 gentleman with guns asked to see all of my identification.  A short while later as I was nearing the little town of Rachel, I was buzzed by an unmarked F-16 type of fighter jet which circled my car 3 times."

Here is his virtual trip description:

"In case you haven't been there, you turn off of U.S 93 onto highway 318.  Just as 318 takes a sharp curve to the right, you have to turn left onto what looks like just a side road.  This is where Nevada 375 starts which is where the first ET Highway sign is.  You also notice that there is vehicle detector loops embedded in the roadway.  This struck me as very odd because you normally only see those at busy intersections to regulate traffic signal cycles. 

You won't see any intersections or traffic signals here, and you won't see any traffic either.  Actually from that point on there is absolutely nothing for 38 miles until you reach Rachel which is where the other ET Highway sign is.  A few miles past the first sign is where I got pulled over by the unmarked vehicle.  I think they were NHP (Nevada Highway Patrol), but I couldn't see their uniforms because they stood well behind the front doors, one on each side of the car.  I'm sure you've seen them do that on "COPS".  They do it so that they can see in the front seat over your shoulder, but you can't see them.

They asked why I was stopped, and they said that I was going 8 miles over the speed limit.  Have you ever been stopped for doing 8 miles over in the middle of nowhere?  I haven't!  They checked all my ID's, and asked where I was going - Obviously a trick question because at that point there is only one place you can go.  I told him I was just sight-seeing and he said, "Have a nice day", and they left."

Then "it" appeared out of nowhere so fast and it roared so loud that it scared the hell out of me! 

It turned so that one wing was straight up, and it circled around the car to my right.  It seemed like it was only about 50 feet off the ground, but I'm just guessing.  To be honest, I was so freaked out that I didn't know what was going on... I just hit the brakes and drove off the side of the road.

It circled 3 times before it turned and disappeared over a mountain range.  The only 2 pics that I was able to take are pretty lousy.  It all happened in a matter of seconds, and I just grabbed the camera and stuck it out the side window at the last minute. 

Glenn & Heidi being scoped by an F-16.Glenn & Heidi being scoped by an F-16.

As you probably already know, the town of Rachel is nothing but a dirt road, about a dozen old trailers, a single pump gas station, and the Little Ale Inn combination bar and motel.

I stopped and got gas, and the little old lady behind the counter just laughed when I told her about getting buzzed by the jet.  She said that during training maneuvers they sometime do that if they see a car on the road, either to show off, or just to let you know that you are not alone out there.

I had a great conversation with her.  She had been living there forever, and she likes to brag about the fact that she watched the Stealth Bomber flying around there long before most people knew that it even existed.  She has a shelf with a few Area 51 souvenirs on it, and I bought a t-shirt and a bumper sticker before I left.

I already knew from my research, that you can't go too much further past Rachel without getting in trouble, so I turned around and headed back the same way that I came in.

I honestly have to admit that the whole area is kind of creepy, and you can't help but think that someone is always watching you!

Even E.T. has to make his car payments!  There HERE!!!  Alien Jerky?

I don't know if you have been following this story, but the Black Triangle has been spotted in several areas of the country in the past year.  This is an artists rendering, but all those who have seen it give the exact same description including the fact that it is completely silent.

It has been spotted near Area 51 twice, in Florida once, and it was seen by 6 police officers and several citizens flying over Scott AFB in Southern Illinois.  The description is always the same, and it is always seen over an Air Force Base.

The rumor is that Boeing has been developing a zero-gravity propulsion system for the Air Force in the last 2 years which would account for it's silent operation.  A friend of mine in California has friends who work for Boeing, and they won't talk about it! 

The BlackTriangle

  When I asked my friend Larry about the Black Triangle, this is what he wrote...

Absolutely, this object has been seen over Boulder City by some very friends of mine, and you know them also. Russ and Pinky were sitting at their pool one night about a year ago at approximately 9:30 PM.

They all of a sudden just happen to look and observed this object. They said it was so large it blocked out have of the sky.

Also a well known radio talk show host " Art Bell" and his wife "Ramona" were out side their home in Pahrump NV (just over the hill from Area 51) and observed the same object a short time after Russ and Pinky. At 10:00 PM when he went on the Air with Coast-To-Coast (program name) he addressed this all night for 5 hrs. And had open lines for people to call in if they saw the same object. The object

Nellis AFB declined any knowledge, but two F-16s were scrambled. LVX (Las Vegas International) and LAX (Las Angeles International) declined any radar images.

When Russ told me he saw the object he hadn't known that Art Bell was talking about it.

And yet another experience submitted by customer Blake:

I was coming back from a trip to Lake Tahoe.  As usual, I had to stop about every two hours and stretch, get stuff to eat, go to the bathroom, you know the usual on a long trip.  Walking into a gas station in Tonopah, I looked around and grabbed a few things to eat while resting.  I got in line behind a weird looking man.  Just so you know I have lived in the military all my life, so I can recognize all of the uniforms.  This man was not the navy, the marines, the Air force, or the army.  His uniform was desert tan.  The American flag which is required on all uniforms was the corresponding shades of tan.  No red white and blue.  On top of that, he only had one squadron patch, it was filled with text, some of it I couldn't read because of the angle.  But he also had a tool belt.  Black leather with the standard military tools, ok, sounds innocent, but he also wore a leg-strap holster.  Not only is this not standard issue, the military doesn't use this type at all.  It was empty, devoid of a gun. I left shortly after he did, and while going outside, he gave me an angry flash of the eyes.  Convinced me not to follow him.  But next time.  Hey, for me, its just two hours down the road.  More experiences are gonna follow no doubt, when I make a special trip to just go down to Area 51. Good luck to all who do.


We know the Cammo Dudes  do wear desert tan uniforms.
The leg strap this gentleman is referring to could be the holster for the new techno-Laser Taser.

Wonder Woman wont mind if I just take her for a little spin!  

Is this an Area 51 secret flight?    

Blueprints & maps
blueprint Area 51.JPG (36015 bytes)  

Blueprint of Area 51 installation

Map Area 51 Base.JPG (35847 bytes)  

Map of Area 51.  Note dry lake bed

Satellite photo Area 51.JPG (35252 bytes)  

Satellite photo showing dry lake bed and the Area 51 installation beside it

Area 51 satellige image July 03.jpg (664632 bytes)  

July '03 satellite image of Area 51


Other websites of interest for the serious Area 51 buff:


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